Triple Trouble

by curious2c

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Cheating, InLaws, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Husband discovers that his wife and her sisters have had an agenda he knew nothing about.

Looking back at it now, I can clearly see that all the basic signs were there. I hadn't recognized them for what they were. It was only when the miracles started to occur that I knew something was up.

The first 'event' happened just after our third anniversary. I totally missed it at the time, but later on when I had reason to revisit it with the crystal clear clarity of 20/20 hindsight. It came around and smacked me in the head hard.

What caused all of this? What single event led to my knowledge you may ask? My wife's new hairstyle to be exact. When she got it trimmed and styled it surprised me. Megan was never much on cutting her hair, and up until that day it had always been rather long. I loved her long hair and many times I'd taken care of it for her, hopefully letting her know that I really loved her hair just the way it was.

Over the next few weeks I figured that her hairstyle change was teaching me a lot about triplets. Why? Megan is one of a set of identical triplets. Not just triplets mind you, but identical triplets.

Identical enough that for their first years their parents used to mark the soles of their feet with the letters 'A', 'B', and 'C' with a sharpie. There wasn't any other way to tell them apart. After a while I think they just gave up and hoped for the best.

Back to the hairstyle... Megan came home sporting the new look that Friday evening after Thanksgiving, having spent the whole day with her sisters shopping on the biggest shopping day of the year. The first thing I noticed was her hair. She'd had it cut and styled, that was obvious, but what really hit me was how the styling had made her look so sexy. So sexy I was stunned speechless at first.

My first thoughts were, "My God... this is my Megan? Damn!"

Not saying anything evidently caused her some discomfort. Finally, just as she was about to say something I found my tongue.

"Who are you and what have you done with my wife?"

I figured that would bring her pleasure, kind of letting her know I was impressed with the hairstyle and all. To my surprise, what I got was a scared look at first, then it switched to a guilty look. For a second I thought she would turn and run away from me. I saw her taking the effort to control her emotions and I tried not to let on I noticed her fears.

"Please say you like it, please? I know I never told you I was planning on getting it cut and all, but Melissa and Margo talked me into it. I'm sorry if you don't like it... but it will grow back soon."

Her words tumbled out so fast they almost ran over each other.

I was surprised that she'd gotten it cut knowing how much I liked her hair just like it had been, but at the same time I had never actually said she couldn't or shouldn't get it cut if she wanted to.

After all, I didn't own her, we were a simple married couple, and if she got tired of her hair or something, I figured she could make those changes on her own. I always thought she knew that, so her reaction was surprising to me.

"Oh honey, you're beautiful. My God... you're so sexy and gorgeous looking I can hardly believe I'm married to you. I love it."

"Then you're okay with this? I mean, you're not mad at me are you?"

"God no. Surprised maybe, but definitely not mad. You look Mahvelous."

I tried my best Ricardo Montalban/Billy Crystal imitation, which always got a smile from her. This time I got a smile, but it was a weak nervous type smile, unlike her usual. I was too enthralled with looking at my wife to really notice this at the time, but looking back - that 20/20 again - I remember it clearly.

I did worry about her initial reaction and the guilty look, but I put it off to the sudden change and her fears I wouldn't like it.

What I found later that night though was that the hair on her head wasn't the only hair she got cut. Her pussy had been trimmed way back to a small triangle just above her clit. I couldn't see any razor marks so I asked her about that.

"You shaved?"

"Uh... no I had electrolysis. It will never grow back, or so they told me."

"Kind of drastic don't you think? What if you decided you didn't like it this way?"

"But I do. I think its sexy looking. Don't you?"

"Well... it's your body sweetie, and it is sexy. I just think that you should have shaved it for a while first before making a permanent decision like this."

"You don't like it do you?"

"No. I like it. I guess the changes in hair on you are kind of shocking me. In a good way mind you... but still that's a lot of hair cutting and trimming going on there."

