Triple Trouble

by curious2c

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Cheating, InLaws, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Husband discovers that his wife and her sisters have had an agenda he knew nothing about.

Looking back at it now, I can clearly see that all the basic signs were there. I hadn't recognized them for what they were. It was only when the miracles started to occur that I knew something was up.

The first 'event' happened just after our third anniversary. I totally missed it at the time, but later on when I had reason to revisit it with the crystal clear clarity of 20/20 hindsight. It came around and smacked me in the head hard.

What caused all of this? What single event led to my knowledge you may ask? My wife's new hairstyle to be exact. When she got it trimmed and styled it surprised me. Megan was never much on cutting her hair, and up until that day it had always been rather long. I loved her long hair and many times I'd taken care of it for her, hopefully letting her know that I really loved her hair just the way it was.

Over the next few weeks I figured that her hairstyle change was teaching me a lot about triplets. Why? Megan is one of a set of identical triplets. Not just triplets mind you, but identical triplets.

Identical enough that for their first years their parents used to mark the soles of their feet with the letters 'A', 'B', and 'C' with a sharpie. There wasn't any other way to tell them apart. After a while I think they just gave up and hoped for the best.

Back to the hairstyle... Megan came home sporting the new look that Friday evening after Thanksgiving, having spent the whole day with her sisters shopping on the biggest shopping day of the year. The first thing I noticed was her hair. She'd had it cut and styled, that was obvious, but what really hit me was how the styling had made her look so sexy. So sexy I was stunned speechless at first.

My first thoughts were, "My God... this is my Megan? Damn!"

Not saying anything evidently caused her some discomfort. Finally, just as she was about to say something I found my tongue.

"Who are you and what have you done with my wife?"

I figured that would bring her pleasure, kind of letting her know I was impressed with the hairstyle and all. To my surprise, what I got was a scared look at first, then it switched to a guilty look. For a second I thought she would turn and run away from me. I saw her taking the effort to control her emotions and I tried not to let on I noticed her fears.

"Please say you like it, please? I know I never told you I was planning on getting it cut and all, but Melissa and Margo talked me into it. I'm sorry if you don't like it... but it will grow back soon."

Her words tumbled out so fast they almost ran over each other.

I was surprised that she'd gotten it cut knowing how much I liked her hair just like it had been, but at the same time I had never actually said she couldn't or shouldn't get it cut if she wanted to.

After all, I didn't own her, we were a simple married couple, and if she got tired of her hair or something, I figured she could make those changes on her own. I always thought she knew that, so her reaction was surprising to me.

"Oh honey, you're beautiful. My God... you're so sexy and gorgeous looking I can hardly believe I'm married to you. I love it."

"Then you're okay with this? I mean, you're not mad at me are you?"

"God no. Surprised maybe, but definitely not mad. You look Mahvelous."

I tried my best Ricardo Montalban/Billy Crystal imitation, which always got a smile from her. This time I got a smile, but it was a weak nervous type smile, unlike her usual. I was too enthralled with looking at my wife to really notice this at the time, but looking back - that 20/20 again - I remember it clearly.

I did worry about her initial reaction and the guilty look, but I put it off to the sudden change and her fears I wouldn't like it.

What I found later that night though was that the hair on her head wasn't the only hair she got cut. Her pussy had been trimmed way back to a small triangle just above her clit. I couldn't see any razor marks so I asked her about that.

"You shaved?"

"Uh... no I had electrolysis. It will never grow back, or so they told me."

"Kind of drastic don't you think? What if you decided you didn't like it this way?"

"But I do. I think its sexy looking. Don't you?"

"Well... it's your body sweetie, and it is sexy. I just think that you should have shaved it for a while first before making a permanent decision like this."

"You don't like it do you?"

"No. I like it. I guess the changes in hair on you are kind of shocking me. In a good way mind you... but still that's a lot of hair cutting and trimming going on there."

I found that I loved to lick and suck on her pussy like it was now. The less hair down there it seemed, the better. We had some mind blowing sex that night too. It started in the bedroom and ended in our living room.

Megan was hotter than she'd been in a while, and I think her hair style was in her mind more than she let on to me. Watching her suck my cock with her eyes locked on mine was something to die for too.

She started by kissing her way down my chest and teasing me with little circular kissing 'runs' all around my shaft, but not touching it directly. Then, as I got harder and hotter, her tongue slipped out and caressed my shaft.

By the time her lips went around my cock I was on fire in a serious way. I almost shot off immediately. Megan knew enough to back off before I did though. I could tell she wanted my hard cock to pleasure her too.

We fucked in the bedroom, then I held her to me while standing up and we fucked like that. Just before I came I carried her out onto the deck and sat her on the handrail. That put her breasts right at face level for me while I pounded her pussy.

Megan came about four times to my once. After I cum the first time, I can usually go quite a while before cumming again. We did it with her bent over the handrail, then inside the kitchen on the counter, and ended up on the couch in the living room where we crashed and slept until morning.

The whole night for me had been like having a new woman in my life. It seemed that Megan was more open to things too. Doing it outside on the deck was a first. Matter of fact, doing it where someone could have seen us was a first.

Then the next couple of days were a bit awkward at times. She acted like a stranger once in a while and I wondered where that came from. I put it to the hairstyles and that it must have meant more to her than I thought. By the following Monday things were back to normal and we were getting along just like usual.

I kept complimenting her hair styles all that week too, and Megan finally accepted that I wasn't lying to her about it and accepted that I truly did love her new look. The following weekend her sisters came over for a barbecue. I discovered more about the nature of identical triplets. Margo and Melissa showed up with the exact same hairstyle as Megan.

I'd seen them both on Monday afternoon when we invited them over for the barbecue, and their hair had been just like Megan's had been before her transformation. Now, they each looked exactly alike again. If it hadn't been for the different clothes they were wearing I'd never have been able to tell them apart... again.

I learned over time that each woman had their own personality of course, don't get me wrong. It was just so hard to tell them apart and now having Megan with different hair had been the one edge I wanted. Now I was back to knowing they'd be able to tease me still. There were a few ways to tell them apart, but most of those were how they acted.

For instance, Melissa and Megan were the more studious ones, always calm and more likely to toe the line, while Margo was the wild child. Margo was more likely to be in trouble over something far more often than Megan or Melissa. Margo was the first to usually get the racy swimsuits and talk the other two into them later on. She was more exhibitionist than her sisters.

Melissa was the brainier one and had gone farther in college than either Margo or Megan. She earned a Master's degree in Business Administration while Megan and Margo had only gotten their Bachelor of Sciences Degrees.

Melissa had been married two years before Megan and I met. Margo was still single and loving it. It was pretty common knowledge that Margo was not looking for any steady relationship and didn't want to be tied down. For her, marriage was not something she wanted to ever do.

Over the years, Megan, Melissa and Margo had been close and very protective of each other. Their parents would have issues with one or the other once in a while, normal for kids and parents, but in this case the sisters would stick up for one another by wearing the same clothes and not identifying who was who. That usually led to all of them being in trouble.

I heard about how shopping for them was always a challenge since they wore the same sizes and had very similar tastes in clothes for the most part. Most stores had problems having three of everything in the same sizes.

The weekend of the barbecue Melissa was quiet. Her husband Rick didn't come along and I felt that there were some issues about that with the girls. There was something going on, but none of them would talk about it around me. They all seemed apprehensive.

I could tell that Melissa and Rick were having issues, and though we were related, Rick and I never hung out together much. He was kind of stiff acting around me at times, and though I'd tried my best, he'd never warmed up to me. Hence, we didn't chat a great deal at all.

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