Beautiful Liar

by Maria Rendes

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Size, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Sometimes the truth can appear very distorted.

Why did it have to rain today-the day of all days??? The coldness and wind was bearable but not the rain. This meant a change of clothes and shoes not to mention being late. Well if this was nature's cruel way, so be it. Just as she was contemplating this thought the rain began to fall harder and faster. Wildly looking around her, she saw the pain path dashed through it and towards the house.

"How can you lose her again Daniel?" his brother bellowed. This was the third time in two months since Ari-Ana had arrived.

"It's not my fault she keeps wondering off. She knows the rules, you speak to her and leave me alone" he hotly replied.

"I expect you to take full responsibility when she's with you. God" rolling his eyes but the anger didn't back down.

"Is Ari lost again?" grinned Dean poking his head out of his room when he heard loud voices.

"No thanks to the genius of a brother" replied Dante.

"But it wasn't my fault. She's hot tempered, strong-head..." he never got to finish

"And fine" replied a calmer female voice.

Everyone turned to see Ari-Ana standing in the hallway dripping from her rain- soaked coat.

"Where the hell were you?" Daniel asked walking towards her.

"I must've wondered off. I'm so sorry for causing all this commotion" she nervously replied.

"Well at least you're safe. Daniel I expect better from you" his eldest brother scolded before heading upstairs.

"Ari, you ok? Better get changed before you catch a cold" Dean called before closing his door.

"Yes Ari, you better" mocked Daniel.

"I really am sorry" replied Ari-Ana sincerely.

"Whatever, just get changed before I get the blame again. One more thing, in the future you either stick with me or go out by yourself" he said before walking away.

She didn't realise she'd been holding her breath the entire time and exhaled quickly. He seemed really mad, but it was her fault; she had wondered off again and before she knew it she was stranded in the middle of the woods with the rain looming. Luckily she wasn't totally lost and found her way back even though she'd encountered most of the rain.

She began to shiver from the wet clothes and quickly removed her coat, hanging it outside. Her dress was damp and clung to her like second skin. Running up to her room she left her door ajar she proceeded to take off the dress. Mid-way she stopped abruptly; it almost felt like she was being watched. Shaking the silly notion from her mind she changed into the drier clothes and took her soiled dress to be washed.

"Do I smell spaghetti" Dean grinned as he walked into the kitchen.

"Indeed you do" she replied whilst serving it into a large dish for them all.

"Dante, Dan get down here, dinner's ready" yelled Dean before he sat down with her.

"Mmmmmmmm, delicious" Dante said as he smelt the food.

"Where's Daniel?" she asked as the two brothers dished out for themselves.

"I'm going out" came Daniel's reply as he leaned against the kitchen door.

"Can't you at least sit down for ten minutes? After all she's gone through the trouble of cooking for tonight" Dean said.

"I'm sorry Ari, but my friends are expecting me" replied Daniel as sweetly as he could. He wanted to be as far away as possible from her. He was still angry with her from earlier.

"I'll keep some for you" she said, but by the time she turned around he was gone.

"Ignore him. He's just being a jerk from earlier" smiled Dante.

"Well more for us" grinned Dean before putting in another mouthful.

Ari-Ana was reading her book quietly in front of the lamp in the front room when she heard the door open. She realised it must be Daniel and went back to her book. She frowned when she heard a female voice too; another of his conquests no doubt.

"Shhh you'll wake up the whole house" came his voice which sounded a little slurred.

"In an hour they will" answered the girl in a giggle making Ari-Ana shiver in disgust.

"Go up, my room is the third on the left" Daniel instructed the girl before closing and locking the door.

Just as he reached the staircase, he noticed the dim light coming from the sitting room.

"Well well if it isn't little miss bookworm" he mocked as he walked in to find her sitting quietly.

"You're 'girlfriend' is waiting for you" she replied without taking her eyes off the page.

He was too tipsy to answer and remembering the girl turned around and headed up the stairs.

Anger rose deep within her. They'd never got on since childhood. His brothers were fantastic, but Daniel was a completely different enigma altogether. She continued to read pushing away her thoughts until sleep consumed her.

Slowly getting up, she headed towards her room which was a floor below his. She could hear the annoying giggles of the girl. She was too tired to think or care about the situation, as long as it didn't involve her, he could do as he well damn pleased.

The morning sun shone right into her eyes as she slowly opened them. The day definitely seemed warmer and drier than yesterday. Sitting up she stretched her arms before leaning back and planning her day. Going out for most of the day was top of the agenda so she'd first have a shower, eat breakfast and then head out. The guys wouldn't mind, so she was free as a bird.