I found that I loved to lick and suck on her pussy like it was now. The less hair down there it seemed, the better. We had some mind blowing sex that night too. It started in the bedroom and ended in our living room.

Megan was hotter than she'd been in a while, and I think her hair style was in her mind more than she let on to me. Watching her suck my cock with her eyes locked on mine was something to die for too.

She started by kissing her way down my chest and teasing me with little circular kissing 'runs' all around my shaft, but not touching it directly. Then, as I got harder and hotter, her tongue slipped out and caressed my shaft.

By the time her lips went around my cock I was on fire in a serious way. I almost shot off immediately. Megan knew enough to back off before I did though. I could tell she wanted my hard cock to pleasure her too.

We fucked in the bedroom, then I held her to me while standing up and we fucked like that. Just before I came I carried her out onto the deck and sat her on the handrail. That put her breasts right at face level for me while I pounded her pussy.

Megan came about four times to my once. After I cum the first time, I can usually go quite a while before cumming again. We did it with her bent over the handrail, then inside the kitchen on the counter, and ended up on the couch in the living room where we crashed and slept until morning.

The whole night for me had been like having a new woman in my life. It seemed that Megan was more open to things too. Doing it outside on the deck was a first. Matter of fact, doing it where someone could have seen us was a first.

Then the next couple of days were a bit awkward at times. She acted like a stranger once in a while and I wondered where that came from. I put it to the hairstyles and that it must have meant more to her than I thought. By the following Monday things were back to normal and we were getting along just like usual.

I kept complimenting her hair styles all that week too, and Megan finally accepted that I wasn't lying to her about it and accepted that I truly did love her new look. The following weekend her sisters came over for a barbecue. I discovered more about the nature of identical triplets. Margo and Melissa showed up with the exact same hairstyle as Megan.

I'd seen them both on Monday afternoon when we invited them over for the barbecue, and their hair had been just like Megan's had been before her transformation. Now, they each looked exactly alike again. If it hadn't been for the different clothes they were wearing I'd never have been able to tell them apart... again.

I learned over time that each woman had their own personality of course, don't get me wrong. It was just so hard to tell them apart and now having Megan with different hair had been the one edge I wanted. Now I was back to knowing they'd be able to tease me still. There were a few ways to tell them apart, but most of those were how they acted.

For instance, Melissa and Megan were the more studious ones, always calm and more likely to toe the line, while Margo was the wild child. Margo was more likely to be in trouble over something far more often than Megan or Melissa. Margo was the first to usually get the racy swimsuits and talk the other two into them later on. She was more exhibitionist than her sisters.

Melissa was the brainier one and had gone farther in college than either Margo or Megan. She earned a Master's degree in Business Administration while Megan and Margo had only gotten their Bachelor of Sciences Degrees.

Melissa had been married two years before Megan and I met. Margo was still single and loving it. It was pretty common knowledge that Margo was not looking for any steady relationship and didn't want to be tied down. For her, marriage was not something she wanted to ever do.

Over the years, Megan, Melissa and Margo had been close and very protective of each other. Their parents would have issues with one or the other once in a while, normal for kids and parents, but in this case the sisters would stick up for one another by wearing the same clothes and not identifying who was who. That usually led to all of them being in trouble.

I heard about how shopping for them was always a challenge since they wore the same sizes and had very similar tastes in clothes for the most part. Most stores had problems having three of everything in the same sizes.

The weekend of the barbecue Melissa was quiet. Her husband Rick didn't come along and I felt that there were some issues about that with the girls. There was something going on, but none of them would talk about it around me. They all seemed apprehensive.

I could tell that Melissa and Rick were having issues, and though we were related, Rick and I never hung out together much. He was kind of stiff acting around me at times, and though I'd tried my best, he'd never warmed up to me. Hence, we didn't chat a great deal at all.

I didn't mind that much, but what had bothered me at times was his attitude, like he didn't care for me at all. I never let it get to me too much, but I was still mystified as to why he'd be that way with me. Even with all that, Melissa was a type to not want personal things in her life out in front of everyone. Hell, all three were that way to some extent.

