The Perfect Date

by Naughty Writer

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A romantic tale, candlelight, limo's, no sex though (kidding!!)

Finally it was here, the night of the Perfect Date. I had been working behind the scenes for about two weeks trying to get things setup and the night of nights was finally here. It was a warm spring night, the sky was clear and the stars were shinning bright overhead. I couldn't imagine a more beautiful night if I tried.

Leaving my house to drive to yours, I could feel the anticipation building within me. I wanted this to be a special night for you, for us. One that we could both look back on in the years to come and smile with happiness and rekindle the feelings we shared on this night of nights. I wanted it to be one memory in a string of memories such that if you were to bring them all together and show them to someone, they'd say, wow, those two knew how to live. Those two knew how to eat at the table of life and partake of all its joys and pleasures.

I was dressed in my black tuxedo, cummerbund and all. Custom made shirt, French cuffs, cufflinks, and shiny shoes. I wanted to look my best for you. I walked to the Limousine I had rented for the night to take us on our tour of the city. Stepping up the car and the open door, I stepped in and sat down and away we went, the night was finally under way.

Driving along the roads, looking out the windows as the city streets passed by. Dreaming of how the night was going to go, all the little surprises I had in store for you. Finally we were there and again the door was opened, and I stepped out, flowers in hand. Thought I had forgotten those didn't you? No, I had them waiting in the car.

Walking up to the door you had put a note on the door telling me to come on in, that you had a few more things to do to get ready. I smiled in anticipation, opened the door and walked in. Looking around your house I saw a tastefully decorated place. Little things placed here and there, each telling a little story about you, who you are, where you had come from, what made you you.

I smiled secretly to myself at the thought of what the night will bring for us. I wait patiently at the bottom of the stairs, pacing a little, but content to wait. And when you make your appearance at the top of the stairs, the wait was well worth it. Looking up at you from below only serves to make it seem as if you are as tall as I. Your slim body, one knee bent as you stand there confidently. Your shoulder length red hair holding a face like an angel's in its tender grasp. Your brown eyes, so deep, so warm, looking at me as no one has ever looked at me before.

You're wearing a stylish black spaghetti strap backless evening dress, daring yet classy, sexy but not brazen, short but not to short. As you walk down the steps, smiling into my eyes, I can't help but admire the way your thigh muscles bunch and relax, the way the light plays off them. I love the way your hips sway back and forth and your breasts bounce jauntily and it's obvious that you aren't wearing a bra, and that you don't need one. I am also fortunate enough to catch a glimpse along your scrumptious thighs and my mouth begins to water.

You finish walking down the stairs, our eyes never having left the others and stand at the bottom and give a little twirl, "What do you think?" as you look up at me from downcast eyes, peeking at me from under your eyelids as you had the first time we met.

"You look stunning Gail, the belle of the ball." I say as I take a step closer and pull the bouquet of flowers from behind me, a dozen red roses, and give them to you. "I'd be most honored My Lady if you'd be so gracious as to be my date for the evening?" I ask as I take your hand in mine and bow over it, kissing the back gently.

"I had every intention of being so my gallant Sir," you reply impishly. "And I do hope your intentions are honorable?"

"Oh have no fear my Lady, I fully intend to honor every inch of you tonight."

Laughing gaily, "Oh I like the sound of that! Why go out at all, why not just go upstairs?" you ask as you turn and lift a foot onto the first stair.

"Oh no you don't!" I cry as I grab your waist and pull you against me. I lean forward and kiss your neck, smelling your heavenly perfume, my hands on your tummy, rubbing in circles.

"MmmM you smell delicious sweety, maybe we should just go upstairs," I add as I lick along your neck, sending a little shiver through both of us, teasing you.

"Oh no you don't!" You're not getting off that easy buster. You promised me a romantic date and I intend to hold you to your word." You say with some force as you turn around in my arms and see the devilish twinkle in my eye. "Oh you!" you add with a little thump to my shoulder, "you're so bad!"

"I know, and you love it so shush," I add as I lean forward and kiss you lightly, the first kiss of the night, one to be remembered on this night of nights. Then a little deeper, the mere feel of you against me igniting the fires of passion. I pull back a little and rest my forehead against yours and look into your eyes.

