A New Moon: Julie and Craig's Last Night on Tavenu Island

by Dag123

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Swinging, Group Sex, Interracial, White Couple, Oriental Male, Oriental Female, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Craig and Julie conclude their visit to the strange erotic Island of Tavenu by agreeing to stay one more day. They enjoy a last erotic Rendezvous with the Asian couple, Edwin and Li Ling. The two couples decide to pull out all the stops and make their last night'"A Night to Remember!

Craig and Julie awoke early the next morning after their wild exotic night of erotic activities. They found a message from Edwin and Li Ling waiting for them.

The message contained an invitation to have breakfast with the other couple. It also included an in house telephone extension to call.

"Craig... , will you call?" Julie asked, hopefully.

"Sure, I'll call them right now," he said, giving Julie an adoring glance. Is she a little embarrassed, he wondered?

"Hello. This is Li Ling," said a sweet dulcet voice that Craig immediately recognized from last night.

"Hi, Li Ling," Craig said, holding his breath to see what she might have to say next. "This is Craig."

"Oh. Hi... !" she said, brightly, but Craig thought he could detect a slight trace of embarrassment in her tone of voice.

"I just called to say, Julie and I would love to have breakfast with the two of you. I suppose you and Edwin are as curious to meet us as we are to meet you?" he laughed.

"I think more... !," she said, with a little lilt in her laugh. "We can't wait to see what each of you looks like—after last night. I can't wait to see if your looks match your sexual abilities... ," she said, teasing him.

Craig felt relieved, almost exhilarated. Good! She has a sense of humor, he thought.

"Teasing her back he said. "You'll let me know what you decide... ?" he laughed.

"Anyway," she said, "I'll be wearing a little sleeveless blue and red checked dress. Edwin will be wearing his jeans and a black T-shirt. How about we meet out in front of our building in thirty minutes? Will that give you and Julie enough time?"

"Yeah... !" Craig said. "See you in thirty-,"

Meeting for Breakfast...

Upon meeting Edwin and Li Ling, Julie could see they were both quite attractive. Truthfully, she didn't know how she felt when she and Edwin finally exchanged glances. She was aware that she was being scrutinized —she felt flattered.

To the casual observer, they were just two attractive couples having breakfast together. But, from the first, there was a sexual undercurrent. With carefully guarded little looks, each one found a way to examine the partner they had been with last night.

Had they been mind readers each would have been surprised to find the other was thinking about the same thing—the unspoken possibility of another sexual rendezvous.

Julie, glancing at Edwin could see why he had been so good at what he had done to her last night. He was wiry and strong—she knew he had stamina—oh, how she knew that!

Exchanging a furtive glance with him, Julie admitted to herself—she would welcome another tryst with her midnight lover. That was the title she had secretly bestowed upon him after he had given her a sweet brutal pounding, and taken her to a world-class climax. She would never admit it to Craig—but she had loved every moment of it!

Edwin glanced at the little wife he had so enjoyed only last night. They lowered their eyes when they realized they were exchanging looks. Both sensed each shared the same desire. They wanted the same thing to happen again.

Li Ling's almond eyes were sleepy with sexual desire. She had already exchanged a casual glance with her lover from last night. I hope we do it again. He felt sooo good inside me, she thought. Li Ling felt sure from looking at the others—it would happen again.

Her husband Edwin leaned back in his chair. They had all finished breakfast, and were just lingering, talking, over a last cup of coffee.

"So... ," Edwin said, "Do we want to get together again this evening?" he asked.

"Julie and I are good with that—if you two are agreeable," Craig replied.

"I have an idea," Julie said. "There's a club called the Grass Shack over near the Water Falls. Why don't we all go dancing for a little while this evening? Then we can come back to our BedtimePlayRoom and finish the evening there."

"That sounds like fun," Li Ling laughed. I love to dance. I hope it's slow dancing. I like that best," she said, brightly.

"Okay," Edwin said, "Shall we all meet out in front of our building at about 8:00 this evening?"

The two couples got up from the table to go their separate ways for the day—all four already looking forward to spending another wild exciting evening together.

Erotic Dancing...

The two couples arrived at the Little Grass Shack at around nine. Julie was surprised to find the place had very subdued lighting. The dance floor almost dark, was already crowded with couples.

