The Mountains

by Naughty Writer

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A romantic story set in, where else, the mountains! To folks who might read this, I apologize, it has some issues with pronoun usage and I am having my stuff edited. Sorry, got a bit carried away when I opened my SOL account and was about to share my stories for the first time.

My new girlfriend and I had decided to take a trip into the mountains to a cabin a friend of mine owned. I was getting on towards spring but the cabin was still high enough in the mountains that there was a danger of a late snow so we packed carefully, bringing extra food and blankets, wine and some special things I packed, more on that later.

My girlfriend, Gail, is a stunner. She's about 5'8" with red hair setting of the most incredible dark brown eyes you've ever seen. Her Italian background I guess. Perky breasts that just beg to be sucked and caressed and fondled all night long. And believe me, I've spent many an hour doing just that.

We'd only been together for a short time when the opportunity arose to have the cabin for a weekend so I wanted it to be special for her, for us. After packing my Jeep we headed off. I'm still amazed that she's my girlfriend. Still amazed that she'd pick an old coot like me for a lover. You see, we had first met online. She had IM'd me and we had chatted for a few months before deciding to meet. I was a little leery about meeting her. You see, I had met my wife online as well. And that turned out to be a disaster. Luckily, I was now divorced and free again. But Gail was different. From the first time we met it was like it was meant to be. Her hands on my body, her lips on mine were so right, like fate.

And so as we drove I would keep glancing at her, as if to make sure she was real, that she was still there. And to reaffirm that impression, I drove with my hand resting on her thigh most of the way, caressing lightly, loving the feel of her body.

I think I must have hit a tender spot because she was squirming in her seat and pressing her thighs together, and would trap my hand between the warmth of them and squeeze. She returned the favor by reaching across and rubbing her hand along my thigh. I couldn't help but moan, we've not been together very long but she's discovered all my weaknesses already. She knows just how to drive me wild with lust and desire for her with the merest touch of her hands.

She smiled mischievously as her hand slide up and over the bulge that had popped up in my slacks. "Hummm but Richard, we just made love before leaving the house. How come you're all hard again? Did I do that?" you ask coyly.

With my breath catching in my throat, I croak out my reply, "Oh god Gail, you're such a vixen!" My hand falls on top of yours and I rub it harder against my bulge, my eyes closing momentarily with the intensity of the pleasure coming from your hand. We'd only known each other for a very short time but somehow it felt as though your strong hands belonged on my body, touching me.

Sighing within myself at the feeling of happiness that spreads through me, my eyes close briefly then open again to look across and into yours. Driving through the snow covered mountains, hills white and so bright with reflected sunlight, everything looking new and pure and clean. I love the way the countryside looks after a good snow and I was looking forward to spending a few days with you in the cabin surrounded by snow even more.

As we drive farther up into the mountains we continue to tease each other, driving ourselves mad with desire. When we finally get there, we pull into the drive and stop in front of the cabin. A rustic looking log cabin with a nice long wide front porch. On one end is a porch swing and set next to the door is a comfy looking love seat.

I step out of the car and take a deep breath of the fresh sweet mountain air. Glancing over at you as you step out of the car, a wicked gleam comes into my eyes and I quickly kneel to make good on the thought that just entered my mind. I quickly ball some snow up and stand up and toss it over the car where it smacks you on the back of your jacket.

You turn to me with a matching gleam in your eye and the fight is on! You bend and make a huge ball and toss it over, smacking me in the face and I splutter and run around the car, chasing you, gathering another handful of snow and tossing it at you, smacking you on your tush. Laughing, you run behind a tree and duck to make another and toss it from the safety of the tree.

Laughing in turn I rushed around the tree and tackled you and we both fell back into a huge snow bank and were buried, snow cascading down over us, getting in every nook and cranny. Stopping... do you have any idea how beautiful I find you, how wonderful your eyes are? Sighing within myself, marveling that you're here, in my arms. When we first met online you were like a dream. Something distant, at arms length, ephemeral. Having you in my arms in the dream made real and I don't think I will ever get used to it or stop wanting to feel you in my arms.

"What's the matter? You look weird all the sudden." You ask.

"Nothing, I was just struck by how beautiful you are Gail." Smiling softly, I add, "Your like a dream for me. You make me feel so good. You make me laugh, smile, tingle inside. I guess I'm still in shock that a girl as beautiful as you is here in my arms, so close, so..." and I lean over and kiss you, softly tugging your lower lips into my mouth, feeling the warmth of your tongue, the wetness. Moaning softly as I feel you return the kiss, our tongue dancing as old friends together. Warm, soft, wet, tasting you, wanting you. "... kissable." I finish with a smile.