"Have I told you yet today how beautiful you are?" I ask as I kiss your eyes.

"No," you whisper.

"Have I told you how for me, the sun rises in your eyes?" I ask as I kiss your nose.

"No," you whisper again.

I pull you close into an embrace, the dream of my heart made real... just feeling you. I swallow and say, 'Come, let's get going, I've got a Limousine waiting out front."

"You what?" you say as you pull back excitedly.

"Shhhhhh, it's a secret, the authorities will hear." I add mischievously as I touch a finger to your lips. Reaching for your hand, I draw you to me and turn to the door and open it for you then lock it behind us. At the curb awaits a black stretch Limousine, the chauffeur waiting with an open door. Watching as your skirt rides up your thigh as you move to step into the car takes my breath away and sends a surge of passion through me.

I slide into the car beside you and sit next to you, pulling you against me and wrapping you in my arms. I rub my hand up and down you arm as I feel the length of your body pressed against mine, touching at shoulder, sides, hips and thighs.

"Where are we off to?" you ask.

I smile to myself, happy that the night has finally started. "Well, first we are off to a concert at the Kennedy Center, Yo Yo Mah is playing tonight and I thought some Cello music would be a good start."

With that you smile and lean your head against my shoulder, holding my arm with your hands. I lean my head against the top of yours as I let my other hand fall to your thigh and caress your knee. I can feel your smile against my shoulder as you feel my hand caressing you. You own hand falls to my thigh and rubs back and forth. I smile in turn as I kiss the top of your head.

It takes about 40 minutes to drive to Kennedy from your place and we make out in the back of the Limo the whole way, teasing and kissing and caressing. Though some few weeks had passed since first we made love, still I can't stop marveling at the fact that you are finally beside me, that I can reach out and touch you after so long being only able to dream of touching you.

"Would you care for a glass of wine Gail?" I asked.

Smiling you answered, "Sounds wonderful, white please."

Pouring a glass of wine, I hand it to you, our fingers brushing lightly together and a little jolt of pleasure racing through our bodies. Pouring one for myself, I sit back and take a sip, then turn to you and let my lips brush against your, and open my lips and let my tongue pressing into your waiting mouth. As we kiss, I let the sip of wine pass over to you and we pass it back and forth as our tongue swirl and dance together.

As we kissed, I let my hand slide up and over your hips and along your sides then up and over the firm swell of your breasts. Softly tracing the gentle curves, fingertips barely touching and even so, I can feel your nipples swell in response beneath the silky material of your dress. Sighing deeply as we kiss, pulling back for another sip of wine, our eyes locked together with a mixture of passion, desire and longing.

Leaning forward again to kiss you, again our tongue mingle and play together my hand returning, this time to your other breast. Do you have any idea I wonder at the pleasure I get just from touching you, from the warmth of you so near? Do you know how sometimes I will lay awake at night and look down at you as you sleep, so peaceful and serene? How I like to lightly run my finger tips over your sleeping form, not enough to wake you, just so I can feel the soft silky warmth of your skin? Do you have any idea how beautiful you are to me? I don't know what other people see when they look at you, I just know that for me, the sun rises in your eyes. And because it does, I want to make this night special for you, as I want all nights to be special.

Don't get me wrong though; there are different kinds of special. Some are romantic, some are naughty, and some are daring. And I wanted to do them all with you — making love in a car or on the beach, or on a conference table at work late at night, in all the rooms around the house. There was no part of you I didn't want to know better than I knew myself. There's nothing I didn't want to explore with you, all your thoughts, your hopes, your dreams, your fantasies and desires.

And so we drove along in the back of the Limousine, touching, caressing, kissing and sipping wine. You own hands were no less busy than mine, lightly brushing across the bulge in my pants, teasing me as I was teasing you. I thought silently to myself that I hope I don't develop a wet spot in the front of my slacks from your gently arousing caresses because I could already feel the wetness rubbing against my belly as it seeped from the head of my shaft.

