Summer of Lust

by EllieB

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, School, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: This summer would change her life forever.

I remember the summer after my first year of college as if it was yesterday. Even though my freshman year at the university had opened my eyes to new and wondrous things, the summer that followed changed my life forever, in more ways than one.

I had grown up in a small town in Northeast Iowa, following in the footsteps of many young women before me. I was on the girls basketball team, learned home economics from a spinster who thought cooking nutritious meals was the most important part of making a marriage work, and discussed the secrets of boys, sex and rock 'n' roll at slumber parties at my friends' houses.

College changed many of my small-town attitudes. There was a big new world out there just waiting to be conquered. The dating scene at the university was far different than what I was used to. I lived in a dorm the first year, and decided it was cramping my style. I had made arrangements to rent an apartment with two other girls next year. I had made many new friends at college, but at the end of the year, I still couldn't wait to get back and see my old friends from high school. Especially Ben.

Ben and I had dated casually in high school. He had actually taken my virginity in the back seat of his parents' car. After high school, we had parted friends, but had sort of drifted apart and gone our separate ways. We had kept in touch just enough for me to know that he had had the same luck with relationships at college. We had both been burned, it seemed. I was looking forward to seeing Ben again. He was like a comfortable pair of old slippers that you don't really appreciate until you've worn some stylish high heels for about eight hours.

It was a beautiful summer day when I ran into him at the gas station. (For those of you not acquainted with small-town life, the gas station is a great place to meet guys.) Ben suggested that we get some beer, and head down to the old mill to go swimming.

The old mill was a place far out in the woods at the end of a dirt road where there used to be a mill powered by a water wheel in the olden days. The old mill was an old stone structure from the 1800's in a scenic wooded valley with a stream winding through grassy meadows. Although probably a busy place at one time, the abandoned farmhouse and mill building there had sat empty for as long as I could remember. While we were in high school, several of us had found the place an ideal place for partying and skinny-dipping. The creek had a flat stone bottom, and the water in the stream was cool and clear.

Ben and I took his car out to the old mill. We caught up on old times a little. When we got there, the place was as idyllic and peaceful as ever. The place was as green with woodland growth as any place on earth. With the blue sky and warm sun overhead, and the green grass underfoot, the place was friendly and warm and inviting. When we parked the car, we walked down to the bank of the stream, and sat down. We each opened a beer and leaned back in the grass. Ben pulled out a joint and lit it. We lay in the sun and watched as the clouds drifted by.

"Isn't it an absolutely perfect day?" Ben asked.

"Yeah," I said, absent-mindedly, "it doesn't get much better than this!"

In a little bit, after we had finished the joint, I was beginning to think that maybe it could get a little better. I decided I really needed to get Ben to make love to me. It had been over a month since I had had sex, and I was about as horny as I could remember ever being in my short life. Oh sure, I had masturbated about every other day since I broke up with Bruce, but that wasn't nearly as satisfactory as having a stiff prick in me.

"Want to go swimming?" I asked.

"I might have some swim trunks in the car." Ben said.

"Who needs those?" I asked.

I started to take off my clothes. Ben grinned and did the same. In no time, we were in the stream, paddling back and forth in the neck-deep part of the swimming hole. After about five minutes of swimming around, I approached Ben and let out a little scream.

"What?" Ben asked as I grabbed him and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"God!" I said, "I think a fish just nibbled on my leg!"

Ben just smiled as I wrapped my legs around his middle. "He didn't get anything else, did he?" Ben held me up by wrapping his arms around me and then reaching down and squeezing my butt cheeks. He knew perfectly well what I was up to. I leaned forward to rub my nipples against his chest and give Ben a tender kiss. "Maybe you'll have to check me over more carefully for fish bites." I said. Ben smiled as I felt his manhood coming up.

"I hear this creek has been stocked with trouser trout." Ben said.

"Mmmm," I said, as I settled more into position, "They're fun to fish for!"

"Yeah," Ben agreed, "but they don't put up much of a fight." He smiled.

