Some Warmth

by Perdition

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Masturbation, 2nd POV, .

Desc: Sex Story: On a cold day, a young woman remembers the hot story she read the night before

The air howls through the branches of the trees outside, causing the snow on the ground to mix with the snow falling from the clouds to create a swirling vortex of diamond shards outside your window. The sound is enough to make you shiver, despite still being wrapped snugly in your blanket, the satin sheets sliding over your skin as you roll around in bed, trying to find the warmest spot. It's not working, however, the sound of shriek of the wind making you feel cold no matter how you move about. The feel of the satin is starting to have a different effect, however, one that creates a warmth inside you, rather than one outside. Suddenly, your mind flashes back on the story you read on your computer right before going to bed last night. The story had been e-mailed to you from a complete stranger, one with whom you've only had a few short e-mails over the Adult dating site. The thought of the story creates a warmth, as if a tiny candle had been struck against the freezing cold. You want only to fan that little flame, to make it burst forth in a roaring fire, one that might consume you from the inside, and in the state you're beginning to reach, you think you'd probably enjoy that. You lie flat on your back and grab the top edge of the sheet, slowly pulling it left and right, forward and backward. The satin slides slowly over your nipples, which have suddenly decided they're no longer hard from the cold, but rather for another reason entirely. As you lie there, remembering the steamy story you had read, your left hand slowly releases the sheet and slides under. For a brief moment, the passage of your hand pushes the sheet away from your breasts, and the loss of sensation is almost painful. You quickly drop your hand to your stomach, and the satin settles back onto your body, your other hand continuing its almost excruciating dance, dragging the sheet around in circles. Your free hand gets back into the act, dragging your fingernails along your stomach, swirling around your belly button for a few seconds, before being pushed along by a growing need. Lower and lower it slides, as if being pushed by an invisible lover, scratching lightly over the stubble where your pubic hair has been shaved, finding another little rise at the apex of your legs.

The story you read last night had been about a girl much like yourself, but who had decided to meet someone from an online adult dating site. The girl had agreed to meet this guy at a hotel halfway between the different cities they lived in. The guy had agreed to pay for the hotel and any other expenses that might arise, but beyond an idea of his age, she had known absolutely nothing about him. She arrived at the hotel around 5pm, just as she had agreed to do, walked through the lobby, imagining that every one there knew what she was there to do. The blood was pounding in her ears, and there was a definite moistness between her legs. It was almost impossible for her to imagine that no one else could hear the squishing noises she made every time she took a step, or smell the musty aroma that had to be following behind her, expanding from her like the wake of a ship. Standing in the elevator, she was alone. She dropped her head back against the wall, and had second thoughts for just a second, before the doors slid aside to reveal the 5th floor. The hallway she looked out on was the same as every hallway in every hotel in America: floral prints on the carpet, brighter at the edges and fading to almost a lifeless gray down the center where everyone walked. The wallpaper was a mild red color, almost pink, with doors standing sentinel every few yards. The second thoughts still hanging in the back of her mind, she walked slowly down the hall until she stood in front of the one leading to room 538, the one he had told her would be theirs.

Tentatively she raised a hand to knock, hesitated, then with a deep breath, reached forward again to rap her knuckles on the door. From inside, she heard a muffled, "It's open." With a hand that was definitely shaking, she saw, she reached forward to grab the handle and press downward. The door snapped open a crack, revealing a faint glow on the other side. She pushed, widening that line of light, until she had the door fully open. The glow was coming from a single lamp, with a heavy fabric draped over it, blocking out all but the faintest light. She could see a figure standing at the far end of the room, but nothing more. He was standing in shadow, only the outline of his head and shoulders giving him away. She could see he was tall, 6 feet 3 or 4 inches.