We pulled up in front of the Kennedy Center and I gave a sigh of relief, mixed with regret, as we pulled to a stop. Again I admired your sleek body as you moved to step from the Limousine catching a glimpse again of the smoothness of your inner thigh. Giving a little sigh of longing, half of me wishing we'd stayed home so I could ravish you endlessly.

Still, the night was young and I hand many plans to go before I slept, to paraphrase a poem. Stepping from the car, I took your arm and walked up the steps and into the Foyer. They'd redone it since last I was here, back in 1980 when I had gone to see a one man play about Oliver Wendell Holmes.

As it was close to the start of the concert, we handed our tickets to the attendant and took our seats — seventh row, center. We settled into our seats and snuggled as close as we could. We chatted a bit quietly until the concert began then we grew quiet as we listened to one considered by some to be best cellist alive all the while holding hands, my fingers gently rubbing the palm of your hand.

During the intermission we got up and walked around, finding a dark corner. Pulling you into my arms, pulling you close, feeling the utter softness of your skin as I rub my hands along your back, tracing the hem of your dress. Staring into your brown eyes as we stand there. Leaning forward and lightly brushing my lips against yours, running my tongue across the top row of your teeth, across your tongue, tasting you. I can't seem to get enough of you, kissing you as if every time might be the last, that the dream of my heart might be only that, a dream.

I can feel the firmness of your breasts against my chest, the little bumps of your nipples rubbing me, hard, poking through the material of your dress. In the darkened corner, I let my hand slide between us and caress you, lightly flicking my fingers across your turgid nipples, hearing your moan in my ear as I do.

Before things got out of hand, the intermission was over and we hand to return to our seats. I couldn't help but wonder, as I looked over at you, how many other people noticed the flush on your cheeks and neck? I'm sure that even if they missed the flush, they noticed your erect nipples. Thinking that, I smile to myself and give your arm a squeeze, pulling you a little closer.

Taking our seats again, we again snuggled, whispering sweet nothings in each others ear about the promise that the evening held. Holding hands, shoulders touching, the warmth passing between us.

The concert came to a quiet close and we sat chatting for a few minutes as the crowd wandered out. Sitting close, turn towards each other, holding hands, kissing and talking. Finally I stand and pull you to your feet, and we walk out of the Kennedy Center. Our Limo is waiting for us and you approach and I let my hand fall to your ass as to bend to step into the car, rubbing down the back of your thighs a little and feeling the softness of your skin.

Stepping into the car with you, I sit next to you and pull you into my arms, kissing you deeply again, thrilling to the touch and feel of you. Pulling back for a moment, I reach into the wine cabinet and pull out a gift box and hand it to you. You look at it then glance up at me questioningly.

"What's this for?"

"Open it and see my love"

You begin to gently open the box, pulling the ribbon off, then the wrapping paper, fingers trembling slightly. Finally the wrapper is off and the box is open. Inside you see a delicately carved white gold heart locket, opening the locket, you see a small single red ruby set into the locket.

I whisper quietly to you, "That's my heart you are holding. No one else looks at me the way you do, for no one else does the sun rise in their eyes for me. You are the wish of my heart made real and I give you my heart for safe keeping. I know it's not perfect, and it's a little flawed, but it's my heart, and now yours. I hope you will take better care of it than I."

I dare to imagine I see your eyes grow moist. Looking into my eyes, hands trembling as you hold the locket out to me and you then turn your back to me saying, "Put it on please, I will treasure it always."

My own hands tremble as I take the locket and open the clasp, then slide it over your head and around your shoulders. I redo the clasp and hang it down between your luscious breasts, my heart coming to rest next to yours. My own eyes grow moist as I let my hands fall to your shoulder and caress them, my head falling forward and my forehead resting on your back, a tear sliding out and falling onto the soft skin of your neck like a single raindrop.

I wrapped my arms around you and pulled you close against my chest, still facing away from me, just holding you. Watching out the window at the passing city lights of downtown DC flashed passed, out along the GW Parkway, beautiful at night in it's bough shrouded tunnel of tree limbs, the moonlight gently filtering down. Out to the Beltway heading west, down the Dulles Toll road to Reston where we pull into a Seafood restaurant.

