Almost Too Late

by niteowluk99

Copyright┬ę 2007 by niteowluk99

BDSM Sex Story: Friends leaving for Ireland reveal their submissive nature.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Coercion   Mind Control   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Slut Wife   Wimp Husband   DomSub   Spanking   Light Bond   Humiliation   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Exhibitionism   .


My friends, Paul and Antoinette who were going to live in Ireland invited me over to say our farewells, as they had been friends for more than ten years, I was eager to bid them success and good luck in their new life.

I had arrived at their soon to be ex home around 8 pm, where Paul was busy on a personal call and I was greeted at the door by Antoinette, with her three year old son Calen (pronounced K-lin). She wore a mid knee length Skirt and a bright red cardigan, I remembered thinking she looked so typical a young mum, dressing now for convenience rather than pleasure.

She led me through to the living room, and informed me that Paul would not be long. Then unusually she sat beside me and began making small talk about our respective families. Even more unusually she did not move when Paul her husband joined us in the living room. Suddenly Calen pulled Antoinette's cardigan away from her body and peered down inside. I joked "See Calen takes after his Dad then" and Paul suddenly quipped He gets more of that than I do lately!

Antoinette gave Paul a mock scorned look, as she then rose and put Calen to bed, before rejoining Paul and I in the living room. I teased "So Antoinette, are we going to get to see what fascinated Calen earlier?"

She stole a glance at Paul before turning back to me, I quickly spoke "Don't look to Paul for a lead, I know you well enough by now to know you will do as you are told" I continued "I also know that Paul whilst can be Dominant when you and he are with another female, he is also prone to obeying a master's command!"

Paul suddenly shot me a look as if to say, how did you know that! I seized the initiative and continued "Don't give me that look, in fact stand up and go stand in the corner of the room with your face to the wall." Paul meekly stood and moved away to the only vacant corner.

He suddenly stopped dead in his tracks at my voice, "Better save time and strip of your clothes first, you little boy pussy!" I turned back to Antoinette, whilst watching Paul undress out of the corner of my eye. I resumed "I have had my suspicions for some time now that Paul was submissive and bisexual, and I have worked out that you too Antoinette are exactly the same"

I retorted, "Antoinette, why have you not begun to show me the breasts your son seems so keen to look at?" I continued, "I will count to ten and if you have not begun to remove your upper clothes then I will put you over my knee and spank you. Just for your information, that would be a bare arsed spanking. If I reach 3 and you have not started you will receive six spanks, if I get to 5 you will receive 9, 7 will get you 12 and 9 will get you 24 hard spanks on your naked butt!"

She glanced at the floor as I began to count, "1. 2. 3. That's six spanks" still no movement as I continued "4. 5. That's now 9 spanks. 6. 7. That's now 12 spanks" Suddenly Antoinette's hands moved to her neckline and began unbuttoning her cardigan. I stole a glance across at Paul and caught him sneaking a peek in our direction, until I told him he would now receive the remainder of the spanks for daring to disobey me.

Soon Antoinette had her cardigan off and was now busy removing her blouse, I stared impatiently at her and reminded her that she had still to face 12 spanks and if she did not want them to be full force she should at least hurry herself up. Quickly she revealed her large fleshy tits to my gaze, her nipples already stiff and erect indicating her level of arousal. She groaned as I slid my hand against her warm flesh and pinched her nipple between my forefinger and thumb. Again Paul strained to catch a glimpse of what was occurring behind his back but my shrill voice soon had him apologising profusely.

I decided that Paul should be punished first and I was now positioning Paul over my lap his hard cock pressing against my own cock straining against the trouser material, his right arm held tightly across his back by my left hand as I delivered 12 very slow and deliberate slams across his reddening arse cheeks. Every slam caused his cock to push against my own, separated only by the material. Between each slap, I paused to allow the warmth to spread through his cheeks and even allowed my hand to slip between the crack of his arse to lightly touch his sphincter muscle. I glanced at Antoinette and told her she would be treated exactly the same way.