I just smiled back as I felt Ben's erection stiffen to full attention. It was lodged in just about the right place and I only had to wiggle my bottom a little to get it lined up perfectly. As I felt it at the entrance, I gave a little push and felt it go in.

As I sank down on it I couldn't help but sigh and say. "You know Ben, I missed you a lot!"

Ben started to pump it into me and said, "I missed you too Jan. This feels so cool!"

There was no pretense about it. We just love screwing, and we both knew it. Ben held me up with his hands as I rocked my hips and ground my pelvic bone against his. We just stayed intertwined and continued to rock.

The sensation of making love under water is so different. I think the sexual tension had built up in both of us so much that we both came almost immediately. I just hung there with my arms around his neck and his prick lodged deep inside me as we recovered. After a few moments, I gave Ben a deep kiss, and let myself down. I led him by the hand up to the grassy bank of the stream and arranged our clothes into a place to lie down. As I lay down, I pulled Ben down on top of me. After the quickie in the water, I was ready for Ben to make love to me long and slow, so I could savor every moment. Ben knew what I wanted, and in only a few minutes, had recovered sufficiently to grant my wish.

As Ben made love to me with long smooth strokes, he would occasionally crane his neck down so he could kiss and suck on one of my nipples. That would cause me to moan each time he did that. Deciding that my breasts needed more attention, I maneuvered Ben so he was on his back and I was on top, straddling him. That way, his hands were free to caress and fondle my sensitive nipples. My breasts aren't all that big, but they seem to be hot-wired directly to the pleasure centers of my brain. Each time Ben would tug on one of my nipples, it would cause the muscles in my twat to contract and twitch. That, in turn seemed to be quickly driving Ben towards the brink of another orgasm. Since I was on top, I thought I could control the pace, but even though I stopped stroking up and down completely, I couldn't stop my hips from squirming and grinding. I sure couldn't stop the convulsing and contractions of my overheated pussy when Ben pinched both of my nipples at once. That was too much for Ben, and I could feel him blast his seed into me for the second time in the last few minutes.

I rolled off him as I felt him start to go limp inside me, and I lay in the soft grass beside him. Ben knew I had been very close to coming, and got up and crawled between my legs, where he lapped and sucked on my clit for the few short minutes it took me to reach climax.

As I lay there in the warm sunshine basking in the afterglow of our little romp, Ben got up and began dressing. I was lying on his jeans, and he tugged on them gently as a sign that he wanted them. I decided to get dressed myself, and pulled my jeans and top on.

Ben then went up to the car and got a couple of beers, and we sat on the stream bank for quite a while talking about school and soaking up the warm summer sun.

The little valley was overwhelmingly green and lush. It was overgrown with maple and oak trees, and the ground was still dappled with the wildflowers of spring. There seemed to be an unusual number of butterflies and the chirping of the birds and buzz of insects only seemed to make the valley seem more quiet and isolated. Big puffy white clouds drifted overhead, and I began to think about just taking my clothes off again and spending the afternoon getting an all-over tan.

Suddenly, we heard the racket of an electric saw nearby. Ben and I looked towards the source of the sound. It seemed to be coming from the old mill. Ben looked at me and asked. "Did you see a car when we pulled in?"

"No," I said. "It didn't look like anyone else was here to me."

"Want to go see what's up?" Ben asked.

"Sure." I said, getting to my feet, and picking up my beer.

We both wandered over towards the old mill, and just as we reached the door, heard the noise of the saw again, now definitely coming from inside. Just as Ben was about to knock, the door flew open and a longhaired guy carrying a board came striding out and almost walked right into Ben. I couldn't tell who was the most startled.

"Holy Shit!" The longhaired character exclaimed, dropping the board. "Jeez, Ben! You scared the hell out of me!"

Ben had jumped back and was wiping beer he had spilled on himself off his shirt. He laughed and said, "Sorry Jake, I was just about to knock. What the hell are you doing here?"

I suddenly recognized Jake Watts, who had been about three years ahead of us in school. His dark hair had grown long, and he had it pulled back into a ponytail. Jake looked at Ben and laughed. "Working on the kitchen."