Again we pile out of the Limo and again I tease you by running my hand up along your smooth inner thighs, almost to your mound, stopping just short, teasing you, teasing me. Stepping out to join you I take your arm in mine and we walk to the door.

"Reservation for two please, Richard."

"Ah good evening sir, your booth is right this way, come with me please," the waiter says as he grabs two menu's and leads us towards our booth. Again, all eyes are turned towards you as we walk behind the waiter. Like a female cat, you glide across the floor, feet seeming not even to touch the floor your hips swaying gently, the soft swish of your skirt. We are shown to a table, a booth actually, with curtains, and seated.

"May I get you something to drink?" he asks before leaving.

"Yes please, a bottle of Mouton Rothschild please and two glasses."

"Very good Sir," he smiled as he walked off.

"Curtains?" you ask slyly.

"Humm yes, I've been saving this place for a very special girl," I say as I reach across the table and take your hand. "And she's finally here."

"I bet you say that to all the girls," you say playfully.

"What girls? Have I been in a wild threesome with you and don't recall it? No, there have been no others, you are the thief of my heart. Besides, who'd want to go into a curtained booth with an old buzzard like me?"

"I would," you reply, rubbing my hand between yours, loving the feel of your hands on mine, so warm and strong. "I'm just worried your intentions may be, shall we say, less than honorable? Yes, I think that's it to a tee."

"Not only am I an old buzzard, but now I am a dishonorable one as well? I'm scandalized! Cut to the quick. Here, look, I bet you can see the blood!"

"Oh be quiet my handsome stud and kiss me."

Smiling softly, looking across the table into your beautiful brown eyes, I lean across and do just that. Tasting the sweetness of your ever so soft lips as we kiss deeply. Leaning my forehead against yours I whisper, "You can call me an old buzzard anytime if it means I get to kiss you."

"You better kiss me even when I don't call you an old buzzard," you whisper back.

"Now there's a deal I can live with!" I add with another quick kiss, and then another and another.

"Deal!" you laugh gaily.

Just then the waiter returns with the wine and glasses as well as a basket of fresh bread, catching us with our tongues entwined together. "Excuse me" he adds as he places the basket and wine glasses, ignoring us as we continue to kiss. Uncorking the wine he lays the cork down next to my plate and pours us each a glass of wine.

"Are you ready to order yet, or should I give you more time?"

Breaking off the kiss, I reply, "We'll both take the lobster along with two orders of snow crab legs on the side Gaston," I quip playfully.

"Soup or salad sir?"

"Salad's please Gaston."

"Potato or rice sir?"

"Hummm, I think we'll go with the rice on that one Gaston!"

"Very good sir, carry on," he adds with a wink as he turns and leaves.

"Well, you heard the man, he said carry on!" I add with a wink as I take my wine glass to hand and take a sip, then lean across and kiss you. I can taste the mixture of you and the wine together on your tongue as we kiss.

We continue to kiss and play footsie under the table as we wait for the salad's, just enjoying being together. Have you ever had that feeling? Where you are just totally in the moment, totally at ease with the person you are with. A feeling that all is Right with the Universe, everything in its place.

Finally our salads arrived and we would talk and nibble and talk and kiss and nibble. I'm sure, if it hadn't been for the curtain across our booth, we'd have looked like, well, two people in love, acting silly and goofy and not caring.

We finished our salads and the entrée was brought to our table. You would tease me by rubbing your foot along my calf as she nibbled on a morsel of snow crab leg. Her lips glistening with moisture. Then you'd lean across and we'd kiss and I could taste the mixture of butter and garlic from the crab legs. Tasting that, a memory flashed into my mind, of us, after a night of love making, eating Papa John's pizza, ham, pineapple and sweet peppers with extra garlic sauce for the crusts.

She smiled at me and winked, "Are you thinking what I think you're thinking?"

"Why, I'm sure I don't know what you mean!"

"Ha! I see that naughty gleam in your eye. You're thinking of the other night, after we made love and we were eating pizza, I know you."

