The Young Adults of New Start
Chapter 1: The Likos

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Likos - This is a sequel to The New Start. It is the further story of the young adults of New Start with many of the old characters and some new characters. Yuri is one of the last children of the elders and he fancies himself as a rebel like Tani.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Group Sex   Orgy   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie  


Yuri, now eighteen years old, was one of the nine last conceived by the elders. He had his mothers pale white skin and deep black hair and his fathers green eyes. The elders had not given birth to any infants after them.

He had watched helplessly as his biological mother, Tes-even though it had not been intentional, had torn the community apart. His older brothers and sisters had moved out of the building in which they all lived.

First, they resided in a building called the Pleasure Palace and then, joined by a number of the Silkas, in a village they had built several miles away.

He missed them terribly and felt torn. On the one hand, he dearly loved and respected all six of his parents the elders. On the other, he loved his older brothers and sisters and had much more in common with them. Yuri was not alone in this feeling all eight of his brothers and sisters the same age shared this feelings.

Tes was a great medical doctor and a brilliant biological researcher and geneticist. Twenty-eight of the young adults of the community had thrown a sex party. Though they were unaware of this at the time Tes had formulated a drink, which they consumed, this drink had altered their reproductive systems, Through Tes's duplicity, the women at the party had conceived multiple times, and they had delivered six-hundred thirty eggs. After this, Tes spent nearly all of her time with the new infants, taking care of them with the help of Mist, and a host of robots.

Tes had tested each infants DNA and only she knew who the father and mother of each infant was. As for the twenty-one women who had produced the eggs that later became infants there was very little if any mother, child bonding. They did not feel resentment toward them just indifference since there was no way they could know who had conceived which infant.

The dreams of Tes had come true the community was filled with infants but because of her duplicity, the elders, their older offspring, and their friends had developed very strained relations. Tes spent nearly all of her time with the new infants taking care of them with the help of Mist and a host of robots. Tani and Tes were just now starting to speak to each other, and then, only when their duties required them to.

Yuri almost worshiped his older sister Tani, a rebel and by default, leader of the younger adults. He thought of her as a beautiful warrior goddess. He wanted to be just like a male version of Tani. Yuri also wanted to have a wild party, like the ones he had heard about, and he began to make plans for this.

One by one, Yuri talked to the other eight about the party and they all enthusiastically approved. His plan involved borrowing the yacht but did not involve asking permission to use it.

The day before the party, the girls depilated each other leaving only a small patch of V shaped pubic hair and the men depilated themselves completely. The next day they snuck into the Pleasure Palace and submitted themselves to the preparation process.

Neona was very adept on the computer and had written new software for the body painting part of the prep process. When all of them were done they waited until it was dark and then returned. They quietly stole through the streets keeping out of sight and boarded the yacht. When all assembled, they set sail.

Yuri handed each of them a pair of thong bikini bottoms and they stripped off their jumpsuits. Yuri looked at each and smiled. They did not have their entire bodies painted but both men and, women had shiny silver genitals, in addition, the women's areolas were the same silver color. Both men and women had black lips and the women had black eyelids.

The bottoms that Yuri had handed out very skimpy and metallic red in color, the men's were just a sack to hold their genitals and the women's barely covered their outer labial lips. The men gawked at the five pairs of breasts that faced them, stretched and pushed together, held in place almost invisibly by the supports under them, and thrust forward invitingly.

"Ok," said Storm, "You men spin around and let's see what your backsides look like. Of course we will do the same for you." She giggled.

The four men spun and showed their bodies off they also reveled that each had an anal insert. The women giggled and pointed at them. Ryan had blue skin, black/red eyes, and short red hair. He was five feet nine inches tall and like all the men was well muscled.

Ulric also had blue skin but he had vertical pupil cat's eyes and short black hair. He was slightly taller at five feet ten inches.

Arley had tan skin, black/red eyes, blond hair that just covered his ears, and was five feet nine inches tall just like Ryan.

Yuri had white skin, green eyes, ear length black hair, and was the tallest at five feet eleven inches.

"Now it's your turn," Ryan said and made a circling motion with his finger to Storm.

Storm spun slowly, she was the shortest of the women at five feet even, and petite. She had large clavo (orange) sized breasts that looked to be stretched almost painfully tight in front of her right now. She had tan skin, black/red eyes, and shoulder length white hair. Her areolas and vagina were normally bright red but were now shiny silver. Storm also had a high sometimes-squeaky voice. "I can hardly wait to try this out," she said as she spun for their inspection and spread her butt apart to show them that she also had an anal insert.

Summer was next in line, she too had red/black eyes, but her skin was pale white. Summer was five feet four inches tall, dark black hair fell to her shoulders, and, normally the same red color as Storm's, her areolas, and vagina were now shiny silver. Her breasts, stretched tight, were the same clavo size as Storms. Summer was not as outspoken as Storm but as she turned, they noted that she too had an anal insert.