"Hey hey, what's the plan for the day" Dean asked with his usual bright smile when he saw her walk in. She was his little 'sister'.

"I'll be out for most of the day, planning to get some reading done outside then go out with some friend later" she replied whilst filling a little basket with fruit.

"Good morning Mr. Noisy" winked Dean as Daniel walked into the kitchen.

Ari-Ana blushed at the remark and only Daniel's eyes caught this.

"Stop teasing him Dean. But he's right you were a little noisy" smirked Dante before he burst out laughing.

"Can I help it if women find me irresistible?" Daniel replied before taking a bite from an apple.

"Is she still here" asked Dean.

"Sorry big brother, she just left" before taking another bite.

"You heart-breaker" laughed Dante.

"I'll see you later guys" Ari-Ana said before exiting quickly.

"Dude you do owe her an apology for last night" Dean said more seriously looking in Daniel's direction.

"What for? I had to go out" he replied shrugging his shoulders.

"Yeah, but you could've sat with us for a little while. You know she didn't get lost deliberately" continued Dean.

"Just lay off guys, I did apologise. If she's stupid enough to get caught in the rain, then that's not my problem" he continued.

"Daniel! That's enough" Dante barked.

Daniel just walked off to have a shower himself. He didn't need all this aggro from his brothers.

"What the hell was that about" Dean asked puzzled.

"Beats me. Hey you don't think?" Dante asked with a frown on his face.

"What, that he likes her but is being a total asshole about it? Come on-you've seen the way he is with her?" Dean said laughing out loudly. But the same thought had also crossed his mind too.

Ari-Ana sat on a thick layered blanket out on the meadow. She was soaking up the sun whilst she read. Lost in her book she didn't hear footsteps coming up from behind her. Suddenly her book was snatched off her hands.

"Don't you ever get bored of reading?" asked Daniel flicking through the pages.

"Don't you ever get bored with picking on me" she replied with her hand out.

"Whatever. I hope you don't plan on getting lost or being late again. I'm tired of those two constantly on my back because of you" his words had such venom as he handed the book back.

"I said I was sorry. I lose track of time easily, I honestly didn't mean to get you into trouble" she replied.

"Hmmm. Well maybe if you got your head out of the clouds and back into the real world you wouldn't be the way you are" he said looking at her intensely. He could still remember the outline of her curves as he'd walked past her whilst she was changing.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" anger in her words.

"You shouldn't be sitting here by yourself with your nose stuck in a book. You should be..."He never got to finish.

"Under a man, pleasuring him?" she abruptly replied.

For the first time in his life Daniel was stunned at an answer. He quickly composed himself. "I mean look at you! I'm embarrassed to be seen with you" he said.

"What?!" looking at him in bewilderment more than anger.

"I may spend my nose in books, but you spend yours in my business" she replied calmly. She couldn't believe her ears, who did he think he was talking to her like that? He'd always been distant with her from the start. Sometimes if looks could kill she's be dead.

Oh no he thought. This wasn't the reaction he was expecting from her. The hurt in her eyes and voice was evident and he mentally kicked himself for making such stupid remarks. She had a habit of getting under his skin. She didn't do anything; it was the way she was.

Too lost in thought that he didn't notice she wasn't with him anymore. She'd walked off. He couldn't believe it. No woman had ever done this to him before; they idolised and worshipped the ground he walked upon. She didn't.

Ari-Ana stormed into the house and went straight for her room-slamming the door so loudly that Dean and Dante rushed out of their rooms.

"Daniel' they both said in union.

The next few days there was a lot of tension between the two; neither of them spoke to each other. She was too angry and he was too proud.

Daniel went around the house looking for his brothers. Just as he was wondering where they might be, he walked into the kitchen. He groaned inwardly when he saw her. She was eating cereal.

"Erm hi. Where are the guys?" he attempted to make it as polite as possible.

"Out at a concert" she replied.

"I'm off too. I might not be back tonight, so don't wait up for me" he said.

"I won't" her answer had no feeling.

Once she heard the door slam, she looked up from her bowl. She could still feel his eyes on her like that day in the meadow. Padding off to her bed, she began to feel a warm tingling feeling in the pit of her belly. Knowing full well that she was all alone till the early hours of dawn, she decided to make full use of it. Once inside the bed, she slowly pulled her nightdress off and then proceeded with her pants before spreading her thighs.