"Well, so what if I was! Humph I like the taste of your lips with garlic butter sauce on them. Humm, I love the way you taste with no garlic sauce too. And I especially like your special sauce!"

"You and your special sauce," you reply, with a naughty twinkle of your own in your eye, "I'm kind of fond of your special sauce too."

Smiling, I added, "Good! There's an endless supply whenever you get thirsty."

"Oh? Like, what if I wanted a drink now, right here?"

"Ahhhh, normally I'd say yes, but not tonight, I've got nefarious plans for you later tonight."

"Oh, you'd let me slide under the table and unzip your slacks and pull out your hard cock, and it is hard, isn't it? And then you'd let me suck it until your spurted your special sauce?"

Oh, did I forget to mention that she likes naughty talk while making love, that it turns her on? My bad. Tsk tsk!

"Well, yes, actually I would, as a matter of fact, I'm sorely tempted to slide under the table myself and run my hands along your sexy, firm thighs, slide them under your skirt, run my fingers along the silky material of your panties, slide them off and then kiss my way upwards along your inner thighs, licking the whole way."

"MmmM that sounds wonderful! But, who says I'm wearing panties?"

"Oh dear, you are naughty!" I grinned at her mischievously.

We continued this playful banter back and forth throughout dinner. It's always been something I liked best about our relationship. That we could tease and cajole and be silly and goofy and make each other laugh and smile.

We could also be serious and talk about anything. We were the best of friends. Do you have any idea how liberating that is? To know that you can talk about anything with the one you love and know it's ok? I am reminded of a scene in the movie Meet Joe Black. Joe and another man are at a bar talking and Joe asks him about love, what makes it so wonderful. To paraphrase the answer, "Because you know the worst thing there is to know about each other, and it's ok."

"Come on," I smiled, standing up. Let's get a move on, the night is still young and I've got nefarious plans to put in motion," laughing as I pulled her to her feet and grabbing the bill. Paying on the way out, I escort her outside, back to the waiting limo.

I hold the door for her, admiring her fine ass again as I do so. Did I tell you she had a fine ass, the kind you just want to squeeze and caress and run your hands over no matter where you are?

Stepping into the limo and sitting beside her, I take her in my arms for a deep soul kiss, our tongue dancing over each others, swirling and intertwined. Long deep wet kisses that last a week. Oh how I love them.

Then I pull back, and reach into the liquor cabinet again, then turn to her and smile as I whisper, "You didn't think I had only the locket stashed in there did you?" I add as I pull out a small box, wrapped in wrapping paper, topped by a ribbon. "Here, this is for you."

You smile impishly, shyly as you take the ribbon off then remove the paper. Opening the box you see a ring. The ring, depicting two hands clutching a heart, complete with a crown, epitomizes the expression of lasting love and eternal friendship.

"It's a traditional Irish claddagh ring," I whisper. "The two hands symbolize lasting friendship, the heart, eternal love, the crown, loyalty and fidelity. The heart is made of marble, from Connemara, Ireland. It can be worn one of three ways traditionally. Worn on the right hand with the heart facing outwards and the world will know your heart has not yet been won. Worn on the right hand with the heart facing inwards and it shows you have friendship and love under consideration. Worn on your left hand with the heart turned inwards, means two lovers have joined forever. Read the inscription."

You tilt the ring to catch the dim light in the limo and still, unable to make it out, you turn on the overhead light and hold the ring close, "For the Wish of my Heart — Love Always," you whisper quietly.

Holding the ring in the palm of your hand, a tear shinning at the corner of your eye, I can hear a small sob escape your lips. "I'm sorry Richard, I don't mean... it's just that... So much has happened in the last year or so, and, well, you know everything that happened before that, everything we talked about. I just never dreamed when I sent you that email that things would turn out this way. I don't want to spoil your night."

"Fiddle sticks. First of all, my nefarious plans are not so easily foiled. Second of all, I'm rather flattered that you feel as if you can talk about these things with me, that you care enough to discuss them rather than bottle them up and let them eat away at you. It speaks a lot for the strength of what we have together. That we can be such good friends that discussing them is ok." Saying so, I squeeze you in my arms all the tighter.

