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Caution: This Mystery Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, .

Desc: Mystery Sex Story: There must be a law that if you are having a perfect good day someone will throw a mokey wrench into it. This wrench turned out to be a belessing in this case.

It started as a joke. I told Connie I would take care of the kids while she picked REB up at the hospital, thinking Connie would say 'no that's your job'. Instead, Connie loved the idea, and my two older kids agreed with her, saying they wanted me to play with them while mommy went to the hospital. Now I was sitting in my lounge chair watching all three of my children playing in their sandbox thinking back over the past few years...

I had worked long and hard, but now the job was finished. When I had taken the job of building cabinets for Old Man Morris, I figured it would take me about 6 months to complete his library, but after I had completed the shelving in the library, we had a discussion. No, nothing was wrong; he wanted to have the rest of his house brought up to the same standard I was using in the library.

Now, if you are thinking I am an old man, then think again. I was 32 years old; my weight is still steady at 205 pounds at an even 6 feet. I am no ladies man, I only have 29 inch inseams on my pants and I wear a size 48 long suit jacket to make up for the short legs. Don't get me wrong, I only have one suit and one sports jacket for when I go out on special occasions. I lift weights 3 days a week, and ride a bike three days a week.

My cabinetry and renovation work don't come cheap! I use only the best wood and veneer, none of that cheap fiberboard that falls apart. Not only that, but if I can not glue and splice it, I use screws and nails only; no darn staples that pull out or weaken over time.

At any rate, I was extremely happy I had a check for $45,000.00, which was for my time and labor; hence, it was all mine. Well almost, I had spent about $12,000.00 on a new computer controlled specialty wood lathe so I could turn out several poles that were identical. I also had a fair amount of lumber left over, so I was thinking of building my own office.

The best part was I had two contracts to be completed over the next 14 months, which I would not have to start for two months. They were for one of Old Man Morris' friends. The first for his winter house to be completed during the summer, and his summerhouse next winter. Neither house was as complicated as the one I had just finished, which suited me just fine.

"Aw Shit," I thought as I stood on the brake and tried to brace myself before I hit the little Jap number backing out of the driveway four feet in front of me. No, I did not avoid hitting the car. Not only that, but my trailer jackknifed and hit one of the cars parked along the street. When I hit the car, I drove it sideways into the car parked at the curb on the far side of the driveway.

After I shook myself and determined I was in one piece I jumped from the cab of my pick-up and went to see if the other driver was okay.

Now I couldn't help but start chuckling; the driver's window was down and this cute lady was sitting behind the wheel saying "Damn" each time she hit her steering wheel with both hands.

After about dozen hits, I was real concerned and reached through the window and grabbing both of her hands. For a moment, there was a little struggle then she turned to look at me. I do not see how she could have seen me because tears were running out of her eyes at a constant rate, her eyes appeared to be completely unfocused, and mucus was streaming from her nose. Then she tried to jerk loose a couple times and when I would not let loose she fell forward onto my forearms and just started to sob and moan.

That's when this man came running down the driveway yelling, "What the fuck are you doing out of here, slut!"

Then he kicked the front of her car. At that point, he seemed to realize I was there and that she had apparently hit the backend of his car parked on the street. This really set him off. He used more profanity and started around the car parked in front of his car to come at us. I was trying to get my hands free, which now seemed to be locked in a death grip when the police pulled up and asked what was going on.

The man now even with the front of his car was still approaching using profanity on the woman and me when a police officer moved between us asking the man to go get back onto the curb. The man kept approaching shouting obscenities, while the other officer used his radio to call for back up and an ambulance. Then the second officer joined his partner and started to move the man back to the curb. The man resisted then tried to break between them still trying to come towards us, and the officers took him down and cuffed him.

This just increased the volume of noise coming from his mouth, so they dragged him over and put him inside the cruiser with the windows rolled up. This at least reduced the current level of noise drastically. Then the older officer approached us while the younger one started telling people, "The show is over! Please go about your business. Please go home now!"

Meanwhile the older officer asked if I was okay and I told him yes, but it was my truck blocking traffic. He asked if I could move my truck and I told him not at the moment because it is too wedged in and would cause more damage than I had already.

The officer then changed the subject and asked the driver if she were okay. I turned to look at her and realized that while she still had a death grip on my arms, she was aware of her surrounding and was shaking her head to indicate she was okay.

Another cruiser and the ambulance arrived and the EMT came over and talked to her for a minute and she started to relax her grip on my arms. The younger EMT then started to open the passenger side door when she yelled, "No" and latched onto my arms tighter than ever. The older EMT waved the other EMT off and asked her what they could do to help her. She replied "Nothing." The EMT said that they could not leave her sitting in the car. I suggested that she release me and I would walk around and help her out. She released my left arm, which allowed me to straighten for the first time in a while. I grimaced as I straighten up due to the stress of being bent over.

She asked if I was okay and I told her yes, but I was a little cramped from reaching through the windows and then I repeated, "Why don't you release me and I will come around and help her out." The older of the original police officer said he would be happy to take my place while I came to help her. She immediately tightened her grip on my arm and I said, "Hey, he stopped the other guy from getting to us and I will be in there with you in a minute so why don't you hold his hand?"

She looked at my face and I smiled and nodded my head encouragingly. The officer slipped up behind me and slid his arm into the car right next to mine and she slowly switched arms. I climbed over the front of her car so that she would not lose sight of me and went to the passenger door.

By the time I had arrived, the officer was reaching further through the window and she had moved more towards the passenger side. I had to wave the EMT off then I reached in and helped her out. She immediately released the officer and latched onto my arm again.

Once out, I could see the welts and bruises on her arms, legs, and face. I walked her slowly to the ambulance where she allowed the first EMT to check her over. Not once did she release her grip on me, so I draped my other arm around her protectively, which seemed to help her relax just a bit. When the EMT said that she needed to go to the hospital for further aid, she squealed and held on tighter. I reassured her, then I promised I would go with her to the hospital.

The officer at this point asked her who had beaten her; she just pointed at the police car, and the officer muttered that's what he thought. He turned to the other officer and said to read him his rights. The officer said he would arrest him for domestic violence and assault on a pubic servant. Then he added and anything else we can think up on the way to the station. This got a little smile from her, and she asked if I could ride to the hospital with her.

I told her I needed to stay to move my truck. Another police officer came up and said that he had the keys for the cars and could pull them forward, but they would need a tow truck to move the lady's car. This caused renewed crying and I told her not to worry about it, my insurance would cover it. One of the officers started to say something and I just shook my head 'No'.

The first officer asked me for my truck keys, and said he would have it brought down to the hospital. I told him the registration and insurance documents were in the glove box and to help him self. I also extracted my wallet, gave him my driver's license, and told him I appreciated his efforts greatly.

I asked her if she needed anything from her car, she said her pocket book, and the younger EMT went and retrieved it. When she received it, she removed her driver's license and handed it to the officer, who wrote down the information. He returned it to her, saying she would need it at the hospital, and he would call ahead and have a female officer there to conduct an interview.

We then proceeded to the hospital. On the way, after introducing myself as David Grant, I asked her what her name was. She stated that she was called, "REB". I asked her if that was the first part of her name and she said, "No, it is my initials!" Then she refused to talk about herself any more, and I did not force her to.

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