My hand reaches up and I brush a strand of your hair back from your forehead, letting the tips of my fingers brush lightly across your face. Cupping your chin, running the tips behind your ear, along your neck. Pulling your head, and lips, up to mine for another long slow deep wet kiss.

"Come, let's get unpacked and inside by the fire, it's going to get dark soon and they predicted snow." Grabbing your hand I pull you up, and into my arms for one last kiss. "Can't seem to resist kissing you," I add with a smile.

"You don't see me complaining do you," you add with a light punch to my arm. We unpacked the car of the supplies we had brought with us. Mostly food. The cabin was well stocked with everything else, including canned goods, firewood and the like. It even had a nice well stocked wine cellar.

After unpacking I started a fire in the fireplace, laying the wood down, putting some fat wood underneath to get it started and lighting it up. The fat wood caught quickly and the flames were soon licking at the nicely dried oak quarters and before long there was a nice blaze in the grate.

You had disappeared into the bedroom, probably doing girl stuff. Or unpacking clothes perhaps. I moved to the kitchen and began to put the food away and after storing it all away I began to cook supper. I knew that you loved spaghetti and had brought everything I needed along with us to make you up a big pot. No, don't go asking for the secret recipe, my grandma gave that to me and it's a secret. Let's just say it had a couple of kinds of meat, tomato paste and sauce, spices of all kinds and about 50 kajillion cloves of garlic.

You joined me after a few minutes, walking up behind me and wrapping your arms around me and giving me a big hug, kissing me lightly on the back of my neck. I turned around with a smile in my eyes and looked into your brown ones. So deep a brown you feel like you could sink into them, drown in them. So beautiful that if you did, you wouldn't care.

One kiss led to another, and another. Soft kisses, the smell of you filling my nose. Humm how I love the smell of you, from the very first moment we met the smell of you has lingered in my nose and imagination like an aphrodisiac.

"How can I help?" you ask.

"How about making the salad? Cutting up the tomato's and lettuce and such?"

"Sure, sounds easy enough!" you agreed enthusiastically. Watching you at work, your hands moving smoothly, so delicately. I'm a strange guy I guess. Most guys will classify themselves into "Ass men" or "I'm a breast guy," or "Legs man here." Me, I think a woman's whole body is a work of art, to be admired. And as I look at you, each part in turn, eyes, lips, face, hands, I am captivated.

I turn back to the spaghetti sauce, adding a few secret special ingredients and then covering it to simmer for an hour or two. Good sauce has to simmer before it's ready. I then turn to help you, our hands brushing against each other's as we stand and work, and talk. Hips brushing against each other, just to feel you close, to know that you are there at my side after so long as just a distant dream.

I finish helping with the salad and turn to the bread, making up some garlic butter. But not without firs stopping to wrap you in my arms from behind and kissing the back of your neck. Smelling the scent of your hair, mixed with you, taking a deep breath, my nose pressed close to your body. My hands on your tummy, rubbing in circles, pulling you back against me.

Stopping and looking out the window, seeing that it has started to snow. "Oh look! It's snowing!"

I move to the front door and open it, stepping out onto the wide wooden porch. Feeling the quite hit me, almost as a physical thing. Have you ever been in the deep mountains? Heard the deep silences? Then pile on top of that a heavy winter snow storm? The only thing you can hear is the soft whistle of the snow falling through the air. All else is muted, silent. Like the deep silence of the heart. Where all your secret dreams are kept. The ones you never want to tell anyone for fear they may look at you funny. Or perhaps because you fear if you tell someone they won't come true. But they are there. And here, in the mountains, with snow falling all around, I knew that one of mine had come true.

Turning to each other, hugging each other close as we listened to the silent fall of snow in our own private winter wonderland. Kissing softly, lips entwined, the soft feel of your lips on mine, wet, warm, welcoming. It was still dream like to me. I had dreamed of your lips for so long, dreamed of being able to feel them on mine everyday for so long, to now feel them everyday. Truly, a dream come true.

Kissing you again, then holding your hand and moving back inside to finish dinner preparations. Which took longer than they should because we spent most of the time talking, with frequent stops to kiss and hug. Every time you'd walk around the island behind me, I'd feel your hand brush my ass, lightly caressing. Such a tease you are! Made me glad I had taken up bike riding again. My sister always said when I was younger and was racing bikes that I had a killer ass. Of course, I returned the favor. You have such a fine ass, much nicer than mine, I'm jealous. But not to much, after all, all I have to do is reach out, like this... and I do just that, my hand slipping down over the swell of your ass, cupping, squeezing, sliding down between your thighs and caressing your inner thighs softly.