"I love you Gail, and I want you always to talk with me about things that bother you. If you don't, if you keep them bottled up you'll become, hrm, what's the expression, a 'Poisoned Dragon.' You'll begin to resent me, that resentment will turn to dislike and possibly outright hatred. And then I'd loose you anyway. You've had some pretty awful things happen to you, enough for any three people, all I know is this; I don't want to look back at my life when I am ninety, look over at the bed beside me, and see you not there and know that the reason you're not there is because I was to afraid to risk loosing you to try and win your heart. If at least, I can look back on my life and recall the times we spent together, if I can look back and know that I tried my best to win your heart, I can be satisfied with that. To have never tried at all? That I couldn't live with. I will not allow the fear of loosing you prevent me from trying to win you."

The limo slows and pulls to a stop outside the apartment and I lean down to kiss the top of your head, pulling you close. As the door is opened I follow you out, remembering again the first time I'd ever seen your beautiful, wonderful, awesome ass so closely, that day in Charleston, when we'd first met face to face after so long being only voices on the phone. The day you had teased me all throughout the day as we visited the various plantations, always looking over your shoulder at me, teasing me wherever we walked, daring me to touch your hinney.

And as payback, as you stepped out of the car, I did just than, running my hands over the firm globes and gently caressing them. Doing so, you looked back over your shoulder with a wicked gleam in your eye and I suspect you are remembering the same day as I, and teasing me yet again.

But that's ok, I think to myself, I've got her number, I nearly choke from trying to hide my glee as we walk up the steps, my hand resting on her firm ass. I open the door and hold it for her, watching her face as she steps inside for a reaction.

There, in the entryway, are scattered candles burning softly. Scattered about the floor were red rose petals leading from the foyer deeper into the house. You slow, then stop, standing there in the doorway. Then you quietly turn to me and come into my arms, and I have my answer. We step inside and close the door. I hold your face in my hands and kiss your lips, nose then eyes. Whispering softly as I look into your eyes, "Have I told you recently how beautiful you are?" Your lips curve softly, and you shake your head, "Or how wonderful you are?" Another shake, "Or, how for me, the sun rises in your eyes?" Another shake, "Or how much I love you?" Finally you break out into a real smile and kiss me, hard. "You're so silly," you add when you've had your way with my lips.

Then I lift you into my arms and carry you up the stairs, stairs littered with red rose petals. Your head cradled in the crook of my neck, I can feel you softly kissing my neck, or licking me, sending shivers and chills through my body. People say the neck is a weak spot on a woman's body, well, let me tell you, it's one of mine too!

The door to the master bedroom stands open walking through them, there are more flower petals, more candles. "How did you do this!? When did you do this?" you ask quietly.

I laugh and smile, "Ha! You expect me to divulge the secrets of my nefarious plots!? Never!" I exclaim as you give a playful punch to my arm.

Into the bathroom, more candles, scented ones, as well as incense, flower petals and a bath filled with bubbling hot water. Yes, a heated Jacuzzi tub filled with water, all ready for you. The smell of vanilla incense and candles fills the air. I set you down and pull you into my arms for a long hug, nuzzling your neck as I do, softly licking, knowing what that does to you. I love what it does to you, have I ever told you that, I wonder to myself.

Then I hold you at arms length and just look at you, the candle light dancing on your face, orange, red, russet, shadow and light. You are so beautiful it makes my heart ache. I let my hands run down your arms, then back up to your shoulders, across your shoulders to your neck, caressing lightly. Turning you around so your back is to me, I let my hands trail down along your sides, over the swell of your ass, down the backs of your thighs a little, then back up again.

I start by undoing the little button on the top of your dress. Then, I slowly slide the zipper down, making sure my fingers caress your back as I pull it down, feeling the wonderful warm smoothness of your skin as I do. Down farther, to the small of your back and to the tops of your silky thong bikini panties. I notice they look familiar and recall when I had gotten them for you at Victoria Secrets.