As we ate Megan went into the house looking for some ketchup and Melissa went with her. I figured they were having a heart to heart talk so I just pretended to believe that's what they were doing... looking for ketchup. They were gone for about a half-hour.

Margo flirted with me mercilessly during that time, even going as far as trying to touch me in pretty private places like my crotch. I played just a bit, but didn't allow her to succeed in her attempts at groping me. It was obvious she was trying to keep my attentions from Megan and Melissa.

This type of flirting by Margo wasn't something new either. She'd always made plays for me while I was dating her sister. I couldn't do anything of course since I was sure that if I had, Megan would have found out immediately. Not that I wanted to in the first place.

Still, there was always an undercurrent when I was around her that made me watch myself closely. Not only in how I acted, but in what I said too.

After a while Melissa came out and sat at the other end of the picnic table from me and gave me a strange look. Margo was still flirting with me and I thought that maybe Melissa was worried about me playing too much or something with her sister, so I cooled it rapidly. The look remained until after dinner.

As her sisters left that night Megan was troubled. I could tell by the look in her eyes that something serious was up between Rick and Melissa, but I was still not 'allowed' to share the knowledge. Knowing that things have a way of coming out eventually, I just let Megan know I was there for her and her sisters, no matter what.

That night in bed Megan was rather cool. I initiated sex for the first time that week and it took a bit to get her interested in doing anything. Afterwards she cuddled in close to me and almost possessively keeping an arm around me all night long. I knew then that whatever was going on with Melissa was very serious indeed, when Megan was acting that way.

Over the next week things warmed up again, and by the following Saturday Megan and I were in fine form. Since Christmas shopping was still high on the priority list, I knew that Megan would want to go out shopping with her sisters and wasn't at all surprised when Margo showed up and grabbed her to go out.

I spent the day doing some work on the house as it was sunny and almost warm. The unusual warm weather that we were having was a bonus since I was able to repair the front deck and spruce up the yard a bit. I'd built the deck with my own two hands and was somewhat proud of it, so any time some little thing got out of whack or started to look less than perfect, I'd stress over it until it was fixed.

Later in the afternoon I went out to do some shopping on my own. At the local mall I saw Margo's car as I was walking in and hoped that I wouldn't bump into them while shopping. I didn't want Megan, Melissa, or Margo to know what I was getting them for Christmas. Her sisters would squeal in a second if they knew what someone was getting the others. Needless to say surprises were difficult with them around.

I saw them in the mall by the food court standing together. Melissa was there so evidently they'd all gotten together at some point and they were now in the middle of the shopping trip. I quickly turned and left, going to another mall a little farther away. Now that I knew where they were I knew where to go buy presents for them.

Feeling a little smug I got home with the wrapped presents and caught them having coffee in the kitchen.

"Oh, somebody's been busy shopping without us. What'd you get us honey?"

Megan was smiling and digging through the presents shaking and listening.

"None of your beeswax dear. You'll all find out Christmas morning."

"Oh come on Matt... spill a little. You can tell me what you got Margo and Melissa can't you?'

"Nope... I know all about you guys. You three have that telepathetic thing, and I know that if I tell you Megan, they'll read your mind and know what I got them too. Nope... not telling."

"Telepathetic? Don't you mean telepathic?"

"Nope, it's telepathetic with you guys. If I tele-you, you'll tele-them and then I'll be the pathetic gift giver... again. Not happening this year. Not if I can help it that is."

"Geeze Matt... you're no fun."

Melissa was smiling for the first time since way before our barbecue. I hoped that whatever was going on between her and Rick had worked out. Judging from her smile it had. I noticed that Megan seemed quieter though. After the presents discussion she pretty much kept to herself.

Margo was her usually flirty self though and while I was beginning to contemplate Megan's mood she started in on me.