Wendy was next in line and looked to be almost a carbon copy of Storm but taller at five feet five inches and she had green eyes. Wendy normally had red areolas and vagina but they were now shiny silver just like all the women. She had an anal insert, which was apparent from her spread cheeks. Wendy had not yet learned to squeeze the insert closed.

Malika was next and was five feet five inches just as Wendy but the similarities ended there. She had pale white skin, cat's eyes, short black hair, breasts that had the same treatment as the other women but were almost half again as big as Wendy's, and they and looked very inviting. Malika had a tiny waist and wide flaring hips. Her areolas and vagina were normally black but at this time, they matched the other women. Her insert was almost completely hidden as she spun in place.

The last woman was Neona. Neona was five feet five tall and had pale white skin. Her black hair fell to her shoulder blades and she had piercing blue eyes. Her normally large breasts looked huge, stretched as they were. Neona did not have as tiny a waist as Malika but her stomach was firm and flat. Her hips also flared and as she turned, they could see that she also had an anal insert.

Yuri noticed that each woman wore a large black bracelet on her left arm. He wondered where they had gotten them. The nine of them took a tour of the boat investigating all the luxuries and the impressive bedroom. Later that night they were just getting ready to party when the storm hit. These storms though rare were very violent. They also occur with almost no warning. Blown far off course, the robot crew had their hands full just keeping the boat from sinking. The storm lasted all night and into the afternoon of the next day.

At last, the huge waves subsided, now came the problem of finding out where they were. They were off all of the maps they had and the radio only emitted static in response to their calls. None of the nine were trained in sailing or could understand the dials and gauges in the pilothouse. The robot in charge of sailing the boat received damage during the storm. The other robot was strictly a housekeeping robot and had no knowledge of sailing. On the second day of sailing, they spotted land and, turning toward it, they entered a quiet looking cove, and dropped anchor. Yuri donned a pair of vision glasses (similar to binoculars) and began to study the beach and the jungle beyond looking for familiar landmarks.

Suddenly a figure burst from the jungle screaming, which turned, and ran up the beach. Yuri focused the glasses and saw that the figure was female. About twenty others burst from jungle and started in hot pursuit of her. Yuri turned his attention to them and saw that they were hairy brutish looking beasts that only vaguely looked to be human. The woman dodged back into the jungle and the brutes followed at a run.

Yuri hurriedly put the large inflatable into the water and triggered it to inflate. He instructed Storm to remain on board and the rest quickly dressed in their jumpsuits, armed themselves with pistols, and headed for shore.

When they reached shore, they rushed up the beach, and entered the jungle where the woman and her pursuers had disappeared. They followed the trail of broken branches and trampled vegetation about a thousand yards into the jungle where they found the woman lying face down and not moving. Yuri bent down, turned the woman over, and was surprised to see that she was still alive. Her eyes grew wide and she shouted in an unintelligible language. The warning she shouted, for that was what it was, was too late as a hail of small needle sharp darts rained down on them. The darts fell harmlessly from their jumpsuits but enough of them stuck in the groups exposed skin to let the poison take effect. All of them tumbled to the ground.

They were still awake but totally paralyzed. When the last of them had fallen, the hairy brutes began to climb down from the trees in whose branches they had hidden. The brutes examined them, as they lay helpless and immobile. So quick had been the attack that not a single shot from their pistols had been fired before paralyzed fingers had dropped them to the ground and because of this their captors had no idea they were a weapon.

Their captors did discover that the jumpsuits they wore were clothing rather than skin though. They were unaware of the zippers that secured them and so they roughly tore the tough material off their prisoners causing many bruises and cuts in the process. The woman they had come to rescue had a skirt and top made of some type of hide, they ripped this off also. When all the prisoners were completely naked their arms and legs were tied by some type of vine and each was thrown over the shoulders of one of their captors and born away deeper into the jungle.

They entered a clearing and each dumped to the ground to join other prisoners of the same race as the woman that were already there. Yuri lay bound and on his side so he was able to more closely examine his captors. They were humanoid barely, naked and covered in hair from head to foot. The only article they wore was a belt, made of some type of hide, from which hung a hollow tube and many small dart-like objects. On the other side of their waists, hung a wicked looking stone knifes with a blades about five inches long. He judged them to be about six feet tall. They had spears that were leaned together in one stack nearby. Yuri switched his gaze to the woman prisoner directly in front of him who was on her back. She had sky blue hair on her head and pubic area; her eyes were wide in fear and were sky blue. The rest of her body was ebony and the soft curves of her body left no doubt that she was human. The ebony prisoners, of which there were sixteen total of both genders, were just like her.

Four stakes, widely spaced apart where pounded into the ground leaving about three feet sticking straight up. Two of the hairy beasts approached and knelt over one of the ebony males. One of them grabbed his bound hands and pulled one his fingers separate from the rest of his hands. With its stone, knife it sliced the finger off and the man screamed in agony. His reaction to the removal of his finger had shown that the effects of the paralysis drug had worn off. Pulling him to his feet, they dragged him over to the stakes, where they cut the vines that bound his hands and ankles. They wrapped more vines around each hand and ankle, and he was tied face down, stretched tightly, spread eagle between the stakes about three feet above the ground.

