Hot Tub Surprise

by Emerald Enchantress

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, First, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: One night, I had a surprise in mind for my boyfriend - and my best friend helped ;)

My heart was racing. I couldn't believe that I was hiding in my lover's bushes spying on him. I could barely balance on my heels as I crouched in the bushes. I knew that my sexy lover and neighbor Adrian was just on the other side, but he couldn't know that I was watching him. Tonight I had a huge surprise for him and I could hardly contain myself.

Unaware of his audience, my gorgeous lover slowly undressed. I watched as he tossed his clothes aside, admiring his tight butt. When he started to strut in the mirror, I had to stifle a giggle. Especially when he flexed his sinewy arms in front of the mirror before heading out towards the backyard. Perfect, he was playing straight into my hands.

A slight breeze through the open window teased his tanned flesh. Noticing his hardened nipples, I swallowed. My eyes greedily caressed every inch of his exposed torso before pausing. Shamelessly I admired his flaccid manhood. A familiar tingle started deep within me, while I gaped at his glorious nakedness.

I never noticed he was leaving the room until the room plunged into darkness. Catching the slam of the back door, I nearly fell into the bushes. I pressed against the wall and inched my way around the back to the edge of the deck. In the darkness I watched as he started up a fire in the outdoor pit, before heading to the nearby hot tub.

Watching, my heart raced — it was almost time for my surprise. He was just starting to light the outdoor lamps when I turned back towards my house. Returning a short time later, with my surprise in tow, I hurried back to the darkened backyard. As I approached I could ear the soft sounds of music spilling into the night.

I could barely make out the music over the songs words - "Lay your hands on me... lay your hands on me... lay your hands on me..." I giggled, noting the subliminal message in the song. Undaunted I continued sneaking up to the tub. Thankfully he was under the surface when I finally reached the side of the steaming hot tub.

Coming to the surface, he instantaneously realized he was no longer alone. He looked up. Taking in first, the black fishnet stockings, topped with silky lace. Then he turned his head slightly, to catch a glimpse of darkness between my legs. My coat was just long enough to tease.

"I was wondering if you would show up." Adrian stated as he sat up higher. His eyes continued to roam. My ample breasts heaved with each rasping breath. Anticipating what I had planned was turning me on, especially since he had no clue what to expect.

His eyes followed as I walked over to the edge of the tub. My jacket opened as I moved to sit on the edge. My breasts were exposed to his eyes and the night air hardened them further. His eyes darkened and I could tell that he was fighting the urge to grab me and pull me into the tub.

I flushed as a tingling sensation took over my loins. I fought the urge to clench my buns and give into the sensation. His hungry gaze over my body made me even hotter. He had never been looked me over like that before. His eyes scorched my skin.

Bravely, I let my jacket hit the floor, while he watched. His gaze dropped to my breasts. I forced myself to stand still while he stared, before finally cupping each globe in my own hands and giving them a firm squeeze. His eyes narrowed in the semi-darkness.

"Are you going to join me? Or stand there and tease me?" His voice startled me back, when a barely disguised quiver escaped. Feeling sexy, I stood and faced him, lifting a leg and perched it on the end of the tub, slowly lowering the fishnets one leg at a time, before tossing the stockings aside. His eyes never wavered as he watched. The garter came next. Finally I stood before him in all my naked glory.

"Get in here — now," he suggested, patting the seat beside him.

I stepped into the tub, but instead of sitting alongside, he pulled me into his lap. Above the waters surface I could not tell how aroused he was until that moment. His aching shaft pressed against me, and I pushed back. Straddling his lap, the softness of my body was pressed against his thighs. Instinctively, I rolled my hips in slow lazy circles, teasing him with my body. I watched him intently as I teased him with my movements.

Sensing how turned on he was, I grabbed his hair, watching his eyes as I forced him to finally kiss me. My tongue ravished his mouth. With a new hunger, our tongues danced like witches beneath a full moon. I could almost see the steam rising off our heated bodies.

A sudden knock at the fence alerts us to company, forcing us apart. Our lips parted with regret.

"Do you mind?" I ask him. I want to make sure that he liked my surprise.

"Go ahead — are you expecting someone?" His curiosity is peeked.

"Come up," I call over my shoulder. I couldn't stop watching him as my friend Gail joined us on his deck. She is as blonde as I am brunette. While I am, she is trim and slender. My breasts fill two hands, hers fill one. But she is so sweet.

"What's this?" He asked, with a smirk.

"I have something for you baby — I just want you to enjoy."

By this time, "Living in a Prayer" was playing and I was feeling extra sexy. I cupped each of my breasts in my hands and give them a big squeeze. I couldn't help wonder what Gail's felt like. I had often wondered but had yet to find out. I didn't have to wait for long.

Gail stepped into the tub and moved towards me. Without hesitation she leaned over and kissed me square on the mouth. I tasted peppermint on her tongue. Beside me, I hear as soft groan as he watches.

My girlfriend in encouraged. Feeling her breasts pressed into my back, I lean back, giving her greater access to my charms. Soon her fingers are caressing my hard, aching rosebuds. I enjoyed each tender touch as he watched. His eyes were dropped and he looked so turned on, encouraging me further. I'm almost panting, feeling blissfully aroused both from Gail's touch, and his watching.

A sharp pinch on my nipple brings my attention back to Gail, before she kissed me again. This time, both my breasts are in her hands. She grabs them, tightening her grasp each time, almost painfully. Having another woman touch me this way was such a turn on. I had fantasized about it, but never acted it out. But I can feel how wet I am getting.

Wanting more, I turned around to face Gail. She was now kneeling in front of me, on the bottom of the tub. Our lips brushed lightly at first. Tasting and teasing. As the kiss deepened, it was my turn to reach out and touch her. Her breasts felt glorious in my fingers. A light nip on my bottom lip encouraged me further. My fingers spread to her nipples, rubbing the hard little nubs gently.

Soon our hands are lost in exploration. Caressing each other's bodies, inch by inch. Reaching around her, I grab her buns. Lightly caressing her cheeks, I reach between her thighs. I feel a trick of sticky moistness. Good, she is just as turned on as I. She returns the intimacy. I don't realize how turned on I was until I felt her fingers probing between my thighs. Parting them slightly, to allow her access, I melt when she touches my soaked center. My pussy quivered as she parted my lower lips, connecting with my piercing.

Engrossed in the moment, I leaned back against the tub and peeked over at Adrian. He had moved to the other side of the Jacuzzi to give us more room, where he could watch without interfering. While he watched, he slowly stroked his rock hard shaft. Blushing, I watched as his hand caressed his aching dick, wishing I could wrap my lips around it and help him along.

By this time, I am sitting on the edge of the tub. The fountain is behind me and the water is separated by my butt instead of pouring into the tub. Gail's started kissing her way from my knees to the junction of my thighs. I feel myself get wetter, in anticipation her female touch on my skin.

I feel her tongue flick my button. My rosebud sticks out. Her giggles when she met my piercing. "My, that is sexy — that is so hot," she remarks, as she traced her tongue along the ring that runs through my hood.

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