"Kitchen?" Ben and I asked in unison.

"Yeah, I'm livin' here now. Want to see the place?" Jake asked, picking up his board and turning back into the place.

I had never seen the inside of the old mill, so I didn't know what to expect. As Ben and I entered, we could see that Jake had been busy, and that there was a table saw and a bunch of sawdust in the corner off to our right. Otherwise, it looked a lot like those restaurants that are made out of restored old factories, with lots of antique furniture and rough old barn boards. There was a pot-bellied stove in the middle of the "kitchen", and we could see the beginnings of a wall to cover the rough limestone in the "living room". It was all very rustic and actually looked quite cozy.

"Wow!" Ben said, "How long have you been living here?"

"Since last August." Jake said. "It was a little cold through the winter, but a little insulation here and there should help that."

Since Ben and I both had beers, Jake went over to the antique fridge and got himself a beer. "C'mon, I'll show you the rest of the place." He said, as he led the way downstairs.

On the lower level, we could see that there was still some of the old machinery off to one side. Jake opened a door off the main room to reveal a cozy den of sorts. There were plush chairs and cushions all over the room, and the whole interior was covered with plush oriental rugs. There were candles here and there, along with stereo speakers, and beside one of the chairs, an elaborate hookah. A den indeed!

Jake then showed us the back door that opened out towards the creek. I noticed that there were hooks by the door, and several fuzzy robes hanging there. Outside, there was a patio with a grill on it and several reclining deck chairs. The creek came right up to the edge of the patio. The way the old mill was situated on the bend on the creek and hidden in the valley, you would never see this little area behind the mill when coming in on the road.

"Wow!" I said. "Has this always been here?" I went over to the edge of the patio by the creek, and noticed stone steps leading into the water.

"Well, the water has always pooled up here by the mill," Jake said, "which is probably the reason they built the thing here in the first place. But I just got the patio put in this spring. Pretty nice place to hang out, don't you think?" Jake settled into one of the deck chairs and motioned us to do the same. We did.

Ben pulled out what was left of the joint and lit it up. We passed that back and forth a few times, until we were completely mellowed out, and just laying there soaking up the sun and enjoying the afternoon.

Pretty soon, Jake got up and asked, "Either of you want another beer?"

"Sure!" Ben said.

"Why not?" I said.

Jake returned a minute later with more and handed them to us. "Jeff and Christine were planning on coming out this afternoon to go swimming and grill some burgers. You guys want to stay and eat?"

Ben and I looked at each other and shrugged. "Sounds like a plan!" I said. "Is there anything we need to run into town and get?"

Jake sat down and said. "I don't think so. I've got plenty of food and beer."

We sat there, soaking up the sun, listening to Jake tell how he had come to live here, and how he had been working to fix the place up. After a bit, we heard a car coming down the only road into the valley, and we got up to see if it was Jeff and Christine. It was. They pulled up in Jeff's Mustang and got out of the car and came in carrying a case of beer and a bag of groceries.

"Wow!" Christine said, "I didn't know you guys were back together!" She put the groceries down and came over to give me a hug. We had been good friends in high school, but she had gone to the U of I, and we had kind of lost track of each other. I knew Jeff too, but not as well. Ben and I just looked at each other and sort of nodded.

"You two are sure looking great!" I said. I wasn't kidding. Christine had her dark hair cut short, which framed her face nicely. She was wearing a pink halter top that was thin enough that it didn't leave much to the imagination, and denim shorts cut so low that I was sure she needed to trim her pubes to keep them from peeking out above the belt. Christine had been the prom queen, not only because she had a perfect face and luscious figure, but also because she could pull it off without being a bitch. She was one of the crazier friends I had in high school, and everybody liked her.

College had been good to Jeff as well. He had always been a blonde hunk, but his muscles now bulged under his tee-shirt, and the shorts he was wearing showed off his tight buns perfectly. I couldn't help but watch as he bent over to put the groceries in the fridge. Ben caught me ogling Jeff's buns and gave me a look that told me I was being obvious.

