Pauline's Anniversary

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Interracial, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: She thought she was getting even.

The day had been an extremely productive one for me. I landed two new clients and closed a mega-deal with another and my boss took me out to celebrate. We had a couple of drinks at the lounge across the street from our office building and then he took me to his favorite titty bar where he paid for me to have several lap dances. I was having a great time and then he tried to make it even better. He pointed to a ravishing redhead and said, "If you want her I'll pay. You can consider it as part of your bonus."

"You mean these girls are all hookers?"

"Not all of them, but I do have a special relationship with a couple of them."

I looked long and lustfully at the redhead and I really wanted to take David up on his offer, but I'd only been married for five years and I was still in love with and faithful to my wife. I thanked David for the offer, politely begged off and then looked at my watch and saw that it was time to go home. I took one last longing look at the redhead and headed out the door.

The house was dark and silent when I got home. I couldn't remember Pauline saying that she was going to be out that night. I walked into the kitchen, turned on the light and immediately knew that I was in deep, deep shit. Sitting on the kitchen table was a wine bucket with a bottle of champagne in it, a box with a bow around it and a card propped up against two glasses. It was our fifth anniversary and I had forgotten. Not totally forgotten - I did have a present and a card for Pauline under the bed, but I had totally spaced out that we were supposed to have gone out for dinner and a show that night. I had gotten so pumped up by the day I had at work that I had just forgotten. I checked out the rest of the house, but Pauline was gone.

Pauline can sometimes be a little strong minded and I could almost guess what had happened. She would have been checking her watch and tapping her foot as she kept waiting for me to get home. She would have called the office and not had anyone answer. More watch checking and foot tapping until finally she would have said to hell with it, grabbed her purse and gone out by herself. She probably went and had dinner and then went to see the show alone and the entire time she would have been seething with anger. I was not in for a good time when she finally got home. When she was not home by my normal bedtime I debated waiting up for her, but decided that if I wasn't waiting up I could put off what I knew was coming for just a little bit longer.

When I woke up in the morning Pauline was not in bed with me. I figured that she would either be on the couch or in the spare bedroom. I took my morning whiz and headed for the kitchen to put the coffee on and on the way I saw a trail of discarded clothing leading from the front door to the door of the spare room. High heels, then a dress, panties and then a bra lying next to a man's tie. I stopped cold - a man's tie? I followed the line of clothes and just outside the bedroom door was a man's shirt. I put an ear to the door and couldn't hear anything so I very quietly opened the door and peeked in. There was a man I didn't recognize snoring on the bed. He was naked and he was as black as the ace of spades. Lying next to him was a naked Pauline and she had one leg thrown over his and her hand was resting on his soft cock. I stood there in the doorway for maybe a minute and a half before closing the door softly and walking away.

I made some coffee and took it out onto the deck. I sat and sipped the coffee and wondered about what Pauline had just done and what she was telling me. She was most definitely making a statement of some sort. She had not only given herself to another man, but she had not gone to a hotel, motel or his place to do it - she had brought him home where she could rub my face in. She had to know that she was ending the marriage, that I wouldn't turn a blind eye to what she'd done. I tried to think of what could have caused her to do it. We had, or at least I thought we'd had a good marriage. It had rocky spots as most marriages do, but I couldn't think of anything that would have caused Pauline to put such a drastic end to it. I finished my coffee, went back to get another cup and then I headed for the shower.

As I passed the spare bedroom I heard noises and I put my ear to the door. A man's voice was saying "Oh yes, oh yes baby, suck that black cock. Damn, you've got the hottest mouth that I've ever been in."

"Well lover, I have to tell you, yours is one of the nicest cocks I've ever had in it."

"Stop talking you little white slut and suck my cock."

"Sure lover, what ever you say."

I don't know why, but I stood there and listened as he called Pauline his white cock sucking slut, his white married whore and a few other things while she worked on his root. Then I heard, "Get ready you cum sucking slut, here it comes. That's it, that's it you little whore, swallow it all. Don't lose a drop bitch, suck it all out of me."

