Only Once

by R

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: A guy at a new job meet the female UPS driver and they discover that they both enjoy the art of flirting. He's married but she's not and neither one has ever crossed that line before. Their flirting starts out innocenty enough but the driver is atracted enough to him that she takes thing to the next level.

It was my first day at work and I spent the morning getting familiar with my duties. Mostly I was in charge of ordering parts and doing invoices. It was just after twelve and everybody else had gone to lunch leaving me alone. I heard a truck pull up and when I glanced out the window I could see it was the UPS delivery van. When the front doors of the shop opened I looked up expecting to see a guy but to my surprise it was a woman with a big stack of boxes in her arms. Being the gentleman that I am I got up and offered her a hand. "I got it", she said in a very friendly voice, then put her load down by my desk.

She wasn't bad looking and even in that unflattering UPS uniform I could tell she had a very nice set of tits. I took a good look while she was busy filling out her paperwork and when I looked up she was staring me right in the eyes. I started to apologize but before I could say anything she smiled and said, "Hope you like what you see". I was too embarrassed to reply and just nodded. Ten she smiled and held out her hand. "My name is Charlene but everybody calls me Charlie", she said as I shook her hand. She had a very cute smile and beautiful steel blue eyes. "Nice meeting you", I replied. "I'd love to chat but I have a truck full of deliveries to make". "I'll see you tomorrow", she said over her shoulder as she headed for the door. I watched her cute little ass wiggle as she left.

We got deliveries every day and each time Charlie stopped by we talked and flirted. The flirting got hotter and hotter and pretty soon I started to wonder if she was just flirting with me or really giving me a "come on". I decided to find out so one Friday when she made her delivery I took things to the next level. There was nobody in the shop when she came in and she made a remark about us being alone. "What did you have in mind", I whispered. She didn't answer right away but a very mischievous smile crossed her pouty lips. Then she stepped closer to me and whispered in my ear, "What I have in mind isn't going to happen here". She took me totally by surprise with that and for a couple of seconds I just stood there with a dumb look on my face.

Before I could say a word she winked and strolled out of the shop swaying her ass seductively as she did. I stood there dumbfounded for at least a minute before I snapped out of it. I went back to my desk and got busy to get what had happened out of my mind. I handled a few calls and placed some orders. Then the phone rang and when I picked it up a soft, sexy female voice said, "Are you busy sexy". At first I figured it was a prank call and replied, "No, why don't you come over and get me busy". What she said next made me realize who it was. "Do you like women in uniform", she asked? Now I knew it was Charlie. "What are you trying to do, get me fired", I said jokingly. She laughed then set me back a little with what she said next. "I'm going to be alone tonight and wouldn't mind some company". "Would you like to come over"? I didn't answer right away so she repeated the invitation. I had to think about this a little. I wasn't in the habit of fooling around but there was something about Charlie that was pulling me over the line. "Sure", I finally said in a slightly shaky voice. She quickly told me where she lived and added that I shouldn't come before 9:00. Then she hung up and I sat there staring at the phone.

I headed home after work and could already feel the guilt creeping in. Although I flirted freely with any woman who would flirt back I never crossed the line. Now my bluff had been called and it happened so fast that I didn't have time to get out of it. After dinner I said I was getting together with a couple of the guys and took off on my Hog. It was only 8:00 so I just rode around aimlessly for an hour. I put a call in to a couple of the guys so they could cover for me before I got to Charlie's house.

Charlie lived in a very rural area where the houses are pretty far apart. I finally found her place and pulled into the long driveway. Before I could shut the bike the garage door opened and Charlie was standing there waving me in. I pulled in and killed the engine. She walked around the bike and looked it over with a big smile of approval on her face. Up until now I had only seen her in her unflattering work uniform but tonight she was looking very hot. She had on a short, tight, denim skirt and sort of sheer white button down blouse. When I finally managed to tear my eyes away fro her body and look at her face she was staring into my eyes. "I guess you like what you see", she said seductively. I smiled back and got off my bike.