"So, Jeff, are you in wrestling or football?" I asked. Jeff grabbed two beers, handed one to Christine, and said, "Both, for now. I'm sure I'll have to decide on one or the other soon, but not until I go back in the fall."

"You're looking pretty good yourself!" Christine said, opening her beer. "You still playing volleyball?"

"Yeah," I said, "I'm actually on two teams, so I get to play a lot."

"I love your hair!" She said. "Is that all from the sun, or are you highlighting it?"

"Oh, the sun helps, but I had it done." I said. "I'm thinking of just going completely blonde. What do you think?"

"Go for it!" Christine said. "You'll look great."

Jake went to get another beer, and looked really small next to Jeff. Jeff was really big, and Jake was more my size, about 5'- 7". Both were very attractive guys in their own way, but so very different. We all headed downstairs and to the patio. Jake and Ben led the way.

Ben and Jake went right out onto the patio, but when Jeff and Christine got to the bottom of the stairs, they stopped and started taking their clothes off. This caught me off guard more than a little, and Christine noticed me staring as she shed the halter-top and pushed her shorts off her hips.

"You going swimming?" She asked.

"Uh... sure!" I said, trying to appear cool with this whole thing.

"Just hang your stuff here." She said, indicating the row of hooks on the wall. "There's plenty of robes here. Just take the one you like."

I hesitated just long enough to watch Christine get completely nude, hang here clothes on a hook, and put on a short terry cloth robe. Jeff was not far behind, and I tried not to let Christine see me checking out Jeff's muscle tone as he got naked. I couldn't help it. Jeff's penis was average in size, but Jeff didn't carry an ounce of fat, and his muscles rippled under that wonderfully tanned skin. Neither Christine nor Jeff showed the least bit of self-consciousness at taking their clothes off in front of me, and I finally started to disrobe myself, hoping I looked as cool as they had. I picked out a terry-cloth robe much like Christine's and we headed outside. Ben and Jake were trying to light the grill. I could see that Ben had lit up another joint, and Jeff headed in their direction. I followed Christine over to the steps that led into the water. She doffed her robe and hung it on one of several hooks on a tree limb right by the water.

Christine really did have a perfect body, and I noticed the guys' sidelong glances in her direction as she stepped into the water. Of course, being guys, they discretely checked me out too, as I followed suit, and walked into the creek.

Christine and I paddled around the quiet pool, talking about school, and catching up on old times. She was telling me what a relief it was to get away from the repressed attitudes of a small town and how liberated she felt at college. I had to admit that, I too, had felt like life was amazingly freer at school. I was going on about something like that when I noticed that the guys were joining us in the water. They had all changed into robes, and what stopped me short was the sight of Jake as he hung his robe on the hook on the tree and slipped into the water.

I had never imagined a penis as large as the one that hung between Jake's legs. Oh sure, I had led a sheltered existence, and have, in the years since, seen several larger penises, but I remember stopping in mid sentence, and staring, with my mouth open at the size of that thing. Christine followed my gaze and laughed. "You need to get out more, Jan!"

I recovered my composure somewhat, and swam over to her. "My God!" I whispered, "I had no idea Jake's cock was so big!"

Christine just giggled as Ben and Jeff swam over towards us. Before the guys reached us, Jeff disappeared under water. In the next moment Christine squealed and reached down to pull Jeff up and out of the water. Jeff was laughing.

"You do that again, and I'll have to hold you down there!" Christine threatened.

Ben had paddled up behind me and wrapped his arms around me. He was unabashedly groping me in front of Jeff and Christine. Then he tickled me, and I doubled over. When he quit, I reached out and pushed his head under water. A brief splashing fight broke out and after a few minutes of that I noticed that Jake was up to something downstream, where the ruins of the dam were.

"What do you suppose Jake is up to?" I asked of no one in particular.

"Looks like he's trying to get something off the bottom." Jeff said. We all waded in the direction of Jake, who was disappearing under water at intervals.

"What are you up to Jake?" Ben asked.

"Moving some of the rocks so that the dam doesn't wash out any more." Jake said.