She began teasing her nipples, pulling and twisting them till she could feel her nether lips puffy and moist. She could feel her juices flowing freely out of her before reaching down to tease her slit. Moving her hand away a string of clear wetness clung to her fingers, this drove her over the edge making her jamb two fingers inside her vagina, as hard and as fast as she could, moaned in pain/pleasure. She kept repeating this up till up till she was ready to climax before stopping herself making the experience a delicious one.

Leaving her heat and just concentrating on her breasts made her want to climax even more, but she didn't want to rush such a pleasurable thing. Now her juices were really flowing, she could feel them slide down her ass. Reaching down she grasped her clit between her finger and thumb and began to roll it vigorously. God it was hard and very sensitive. Working herself up to a maddening frenzy she began to pump her fingers back inside but harder this time, until an orgasmic wave washed over her, hard. The orgasm itself was so intense that she moaned loudly as her insides clenched from the pain.

The whole thing had left her drained and she just managed to pull her nightdress over herself before pulling the duvet and falling asleep. Luckily the door was shut and locked, but being alone was something totally different and more private.

"We're going to a festival this Saturday night, wanna come" Dean asked Ari-Ana just as she was stepping out of the house.

"Sure. I'll ask my friends too. Count me in" she said before leaving.

"You think those two have made up" Dante asked before sitting down to have his late morning coffee.

"Donno, but that's their problem" Dean replied as honestly as he could.

Saturday night came around after three days.

"Whoa young lady. Where do you think you're going dressed like that!?" Daniel's voice crept up behind her.

"What's the matter now?" she asked impatiently. Her friends were waiting for her.

"That dress is way too low" scolding her but never taking his eyes off of her.

She looked very sultry in her chocolate brown dress which had a deep plunge giving an ample view of her breasts. It clung to all the right curves and the skirt part stopped just below her knees flowing freely. Her smoky eyes enhanced her brown shade and her lips looked enticing with the brownish/red gloss. Her dark brown hair hung off her shoulders in loose ringlets making her look like seductress. Though she wore flat shoes, he only dwarfed her slightly.

"I'm already late as it is" she replied whilst pulling on her wrap.

"There are lots of jerks at these places" he finally said.

Without replying she left him starring after her. When had she become a woman? All those times reading, when did she have time to fill out so nicely. He shook his head. How couldn't he think of her like that, did Dante and Dean too?

Unaware to him, his brothers had watched the scene and nudging each other. Yes she did look beautiful but they saw her as their 'sister'. The look in Daniel's eyes told something completely different. Lust.

"Hey Ari, we thought you'd never make it" Lucy teased.

"I was being given a lecture by Daniel" she explained.

"Mmm wouldn't mind being lectured by him or his brothers. God they're a handsome lot" Lucy said dreamily.

"Well if you like arrogant, self-righteous men, go for it" Ari-Ana replied.

"What Dean and Dante?" asked a shocked Gwen.

"Oh no, they're lovely" she said.

Just as she finished her sentence the three brothers came towards them. Lucy was right all three were tall and handsome. Whereas Dante and Dean looked sweeter, Daniel looked gorgeous. All three were well built and very masculine, but he was something different. Women were drawn to him instantly and he made full use of his natural charms.

Daniel looked at Ari-Ana with a disapproving look and she was quick to catch it and also to ignore it. A girl walked up to Daniel and gave him a passionate kiss in-front of them. Everyone whistled making him respond by pulling the girl closer in.

The music was great to dance to and people were allowed to leave and enter when they pleased. At one point Ari-Ana was swaying her hips with a handsome looking guy. Daniel's eyes never left the couple. He could tell she was oblivion to her surroundings because she was genuinely modest. After the dance the guy kissed her cheek and walked off. She too left the tent but in the opposite direction. He followed her.

She was standing on a patch of grass and looking straight ahead into the far distance when and strong hand grabbed her elbow and spun her around to face an angry looking Daniel.

"Where in hell did you learn to dance like that?" he whispered angrily.

"Let go of me" she shot back as she moved away.

"I told you that dress top is too low, now you'll have all the men getting the wrong impression" he flatly stated. He knew what guys like that were after and she was too naïve to see it. Even the girl with him tonight was nothing compared with Ari-Ana. He'd never seen nor accepted her as a sister but more like a thorn in his side. However tonight he'd felt like fucking her hard and he was sure most the guys here felt the same too.

"I'm 24 yrs old; I'm not a child anymore! Stop manhandling me, treat me with some respect and stop poking your nose where it's not wanted" her voice was getting louder.

God he could strangle her.

"Why don't you both do us a favour and go back to your whore" she replied.

"Why would I do that, when I've got you" the words left his mouth before he could stop them.

