Crème Les Femme

by Emerald Enchantress

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, First, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: I have always wanted to be with a woman...

I had the chance to taste a woman once but other then that I have never had an experience with a female. That doesn't mean that I haven't genuinely thought about it. I have a recurring fantasy that I would like to share with you. Something that who knows might occur one day.

My fantasy begins with me stretching my naked limbs beneath my blankets. The soft mink of the quilt teases my already tormented frame. Even in sleep, tightening my nipples teasing me slightly awake. Frustrated, I roll over. I meet the warmness of the figure beside me.

My best friend and I had tied one on the night before, and there was no way I could let her drive home drunk. Hammered and hot, we didn't even think about it. We just stripped, crawled into bed and passed out. Now, in my sleep I found myself pressing closer to the naked warmth in bed beside me. My breasts nearly flattened against the silky soft back facing me.

Even in my sleep I clearly felt her pressing back towards me. My arm successfully finds its way around my bedmate to rest against her soft stomach and I nestled deeper. She didn't make any moves to shrug my arm off. Instead, she laced her fingers in mine ever so slightly. If I hadn't been paying attention I might have missed it. She pulls back quickly — as if ashamed of the intimate acceptance.

Patiently, I wait a few seconds — listening to her struggle to hide her quickening breathes. She keeps pretending to slumber so I do the same. While I feign sleep, I let my fingers discover her body. Lightly resting my fingertips on her side. I feel her tremble lightly as I trail them along her side. Running them along her waist, down her hip then tracing her thigh. The shaking continues as I ran them along the curve of her waist. My return trip takes my fingertips along the soft insides of her thighs. I revel in the softness of her skin. I have to fight the urge to apply more pressure. Instead, I keep my touch feather light.

As my fingers go higher along her thighs, I feel her tense slightly, as I near her quivering center. Intent on teasing her, I changed directions and retraced the curve of her thigh, back up to her side until I reached the underside of her ample breast. I can feel the soft skin brushing against my knuckles, so near. I had never touched a breast before, other then my own and the need was suddenly unbearable.

Ever so lightly lace my fingers around her breast. Gently cupping its weight and feeling the heat seep into my hand. The skin was so delicate and supple. The globe sits moderately heavy in my fingers. It was then that I noticed my friend hadn't stopped me. Instead, she straightened her arms, giving me greater access to her charms.

I press my breasts into her back harder, lightly grinding my body against her. Letting her know that I was no longer sleeping, she rubbed her ass up against my thighs in response. My tongue finds her shoulder, and I begin to taste a trail down her spine while still teasing her breast.

I feel renewed and adventurous. My thumb seeks its reward, and successfully finds her nipple, hard and aching. My finger's lace themselves around the hard nub. It hardens even further while I gently roll it between them.

With a low moan, she turns in my arms. I look up from where I am still caressing her shoulder blade with my tongue. I catch her sexy smile and I lean over. Our lips initially meet halfway. In a delicate sweet kiss that is only shared between first time lovers. We were suddenly a pair of eager explorers waiting to see what lay ahead.

Then the hunger took over.

Leaving my friend's gorgeous globe, my hand rises to caress her delicate chin. Our moist tongues danced together, stirring up further heat. Our breath mingles as our tongues taste each other's lips hungrily. Her hand grasps my hair as our kiss threatens to burn out of control. Until frantically she finally pulls away to catch her breath.

"Holy shit," her whisper was barely audible amid her gasping for control. "I can believe we are doing this."

"You want to stop?" I ask. More then prepared for her withdrawal. The disappointment I felt was surprising.

She paused for a second, but instead of answering me, she picked up my hand and placed it back on her heaving breast. Her dark nipples stared back at me, aching to be touched. Knowing how sensitive mine were, I was sure that hers would be a delight. Cupping each mound, I gently massage their mass. My finger's glaze each nipple lightly. She leans back with a sigh.

Her nipples begged me for a kiss. I kept my eyes on my girlfriend's face as she watched me lower my lips to her breasts. I took my time, first lightly blowing each aching tip tormenting them further. Before cupping them aggressively, and lowering my mouth. Her back arches as I taste her nipple for the first time.

"Gawd, you taste as good as I imagined," I marvel, before giving it a slow flick with my tongue. Running my tongue along her skin then lightly licking the brown button. Finally, I drew it slowing into my mouth before suckling gently on the tip.

"Oh my gawd, that feels so intense — I can't believe you are doing that to me — don't stop," she cried. Her fingers laced through my hair, begging me to nibble further. Each bosom fit into my hand as I turned my attention to the other mound. My fingers teased the aching nib my lips had just abandoned.

Fondling her globes, I realized I could spend hours worshipping her beautiful breasts. I could feel my own moisture pooling between my thighs, as I continued to caress her body with my tongue. My imagination had not prepared me for how turned on I'd be once a woman was finally in my bed.

Compelled by the urge to see if I was having the same reaction on her, I remove my hand from her breast. Lightly trailing my fingers along her stomach, feeling her quiver at my touch. She parted her thighs as I neared her essence, making it easy for me to finally cup her core. A thin strip of down pointed the way to her moist heat. I was stunned when my hand encountered her drenched pussy. If I'd been standing I would have buckled and fallen. I was so turned on.

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