This is where your hand finally reaches its slow trek down your stomach. Imagining yourself standing in that door way, seeing the shape of a man, and knowing that before the night is out, you will know him in a much more profound way, and he will know you just as well. Your index fingers slides down the little crease in your mound, feeling the moisture gathering there, making your inner lips feel smooth and slightly sticky. Your finger slides all the way down to right above your ass hole, as in your mind, the girl closes the door and walks farther into the room. Now, in your mind, you are that girl, you feel her exhilaration as well as her nervousness and even a slight fear. Your nipples are on fire now, as hard as they've ever been, you almost expect to see them start ripping through the satin sheet, whose movement is now getting jerkier as your attention begins to focus on the other hand. With your whole hand cupping your pussy, you give it a little squeeze, pushing the heel of your palm down firmly, right on top of the hood covering your suddenly awakening clit.

The girl walks to the middle of the room, her left leg brushing the covers of the bed, when the man raises his hand and tells her to stop and turn around. She does so, her skirt flaring slightly at the twirl, but quickly steeling back around her thighs, fully 2 inches above her knees. She can softly hear the man's footsteps as he walks up behind her. She feels the breeze as he moves, and then a warmer breeze as his breath dances across the little hairs on her neck. With no other bodily contact, her kisses her neck, moving up to nibble on her ear lobe, then kisses across to the other side, where he gives the same attention to her other ear. Her hands rise on their own accord, to try and wrap themselves around his neck, but he quickly reaches out, and entwines his fingers in hers, holding her hands firmly at her sides. A sigh escapes her lips, her head tilted as he works his way further around her neck and down to her shoulder. One of his hands releases hers, and pushes the little strap of material off her should, she feels it dangling along her upper arm. His kisses follow after it, traveling across her shoulder. Now, from the corner of her eye, she can see his dark hair, hanging in his face, still hiding it from plain view. With strap off her shoulder, his hand returns to hers, and the process repeats itself on her other side. With a swift movement, both hands grab the bottom of her shirt, and pull it up over her head. Once again, her arms rise to help his progress. The air hits her braless breasts, and her nipples pucker up like fingertips after a long soak in a warm bath. His lips back on her neck as his hands slide down her arms, lightly tickling her arm pits, before continuing down her side, to slide across her waist and meet at the snap of her skirt. His fingers expertly undo her snap, pull down the zipper, and the skirt falls in a pool around her ankles. His hands stay at her waist, the pinky on each one resting on the edge of her panties. Her eyes are closed, her neck tilted as far as possible to give his questing lips as much room as she can. His hands trail up her stomach, making the exact same trip your hands have completed only moments before, but in reverse. As his hands finally reach their destination and cup her breasts, the nipples sticking out between his index and middle fingers, you suddenly kick the covers off, you no longer hear the wind, and your body is feeling much too warm to remain covered. The crisp air hits your skin, like an exquisite knife, causing your back to arch, just slightly, your toes to curl and a moan of your won to escape your lips.

The man steps closer to her, and she can tell he's naked. His throbbing cock pressed up against her panty-clad ass cheeks, the head rubbing along the base of spine, leaving a slightly sticky trail of pre-cum along her skin as it moves with his heartbeat. The fingers of his hands press together, trapping her nipples between them, and the start to twist and pull. He doesn't stop her this time as her arms reach up and around his neck. With the graceful movement of two dancers, they move together onto the bed, both on their knees, she still in front of him, he still sending tingling shivers of pain of desire through her nipples, exploding in her mind, and shooting down to gather at her pussy. He pushes her onto her hands and knees, and he slides his hands back to her waist. With a slowness that makes her cry out in frustration, he slides her panties off her ass and down her legs, his mouth and tongue following, kissing and nipping on each cheek, biting her thigh, and then pulling one leg out straight at a time, he slips the panties off her body completely, kissing the bottom of her feet, and tickling her toes with his tongue.

Your hand is still squeezing your pussy, the squishing sounds getting louder and the pressure on your clit making you gasp. Your other hand has begun twisting and pulling your nipples, much as the guy n the story had, your back is now fully arched, your legs sliding along the satin bed cover, your feet and toes curling and uncurling as bolts of pleasure shoot through your body. Slight beads of moisture have begun to gather on your brow, your upper lip and between your breasts. Your teeth take a death grip on your lower lip, the pain increasing your arousal and keeping you from making too much noise. Your parents are still asleep in the room next to yours, and this is not how you want them to awaken.

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