We all pitched in and helped Jake move rocks for a while until Christine said she was chilled and crawled up on the bank to warm up in the bright sunshine. I could see that she was covered with goose bumps, and her nipples were crinkled up to stiff little nubbins.

I realized that I was getting terribly chilled too, and crawled out myself. Christine had stretched out in the soft grass, oblivious to the fact that the guys were ogling her every time they moved another rock into place.

Noticing me getting out, Jake said, "There's a blanket on the wall there, if you want one," indicating the rock wall a few feet away. I got it and returned to where Christine lay in the grass, and spread it out next to her. I stretched out on the blanket next to her, leaving her room beside me. I realized that I too was covered with goose bumps, and that my nipples were at full attention. (My boobs might not be as big and perfect as Christine's, but my nipples are really long when they're stiff. All my boyfriends have commented on that.)

The sun was very warm compared to the chilly water, and I warmed quickly. Christine scooted onto the blanket next to me at my invitation, and we stretched out to watch the guys work, as they watched us relax and warm up.

"Isn't this cool?" Christine asked me quietly.

"Skinny-dipping?" I asked.

"Well, yeah," she said, "and being able to lie out here without worrying about having to cover up?"

"I hadn't really thought about it." I replied. "We used to come down here when we were in high school and go skinny-dipping."

"But did you lay out in the sun afterwards so the guys could watch you?" She asked.

"Well, no," I said, "I never did that in high school. We'd usually get right back into our clothes after swimming."

"And most of the girls would hide behind the bushes to get dressed and undressed," Christine said, "and most of the guys."

"Have you and Jeff been coming down here a lot?" I asked.

"About every weekend." She said.

"Do you guys usually do this?" I asked.

"Go without the clothes?" She asked.


"And then some..." she said, with a sly smile.

"And then some?" I said as I looked at her incredulously. "What does that mean?"

"Well," she said, "it's a really free feeling when you lose some of those small-town hang-ups and let go a little bit."

I thought about that a little and said, "I didn't think I had a lot of small-town hang-ups."


"Well, I haven't exactly been stuck in a convent this last year," I said. "You might be surprised at some of the things that go on down at school in Des Moines."

Just then Jeff came trudging up out of the creek, covered with goose bumps and shivering. He actually looked a little blue. "Boy, that water's a little cool if you stay in it too long!" He brushed the water from himself and stood at our feet, looking admiringly at the two of us.

Christine smiled at Jeff, and looked directly at his crotch. "The water must be really cold!" She said.

Jeff looked down at his shriveled prick and grinned back at Christine. "Maybe I need to warm it up a little, somehow." He winked at me as he headed over to the tree where the robes were hung. Ben and Jake came wandering out of the creek, also looking like they'd spent a little too long in the water. Even shriveled up, Jake's cock looked big. Both he and Ben stood at our feet, brushing water off and eyeing Christine and I appreciatively.

When Jeff came back he had all the robes, and handed one to Ben and one to Jake. Then he offered one to Christine, who stood up and took it. She winked at Jake and said "Maybe we should try a bowl of that hash you've got, Jake." Both Jake and Jeff smiled at the suggestion.

Ben shrugged and looked at me, saying, "I'm up for about anything." He offered me a hand as I stood up, and helped me into my robe.

Jake led the way into the den, and plopped into the couch next to the hookah. Christine sat to the left of him, and Jeff, Ben and I took the chairs that made up the rest of the circle. As Jake worked on loading the hookah, Christine adjusted her robe slightly. It was quite short, and she pulled it down slightly. Although this kept the robe from revealing the nicely trimmed pussy, it made the top loosen up so the sides of her breasts showed a little more. Christine was a natural-born exhibitionist.

"So Jan," she said, "tell me more about what goes on in Des Moines."

Jake looked up with interest, and asked, "Pretty wild parties?"

Ben perked up and said, "Yeah, I want to hear about some of this."

"What's the wildest thing you've seen down there?" Christine asked, egging me on.

"Well," I said, "There was this one big party where about a dozen people were playing strip poker, and things got a little carried away."