"Hey Matt. I like what you did with the front deck. It really looks good."

"Thank you. Only took a few moments actually, nothing that a few tools and some elbow grease couldn't fix."

"Speaking of tools... could you drop by my place tomorrow. I have some things that need tools. I've heard that you have all the right equipment to fix me up."

I could plainly see what 'tool' she wanted to 'fix her up' and after blushing a bit I glanced over at Megan. She wasn't smiling. I knew that sometimes Margo could go overboard a bit, and figured that this was one of those times.

"Uh... Well Margo, you'll have to find some other guy with the right tool to fix you up. Your sister has me kind of tied up for my lifetime."

Margo smiled and got a naughty look in her eye.

"Hey Megan... can't you loan out Matt for a while? I only need him for say - four hours tomorrow. That should fix me right up until later in the week."

Megan looked at her sister and then smiled. I was relieved. Well, I was relieved for a moment then it all went down hill.

"Why sure Margo. That'd be nice. You could use him for those four hours and then he could go over to Melissa's and help her for four hours and then he'd be all tired out and not bug me later tonight."

I was stunned. Though she was smiling and joking, I detected an undercurrent of seriousness that she'd never shown before. I had never heard her almost complain about my 'bugging her' for sex. I always thought she was more than willing to join in with me.

I was surprised. I said nothing as all the sisters jumped in and started teasing each other and me, but the words that had come out in that one line bothered me more than I liked.

Later that evening I broached the subject with Megan as we were getting into bed.

"Do you feel that I bug you too much for sex Megan?"

"No. Whatever gave you that idea Matt?"

"Your comment earlier this evening is what gave me that idea. You know, when you were joking with Melissa and Margo about borrowing me and my tool?"

"I was just teasing Matt. Don't be so sensitive."

'Well, you've never done that before. I always thought that you enjoyed our sex and how often we had it. If I press you too much you can always tell me you're not interested. The last thing I want is to have you think that you HAVE to have sex with me."

"I don't Matt. You know that. I love having sex with you. Matter of fact I wish we had sex more often than we do. Of course we do have to work to earn livings, so that kind of rains on that parade... but honestly, I was just teasing. I love having sex with you every time we do it. I always do."

"Well sometimes people don't always say what they mean and try to let it out by teasing or in other ways. It sounded to me like one of those kinds of things. Like maybe you were getting tired of having sex so often."

"MATTHEW... please... I was just teasing. I think our sex life is great. What's bothering you anyway?"

Her voice betrayed a bit of anger, yet her face showed concern.

"I guess maybe whatever's going on with Melissa and Rick. You guys won't let me in on whatever it is, and I know it's serious. You know I don't like secrets like that. I guess I'm afraid it will all boil over into our marriage too."

"Oh honey. It's just girl talk. Really. Melissa and Rick are having some issues at the moment. It happens. Yes, it's serious, but we think that they'll work it out soon."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yes. Melissa is just being... well... Melissa. She's never been quite as up front with her feelings and stuff. If it were Margo or me you'd know all about it, but Melissa is just being shy right now. She's afraid that you'll hear us talking and feel that you need to take sides and she doesn't want you and Rick to have a falling out over this. It's no big deal, really."

She moved in and hugged me close and I folded. I accepted what she told me as truth, because I had no other choice. Still, as serious as things had seemed, I wondered what was really going on with them. I trust Megan and so I knew that whatever it was, eventually it would all work out for the best.

I was bothered by her comment that Melissa was afraid of Rick and I having a falling out. We'd never been that close, so I wasn't sure what kind of 'falling out' we could have under those circumstances.

The conversation was pretty much forgotten about until a week or so later. We were here and there shopping for Christmas and busy with life.

Then along came the cut. It was a small thing in the scheme of things, but what it shouted at me really started to wake me up to what was going on. Megan was helping me in the kitchen on a Thursday night and cut her finger while cutting potatoes for supper.