"Hey! Watch where your hand is sliding mister! I'm not that kind of girl!"

"Oh? Then just what kind of girl are you?" I ask mischievously

"This kind," you quip, turning around and running your fingernails over the obvious bulge in my slacks, caressing the hard length of me.

I shudder and my eye lids flutter, "Oh my, I never knew! I'm shocked, simply shocked!"

"That's not what you said this morning cowboy, as I recall you said something like this... 'Oh baby! That feels so good, more more!'" while talking your hand was busy rubbing and squeezing my shaft through my jeans, driving me insane with pleasure.

"MmmM god that feels so good Gail, so good!" my hips swaying and pressing into your warm hand, grinding against you.

"Humm yes, I think you said that too." you add, laughing softly.

A little breathlessly I reply, "umm oh yes, god what you do to me!" Pulling you close, kissing you hard and deep, my hands sliding up and cupping the firmness of your breasts, squeezing them softly through your top. Sliding my tongue down along the curve of your neck, licking, kissing, nibbling. Moving up behind your ear, smelling you're delicate perfume. Moaning deep in my throat. Nibbling your earlobe, whispering in your ear, "I want you Gail!"

I can feel you smile against the side of my face as I nibble your ear. "After dinner big boy, down Roofus down boy!"

"But, but... please? I'll do anything..." batting my puppy dog eyes at you.

"Anything? Now there's a tempting offer if I ever heard one... but, no, after dinner it will remain. Besides, you had some this morning. Don't want to spoil you with too much of a good thing."

"Harumph, you know my feeling on that. To much is just enough." I reply with a pinch to your tookus. But, I relent, content to wait until after dinner to take my revenge.

We both return to preparing the veggies and salad for dinner. Buttering the bread with garlic butter. Then, after we're done we clean up the mess and then stop outside to watch the snowfall and cuddle up on the big loveseat against the wall next to the front door.

Cuddled up close, keeping each other warm, talking, stopping to kiss, making out like two teenagers at a movie. And damm was I feeling good! The way you are supposed to feel with a beautiful woman in your arms. I don't know what made you IM me that first time on AOL but I thank my lucky stars every day that you did.

The snow was starting to pick up now, coming down heavier, and the wind was too, turning what was a gentle downfall into a regular full blown blizzard.

"I guess we made it just under the storm. I'm glad the place is well stocked. Come, let's get inside where it's warm. Foods probably about ready anyway."

We step inside and I turn the oven on and let it heat up and start a big pot of water with a little oil in it for the noodles. The we set the table, two of everything, including wine glasses and candles. The oven heated quickly and I popped the garlic bread in to heat up. Then the noodles went into the boiling water. Soon everything was ready and we carried it all to the table. Turning the lights down low I lit the candles and joined you at the table, pouring the wine as I did so.

Taking my glass I lift it, "To us,"

"To us," you respond quietly, looking into my eyes, our glasses tinkling together.

I smile at you and lift the lid off the sauce and the smell of it quickly fills the room, thick and rich. Filled with the smell of spices.

"Hummm smells delicious! If it tastes half as good as it smells it's a masterpiece."

I smile with delight and bow my head to thank you for your compliment. "Thanks. But you really need to be thanking my Grandmother. She's the wonderful cook who taught me to love cooking."

"Thanks Grandma, wherever you are." You reply, raising you glass in another toast.

We ate, talking softly, enjoying the food and each other. Our hands would often touch and I'd let my fingers run along the backs of your hands. Or across the palms. I loved the feel of you. So warm and soft and sensual.

We finished with dinner and cleaned up, putting food away, washing dishes. Even those simple things spiced with overtones of sensuality as we'd stop and kiss and grope each other at every turn. Soon the mess was cleaned up and we retired to the living room and the roaring fire. The fire had in front of it a deep plush soft as down throw. I added a few oversized pillows and some soft music in the background and we both laid down, moving close, cuddling.

"Humm Richard, thank you ever so much for bringing me here. It's a wonderful place, so beautiful, so peaceful." Turning to me, your lips find mine for a long lingering soul piercing kiss. Our tongues mingle together and I remember with a sudden clarity our first kiss, the way you tasted. The way your warm wet tongue felt against mine.

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