Then I let my hands trail back up along your bare back inside your dress, up to your shoulders, and, as I lean forward to kiss and lick the back of your neck, I push the dress over your shoulders ad down your arms. Always, always my hands and fingers caress you. Letting my hands run around to your tummy as I stand close to you, feeling your ass rub against my cock through my slacks, hard from wanting you. My fingers lightly, softly, caressing your tummy, your belly button, teasing you by running them just under the top of your panties, pulling you harder against me. I can hear your breathing growing heavy and looking over your shoulder as I kiss and lick your neck, I can see the candlelight glinting off the swollen tips of your pink nipples as your breasts rise and fall with each indrawn breath.

I let my hands rub and caress upwards, looking over your shoulder as I do, until they are gently caressing the smooth, soft undersides of each breasts. Bouncing them with the backs of my hands, softly, ever so softly, caressing. Then cupping them, "Oh darling," I whisper hotly in your ear as I do, "I love the feel of your body, your breasts in my hands." When I whisper in your ear, I hear your breath catch in your throat and a soft moan escape your lips.

I cup each breasts in the palm of my hand, light rubbing across the swollen tips of your nipples, whispering naughty things in your ear as I do, knowing how much that excites you, turns you on, wanting to arouse you to a fever pitch tonight.

I tweak each nipple in my finger, tugging softly, squeezing gently, feeling them grow harder as I do, grinding my hard shaft into your ass as I do, licking your neck, teasing and arousing you from all sides. I slowly kneel behind you, and as I do, I lick down along your back, my hands moving to your hips as I do, then down along your thighs. My tongue traces the tops of your panties in back, softly kissing, my warm breath swirling across your skin, hot and wet with desire.

My hands slide up along the outside of your thighs, to your ass, which I gently caress. Slowly tracing the globes, along the crack, down lower, between your thighs, ever so close to your pussy. I feel your inner thighs, wet and sticky, your juices having run onto them from an evening of being teased and delighted. I feel them tremble softly as desire builds. I run my hands down along your inner thighs, caressing, rubbing, down across your knees and calves.

Then back up again, all the while nibbling on your buttocks with my teeth, and tongue, and lips, licking and teasing you. My fingers grasp the elastic of your panties as I slowly slide them down over the globes of your ass. Then down your thighs, my hands never loosing touch with your skin, your body.

Then my hands slide back up along your inner thighs, softly caressing, back upwards, until they just barely brush across the soft outer lips of your pussy. I can feel the heat and moisture on my fingers and I draw them to my lips where I lick off your wetness, loving the taste of you, remembering the first time I tasted you, how shy and nervous you were.

But, the time was not right to bring you to your peak. No, that was for later. Now it's time to give you a bath. So I slowly stand, kissing and letting my hands trail upwards along your sides again. Then I help you into the tub, filled with very warm, but not uncomfortable, water. Suds and bubble bath abound. The scent of the burning candles filling your nose. You look so beautiful with the candle light shinning off your face, made even more so by the flush of desire on your cheeks and the look of unbridled lust in your eyes combined with love.

I watch you sink slowly into the water until it covers your breasts. "Lay back my sweet and soak for a minute, I have a few things I need to attend to," I whisper with a mischievous glint in my eye.

"What are you up to now? I see that glint in your eyes. You just better be careful buster or I'll get out my Triple Walled Bat of Ultimate Destruction and bonk you with it," you finish with a twinkle in your eye.

"Oh ho! Is that so?" I laugh secretly to myself; nefarious plans are so wonderful! I leave the bathroom and do what needs to be done to put the finishing touches on my nefarious plan. After I've finished I return to the bathroom having stripped to my silk boxers, boxers that you gave me as a present. You can't help but notice the rather large wet spot in the front, "Having a problem there sailor?"

"Oh nothing that can't be cured with a few shots across your bow," I retort playfully. I then kneel in front of the tub and grab a loofah and some scented body wash. "Stand up please, so I can wash you off."

You slowly stand, the water cascading off your taut body, glistening with wetness, beads of water falling from the tips of your nipples. Runnels of water pouring down across your chest and belly, between your firm athletic thighs and then down and back into the tub. The muted light of the candles reflecting off your wet skin makes the breath catch in my throat and I nearly ravish you right there.