After about a minute I heard Pauline say, "If I can get it hard again will you fuck me one more time before you have to leave?"

"I don't have to go anywhere you sweet little slut. I can stay here and feed you black cock all day if you want."

"Oh I want lover, I most definitely want that black sausage in me all day. Here, eat my pussy while I suck you hard again."

At that point I moved quietly away from the door and went to take my shower.

As I soaped myself I wondered why I had a hard cock. What sick thing was going on in my mind that listening to my wife sucking on a black man's cock would give me a hard on? It was still hard when I finished my shower so I soaped myself up good and jacked myself off.

Dressed and ready to leave for work I again stopped at the spare bedroom door and put my ear up to it. "Oh yes, like that, hard lover, fuck me hard. Oh God, so good, so good. I love your black cock lover, I love what you are doing to me. Fuck me baby, fuck me."

Damned if my cock didn't get hard again.

"Pound that cock into me baby, fuck me with that big, black pole. Make me glad to be your married white whore."

"Here it comes slut. Another load a black man's juice for your hungry cunt."

"Yes lover, yes. Cum in me baby, cum in me."

Then there were several moments of silence and then, "Get those white lips of yours around my johnson and get me hard again whore."

"Yes lover, whatever you want baby, just tell me and I'll do it."

"I want your ass next whore. I want to slide my stiff black sausage into your tight, white ass."

"Whatever lover, whatever you want."

My hard cock wilted when I heard that. Pauline would never let me have her ass. For five years it was always no whenever I asked, but she wasn't saying shit to this guy that she'd only known for a night. But then, how did I know that? She might have been fucking guys behind my back for a long time now. In the room I heard, "That's it bitch, stick that ass up in the air and let me work a thumb in there." I heard a long, low moan and I had to leave before I went into that room and killed somebody.

I was a mess all fucking day. Wisely, I avoided all contact with my clients - the mood I was in anything could have happened. I spent half the day getting hard ons thinking about Pauline with a black cock in her mouth or sliding into her tight, white ass, an ass that she had never let me have. The other half of the day I was in a murderous rage because of what she had done. Curiously enough I had no animosity toward the black man she was fucking. Pauline was a sexy woman and men were hitting on her all the time. I'd always thought that Pauline had shrugged them off, but now I wasn't so sure.

By the end of the day I was too pissed to go home and face Pauline. The mood I was in might have lent itself to violence so I grabbed my boss and we headed for the titty bar. I had a couple of beers and watched the girls do their thing. When the redhead did her set I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She was just so absolutely fantastic. Given what Pauline had done to me the previous night I was kicking myself for not taking David up on his offer. Dave noticed the way I was staring at her and he laughed, "I can see the hunger all over your face. The offer is still good."

"I don't know Dave. I'd love to, but right now is just not a good time."

Twenty minutes later Dave got up to go to the bathroom and he must have talked to the redhead while he was in the back because she came over to me and gave me a lap dance. When she was done she sat down on my hard on, squirmed on it, and said, "I'm Tiffany and I get off at two. Meet me at Denny's" and then she got up to do her next set. I had one more beer and feeling a little calmer I headed on home.

I opened the door to blaring rap music. I walked over to the stereo, shut it off and then I headed for the kitchen where I found Pauline and her black man sitting at the table drinking beer. I ignored them and got myself a beer from the refrigerator and as I was opening it the black guy said, "What you doing turning off my music?"

"I don't listen to that shit."

"What makes you think you have a say in what goes on around here anymore?"

"You saying I don't?"

"Well honky, I done took your bitch and made her my slut and now she is a whore for my black meat and I know how the law works in this state. She gonna get the house and you going to be out on your ass so why don't you just leave now so she can get back to sucking my big, hard black cock."

Pauline's face had turned white when he started talking and I didn't know whether it was because she wasn't in agreement with him or because she suspected what was going to happen next.

"Get your stupid nigger ass out of that chair and get out of my house before I hurt you."

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