As I stood up I became aware that between the way Charlie was dressed and the smell of her perfume my cock had started to stiffen. Charlie gave me a slow look up and down pausing at the bulge in my pants. "Oh yes", she half whispered. "It looks like you really like what you see". I'd been around quite a few hot women in my life but whatever it was about Charlie put me very off guard and I felt like a dumb teenager around her. She must have noticed it too and she started laughing softly. "Why don't we go inside and have a drink or something", she said as she took my hand and walked me to the stairs leading to a door at the back of the garage. She walked up the stairs ahead of me and I managed to get a good look up her skirt as she did. My eyes worked their way up her legs and because of the steep angle of the stairs I had a pretty good view all the way up her skirt. My eyes nearly popped out of my head when they finally got to her ass. It was too dark to tell if she was wearing a thong or nothing at all under that skirt. It really didn't matter which because the sight of those smooth, round cheeks brought my cock to full attention.

As Charlie opened the door to the house she paused before walking in and gave me a quick look over her shoulder. "Enjoying the view", she said with a laugh. "Very much", I shot right back at her. Once we were inside she led me to the living room and asked if I wanted a beer. "Only if you're having one with me", I told her. Then she strolled out of the and left me sitting there alone. While Charlie was gone I tried to adjust my now throbbing cock so it wasn't so obvious. I just sat back down on the couch when she strolled back in with two long neck bottles of Bud.

I took a long pull on my beer while Charlie put on some music. "Would you like to smoke some weed", she asked with a mischievous grin. "Absolutely", I agreed. She sat down next to me and opened a little wooden box on the table in front of us. There were several neatly rolled joints inside and she took one out and fired it up. After a nice long hit she passed it to me. I took several good hits to help me settle down. We finished the first joint and she quickly lit up another. By the time we finished the second joint we had sucked down two more beers as well and we were both pretty fucked up.

As we sat there I became aware of Charlie's hand gently stroking my leg. A little at a time she moved it higher and higher until her fingers reached the head of my swollen cock. I looked at her and she smiled. "Do you mind", she asked in a very soft voice. "Not at all", I replied. Then I remembered the little bag of blow I had in my pocket. "Would you like to do a couple of lines", I asked. She looked at me with a blank expression. "I don't really party much", she said. "I get crazy when I do and sometimes I sort of loose control". "Maybe later, ok". Then she leaned over and kissed me softly on the lips. I gave her one back and as I started to pull away she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me back. Her lips parted and she slid her tongue into my mouth. We kissed passionately and I could feel her hand squeezing my cock through my jeans.

I slid my hand between her legs but before my fingers found her pussy she broke the kiss and stood up. She stood in front of me and looked into my eyes with a serious expression on her face. "I have a confession to make", she started. "I love to flirt and I know I'm the one who took our flirting to the next level, but I don't have sex very often". I didn't believe her and now I started getting the feeling that maybe she was just a tease and I was going to go home with a case of "blue balls". She must have read my mind. "I'm not a tease; I just don't want you to think that I'm a slut". "I haven't been with a guy for a long time and I've only been with two guys my whole life", she added. "I love flirting, especially with a guy who is as good at it as you are but there was something about you that I wasn't prepared for". As she spoke I studied her face and I could tell she was being sincere. I let my eyes fall slowly from her face down her body and again I was impressed by how good she looked for a woman her age.

Charlie had stopped talking and was just standing in front of me with her head bowed. And her eyes closed. I spoke to her softly. "I understand and I can respect the way you feel", I said. "I would never push you into anything you don't want to do". She opened her eyes and smiled. "Thank you for understanding", she whispered. I took her hands and gently pulled her towards me. Between the beer and the pot she lost her balance and fell onto my lap. Her skirt slid up and she was straddling me with her firm round ass planted on my hard cock.

Charlie looked surprised and she exhaled sharply as she felt my stiff dick press against her bottom. I thought she would get up but she just sat there and stared into my eyes. Very slowly she moved her face towards mine then kissed me softly on the lips. "I'm glad you understand", she said. "I don't know how far things will go but you have to let me be in control", she added. "As much as I want to just give in to what my body wants, my mind is fighting those feelings". I wanted to just throw her on her back and fuck her hard right there but I knew she was right and I had to respect her feelings.

She leaned forward and kissed me again, this time more passionately. I kissed her back and our tongues swirled and danced back and forth. At first she didn't move, and then I felt her ass start to grind into my crotch. I let my fingers glide over her breasts. Her nipples were hard and when I touched them her body shuddered. The more I rubbed them the harder she ground her ass against my crotch. All at once she broke the kiss and her body stiffened. "What's wrong", I asked. "I need to slow down a little", she said between breaths. "I need another beer", she said as she strolled out of the room.