We cleaned it up, and discovered it was a small cut, and I put a band-aid over it. It was one of those cuts that would be forgotten about in a day or so but painful in the meantime.

The next morning after she got out of the shower I looked at it, seeing that fine line angled between her first and second knuckles. With the scabbing one could see the beginning of the healing process.

She put another band-aid on just in case and went to work. All day long I was kept busy and it was a Friday from hell for me. If it had been the thirteenth I would have thought it was a typical bad day.

It was Friday the sixteenth. Sixteen days into December. Not too far from Christmas. The sisters were over and we played a board game and just had a nice family type night. We were all having fun and laughing about things in general.

I noted that all three sisters had band-aids on the same fingers in the same place. I made a comment about triplets and how weird it must be for them at times. I got stares and a 'mad' look not only from Megan, but her sisters as well.

I knew that if I kept up 'that' type of conversation I'd be in trouble with Megan so I let it die a rather abrupt death. It seemed that I was the only one interested in the fact that all three of them cut the same finger in the same place all within a day of each other.

At one time or another two sisters would go away and 'talk' for a few minutes. I figured that it was all about Melissa and Rick and their issues so I didn't pay it too much mind.

Later on, as we were getting ready for bed Megan decided to take a quick shower. As she came out I noted that the band-aid was gone. Glancing at her finger I couldn't see the cut mark. No scab, no red spot, nothing.

Megan caught me looking at her hand and she turned away as if she forgot something. She had... the band-aid. She showed back up with one on the finger and nothing was said. I was bothered, but I was more horny than anything, so it went to the back of my mind for the time being. Besides, I could have mistaken which finger it was that was cut too. I only had a glance.

Thursday also was the day that I figured I was starting to lose my mind. It started at about bedtime for us. I was so stunned I just couldn't wrap my mind around it. I felt like I had fallen into the twilight zone or something.

The sisters had been over working on a holiday present for their parents and mine. Cooking and baking items to give them, and presents they were wrapping too. We joked and laughed, teasing each other and the night was good.

After they left Megan and I sat down and cuddled. As we did so, she started to get real sexual and pretty soon we were hot and heavy. It all led to us heading for bed earlier than normal.

Megan took a shower and left the band-aid off, only this time I saw the thin red line and a sort of white mark where her finger had been cut, but it was at a different angle than the original cut. I was certain of it. A cut that appeared and then disappeared, but then re-appeared at a different angle? I was going nuts.

I didn't say anything to her about it, but I was suspicious of certain things suddenly. Had she not been so horny I'd probably have said something, but I was worked up by that point too. I knew deep inside that there was something seriously wrong though. Too much had been going on around me that I had missed. It seemed I needed to start keeping track. Somehow.

Over the next week I figured out how to start finding out what was going on. I used the parents' way, and in the end it turned out to be quite ironic. The only way the parents had been able to keep them separated when they were babies was the only way I could too, and it worked. Too well.

Each time we had sex I'd get Megan into a doggie style position at some point and while doing it that way I'd mark her with a sharpie. You know those little permanent markers you buy in the grocery store? I bought a package of them that had five colors. I started with black.

Hiding the sharpie beforehand was difficult, but then I stumbled across a little ledge on the corner post of our bed that held the box securely and out of sight at the same time.

Each time, as I said, I'd mark Megan on her back between her shoulder blades where her bra strap would cover it up. I'd also put a little mark between her buns, just above her tight little asshole. I was careful to make them dots and my biggest worry was ensuring that Megan didn't see or feel me doing it. Or smell the marker when I uncapped it.

I discovered that doing something like that while having sex was more difficult that I had thought. It took a few tries before I was brave enough to actually make that first dot. Making it quick and still enough of a mark wasn't easy. Having a fan running helped, as it moved the air away from us immediately.

All week long I kept the marks renewed. I noted that showers didn't dim them much at all, so I knew the marks would remain for a few days or more after being applied.

