One Morning

by EllieB

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Paranormal, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: He wakes up in her body, literally!

When I woke up, I knew that something was not quite right. I tried to remember last night. My best friend Al and I had spent the night wandering from bar to bar near Fisherman's Wharf on our first night after getting to San Francisco. Al and I are both 35, and were here for a conference that was going to be more vacation than work, and we had decided to see some of the more exotic nightlife in town. I knew I had drunk too much, but I didn't feel at all like I had a hangover. I scanned the room without getting out of bed. Maybe that was it. It looked like I was in the wrong room. This wasn't the hotel room that Al and I were sharing. It looked like the same wallpaper and décor, but it definitely wasn't the same room.

Had I wandered into the wrong room by mistake in a drunken haze and passed out? That was a definite possibility. I tried to replay the events of last night, especially the end.

I remembered Al and I had stumbled into an interesting little club that had some of the most exotic looking women in the place that I had ever seen. One of the most unusual women in the place was the barmaid, who was dressed in a Gypsy costume. We had ordered drinks and were hitting on a couple of gorgeous babes at the bar. Al and I were both single, and were more than a little interested in the young women we had run into.

As it turned out, these two young ladies were here for the same conference that Al and I were here for, and were staying at the same hotel as us. The more gorgeous of the two was a lush blonde with a great figure named Belinda. The brunette, named Ann, was as stunning to look at as Belinda, but had small pert breasts, and a more boyish figure. Ann seemed quite taken with Al. Belinda was a bubbly, bright young woman with a rye sense of humor. We had talked about the conference, and the sights we had seen in San Francisco, and had gotten along remarkably well. (I thought)

"Hmmm." I thought to myself as I lay there trying to sort things out, "Had I gone back to Belinda's room with her? If so, where was she? I tried to reconstruct the last hour at the bar. Even after flirting all night, I didn't remember getting any clear signals that Belinda would invite me back to her room. I vaguely remembered telling Al while the two girls were in the lady's room:

"You know what would make her perfect Al? She would be perfect if she had a body like that and a dirty mind like mine!"

We had both laughed at that. The gypsy barmaid, who was standing there waiting to take our drink order, said, "You should be careful what you wish for." We ordered another round, and I had asked the short, dark barmaid for the most exotic drink she had for our last round. I remembered that much.

I decided to get out of bed and see if Belinda was here in the room somewhere. That's when I got the shock of my life. As I swung my legs out of bed, I realized that I was dressed in short, satin pajamas, and that my feet looked altogether too small.

I sat on the edge of the bed and looked down at my legs. They were not my legs at all, but beautiful female legs!

I freaked!

I stood up and looked in the mirror. I was staring at Belinda in the mirror! Oh My God! I was looking out through those beautiful blue eyes of Belinda's like I was looking through a window. I looked down, and out of sheer disbelief, raised my hands to the luscious breasts under the satin top. I cupped them in my hands, and realized that they were mine. I unbuttoned the top and pulled it off. I stared at the beautiful rounded mounds on my chest. Here were some of the most luscious tits in the world. There was not a bit of a sag or droop. They were firm and the nipples pointed up just a bit. I reached up and tugged gently on the nipples, causing them to harden, and incidentally, sending little shocks to my brain. It felt good, actually. Sensuous! It seemed natural to play with them, so I did for just a bit. Warm and soft to the touch, these two perfect breasts were exquisitely sensitive and seemed hot-wired to my crotch. It felt like my cock should have leapt to attention, but it hadn't.

My hands roamed lower, to the satin shorts of the pajama bottoms, only to find smooth, silky satin from my belly button to between my legs. I pulled down the short satin pajama bottoms and gazed at my crotch. Gone was my dick and balls! In their place was a neatly trimmed pussy, framed with soft blonde pubic hair. I stared for what must have been minutes. Then, just to satisfy myself that I wasn't seeing things, I felt that gorgeous pussy with my hands. It felt wonderfully real to my hands. There were all the right folds and ridges and things, and I explored it with my fingers from the top of the downy slit down to where it disappeared between those gorgeous legs. I stared at the sight of myself in the mirror. I was looking at one of the most beautiful females I had ever seen, and apparently I was inside that beautiful body, looking out.

I stood there, dumbfounded, trying to figure out what had happened. Holy shit! Now what?