"Really?" Ben asked. "What happened?"

"Were you in the poker game?" Jake asked.

"Not to begin with." I said. "Bruce and I didn't get there until later. The party was really going strong by the time I got there. Actually the poker game going on downstairs was just a warm up for the one going on upstairs."

"Who's Bruce?" Jeff asked indelicately.

"A guy I used to date." I explained. I quickly checked Ben to see if he showed any signs of jealousy. I needn't have bothered, I guess. Ben is like a big loyal dog that isn't phased by anything.

Jake had finished loading the hookah and had taken a long drag. He passed the hose to me, so I took a hit. It was really sweet tasting hash, nothing like I'd ever had before.

"So where was this party? At a bar or a house, or what?" Christine wanted to know.

"It was this big old house on the edge of town, and it was famous for the killer parties that went on there." I explained. "Anyway, there was about ten people playing strip poker downstairs. We knew most of them. About half of the guys were down to their boxers, and three of the girls were down to just their panties. It didn't take Bruce and I long to figure out that some of these folks were losing on purpose."

"Wow, " Jeff said, "why would they be losing on purpose?"

"Well, we figured out that if you lost at the table downstairs, you'd have to go upstairs and play for 'penalties' to get your clothes back."

"What kind of 'penalties'?" Jake asked, taking another hit off the hookah and handing it to me.

"They wouldn't tell us right away. You had to play the game to find out."

"What if you won at the downstairs table?" Ben asked.

"Well, If you won more than five pieces of someone else's clothing you got to go upstairs and be one of the judges." I said.

"Did you and Bruce play?" Christine asked, now completely interested. I noticed that I had everyone's undivided attention, and even I was getting into my story. The hash we were smoking was having a wonderfully loosening effect on us all.

"After we had a few drinks, we decided we'd have to play so we could find out what was going on upstairs. We asked some of the people that were coming back down, but none of them would tell us. It seemed like they all had their clothes back and some were fired up to get back into the game downstairs. They all said that we'd just have to try if we wanted to find out."

"So did you?" Jake asked. I noticed that there was a bulge developing under the robe in Jake's lap.

"Yeah," I said, "Bruce and I decided to try it. Bruce is a pretty good poker player, and it didn't take too long before he had won ten pieces of clothing. Some of it was mine. I'm not very good at poker, I guess."

"So Bruce got to go upstairs to be a judge?" Jake asked.

"Yeah, and it didn't take long before I had lost all my clothes, and I got to go upstairs too."

"So what went on upstairs?" Christine asked.

"There was another table up there where about eight people were sitting around playing one of those adult board games. You got to roll dice, and move around the board. Every now and then you landed on a spot where you had to draw a card. Sometimes you had to french kiss the guy to your right or something like that. Of course, with no clothes on, there was a lot of groping going on.

"They had printed up some of their own cards too, so they had a couple of special things set up."

"Like what?" Ben asked.

"Well, they had a blanket tacked up in a doorway to the room, and if you got one of the special cards, the three guys on your left went in the other room."

"Then what?" Christine asked, taking another hit off the hookah.

"There was a hole cut in the blanket, where one of the guys would stick his cock through. You'd give the guy on the other side a blow job and then you'd have to guess which one it was."

"Wow!" Ben said, "Did you get to do it?"

" I didn't get that one," I said, "I got one of the other ones, so I got to sit in a chair on the other side of the blanket and guess who was eating me."

"So how did you win?" Jake asked.

"It was complicated. The rest of the people at the table had flash cards like judges at the Olympics. If you gave the guy a really incredible blow job, they'd hold up scores like 5.8, 5.9, 5.9, 5.8, and 5.9! Everybody was so drunk, I don't think anybody really cared if they actually won or not."

I noticed that as I had described the party, bulges had started to form under each of the guys' robes. Even Christine looked flushed and excited, and I could see that her nipples were poking through the robe.

The hash we were smoking seemed to have a very stimulating effect on me as well, and I noticed that my own nipples were at full attention. I found out later that it was some very special hash.