On Saturday night the marks were gone. The marks were gone and Megan was acting weird again. All the time we'd been married this weirdness had happened and I'd put it off to just an idiosyncrasy of Megan's, or 'being a woman', or just life.

Saturday night not one mark on her back or between her ass cheeks. Nothing. I slipped out the green marker and made a little dot between her shoulder blades and in the same spot on her ass. Again, for the next week the marks stayed and I renewed them.

Then Friday night the marks disappeared again. Now, I knew that who ever was in bed with me wasn't who I'd been to bed with the night before or even the week before... and the weirdness was starting all over again.

Red became the choice of color that night and that stayed the following days. Then that following Tuesday the woman in bed with me had two little faint black dots. One between her shoulder blades and one in the crack of her ass, right where I'd put them two weeks before.

Christmas had come and gone. Rick had moved out on Melissa and they were in the process of getting divorced. Nobody was talking to me, especially Rick. Megan wouldn't say anything, just changing the subject whenever I'd bring it up.

I know that I should have said something earlier, but I waited. I hoped that what I found was just a once in a long while thing. It wasn't. The marks changed about every week to week. Black, green, and then red. Just like clockwork.

There would be some weeks that were shorter, like only four days, but then there would be some that were longer like around eight or nine. It was never equally spaced, but there was a weekly difference in the scheme of things.

I'd been taken in for a sucker and ridden hard and put away wet, so to speak. I wondered how long they'd been doing this? I wondered of course, 'why?' I also wondered why the sisters would play a game like this with their husbands.

I also knew that having sex with each of them was something I'd never contemplated seriously, yet obviously, I'd been doing just that. I didn't know how long this had been going on, but nonetheless, I had 'gotten' all three sisters.

A man's dream come true, right? Well, I wasn't sure what I wanted, but I knew that I had gone into the marriage thinking I loved Megan and that she loved me. Obviously there had been something else going on from some point.

I was torn. On one hand I wanted to confront Megan... but I had no way of knowing which one was Megan. On the other hand I didn't want to destroy my marriage to Megan... even if it had taken a step into the twilight zone.

I let it go on into the New Year and then I decided I'd had enough. One night, it was a Thursday, Megan and I were getting ready for bed. As she came in I was laying on the bed in pajamas. This was a first for me. I usually slept naked.

"What's up Matt?"

"I was just wondering who you were tonight?"

She stopped dead in her tracks and had a 'deer in the headlights' look.

"Uh... what?"

"I said, I was just wondering who you were tonight? You know... Melissa? Margo? Maybe my legal wife Megan? I'd really kind of like to know who I'm about to fuck."

"You're not going to get any if you keep that attitude up mister. I'm not sure where you got the sick idea that I'd trade you around with my sisters, but I'm your wife Megan. What the hell is up with you anyway Matt?"

She went for the 'angry' retort. I guess that the angry response had worked in the past, but not now. Not with this situation anyway.

"Turn around."


She was confused. First I'm accusing them of switching around and then I'm suddenly asking her to turn around.

"Why should I turn around?"

"I need to see something on your back."

Megan, or whoever turned around. I saw the little black marks.



"Yes. Black. You see last Friday night you had red marks, and then Saturday they turned black. I'm betting that tomorrow or Saturday they'll turn green."

Confusion was plastered on her face. Her eyes showed her fear. Then dawning cut in.

"You've talked to Rick haven't you?"

"Nope. Not at all. He won't talk to me, nor have I even seen him. I just did a little experiment on my own. I really don't like the results I got though. What it means could mean the end of us... if there ever really was an 'us' Megan... or Melissa... or Margo or who ever you are."

"How'd you find out?"

"At first it was the haircuts. It was the sudden change in you. One of you anyway. You see you used your... excuse me I'm forgetting myself, Megan... used her credit card for the haircut on the Friday after Thanksgiving. The date the charge went through was five days after her haircut. I called them about it and was told that Megan had gotten her hair cut the day before that, a Tuesday. Yet 'Megan' already had her hair cut the Friday before. Then further investigation showed me that Margo got a haircut on Tuesday. Melissa got her hair done on Thursday."

