Ridden Hard and Put Up Wet

by Emerald Enchantress

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, First, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: We chatted online, then decided to meet. Face to face, sparks flew leading to a wild, unexpected romp in a local hotel.

The first time we met was in a smoke filled lounge. Stefan and I had been chatting on messenger for several weeks. We'd tried to meet once, but a rash of small dramas on my end kept me from keeping our coffee date.

Now, face to face, I was stunned. My reaction was instant and surprising he was adorable and definitely interested in me. We chatted over a few drinks and a couple of dances later we snuck outside for a quick smoke.

Before I knew it, I was plastered against the wall. Taken aback, but not upset, I allowed him the liberty of pillaging my lips with his. The kiss was hot, and torrid. As our tongues danced, a surprising passion flared, and my knees started quaking. The sudden opening of the door forced us apart quickly.

My intense response to him terrified me, so I ended up bailing a while later.

The next day, he caught up with me online and was not happy with my behavior the night before. I felt bad for leaving him, and offered to buy him coffee to apologize. We agreed to meet in a couple of hours.

Once again, on contact, the sparks flew. Leaving the coffee shop after several hours of lively banter, I was once again plastered against something hard. This time, pinned between his body and the back of his truck. His kisses were hot and deep — stirring things deep between my loins. As his tongue ravished my lips, the fire of insanity ran through my veins.

"I got an idea," he hesitated, when he finally pulled away. "I want you and I want you now."

His hungry admission made me hesitate and ideas began to develop. Our cars were out, and we both had kids in our houses. The crazy thought of having him then and there seemed the most logical solution. But he had other ideas.

"Get in your car and follow me." His kiss was beginning to scorch my lips. I was suddenly hungry to taste more of him. Reason was flying the coop, and quickly. I nodded as I pulled away and jumped into my car.

Following him I chucked to myself, surprised at my sense of adventure. We did not travel far, just down the road to the nearest hotel. The place wasn't the greatest, but I did not care. Our hands were all over each other as we quickly checked in. We nearly raced up the staircase to our rented room.

I was barely through the door when I was pressed firmly against the wall. His lips found mine in a desperate need. I found myself melting into his waiting arms, as his mouth pillaged my face, then down my neck and throat. A deep moan escaped me as his hands bared my shoulders, exposing my skin further. Shaking with need, I allowed him to taste my flesh. Instinctively, my hands found his hair as his lips blazed a trail across my chest, his fingers baring me further until my breasts sprung free of their silken traps. His hot tongue teased my aching nips, flicking them lightly before encasing them entirely within the scorching heat of his mouth. I would have collapsed if he hadn't been holding onto me so firmly.

Just when I couldn't stand his assault, he stood up. His mouth sought mine as his hands trailed my thighs, and I was suddenly hoisted into the air. Instinctively, I wrapped my legs around his waist as he carried me over to the bed. Instead of dropping me onto the mattress, I felt myself falling backwards pulling him along. His lips never left mine as he tore open my blouse to expose me further to his gaze and touch. It was quickly pulled over my head and tossed on the floor, with my silky black bra.

My breathe was coming in soft pants. My body was mush beneath his fingers, as he stirred things up within me. I basked in his caress as he tenderly traced my curves. His lips and tongue tormented me, making me burn for more. I let the moment sweep me away as he explored me.

The twin globes swelled with pleasure as he cupped them lightly, as he traced each inch of globe with his tongue until he finally settled on the rigid brown tips. I gasped as he drew the erect nub into his mouth, sucking gently, before moving on to the other. I found myself grasping his hair as he laved my breasts, begging him for more. Instead, he trailed his lips down my stomach to the top of my jeans and made short work of the zipper.

I started to get up to help him, instead he waved me off.

"This is for you, just lie back and enjoy," he whispered, as he lifted my hips and working my pants off. His firm grasp made me feel small in his large palms and I enjoyed that immensely. My tiny black thong quickly joined my pants on the floor. I started to pull my legs together, but he stopped me with his hands.

"I want to see and taste you," he said, as his fingers trailed along my legs. I couldn't stay the trembling that was shaking both the bed and I. I forced myself to relax as he continued his exploration. Touching me lightly with first his fingers, then his tongue, lapping his way around my drenched heat. My reaction was bewildering, my body betraying as I melted beneath his skilled touch. Higher and higher I soared as he worshipped my body, until finally I couldn't fight anymore.

I nearly screamed as I came, bucking hard and soaking his face as he licked my sweetness. As my trembling stilled, he brought his lips to mine and kissed me deeply. I could taste myself on him and it made me crazy. He didn't expect the sudden heave of my body as I flung myself upward; throwing him off balance so he landed on his back so I could straddle his hips.

He lie there in stunned surprise as I trailed my hair along his chest, while pinning his hands to the pillow. Dropping my lips to his flesh, I teased and tasted his skin, working my way from the top of his chest, tracing down to his navel. I could feel him tremble as I narrowly missed his nipples with my teasing tongue. I let go of his wrists so my fingers could join the play. His groans deepened while I rolled his nipples gently between my thumb and forefingers.

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