"Like what you see sailor?" you ask coyly.

"Humph! You can say that again, god but you are beautiful. Turn around so I can wash your back."

I take a loofah sponge and some of your favorite body wash and begin to rub your back. Watching as the soap bubbles make their lazy way down the center of your back. Flowing over the swell of your butt, down the backs of your thighs, the sight of you brimming, ripe, with sensuality and it's many overtones like the bud on a fruit tree, ready to burst into life.

Your head comes back, your eyes close, savoring the feeling of being washed. The loofah gently rubbing the oils and sweat of life from you, almost as if you were a new born babe, skin so soft and smooth and warm. Rubbing the loofah down along your sides, under your arms, down over the swell of your ass, along your thighs. Cleansing every inch of you.

I turn you around, facing me and pour more water and bath wash over you. Looking into your eyes as I reach and brush my hand across your face. Then with the loofah I wash the curve of your neck out to your shoulders. Taking your hand in mine I rest it on my shoulders as I rub the loofah up and down along first one arm then the other, all the while our eyes are locked together.

Then down and between the firm upwelling of your breasts, underneath, watching them jiggle and bounce as I do, smiling. Around the sides, over the tops again, this time brushing the loofah across the tips of your breasts, across the nipples, watching them jump into erection, a startled moan escaping your lips as you arch your back.

Rubbing the loofah across your belly, carefully avoiding your belly button ring, across the top of your hips. Your body glistening with wetness. Then moving down, slow circular strokes, the loofah relaxing you, stealing the tension from you. Down along the outside of your thighs and calves to you feet. Lifting them, to clean and caress the bottoms.

Then back up again, up along you inner thighs. You spread your feet apart in invitation to move higher. I can't help but be taken in by how, to me anyway, beautiful your mons is. The slit clearly visible the inner lips beginning to puff open as you become more and more aroused. Your growing wetness mixing with the water running down between your thighs, watching as a drop forms, grows larger, hanging from the lowest point of your mons, then falling down. As it does I quickly reach out and it falls in the palm of my hand. I look up into your eyes as I lean forward to lick it off.

I rub the loofah higher, slow circular movements, teasing you, turning the bath into extended foreplay. Rubbing higher, closer, looking into you eyes. Until finally the loofah is at your mons, and I let it brush across your lips. Watching as your hips jerk forward and your knees seem to buckle and a moan of pure unadulterated, looked for, desired, sought after lust escapes from your lips as if it had been pent up inside for your whole life and is only now finding release, finding a voice.

I continue to tease you by withdrawing the loofah and washing your tummy, again careful to avoid your ring, loving it, how sexy and sensual it is. Everything about you is perfect, even the quirks. Kissing, licking, moving across your tummy to your belly button, licking, teasing your ring, my hands, the loofah, never stopping, moving upwards along your sides, under your arms.

Looking through my eyelashes upwards, I see you looking down at me, mouth half open, breaths coming short and fast. I smile up at you and lick higher as the loofah slides around to your back and I scrub up and down the length of your back. My tongue meanwhile slides around and under and between your breasts.

Little gasps escape your lips, "Richard, please, don't tease me, lick them," you moan softly as your hands caress my head, running your fingers through my hair, trying to pull my lips to your erect nipples. I melt at your words, hearing the passion and desire in them, and I lick around the pink, swollen roundness of your nipple. Around and around I like, teasing, flicking, then taking it into my mouth and sucking, biting softly.

"Oh yes, yes, lick them, unghhhh," your soft cries of passion are driving me wild. I suck harder, then move to the other nipple, paying proper homage to it as well. The loofah meanwhile is caressing and rubbing your ass, and the backs of your thighs, slipping between them from time to time, rubbing your inner thighs, next to your sweet molten center.

Then I smile to myself, thinking of the plans I still have in store, and I leave your nipples and move to your lips. Kissing you hard and deep, you know the kisses I mean, those kisses that just want to make you fuck, now!

Breathing heavily, I push you back down into the water. "Noooo," you sigh softly, "No, more, please!"

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