"You guys want to play truth or dare?" Jake asked. Everybody sort of grinned and shrugged. (I think we were all loosened up to the point where we'd do or say about anything.)

"Since it was your idea, you can go first. " Jeff said to Jake.

"Truth." Jake said.

Christine spoke up, glancing at me with a sly grin. "Tell Jan exactly how long your cock is."

I know I blushed. Jake turned to me with a smile and said, "Ten inches."

"Whoa!" Jeff said. "That sounds like a little bit of an exaggeration. You'll have to prove that." Jeff took a sip of his beer and a hit off the hookah and grinned. Christine piped in and asked if Jake had a ruler. There was one in the kitchen, and Ben volunteered to get it since he wanted another beer anyway. He came back with beers for everybody and handed the ruler to Christine, who was seated next to Jake.

"OK, big guy, let's see how you measure up!" Christine said, looking expectantly at Jake. Jake pulled the robe open, and his semi-erect cock popped out. Christine wrapped her right hand around it and stood the ruler next to it with her left hand. Actually, Christine couldn't actually get her fingers completely around the enormous tool, but she gently stroked up and down a little until Jake's member was at full attention.

I found myself getting terribly turned on by watching this. I could see that Jeff and Ben both had tents in their laps as they watched Christine measure Jake's cock. Christine took what seemed a long time, lazily stroking and carefully checking the ruler. I could see from where I sat that it was a good ten inches long. It was also thicker than most I'd ever seen, and I found myself wondering what that thing would feel like inside of me, assuming I could somehow make it fit.

"You better be careful where you aim that thing!" Jeff said to Christine, laughing. "You never know if it'll go off or not."

"If she keeps that up much longer, it's bound to go off!" Jake said, as Christine continues to lazily stroke Jake.

"I guess he was telling the truth." Said Christine, looking at me.

"It's your turn, Christine." Ben said. "Truth or Dare?"

Christine reluctantly released Jake's massive tool and set the ruler down. Then she took a hit off the hookah. She was breathing rather heavily and took a minute to calm down. The sexual tension in the room was electric and thick enough that you could cut it with a knife.

"Truth!" She said at last, releasing a huge cloud of hash smoke.

Jake looked at her with a grin and asked, "How often do you masturbate?"

Christine considered that for a moment, and took a sip of beer. "That kind of depends."

"On what?" I asked.

"On whether or not I have Jeff around or not." She said.

"Well, on average, then." Jake asked. I noticed that he had only partially closed his robe, and I could still see his prick slowly pulsing as it slightly deflated.

"Maybe once a week." Christine said. "You know, I actually had a seminar at school on how to masturbate."

"Are you kidding?" Ben asked incredulously.

"No, not at all!" Christine said. "It was one of those feminine sexual awareness things. There was about eight of us in the seminar, and we did all sorts of exercises to make us comfortable with our sexuality. I thought it would be a cool seminar to go to."

"So, what did they do, pass out dildos, or what?" Ben asked, sitting forward on the edge of his chair.

"No, silly! It was really rather an interesting experience. We all took a long time to get to know each other, and there was a lot of trust-building exercises. We all promised not to think that masturbation was perverted or anything."

"Then what?" I asked.

"Eventually, we all took all our clothes off, and sat around in a circle to admire each other's bodies. The instructor showed us the 'proper' way to masturbate, and we sat in a circle and masturbated for 30 minutes."

"30 minutes?" Ben asked. "Exactly?"

"Yeah," Christine explained. "We weren't allowed to come until the instructor said so. It was really intense at the end. I didn't think I could do it."

"So you had a circle jerk?" Jeff asked. We all laughed at that.

"Yeah, I guess you could say so." Christine said, "but it was such a cool experience, I think it was a little beyond that."

"So what exactly is the 'proper' way to masturbate?" Ben asked Christine.

Everybody chuckled at that one.

"Haven't you ever watched a woman masturbate properly, Ben?" Jake asked.

Ben looked at me with a shy smile, like he didn't know what to say.

"I think Christine should show Ben exactly what the 'proper' way is!" Jeff, said, winking at Christine.

