Dance Hall Hookup

by Emerald Enchantress

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: One night, I agreed to meet someone at the bar and this is what happened.

A light tapping on my shoulder distracted me from reaching for my beer. Spinning on my heel, I stopped instantly. My bewildered eyes connected with sapphire blue, topped by the longest lashes, my gaze traced his face to the trails of blonde locks framing his square jaw. His dimples deepened with his grin.

His towering continence made me suddenly feel feminine and tiny. Total erotic submission at his hands oddly appealed to me. His thick muscles bulged as he reached for my beer.

"Let me help you with that," he palmed my drink, before I could respond. Smiling, I turned away trying to squelch the soft tingling between my thighs. Suddenly warm, I subconsciously fanned myself.

"You okay?" He asked.

Nodding a quick yes, I pushed way from the bar, and started walking across the room. He was followed me closely as I searched for a more secluded area. From our vantage we could see everyone in the room, and clearly watch the dancers.

"Care to dance?" My hand was in his before I could reply as he dragged me forward. With a burst of giggling I stumbled onto the floor after him. In a commanding motion he pulled me into his arms, holding me close for a few moments.

Then slowly he began guiding me across the floor. His right palm firmly planted in the small of my back, held me firmly against his body.

Swaying slowly in his arms, I inhaled deeply of his scent; an intoxicating mixture of sweat, aftershave and a hint of cigarette tobacco. He smelled delicious to me and each whiff teased my senses.

Awareness soon settled on a new sensation. Pressed flush against his strong torso, awareness settled even further. I could picture this man, doing all sorts of things to me, and my loving every moment.

Moving in unison, I was blatantly aware of what he was doing to me, by being so close, and I need to escape. When the dance was over, I headed outside for a cigarette. He followed.

Once outside, we headed around the corner. When I leaned against the wall, that was when he zoned in. Taking me into his arms, his breath teased the base of my neck, making me shiver. Encouraged, the tip of his tongue soon replaced his heated breath.

My long brunette hair draped over his arm, teasing him, and he buried his face in the tresses and inhaled deeply. Hearing him inhale the scent from my skin stirred a slight burning in my deepest recesses. My face burned with a sudden flash of arousal.

"You like this?" His deep voice against the lobe of my ear tore through my heated thoughts. I felt a light nip at the base of my throat. It was then that my world tilted, and I started to fall but I was caught before I draped to far. Using his body to balance me, my soon to be lover pressed me against the wall. The granite was still warm from the daylight sun. Leaning into me, his hands freely roamed my body.

We stood pressed together for a few moments, until my quacking reached a higher level. My legs quaked as he feverishly grope my breasts, his calloused hands lifted them high — testing their weight. A hard squeeze followed with a nip. I yelped in surprise and nearly loose control on the spot. Distracted, I failed to realize he had raised my skirt.

His hands planted on my waist, he gently forced my thighs apart with his knee.

With my legs parted legs, his finger zoned in quickly to the point of his search.

"My, are you ever soaked," he marveled as his finger slipped past my drenched pussy lips. The moisture eased his probing fingers considerably. My legs started to buckle when his finger found its mark with almost no effort.

I moan softly. Encouraged he pressed his probing digit deeper, using my wetness to roll his fingertips against secret entrance deep inside.

"You want me baby, don't you?"

I forced my eyes open to meet his intent gaze. My throat had suddenly forgot how to work. His finger is still working their magic inside, and concentrating is nearly impossible. An answer is impossible. Afraid to admit the truth with words, I answered the only way I knew. My hands were soon unzipping his zipper and his pants were halfway down his ass before he registered my naughty intent.

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