My mind raced as I tried to remember every dumb science fiction movie or story I had read about people switching bodies, transmutation, evil spells, or people being reincarnated as something else, like a shaggy dog, for instance. But this was not the body of a shaggy dog, and I decided to inspect it a little closer.

I kicked off the satin pajama bottoms that were down around my ankles and walked into the bathroom. I noticed myself in the bathroom mirror as I walked in, and noted that I was walking with the poise and natural sway of a beautiful model, without thinking about it at all. It just came so naturally. I found a hand mirror on the countertop by the sink and after putting the lid down on the toilet, I sat down and spread those wonderfully smooth legs. Holding the mirror in one hand, I spread the pouting lips and inspected every detail. As I gently probed at my slit, I realized that I was becoming aroused and the little nubbin at the top of the slit was becoming more sensitive and starting to protrude from the folds. As the middle finger of my right hand found the vaginal opening, I discovered that it had started to become wet and slippery in there, and I could slide my finger inside, up to the second knuckle with no effort at all. Oooh! That felt nice! I happened to glance at my reflection in the mirror over the sink, and I blushed. On an impulse, I put my finger to my nose and sniffed. Then I put the finger in my mouth to taste the sweet nectar. Not only was that the most genuine tasting pussy I had ever dreamed about, but the fingers were long and slender, with beautifully manicured nails.

I decided a shower would be a good idea. On the sink was a large collection of cosmetics and stuff that I would expect Belinda to have on hand. I found her body wash, and climbed into the shower and took great delight in lathering up every wonderfully smooth, curvy part of my body, and washing my long blonde hair. I paid special attention soaping up my rounded breasts, and teased the nipples to hardness again. This was so much fun. I wondered if Belinda had as much fun in the shower all the time.

If this was a dream, it was the most interestingly detailed one I had ever had. If it was a dream, I would probably wake up soon, and everything would be normal. On the other hand, this all seemed too real to be a dream. If it wasn't a dream, there were a bunch of questions that I would have to find the answers to pretty soon.

Stepping out of the shower, I dried myself off and finding a toothbrush, brushed my teeth. I admired the pearly white smile. What perfect teeth! What a lovely face! I found a hair dryer and dried the long blonde hair, doing my best to style it like Belinda had the night before.

Walking back into the hotel room, I decided to check out the contents of the dresser drawers for something to wear. In the top drawer, I found a treasure trove of lacey, silky underwear. A little thrill went through me. Back when I was a young teenager, I would try on my older sister's underwear. I remembered the wonderful feel of the nylon panties against my skin. Many a time I had masturbated by sliding the smooth fabric up and down my cock. Now and then, I had dressed up in her bra and panties, and being about the same size, even her cheerleader's outfit. I had used water balloons to fill the cups of the bra, finding that the liquid-filled cups moved more realistically that merely stuffing sweat socks in them.

I pulled a white lace teddy from the drawer, and held it up. I could feel myself getting aroused again. Pulling it on, I snapped the little snaps at the crotch, and tugged everything into place. It was beautiful! I stood in front of the mirror and ran my hands up and down the lacey outfit. It fit perfectly, and I posed for myself in sexy poses. I almost wished I had a camera. I went back to the drawer and found another outfit. The next one was a red bustier with garters attached, and matching silk panties and stockings. Hot!

I struggled into the bustier, noting that the low cut cups of the bra pushed my breasts up and out so the nipples just showed above the cups. After smoothing the stockings on and fastening the garters, I realized that the panties should have gone on first. When I pulled them on, I realized with delight that the crotch of the panties was split, and would part to either side, to allow easy access to the treasures within! I posed for myself in front of the mirror, and turned this way and that. I slipped a finger into the flap at the crotch of the panties and found my clit. With both hands, I parted the silk of the panties, along with the lips of my cunt to expose my clit, and posed lewdly for myself. I could feel how wet I was getting.

Going back to the drawer, I looked in the drawer to see what other outfits Belinda had brought along. There, under all of the underwear, I found a dildo! It was made from pliable gel stuff, with all the detail of a real cock. I found that if I lay back on the bed with my head propped up on the pillows, I could see myself in the mirror. I removed the panties, not wanting to mess them up, (but mostly for a better view). Lying on the bed, I watched myself as I lewdly parted the lips of that exquisite blonde pussy and exposed the glistening opening. I pressed the head of the dildo slowly into to the tight opening, and watched with fascination as it slid gently in, millimeter at a time. The feeling was wonderful, as the dildo stretched the walls of my cunt and filled it up. I pulled it out, and pushed it back in, reveling in the feeling. The sight of the dildo disappearing into my pussy was electrifying. As I worked the dildo in and out of my pussy with one hand, I used the other to alternately pinch my very erect nipples, and manipulate my sensitive clit. I was soon panting as I neared climax. With a rush, I felt the walls of my vagina clenching and pulsing as I went over the edge of a mind-blowing orgasm. I came and I came and I came, in a series of twitching, shuddering orgasms that eventually subsided, leaving me exhausted. God, was that great!