Her eyes widened at his words. She walked up to him, "You bastard" and slapped him as hard as she could. Even in the dim light she could see an imprint of her hand beginning to appear. Her hand stung from the force of the blow and so did her eyes from the tears they formed. Turning around she walked off, leaving a very stunned Daniel rooted to the spot.

Fifteen minutes later Daniel went back in to rejoin the group. The girls looked at his face in shock as did his brothers.

"Hey little brother, what happened to you?" Dante asked when he noticed the red hand-print on his brother's left cheek.

"I got put in my place by Ari" he replied meekly.

"Where is she anyway?" asked Lucy looking around the tent.

"Beats me. You know how strong-headed she can be" laughed Gwen.

"Guys I have a really bad feeling. I don't think she's just walked off too cool down. She's not that irresponsible" Daniel said. He just had an eerie feeling; especially about the guy was dancing with her.

"Wow Dan you look really serious. Should we be concerned?" asked Dean.

"I'll be less concerned once we find her. Come on" he said dragging his brothers away from the music and girls.

"Where exactly do we go?" asked an annoyed Dante.

"I'm starting over there in that disused barn" Daniel pointed out.

His brothers took different directions. He walked up to the barn and looked through the ajar door. The scene practically made his eyes pop out of their sockets. There on the hay lay Ari-Ana with guy from earlier between her spread thighs. However something just didn't look right. She lay motionless beneath him and that when it hit him in the pit of his stomach that she was being raped.

With uncontrollable anger he ran towards them and grabbed the guy off her then punched him out cold with his fist. Running over to her, he looked at the damage the prick had caused. She was out cold. There was a big bruise forming on her right cheek and her dress had been pushed up. Her thighs had finger marks already forming and her vagina was looking slightly red. He quickly covered her up and carried her in his arms.

As he walked through the barn door, he saw Dean and Dante running frantically towards them.

"Oh my God" Dean whispered.

"I found that prick trying to rape her" he answered calmly.

"I'm calling the police, you two take her home and take one of her friend's with you" said Dean as he began to dial.

Gwen volunteered to go with them. She along with Daniel cradled her in the car, but she didn't come around.

"The asshole must've punched her real hard" Gwen said bitterly.

"Let's just take her upstairs and get her into bed. She'll be sore for the next few days" Daniel said whilst stroking her head.

"How is she?" Dante asked when he saw Gwen appear.

"Well I've cleaned her up as much as I could. She'll have more bruises, but they'll heal. Oh by the way, I don't think penetrated her. She's lucky you got there when you did" Gwen informed them.

"Thank God" Dante said. Looking over at Daniel he noticed how quiet he was.

"Are you ok Dan?" he asked.

"What the fuck do you think?" he said before storming upstairs and slamming the door.

"He'll be fine. Just a shock for him" Gwen said reassuringly.

Ari-Ana opened her eyes slowly, her head pounded. She reached out to touch her cheek and God did it hurt. She tried to remember. All she saw was a guy forcing his tongue into her mouth and when she tried to push him off his hand made contact with her face and then nothing.

A noise brought her out of her thoughts. She saw Gwen making herself comfortable on the rocking chair.

"Gwen?" she whispered.

"Ari! You're awake. How are you feeling?" Gwen asked walking up to her.

"Sore, my head anyway. What happened?" she said trying to sit up before she realised it was a bad move.

"Do you remember anything?" she asked whilst pouring her some water.

"Only a guy hitting me and then... nothing" she said with a frown.

"Honey you missed everything. Daniel punched the guy's lights out and he's been taken by the police" she laughed.

"Did he. Erm you know..." she couldn't finish her sentence.

"No. Daniel got there just in time" Gwen answered. "The police will want to speak with you too, but only when you're ready".

"I'd like to be alone please" she said before looking away.

Gwen placed the glass next to the bed-side table and closed the door behind her.

Ari-Ana turned her face to look outside the window. Was it her fault that she nearly got attacked, even though she couldn't remember anything? He had warned her, but she thought he was interfering as usual. She closed her eyes.

"How is she?" Dean asked. He hadn't slept all night, in-fact no-one except for Ari-Ana had.

"Well she's awake, but she doesn't remember much which is somehow a good thing I guess" Gwen said before collapsing onto the sofa.

"Let's try and get some sleep otherwise we'll be useless" Dante said whilst throwing on a blanket over her.

Ari-Ana turned towards her door when heard it open. In walked Daniel with nothing on except a pair of black shorts. Under different circumstances she would've found him attractive, but her head hurt too much to think.

"Hey Ari, how are you feeling?" he asked smiling as friendly as he could.

"Besides my cheek and head, I'll survive" she said.

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