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by FamilyMan

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Drama Story: She wasn't really cheating. So why was it so hard to get back together? Note to the readers '" in order to understand this story, you'd better read first Just Plain Bob's "Rob's Choices". As usual, if I have any language errors please just forgive me as English is not my native language.


Note to the readers — in order to understand this story, you'd better read first Just Plain Bob's "Rob's Choices". As usual, if I have any language errors please just forgive me as English is not my native language.

So the ball was in my court. I've gotten entangled with 3 women, and 2 more were interested.

Maggie was my wife (soon to be ex) whom I've loved and I'd seen in a compromising situation with another man, and who has sworn that it was only a game of teasing. Alicia, the colored Nubian Princess whom I'd nearly proposed to until I caught her having sex with two men and she'd admitted to have been an uncontrollable slut. And then there was Debbie who only wanted a "friendship with benefits" while two other women — Joyce and Merrily — wanted the same.

Maggie had just proved to me by a lie detector test that she has been telling the truth all along, but the picture of hers with Tim kept flashing through my mind. Was it only my hurt ego that wanted the divorce? Damn, I was starting to believe her in spite of that scene with Tim. I had loved that woman for more than half of my life. Yes, I had seen her kissing Tim with his hands on her breasts. Yes, I had left her the same night and have never really listened to her afterwards. Was she really a slut or was it my ego, my pride and my jealousy playing it for more than it really had been?

All these thoughts were rushing through my mind while we were still sitting in the lawyer's office after the Polygraph test. I knew that I've longed for her. I knew that I still loved her. I had to make up my mind one way or the other, and I needed time to think about this — and not under pressure.

"I need time to think about this, Maggie. I need to decide whether I can still be with you without remembering the scene with Tim. I must find out whether we can have a future together. I can't decide all these things under pressure. I must have a few days to think about it, especially due to the fact that I've just been promoted to a job that will have me traveling about two weeks every month. Will I trust you when I'm gone or will my doubts stay with me until I go crazy? I'll let you know within two weeks. I hope you can live with it till then."

"I'll wait for you even forever if I know that we still have a chance for being together again. You know by now that I haven't been unfaithful and that I still love you very much and miss you terribly. My big mistake was that I took my flirting and my teasing lightly, and by God — I've learned my lesson the hard way. Yes, I'll wait as long as I have to, and as for your new position — well, if you take me back I'll have to learn and live with it, but knowing that you'll be back after every trip will keep me on my toes. I know just too well that it will take time, maybe a very long time, to rebuild the trust, but I'm willing to go with it step by step. If you take me back we may need counseling, but it should be worth it."

"Well, I hope my decision will be the right one, Maggie, because it must be a decision for a life time. Bye for now, Maggie. I'll let you know."

I left the room feeling like there was a heavy rock on my shoulder, and then informed my lawyer to put all actions on hold until I tell him what my decision is.

The first week went by and I was feeling worse every day. There wasn't a night that I didn't dream about the scene of Maggie with Tim — kissing, fondling each other and her with the raised leg rubbing her pussy on his leg. Then it got worse and the dreams became day dreams and I saw them even while being busy at work. The quality and output of my work started a down grade as the days went by.

The second week started and I wasn't feeling any better. Deciding was tough and I needed more opinions. So I did something that surprised even myself, not to mention the other people involved. I called Debbie, Alicia and Sam, and after warning all of them that they are in for a surprise I'm not sure they'd like — I invited them to dinner at a nice restaurant. The beginning was easy because all of them had known about my breakup with Maggie and the reasons behind it.

So, I laid down the whole story, repeating the scene I'd seen at Harry's, through the polygraph test and up to and including the meeting with Maggie and my thoughts and feelings after it.

"Right now the three of you are the best friends I have, and I'm in need," I said. "I need your opinions about what I just told you, and I need your thoughts and opinions about what I should do. These last two weeks were like hell to me, and I still can't make up my mind. So what do you think?"

There was a long quiet and they all seemed to be deep in thoughts. Alicia wiped off some unseen tears and kept sniffling. The first to speak was my friend Sam.

"Your torment just shows that you care for the woman and love her. After she went through the polygraph test which included your questions — what reason can you have to not go back to her? So she had taken her flirting and teasing too lightly — so what? That's all it was after all, and she's learned a very tough lesson. Go back to her and be happy, man".

"But she was one step away from cheating! What if the next time she's also be a bit tipsy? She'll do it again and not stop at what she's already done!"

Alicia started talking thoughtfully. "I know what a slut is first hand, and I'm telling you she's not a slut. Certainly not like I am. You two love each other, and I envy her for the way you love her. Go back to her, Rob. Go back and be happy. Maybe not from the start, it may take some time, but you'll be happy. I know it."

"But again, what if she starts her so called flirting again?"

"Rob, you know that I love you and that I curse every day what I am and the reason that I lost you. Seeing you tormenting yourself the way you do is killing me inside. You won't have me again and I know it, but stop this torment, get over it and go back to her."

"I'm the one to lose most," said Debbie. "I'll have to start looking again for a 'friend with benefits', but you love Maggie and no one else. Certainly not me. Seek counseling if this torment doesn't just fade away, but go back to her. You two need each other, and none of you will ever have a complete life without each other."

All the people that I considered best friends at the time said the same. They may have used different words, but it all came to the same conclusion — get back to her.

We finished dinner slowly. Sam was joking all the time, Alicia's eyes were roaming around non stop - checking out the males in the restaurant and Debbie was deep in thought, while holding my hand. I thanked them for their time and their advice, and went back to my apartment for some more thinking.

The next day I called Maggie.

"Maggie, its Rob. We need to talk. How about dinner tonight or tomorrow night?"

She sounded hesitant. "Is it to tell me that we are though or is it to discuss our future together?"

"Let's meet and talk, and I promise you that by the end of the evening there will be decisions."

"OK, whenever you want, Rob. I hope I'm not developing too high expectations though. I really want us to be together again."

"I'll pick you up at 7, Maggie. Is it all right?"

"Any time, Rob. Any time."

I picked her up at 7, held the car door open for her and let her in. No hugging, no kissing, no show of affection. It was evident that she'd lost a few pounds, and yet she looked as beautiful as ever. My heart was aching for her, and yet I couldn't bring myself to show any signs of affection.

"How are you doing, Maggie?"

"As well as can be. This means that I function like a robot or a zombie, but without you I'm just dead inside. And how are you, Rob?"

"Just about the same. But you should know that I had relationships with a few women during that time. Actually I nearly proposed to one of them."

I saw pain on her face, but she replied quietly: "I haven't been out of home except for work and shopping, but I understand that this was because you've made up your mind to end everything between us. Yes, I've heard rumors about your 'friends' and those rumors hurt me like hell, but I kept hoping that we'd get back together. The polygraph test was my biggest effort."

"I know it must have been tough. Is Tim still trying anything with you?"

"Tim called me just once and apologized profusely for what he had caused. I had to calm him down by saying that it was my own choice to let things go as far as they went, but still he continued apologizing for hurting us so much. He knows he has lost you as a friend and that hurts him a lot. You two used to be best friends, and he says he misses that friendship."

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