Enjoying her first dance with Craig, Julie looked over to see Edwin and Li Ling dancing near by.

"Craig, they seem really nice, huh?"she said. Edwin is a real sexy guy. It's easy to see why you think Li Ling is attractive. Should I be jealous?" she teased.

"No, don't be jealous of Li Ling," Craig laughed. "Besides... Edwin told me he thinks you're hot. He wants to dance with you - that is, if I decide to let him," Craig laughed.

Coming back to the booth, Julie sat down next to Li Ling. Giggling conspiratorially; they were soon exchanging girl talk.

"Come on, Julie," Edwin said, "Dance with me." With a smile of consent, —Julie allowed herself to be led out on the dance floor.

"Okay, if he's going to dance with my wife, I'm want to dance with you, "Craig laughed, pleased the four of them were hitting it off so well.

Once out on the dance floor, the two couples never switched back. Julie and Edwin, laughing and talking, danced every dance together.

A few moments into their first dance, Li Ling looked over to see her husband had Julie pressed up against him. A moment later she felt a pang of jealousy as she watched Edwin dance Julie over to a darken corner and start kissing her.

"Look, Craig," Li Ling said, "They're kissing - already. "Your wife sure seems to be enjoying it," she said with a hard little laugh.

"If we hadn't all agreed to do the BedtimePlayRoom thing, I might have to go over there and slap him," she laughed. "Or maybe I should go over there and get that little wife of yours down on the floor and pull that sexy little bitch's brown hair out," she said.

Craig laughed.

"I'm sure if you and Julie ever got into it," Craig laughed, "We could get rich selling admission tickets to the event."

"I'll bet... ," Li Ling agreed. "I doubt there's anything you and that husband of mine would enjoy more. Who knows - maybe later this evening Julie and I might give you guys a little private treat," she hinted, amused at how quickly Craig picked up on her suggestion.

"Well... why don't I do something I've wanted to do, every since I first saw you this morning," Craig suggested...

"And... Just what might that be - as if I couldn't guess?" Li Ling said, her sexy little laugh assuring him—she was good with what he was about to do.

Craig pulled Li Ling against him. He felt her heat all the way through her cocktail dress. He felt his arousal surge as she willingly pressed her hot slender body against him.

"Oh, you guys are all the same," she said, pretending to scold him. "Will you at least, dance me over into the corner where it's a bit darker," she said, a little pout in her sexy voice.

Maneuvering Li Ling through the other couples, the moment they were in the shadows, Craig crushed her thin delicate lips against his own. Both could feel the heat of their smoldering passions rising, threatening to explode.

From then on, they ignored what their two partners were doing and just enjoyed each other.

Edwin's first kiss had started Julie's juices flowing. Shortly after, he inserted his muscular thigh between her warm thighs. WOW, he's right up against me - rubbing my pussy with that hot thigh of his, she thought. She had to admit... she found this brash Chinese guy sexy and wildly exciting.

As the evening wore on, Edwin and Julie danced closer and closer against each other. Suddenly Julie felt something hot and hard digging into her warm thigh. Boy! Is he aroused - and I'm not much better, she thought.

Looking over she could see Craig was now kissing Li Ling. Okay, why not, she thought, tonight—anything goes.

"Sorry," Edwin apologized. "Maybe we should sit the next dance out," he apologized.

"I'm terrible," Julie laughed, "I shouldn't have danced so close to you."

"Did you enjoy it, though?" Edwin asked, teasing her.

"Okay, you trouble maker," Julie said, teasing him back, "Yes, I did. And I am reacting the same way as you are; but you just can't see it," she laughingly confided to him.

He seemed secretly pleased with her intimate confession. They danced most of the remaining dances together both of them very much aware of the sexual heat from the other's body.

Julie could feel her baize panties were soaked from her sexual excitement but she didn't care. She felt very feminine. Very hot and insanely aroused... besides, her panties would dry on her later.

Li Ling was having the same arousal problems. She could feel her pink panties sticking to her swollen pussy lips.

She couldn't wait to try it again with Craig. With Craig's thigh between my thighs - I'm humping him like a bitch in heat, Li Ling thought, laughing to herself.

She wasn't at all surprised to find she liked it - she found herself hoping Julie would go along with the BedtimePlayRoom once again. She was determined to have Craig fuck her silly again later that evening.

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