Soon Paul had endured his twelve spanks and I made him stand facing me and told him to wank his cock off into a glass, I made Antoinette kiss his bright red arse and stroke his balls as he did so and was soon greeted by him blowing his wad of cock cream into the wine glass. After Antoinette had sucked clean his cock, and in the process renewed his erection, I instructed her to lie over my lap for her punishment. This time though I had unzipped my fly and my cock was poking through to touch skin on skin with my friend's wife.

I commenced spanking her arse in the same fashion as I had her husband's only this time between each spank my hand travelled between her open legs to feel her clit as well as trace her cunt line back towards her anal ring where I would pause with my index finger pressed firmly to her anus. I added to her discomfort by asking her questions about her sexual activities, like "When was the last time you had anything up your bum hole?" when she answered I asked her what it was she had took up there and she responded with Paul's cock. Further spanks and questions resulting in me finding out that she also loved to slip toys of all kinds up her cunt and anal ring.

By her twelfth and final spank, her cunt was awash with her juices and my finger slipped easily into her opened petal like cunt lips, deeper and deeper it slipped into the warmth of her inner sanctum. I was soon up to my second knuckle in her cunt; she was squirming as I asked "Have you ever used any toys on Paul's bum hole?"

I instantly saw Paul begin to blush, so I knew any other answer than yes would be a lie and therefore punishable with further spanks. She hesitated initially but then replied, "Yes, I have used my vibrators on and in his anal opening!"

"Did he enjoy the experience or what?" I continued.

"Well he did say he wished I could put a real cock up him as he felt the 8 inch plastic deep inside his anal ring!" she responded.

I then slipped my wet finger up against her anal ring and applied more pressure; reluctantly I felt the muscle begin to give as my fingertip slipped inside. Applying even more pressure I had the finger inserted to the first knuckle when suddenly Antoinette announced "Oh Paul, you will love it if Ray decides to slip his masterly finger up your arse, it feels so firm, large and truly wonderful forcing its way deeper inside my shit chute!"

By now my finger was as deep as it could go inside her anal ring, I slowly began to remove it before adding a second finger and stretching her opening even wider. She again described all the action to Paul, as he stood mesmerised watching. His cock gave several quick jerks as I imagined him thinking about how it would feel if my fingers were invading his arse.

I ordered him to wank off again into the glass and demanded he tell me what he was thinking as he did so. "Oh Master Ray, I was just thinking how wonderful it would feel to have you fingering my own anal ring in preparation for sliding your cock deep inside me, my boy pussy is yours to deflower as you see fit!"

Soon his second load of spunk was deposited into the glass and Antoinette readily sucked clean his cock. Placing the glass on the table I turned to Paul and told him "I think it is time for me to fuck this slut of a wife of yours, but should I fuck her cunt or arse?"

Instantly Paul answered, "Master her body is yours to do with as you please, but I would love to see you fill her cunt with your baby making seed; and if it is your desire I would be honoured to lick it out of her again!"

I sat and thought for a moment before replying, "I will fuck your wife as I see fit but I think first of all there is the preparation to take care of, now as Antoinette's cunt is already soaking in juices and her arse is still open from my fingering, that just leaves my cock to be sucked to full erection!" "Paul, you will suck my cock before I fuck your wife and you better do a fucking good job or you will be punished so hard you will need to stand all the way to Ireland!" I demanded.

Paul suddenly dropped to his knees as he positioned himself between my legs and eagerly opened his mouth to accept my cock. I made him wait as I ordered Antoinette to go fetch all their sex toys and show me what they had. Upon her return I gazed a mixture of toys, which included butt plugs in two sizes, half a dozen vibrators ranging from four-inch model to a fifteen inch black monster of a dildo, there were also several nipple clamps and five lengths of soft Japanese silk rope. Unusually there was also a cock restraint made from black leather, which fastened around the base of the cock and secured the balls tightly.

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