I was watching her face, mostly her eyes. I could see acceptance of my theory there and that spoke volumes to me. It also made me braver as I went on.

"All of you got styles by the same hairdresser. So I went in and talked to her. She was helpful when she learned that our credit card could have been compromised and even looked up the haircuts. 'Megan' supposedly used Megan's credit card on that Friday. I am still not sure who I slept with that week, but I now know it couldn't have been my wife. My legal wife that is."

"That doesn't mean anything. I paid for Melissa's haircut and let her use my card... so what?"

She was blustering, trying to get out from under my accusation. She didn't realize that she got who had the haircut using her card wrong. It hadn't been Melissa, but either Megan or Margo on that Tuesday.

"Well, then there was the finger."

"The finger?"

"Yeah. Megan... or whoever cut their finger and I cleaned it up and put on the band-aid. Then you all showed up with band-aids. Except that whoever went to bed with me that weekend didn't have a cut under their band-aid. That amazed me, but what followed later amazed me more and pretty much gave it all away in my mind. The cut changed angles, and that my dear, is impossible."

"So... what's this about the colored marks?"

"After the cut disappearing then re-appearing, I got pretty suspicious, as you can imagine. I started to mark the one I was with for the week with a colored sharpie. First was black, then green and finally red. You're black. Red was here last week and I suspect that Green is, or rather was, to be in house this next week."

"Matt... Matthew... you know I love you. I do. I can't really explain it all alone... I need to have us all sit down and talk. Please?"

"I wish I knew that. That you loved me I mean. I don't even know who the hell you are. Which one are you?"

"I'm Megan."

"Oh, that puts my mind at ease. How will you ever be able to prove that to me?"

Her look was one of defiance and some confusion at the same time.

"I can prove it. I married you over three years ago. I was the one that... I was the... Oh damn... I really can't prove anything at all."

Now all I saw on her face was worry. I also saw her awareness that she really couldn't prove who she was to me at this point.

"Yes. That's a fact. You see, Melissa was married to Rick... all those years. Margo was single and had different boyfriends almost weekly. All that means is that Melissa and Megan were married... but Margo was the 'wild child' and had different men often. Tell me... was Margo ever going to get married? That's what this is all about isn't it? You three set this up so you could each have the best of all the worlds. Different men quite often, yet loving husbands at home too."

"That's not how we meant it to be... Margo didn't have sex with all those men constantly like you think... you have to understand... "

"I only have to understand that the woman I married a little more than three years ago isn't the woman I thought she was. I don't know her. I can't tell her from her sisters, so whatever they say I'd have to accept. Three women that have lied, cheated and stolen from me."

"It's not like that Matt. We didn't steal. You never were denied anything."

"Yes I was. I have been denied the love of the single woman who I love. I've been living a lie perpetrated by the triplet sisters. Rick and I have been traded off weekly since when? How long? Did you guys do this in high school too? How can you live with yourselves? Lies... cheating... all of it."

"It's not like that Matt. We love you. We all love you. You're our lover, our friend, our husband. Rick figured it out, but let us get away with it until you came along. It's been harder since then. I guess he didn't like facing you knowing that you didn't know what was going on, and treating whichever one of us was Megan that week like a property. He knew... "

"RICK KNEW? All this time he knew? That son-of-a-bitch."

"Look, I need to get my sisters here. We all have to work this out."

"It may not be possible... "

I just stopped. Suddenly I wasn't sure which sister I was talking to at all. I just didn't know. Maybe I should have called them the 'Borg' after the Star Trek Series characters that had a collective mind and were so destructive.

"Megan. I'm really Megan. This is going to be hard for you to understand Matt. I'm afraid that we - I - may have lost you now too. Oh God! It wasn't supposed to turn out this way at all. Damn that Rick getting jealous and cutting out. Damn! Damn! Damn!"

