Ghost Rider

by Dreamwalker

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Fiction, Science Fiction, Group Sex, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Some people don't believe in Ghosts. However, Kandy had a friendly sexual experience that made her a true believer.

Kandy was sitting at her computer reading through the emails from some of her erotica fans. When she came across the fourth one, she noticed it was from her new friend Ben. Oh God, she loved the way his words enticed her. She felt like he was in the room right beside her.

She took a deep breath, removed her housecoat, and shifted in her chair. All she had on then was a short negligee that really didn't hide much. As her nipples hardened and clit swelled she began reading his letter.

"Hi Kandy,

Baby, I got so worked up reading your last email that you wrote me that I had to jack off right in the middle of it! I sure with you could have seen that!

There's not much new going on here in California and I get bored easily. Lately, I've just been reading more of your stories, getting turned on by the endless fantasy of fucking your brains out, stroking my cock, gushing cum all over myself and wishing like hell you were here to lick me clean.

My more explosive fantasies have you straddling my face, your pussy flowing with juice. I tantalize your pussy, getting drunk on the taste of your nectar. I'm driving you into a frenzy by tantalizing your cunt while as you suck your hubby's cock. Between perfumed breaths, my tongue flicks and glides along your glistening folds, then circling your clit, "Mmm."

Your pussy grinds down onto my face. My cock rises, stiffer, harder. I watch your husband's breath as he rasps in stutters of ecstasy. He's about to blow and I know that will you cum on my face! My cock pulses and strains into the night. You reach back to grip my shaft.

Feeling you gripping me, I imagine, once again, the swaddling warmth of your vaginal walls. The magical way you milked my cock when I fucked you, until every forceful blast of my cum exploded into your ravenous cunt! But now you moan throatily, as the fresh taste of precum flavors your mouth. Your hand glides up and down my shaft as you continue to suck John's sweetening cock. In your mind, the two cocks merge into one... mine, his, and now even my thrusting tongue feels like another cock, driving you to unimagined new heights of pleasure. Before long John lets out a roaring bellow of pleasure as your mouth is flooded with his molten lava. Almost immediately thereafter, the tangy sweetness of your pussy delights my tongue with a wave of pulsing sweetness.

"Ahhhhh, I love it when a woman cums on my tongue!" I lap all of you up greedily as your pussy flutters and clenches wildly in spasms of wriggling delight on my face.

John wants you now! He's just come, but he's overwhelmed with the desire to fuck your cunt and thrust hard into you before his cream-glazed cock loses its stiffness.

Almost blind with pleasure, you wiggle your cunt free of my smiling, smeary face and raise your ass high for John to enter you. Reaching for me, you grab hold of my cock and suck me. OH GOD! You suck me so beautifully!!! While John thrusts and slams hard against your ass cheeks.

Your fingertips massage and tickle my balls as you suck me. I'm amazed by how much you know,.it's spooky how much you know, how to pleasure me! My balls are tingling like they are lit up with electricity. Your tongue rolls in circles around the ridge of my tip, then it finds my pee hole and tickles me to insanity. You drive me to the brink, then sensing I'm about to cum, you back off just a little, bringing me back to your sweet torture. Then, without my expecting it, your body ripples into another orgasm!

John fucks you even harder as you explode. Through your quivering madness, incredibly, you never stop sucking my cock! I feel your mouth trembling around my shaft as you explode. I feel John's thrusts vibrating through your body, slamming shockwaves into my cock!

You squeal with madness and it hums all around my cock. Then another roaring rumble fills the room as John cums again! All at once, I'm cumming too! My boiling cum floods into your mouth as John's own fills you from behind. Your body quakes in an orgasm that so utterly consumes you, you collapse into nconsciousness without ever knowing when or even if the semen ever stopped flowing.

You wake up an hour later--or is it a day later? Does it really even matter? All you know is that you wake up grinning, naked, and crusty with cum, with two naked men sleeping happily beside you. John's dick is flopped over on his thigh, coated with the mixture of fluids. I sleep with my mouth affixed to the softness of your breast, nuzzling and sucking your nipple in semi-sleep.

You smile as you look down at my cock. "Ah, Ben, you must be dreaming of me," you say to yourself, admiring the erection I'm sporting in my sleep.

You begin to slide lower in the bed, slowly so as not to awaken me from my happy dream and curl your legs around my sleeping form. With gentle hands, you guide my erection into your velvety warmth. Settling in snugly around me, you grab John's arm, curling him over into a spooning blanket around you. Your arm then wraps around me, holding me firmly into you. You feel the thumping rhythm of John's cock awakening against your ass, and the filling warmth of my cock buried happily deep within you, as you drift slowly back to joining us in our erotic dreams of you.


After reading his words, Kandy's body was electrified with desire. As one hand tantalized her clit the other rolled and pulled a nipple. She could see it now, John and Ben fulfilling her every desire.

She threw her head back and muttered, "Oh God, I wish Ben was here."

Then she felt it, a touch that sent shivers up her spine. Quickly glancing around the room, Kandy noticed no one there. After a brief moment, she continued to masturbate. She gasped as unexpectedly someone grabbed her and held her tight. Unable to move, Kandy felt lips touched hers as fingers caressed the silky folds of her drenched pussy.

As the kiss broke, she uttered, "Ben."

"You got it doll. My friends call me "Ghost Rider. Because I slip into your fantasy like a shadowy form when least expected. Next thing you know, you held down, kissed, caressed, and ridden hard, and put away, wet."

"Ooooh baby, I just love it when you tell me you're reading one of my stories."

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