With utter brutality, they raped him repeatedly, each of the twenty brutes present taking a turn until he passed out from pain. One of the beasts then slid a clay pot under the man. It placed its stone knife just above the man's genitals and with a vicious thrust sunk it to the hilt in him. The man awoke and screamed. The obviously very sharp knife, pulled upwards until the victim was slit open from the point of entry to the chest bone. The screams had died as the man's blood drained into the stone pot below and he lost consciousness. When the blood had stopped draining, he was untied and tossed lifeless to one side. The process again repeated this time with a woman as victim and with equal brutality. This continued until the clay pot was full, at which time the beasts dipped smaller clay pots in the blood and drank it. When it was empty, the process started again.

Yuri felt the paralysis leaving and he could feel once more. Two beasts knelt before him and rolled him onto his face. Unseen he clamped his jaw and gritted his teeth but did not cry out as one of them cut off his thumb. They grunted and moved to Summer next, she tried to emulate Yuri but when the knife had sliced part way through her finger she screamed in pain. Hauled to her feet, they dragged her over to the stakes.

Yuri felt hands on his bonds and then his arms were free once more. He turned and saw Storm. She momentarily put her finger to her lips and then continued to untie Ryan. The attention of all the beasts was centered on Summer and her white skin so they did not see that their prisoners were being set free. Yuri quickly untied his ankles and then started untying Neona. Quickly all seven of them were set free and then they started on the ebony prisoners and set them free until they were discovered. With howls of rage the beasts stampeded toward them drawing their stone knives. They had underestimated the Zaflan though; they had been trained by Tani in unarmed combat. Storm had a pistol and started shooting the beasts and the rest sprang into action. In a blur of motion punctuated by the sounds of crunching bones, snapping necks and howls of pain the twenty brutes were soon dispatched. Several of them went to each beast and confirmed that it was dead while Malika and Neona released Summer. The ebony prisoners, which they later learned called themselves Guylews, that had been released had been frozen in shock as they watched the beasts being quickly dispatched, they now knelt and released their fellows. Only eleven of the Guylews were left, two males and nine females. The Zaflan were unable to speak to the Guylews and so Yuri using hand motions shooed them away. The Zaflan gathered and started making their way back to the boat as Storm told them her story.

When they had been gone into the jungle for some time she had tried to contact them by radio. After several attempts and not getting any response from any of them, she had begun to worry. The inflatable was on shore so she had armed herself with a pistol and dived overboard to swim ashore. She had found some of the discarded jumpsuits but not the pistols that had been tossed further into the bushes. She had followed the trail of broken bushes until she at last had come to the edge of the clearing just in time for her to see them drag Summer over to the stakes. Storm knew she could not kill all twenty of them before she was over powered so she was forced to wait. When they were all concentrating on Summer she seized the opportunity to start releasing them. They knew the rest.

The nine of them made their way back through the jungle and took the inflatable back to the yacht. Yuri and Summer had their wounds treated and they prepared to weigh anchor and return to sea. Just as the anchor was made fast, the surviving Guylew burst from the jungle and ran toward the shore with a large number of the beast men pursuing them.

Several of the Zaflan grabbed rifles and lying down on the deck began to shoot the beasts. At the same time, Arley and Ryan put the inflatable, back into the water. Arley leaped in and headed to shore. When he got there, he saw that only eight women and one man were there. As he indicated for them to get on, a spear arced from the jungle and hit one of the women in her thigh and another one buried itself in the man's back. He collapsed dead before he hit the ground for the spear had pierced his heart. Arley shoved off with the eight women on board and headed for the yacht. In the mean time, the Zaflan saturated the jungle with rifle fire in the direction the spears had come from.

Arley made it to the side and the women were helped on board with care given to the one that was wounded in the leg. The inflatable was tied off and they quickly pulled out to sea and far out of range of spears. The Guylew woman's wound was treated.

Yuri grabbed a translator and set about learning the Guylew language. After hours of talking, he and Ginaya, the woman he was talking to, were able to make themselves understood. After more hours of talk, she was able to relay her story.

My people, the Guylew, have lived on this island in peace for about a hundred years. There were about five-hundred of us and then the Likos, which means hairy man, started coming from a nearby island by canoe. We had no weapons at the time and over the coming years though we developed weapons we were no match for the aggressive Likos. They arrived in groups and hunted us down killing any that resisted outright and torturing and killing any prisoners they captured. They have slowly reduced our numbers and when they started attacking our villages, they killed and ate our children. We are the last of the Guylew, I and the other seven women here. Tanrak was the last surviving man and now he is dead on that shore we are doomed.

"Where would you like to go?" Yuri asked.

Ginaya hung her head and said, "We have no place to go."

"Then you will return with us," Yuri said as he took in the nodded agreement of the assembled Zaflan. "But we are lost," Yuri added.

"Thank you for your kindness," Ginaya said as she lowered her head to hide her tear-filled eyes.

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