When Charlie came back in she handed me a beer and sat down next to me. "I think I'd like to do a little of that blow now", she said with sly smile. I reached into my pocket, took out the bag, and dumped it out on the table in front of us. Her eyes went wide as she looked at the pile of blow. "I've never seen that much coke", she gasped. "How much is there"? "About an eight ball", I said. "What's an eight ball", she asked. "Are you kidding", I said surprised. "You really don't know"? She shook her head and reminded me that she wasn't very experienced when it came to drugs. "Well, an eight ball is three and a half grams", I said. "The larger the quantity you buy the less you have to pay". She nodded and smiled.

I took out a credit card and made a few lines then rolled up a dollar bill and handed it to her. "You go first", she said. I snorted up two lines then handed her the bill. I could tell by the way she snorted that she wasn't lying about her inexperience. We did a few more lines then she lit up another joint. When we finished it she sat back and closed her eyes. I knew she was pretty stoned by now because I was definitely getting "zoned". I decided to take a chance and I leaned over and kissed her gently. She responded by kissing me back and soon we were locked in a passionate embrace.

Once again she broke our embrace abruptly and leaned back. "I told you how I get when I do coke", she slurred. "I still need you to let me be in control though", she added. Then she gently laid her hand on my stiff cock and rubbed it slowly. "I told you I have only been with two guys", she started as her hand slid over my stiff dick. "From what I can tell you are much bigger than either one of them was". Then she really surprised me as she unzipped my fly and reached into my jeans. Her hand found my stiff dick and after fumbling around for a few seconds she managed to free it from my pants. She wrapped her hand around the thick shaft and started stroking it slowly.

Charlie seemed mesmerized as she stared at my cock. Her eyes were wide and her mouth was open. "I can't believe how big you are", she gasped. "I have another confession to make", she said as her hand glided up and down over my dick. "I've never given a guy a blow job". "I always though it was a slutty thing to do". "In fact I never let a guy go down on me before either because I thought it was dirty", she added. "I love going down on a woman", I said. "It's not dirty but it is very personal", I added. "Maybe you should try it; I think I could make you change your mind".

Her hand stopped moving on my cock and she looked deeply into my eyes. "Promise me you wont be disappointed if I do it wrong or if I don't like it", she asked in an innocent little voice. "You're in control", I replied. With that she again took my cock in her hand then slowly moved her face to my lap. I felt her warm lips pass over the swollen head and slid her mouth over it and down the shaft. Her mouth was warm and wet and I had to work hard to not blow my load right then. She could only take a little of me in her mouth at first but in no time at all she was sucking me better than any woman had before. "Am I doing it right", she asked as she came up for air. "You couldn't do it any better", I answered with a smile.

I was sitting back on the couch with Charlie on her knees in front of me giving me one of the best blowjobs I ever had. As I watched her I couldn't believe this was the first time she had ever done this. I finally couldn't hold back any longer but I didn't want to cum before I fucked her. I reached down and gently lifted her head up. "What's wrong", she asked. "Nothing at all", I answered. "I just thought it was time for me to return the favor". A slightly scared look came over her face and she started to protest. I put my finger over her lips, "I promise you I'll stop if you ask me to", I assured her. Then I gently helped her to her feet and changed places with her.

I knelt down in front of her and gently spread her legs open. She resisted at first but I kept telling her how good it would feel and that I would stop if she asked. Finally she relaxed and let her legs open wide. As I thought she wasn't wearing any panties and her pussy was totally shaved. Her lips glistened with moisture and I couldn't wait to taste her. Slowly I started kissing and licking my way up and down her thighs. When I looked up she had her eyes closed and her head back with a look of sheer pleasure on her face. I worked my way to her pussy and lightly ran the tip of my tongue along her lips to her clit, she sighed softly and her hips rose. Her pussy smelled like lilacs, but in a very natural way. I did it again and her sigh turned into a soft moan. Each time I licked her I let my tongue slip past her lips a little more. Each time her moans got a little louder and she ground her pussy against my face a little harder. Pretty soon I was teasing, licking, and sucking every inch of her pussy; especially her now very swollen clit. Her moans were almost screams and she was bucking her hips like a wild mare in heat.

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