As I lay there recovering, I wondered if that's what it would feel like to have a real cock in me. At first it struck me as sort of odd to have that thought, but then I realized, that when I brought a mental picture of a penis and balls to mind, I had pleasurable feelings that I didn't normally have. The thought of a handsome, virile male, sliding a huge erect cock into me suddenly sounded very appealing. I couldn't figure that one out. True, it would be only natural for a beautiful young blonde female to enjoy that, but the sight and the feel of this very female body still fascinated me too, and I enjoyed all the lewd thoughts I ever had. Hmmm. Would I enjoy giving blow jobs? When I considered the idea, that too seemed only natural.

I guessed there would be one way to find out for sure. Then it occurred to me that I might find the answer to several questions. I picked up the phone and dialed room 2423, the room Al and I were staying in.

"Hello?" The voice at the other end answered. It was my voice. Or more correctly, my previous voice.

"Dick? Hi, it's Belinda. How are you feeling this morning?" I asked.

I figured that if Belinda and I had somehow switched bodies, she would be interested in hearing from me.

"Belinda! Nice of you to call! I'm feeling pretty good, considering how much we drank last night. How about yourself?"

Dick's voice sounded just like mine. And normal. I could almost predict what he (I?) would say next.

"I'm fine, other than a slight hangover." I said. (What a whopper that was!)

"How about some breakfast?" Dick asked.

"That sounds great." I replied honestly, now that I though about it.

"Are you ready to go now?" Dick asked.

I looked at myself on the bed in the mirror. The dildo was still lodged in my pussy, and the red outfit, although attractive, was probably not quite the thing to wear to breakfast.

"No, I just got up, and haven't quite put myself together yet." I responded.

"Why don't you just stop by our room when you're ready to go? Dick said.

"That sounds like a plan." I said.

I got up, and put the dildo away and neatly folded and replaced all the sexy stuff I had tried on. I guess I decided that if the real Belinda should show up suddenly for some reason, I should at least hide the fact that I was getting into her stuff.

After digging around in one of the other drawers, I pulled on a pair of jeans, and found a top that looked appropriate for breakfast. I realized that if this was a dream or not, I was hungry, and wanted some breakfast. After getting dressed and admiring myself in the mirror, I decided I would have to put on a little makeup before going out. Being an amateur graphic artist, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. After I brushed my hair and did what I could with the makeup, I checked myself in the mirror. With a body and face this gorgeous, it was hard to go wrong. Even in the simple outfit I was wearing, I felt hot. This was amazing.

As I stepped out of my hotel room, (or Belinda's hotel room), I felt like I was in a costume, and that at any second, someone would see through the disguise, and know I was a man in a woman's body. I tried not to act nervous.

When I reached room 2423, I could hear noises inside. I hesitated before knocking on the door. I still couldn't figure out what was going on, and I didn't have much of a plan.

Suddenly, Al poked his head out of the door to pick up the paper on the floor as I was about to knock.

"Well, hello Belinda!" He said. "Where's Ann this morning?"

"She's sleeping in this morning, I think." I said, not knowing what else to say. Are you guys ready for breakfast?"

"I'm ready, but I don't know about Dick." Al said, as his eyes devoured my curves through my clothes. He couldn't take his eyes off me. I noticed him looking at my tits. Involuntarily, I blushed, and I suspected my nipples were standing up through the bra and top. When Al turned away for a second, I checked, and they were.

"C'mon in for a second," Al said, motioning me inside the room. I walked in, not knowing what to expect when I met my male self.

I guess I expected to find my male self inhabited by the mind of Belinda, and as confused about what was going on as I was. That scenario seemed to have a certain symmetry to it, but I wasn't sure how I'd find out whether that was true or not.

As I entered the room, Dick (me) looked up from tying his shoes and said,

"Belinda! How are you?"

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