The Perfect Date

by Naughty Writer

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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A romantic tale, candlelight, limo's, no sex though (kidding!!)

Finally it was here, the night of the Perfect Date. I had been working behind the scenes for about two weeks trying to get things setup and the night of nights was finally here. It was a warm spring night, the sky was clear and the stars were shinning bright overhead. I couldn't imagine a more beautiful night if I tried.

Leaving my house to drive to yours, I could feel the anticipation building within me. I wanted this to be a special night for you, for us. One that we could both look back on in the years to come and smile with happiness and rekindle the feelings we shared on this night of nights. I wanted it to be one memory in a string of memories such that if you were to bring them all together and show them to someone, they'd say, wow, those two knew how to live. Those two knew how to eat at the table of life and partake of all its joys and pleasures.

I was dressed in my black tuxedo, cummerbund and all. Custom made shirt, French cuffs, cufflinks, and shiny shoes. I wanted to look my best for you. I walked to the Limousine I had rented for the night to take us on our tour of the city. Stepping up the car and the open door, I stepped in and sat down and away we went, the night was finally under way.

Driving along the roads, looking out the windows as the city streets passed by. Dreaming of how the night was going to go, all the little surprises I had in store for you. Finally we were there and again the door was opened, and I stepped out, flowers in hand. Thought I had forgotten those didn't you? No, I had them waiting in the car.

Walking up to the door you had put a note on the door telling me to come on in, that you had a few more things to do to get ready. I smiled in anticipation, opened the door and walked in. Looking around your house I saw a tastefully decorated place. Little things placed here and there, each telling a little story about you, who you are, where you had come from, what made you you.

I smiled secretly to myself at the thought of what the night will bring for us. I wait patiently at the bottom of the stairs, pacing a little, but content to wait. And when you make your appearance at the top of the stairs, the wait was well worth it. Looking up at you from below only serves to make it seem as if you are as tall as I. Your slim body, one knee bent as you stand there confidently. Your shoulder length red hair holding a face like an angel's in its tender grasp. Your brown eyes, so deep, so warm, looking at me as no one has ever looked at me before.

You're wearing a stylish black spaghetti strap backless evening dress, daring yet classy, sexy but not brazen, short but not to short. As you walk down the steps, smiling into my eyes, I can't help but admire the way your thigh muscles bunch and relax, the way the light plays off them. I love the way your hips sway back and forth and your breasts bounce jauntily and it's obvious that you aren't wearing a bra, and that you don't need one. I am also fortunate enough to catch a glimpse along your scrumptious thighs and my mouth begins to water.

You finish walking down the stairs, our eyes never having left the others and stand at the bottom and give a little twirl, "What do you think?" as you look up at me from downcast eyes, peeking at me from under your eyelids as you had the first time we met.

"You look stunning Gail, the belle of the ball." I say as I take a step closer and pull the bouquet of flowers from behind me, a dozen red roses, and give them to you. "I'd be most honored My Lady if you'd be so gracious as to be my date for the evening?" I ask as I take your hand in mine and bow over it, kissing the back gently.

"I had every intention of being so my gallant Sir," you reply impishly. "And I do hope your intentions are honorable?"

"Oh have no fear my Lady, I fully intend to honor every inch of you tonight."

Laughing gaily, "Oh I like the sound of that! Why go out at all, why not just go upstairs?" you ask as you turn and lift a foot onto the first stair.

"Oh no you don't!" I cry as I grab your waist and pull you against me. I lean forward and kiss your neck, smelling your heavenly perfume, my hands on your tummy, rubbing in circles.

"MmmM you smell delicious sweety, maybe we should just go upstairs," I add as I lick along your neck, sending a little shiver through both of us, teasing you.

"Oh no you don't!" You're not getting off that easy buster. You promised me a romantic date and I intend to hold you to your word." You say with some force as you turn around in my arms and see the devilish twinkle in my eye. "Oh you!" you add with a little thump to my shoulder, "you're so bad!"