"I think I deserve some credit Megan. I was figuring it out without Rick's help. It took some time for me to awaken to it all and to even get suspicious of course, but Rick had nothing at all to do with it."


"Yeah. I had no knowledge of Rick or his knowing about it. I just wondered at the haircuts and then the finger slicing episode. The markers just proved my worst fears."

Later, as all three sisters sat across from me in the kitchen, I saw that they truly were identical. I had noticed it before of course, but now, knowing that I'd had sex with all three of them and hadn't been able to tell them apart really hit home.

I started out our conversation since they were being unusually quiet.

"So. I guess I have to start this all out. Just how long and why have you done this?"

They all started to talk but then the one in the middle put her hands on the other one's arms, stopping them. With a little glance at each sister, she answered.

"Matt, we know that this is a big surprise for you. We never meant to hurt anyone, especially you. Honestly. As for how long we've done this? All our lives."

"All your lives?"

"Yes. It started when we were kids. We'd do everything together. Play, get in trouble, sleep, everything. We discovered puberty together. We discovered masturbation together. We discovered boys together. We discovered love... together."

At this I noticed that they were all giving me a 'look'. I suddenly felt the hairs on my neck prickle as some feeling washed over me. I was uncomfortable in my own home all of the sudden.

"You're triplets, of course you'd all develop about the same time."

"It's beyond that Matt. At a young age when we first dealt with boys we discovered that if we kept each of us separate we could work things out between us."

I was confused by this.

"What? Of course you kept each other separate... you're each a human being. Triplets, but still you are each a person in your own right."

"Yeah, that's true... not what I meant, though, Matt. You see Margo has always been the wild child. Megan the 'normal good child' and Melissa the 'studious and simple' one."

"Yeah." I was confused by her stating the obvious. "That's the way it's supposed to be isn't it?"

"Sort of. You see, we are all Margo. We're all Megan and we're all Melissa."

Stunned, I was sure I missed her intent.

"You mean, you're triplets... and as such... "

"No. I mean that we have all been Margo or Megan or Melissa at different times, all our lives."

"I don't... "

My confusion must have been readily obvious to them as they all three glanced at each other. The one in the center started the tale.

"When one of us was feeling rowdy, we'd trade. Megan might feel rowdy one day, so she'd say something in the morning and we'd trade. Megan became Margo, I'd become Melissa and Melissa would become Megan. We'd trade for the day... or week."

That last sentence was accompanied with a look from all three directed towards me.

"Week? You mean... "

"We've traded all this time, why would we quit now? Yes. We've all been to bed with you one week at a time Matt. That's where the issues with Rick came in. He found out we loved you. He felt cheated. Before that, he knew about our trading and was cool with it. Then you came along, and while he didn't really care to 'share', he knew he couldn't say a single word about what we'd been doing without opening up a huge can of worms. He'd grin and bear it after you."

"He knew before? Before Megan and I dated?"

"We all dated you Matt. We traded constantly. We've always traded. It became the natural thing for us to do."

"I don't understand. Why'd Rick get all upset then?"

"Because he knew that we had all fallen in love with you Matt."

"I don't understand. Of course we love each other, we're family and all. I love Megan and you're her sisters... "

"Take Megan's hand Matt. Right now. Show your true love and take her hand in yours."

I started to reach out and suddenly realized something. I truly didn't know which one was Megan at all. My hesitation did me in.

"See? You can't because you're not sure which one of us is Megan. We could tell you it was any one of us and you'd have absolutely no way of knowing if we were telling the truth or not."

"So why'd Rick get all upset all of the sudden then?"

"Because he found out we loved you."

I didn't get it yet. Guess I was having a slow day or whatever, but I missed the intent in her words. It showed as they all got a strange look.

"Oh my God, he doesn't get it."

Came from the one on the left of me.

"We should have seen this coming I suppose."

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