"That sounds like a dare." Christine said, grinning as she took another hit.

I looked at Ben, and he looked at me. This was really getting out of hand. Both of us were so high on that amazing hash. We were among close friends, and we seemed to be so cozy and warm and intimate. I, for one, was amused and waited to see how Christine would respond.

Jeff took a hit off the hookah, and said, "I just think we all should have our feminine awareness raised a little."

"All of us?" Christine asked, looking at Ben and I and then Jake.

"Sure!" Ben said, just trying to egg Christine on.

"Go for it!" I said. Jake chimed in with his encouragement too.

"OK," Christine said, "Will you all do exactly as I say?"

"I will!" Jeff said.

I wasn't thinking very hard about this, I guess. The effect of the hash made me so uninhibited, that it didn't seem shocking at all. "I'm game!" I said.

Jake and Ben both nodded.

"OK then," Christine said leaning back in her seat, "everybody follow along. Just lean back and get comfortable."

We all leaned back in the chairs and couch like Christine had.

"Now, we are going to do this for each other. You have to trust that you are among friends and that there is nothing you will do that will be a cause for embarrassment, and that there is no reason to be shy." Christine started.

"I think we're all big kids here." Jake said.

"And this is our secret, and whatever happens here just stays between us here?" Christine asked.

We all nodded in unison. I was fascinated with the turn of events, and wondered exactly what was going to happen next.

"Everybody loosen up a little, and open your robes." Christine said as she pulled her robe open to expose her full breasts and neatly trimmed pussy. She was lying back so that her ass was on the edge of the couch and her legs were slightly parted. The lips of her twat were already reddened and pouting, and her hands were roaming from her tummy to her breasts. She began to toy with her nipples. I noticed that all eyes were fixed on Christine.

All three of the guys had followed suit, and had opened their robes to show off their family jewels. Jeff's cock was magnificently hard, and he was lazily stroking it, and toying with his balls. Ben was playing with his balls with one hand and rubbing his member to a nice erection. I opened my robe as well, not wanting to appear like I was the odd one. Actually, I was quite aroused with the whole turn of events, and found it exciting and intimate to show off for the others.

Christine let her hands roam across her tummy and down her thighs, and she spread her legs slightly. "OK," she said, "We're doing this for each other, so you have to give everybody a really good view." Christine then ran her fingers across the lips of her pussy and held it as if to display it.

Jeff and Ben both followed suit, spreading their legs wide to show off their balls. Jeff reached under his to heft them and roll them around impressively. This was making me really hot. I spread my legs more, and ran a finger up and down the length of my slit. As I got back to the top, I used my fingers to spread my labia slightly so that my clit was exposed. I touched it gently with the tip of my finger, and felt myself quiver.

"OK now," Christine said, "Go slow. The idea is to make this last a half an hour. No fair coming until I say so." Christine made slow lazy circles with her finger in the curls of her hair of her crotch.

"Oh wow," Ben said, as he stopped stroking his cock and just held it as it twitched, "I don't know if I can go half an hour!"

"You'll just have to try to control yourself." Christine said. She was really putting on a show now. She had pulled her pussy lips apart to expose the pink wetness inside.

I watched Ben. He was rubbing the underside of his cock just behind the head, making little circles with his middle finger. The head was purple and swollen.

Glancing at Jake, I saw him slowly stroke the length of his cock with his left hand. The monster had blue veins snaking up the length of it, and as it pulsed slightly, the veins would move with the skin. He was watching me intently, his eyes fixed on my finger as it traced a lazy circle around my clit. I could feel my twat start to ooze as I got more and more aroused. Some of the sperm that Ben had spewed inside of me earlier was leaking out.

Christine looked at Ben and asked, "Do you ever play with your nipples when you masturbate?"

Ben was staring directly at Christine, who was tugging at a nipple with one hand as her other massaged her pussy.

"I never thought my nipples were very sensitive, I guess." Ben said, as he tried fondling one of his tentatively. "I guess it does feel kind of nice though. I know Jan just loves to have her nipples played with."

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