"I know, and you love it so shush," I add as I lean forward and kiss you lightly, the first kiss of the night, one to be remembered on this night of nights. Then a little deeper, the mere feel of you against me igniting the fires of passion. I pull back a little and rest my forehead against yours and look into your eyes.

"Have I told you yet today how beautiful you are?" I ask as I kiss your eyes.

"No," you whisper.

"Have I told you how for me, the sun rises in your eyes?" I ask as I kiss your nose.

"No," you whisper again.

I pull you close into an embrace, the dream of my heart made real... just feeling you. I swallow and say, 'Come, let's get going, I've got a Limousine waiting out front."

"You what?" you say as you pull back excitedly.

"Shhhhhh, it's a secret, the authorities will hear." I add mischievously as I touch a finger to your lips. Reaching for your hand, I draw you to me and turn to the door and open it for you then lock it behind us. At the curb awaits a black stretch Limousine, the chauffeur waiting with an open door. Watching as your skirt rides up your thigh as you move to step into the car takes my breath away and sends a surge of passion through me.

I slide into the car beside you and sit next to you, pulling you against me and wrapping you in my arms. I rub my hand up and down you arm as I feel the length of your body pressed against mine, touching at shoulder, sides, hips and thighs.

"Where are we off to?" you ask.

I smile to myself, happy that the night has finally started. "Well, first we are off to a concert at the Kennedy Center, Yo Yo Mah is playing tonight and I thought some Cello music would be a good start."

With that you smile and lean your head against my shoulder, holding my arm with your hands. I lean my head against the top of yours as I let my other hand fall to your thigh and caress your knee. I can feel your smile against my shoulder as you feel my hand caressing you. You own hand falls to my thigh and rubs back and forth. I smile in turn as I kiss the top of your head.

It takes about 40 minutes to drive to Kennedy from your place and we make out in the back of the Limo the whole way, teasing and kissing and caressing. Though some few weeks had passed since first we made love, still I can't stop marveling at the fact that you are finally beside me, that I can reach out and touch you after so long being only able to dream of touching you.

"Would you care for a glass of wine Gail?" I asked.

Smiling you answered, "Sounds wonderful, white please."

Pouring a glass of wine, I hand it to you, our fingers brushing lightly together and a little jolt of pleasure racing through our bodies. Pouring one for myself, I sit back and take a sip, then turn to you and let my lips brush against your, and open my lips and let my tongue pressing into your waiting mouth. As we kiss, I let the sip of wine pass over to you and we pass it back and forth as our tongue swirl and dance together.

As we kissed, I let my hand slide up and over your hips and along your sides then up and over the firm swell of your breasts. Softly tracing the gentle curves, fingertips barely touching and even so, I can feel your nipples swell in response beneath the silky material of your dress. Sighing deeply as we kiss, pulling back for another sip of wine, our eyes locked together with a mixture of passion, desire and longing.

Leaning forward again to kiss you, again our tongue mingle and play together my hand returning, this time to your other breast. Do you have any idea I wonder at the pleasure I get just from touching you, from the warmth of you so near? Do you know how sometimes I will lay awake at night and look down at you as you sleep, so peaceful and serene? How I like to lightly run my finger tips over your sleeping form, not enough to wake you, just so I can feel the soft silky warmth of your skin? Do you have any idea how beautiful you are to me? I don't know what other people see when they look at you, I just know that for me, the sun rises in your eyes. And because it does, I want to make this night special for you, as I want all nights to be special.

Don't get me wrong though; there are different kinds of special. Some are romantic, some are naughty, and some are daring. And I wanted to do them all with you — making love in a car or on the beach, or on a conference table at work late at night, in all the rooms around the house. There was no part of you I didn't want to know better than I knew myself. There's nothing I didn't want to explore with you, all your thoughts, your hopes, your dreams, your fantasies and desires.

And so we drove along in the back of the Limousine, touching, caressing, kissing and sipping wine. You own hands were no less busy than mine, lightly brushing across the bulge in my pants, teasing me as I was teasing you. I thought silently to myself that I hope I don't develop a wet spot in the front of my slacks from your gently arousing caresses because I could already feel the wetness rubbing against my belly as it seeped from the head of my shaft.

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