A Pup's Wish is Granted

by Fast Turtle

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Furry, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A couple of Pups wanting more Siblings

Carelessly dropping them where ever they lie, I strip clothes sodden with sweat and the reek of my workout on the way to a shower. It's a bit early but reeking as I did and with muscles tight, I only have one goal in mind, to sluice the sweat from my body while hot water works its magic to loosen painfully tight arms and legs. Stopping to piss, I finally notice that the locker room is not empty as I'd thought, seeing Cindy and Bobby washing their paws before stepping into the shower and getting the temp just right. I'm almost ready to relax when I notice that both pups hadn't left yet, looking with inquiry at me and wagging their tails in pleased excitement as I invite both by saying 'get your shampoo pups.'

Eyes closed while the hot pulsing streams begin working they're magic as my mind drifts in pleasure, I'm pleased to see that both pups have returned. It's no surprise to see Bobby as he regularly joins me but his sister is different, always refusing, making me wonder why? It's certainly not from body shyness like you'd think because she runs around without a stitch of clothes on like most of them though she will dress up in a skirt and vest when she wants to look especially pretty. Asking who's first? I'm surprised when Cindy claims it and so I switch the shower from pulse to a heavy stream that quickly gets through all her fur, thoroughly soaking her before having her switch with her brother. I'm surprised to already see lots of dirt and crud flowing from her fur and ask "when was the last time you bathed pup?" which she answers somewhat fearfully, not since the change. Stunned, I realize that she's talking almost six months since she's bathed and have to ask why? Scared, was her simple answer. Sitting down and pulling her into a hug that her brother joined, I say all you had to do was ask mom or me and we'd help.

Seeing someone else in the bathroom, I stick my head out and ask them to bring me the combs and would you like to join me with a couple of pups who need cleaning? Regretfully as fun as that'd be, I have a class to teach in just a few minutes a female voice says as it hands me the combs before throwing her concerns to the winds saying "my assistant can handle things today" as she steps in. Squeaking in surprised embarrassment, while trying to hide. It's alright pup, she's going to help get you two clean as more hands makes the job go faster I say as I pour a stream of shampoo from the base of her tail up between her ears then across her shoulders and down to her tummy. Then starting to work on her back while Dawnslight and her brother start to help. Suddenly squeaking in surprise, I see that Bobby has grabbed her wagging tail and started scrubbing it while Dawnslight has moved her hands down her tummy. With six hands it doesn't take long to get the first wash out of the way and as she rinses, both Dawnslight and I watch the dirt and crud flow down her legs, turning the suds a muddy brown. As I sit down I say 'We'll use the combs and shampoo to get you squeaky clean' while asking Dawnslight to scrub the other one.

Washing Bobby is always fun, he giggles and squirms so nicely and it doesn't take long at all to get him clean before we start on their teacher. Oh yes, even you are getting clean today. It's the penalty for the fun of cleaning the pups and the sooner started, the sooner done. It doesn't take much to finish soaking her coat and quickly applying soap, all three of us soon have her giggling in pleasure as we work it into a rich lather. Cindy earns a moan as she begins work on her tail. Scratching the base while little Bobby works his way down her legs causing her to giggle and laugh as he cleans between each of her toes. He's enjoying himself as his wagging tail says before he starts up her legs again, only to pause and ask "can I wash your tummy?" and as she agrees, he begins only to get rising moans of passion before she begs us to play with her cunt and make her cum. It's been so long she moans pleadingly, wanting to cum as Bobby begins stroking her not really knowing what's where, exploring a female for the first time while I think, his mother will be disappointed that she didn't get to teach him but I'm here so it's alright before Cindy takes over in pity as his inexperience only serves to heighten her lust instead of pushing her over the edge, showing her brother what bits do what as I continue washing her back before pulling her into a hug to wash her chest and front from behind.

Moaning almost continuously, Dawsnlight thinks to herself 'if I'd know how fun bathing with the Alpha could be, I'd never have turned him down the first time' and I wont make that mistake ever again she promises herself. As her passion mounts, she pushes back against me before begging "take me Alpha, make me your bitch" as Cindy continues instructing her brother. You see brother? this is her clit and it's like a pleasure button. Gently rub it and see what happens as Dawnslight screams in orgasm. Cumming hard, she wiggles so much that she manages to impail her tailhole on my rampant cock, which only pushes her higher up the peak before a second more massive orgasm washes through her, turning her legs to rubber and I'm suddenly forced to hold her up.

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