A New Moon Lights Their Way To Happiness!

by Dag123

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: In the endearing Romance of Craig and Julie'"Events begin to move forward rapidly! Julie and her daughters now live with Craig. To help Julie prepare for their coming nuptials, Craig asks Julie to meet a mysterious friend, a sophisticated older woman, who will teach a naïve Julie that sometimes the Rich really are different!

Julie was up early! No longer working—each new day was a pleasant reminder that she now had everyday to herself. She had discovered, with her and her two girls living with her fiancé, Craig—that everyday had become a lovely day.

It's so warm and comforting to be in love with someone as wonderful as Craig. I love our life together, she thought to herself. Who ever knew anyone could be this happy.

She found herself happily humming a little tune as she fixed a breakfast of sausage and scrambled eggs for herself and the girls.

Once her cooking was underway, Julie hurried in to check on her sleeping daughters Aimee and Lacy. She smiles when she notices that little four year old Lacy had sometime during the night crawled into bed with her seven year old big sister, Aimee.

I am so happy they still like to sleep together, she thought. I want them to always remain close.

A bittersweet memory came drifting back as she remembered their former shabby little two-room apartment. The three of them had shared one bedroom—she had slept on a little day bed—Aimee and Lacy had slept together sharing the other bigger bed.

"Girls—Aimee... , Lacy... , time to get up for school. Breakfast is almost ready."

"Okay Mommy," they said, rubbing sleep from their eyes.

Back in the kitchen, Julie thought about how things had changed for them. It was like an escape—an economic escape from grinding poverty to a bright new life with Craig—who delighted in giving them everything, including his own special kind of love and affection.

He has made us so happy, she thought. Just thinking about it caused tears of joy to well up in her soft brown eyes. She felt grateful, happy and secure—and above all else, she felt— truly loved for the first time in her life.

Wiping her moist brown eyes, —she continued to fix breakfast. A moment later, she felt Craig's warm arms encircling her.

"Good Morning, Sweetheart," he said.

Turning toward him with a smile—her moist lips felt so warm and good against his mouth.

"Good morning, Honey!" she says. "Are you hungry... ?"

"For you... always!" he said.

"No silly," she said, with a little laugh. "I meant for food."

"I'll have some of whatever you're fixing," he said. "Is the girls up yet?"

"They should be—would you mind going in and checking on them?" she said.

A few moment later, he came back into the kitchen with both of Julie's daughters in tow.

Looking at the three of them, Julie thought happily, He really does love them, and it's obvious they adore him.

Breakfast was a hurried affair. Julie sent the girls off to collect their things for school.

Now that the two of them were alone again, Craig said. "God, Julie, I get so hungry for you every time we're close to each other."

"I know, darling," Julie murmured softly. "I feel the same way."

"You should have told me loving you would be so wonderful—I would have insisted you and the girls move in with me sooner," he said, gently nuzzling her warm soft neck.

"I know you want me, darling and I promise you we'll do it as often as we can find a way to sneak it in. I want to make you so happy... I'm sorry I can't give it to you more often.

Let's really plan to do it every time we have any privacy. Like once I take the girls to school today... ," she whispered sexily in his ear.

"Okay?" Julie whispered. I'll hurry... ! she promised.

Looking out the window, Craig watched Julie and the girls leave. He felt a raging hard on building. He was so sexually aroused picturing her coming back through the door—minus the girls.

He could hardly wait to have her. She had on a little flowery summer dress. Maybe I won't even let her take it off. I'll just take her!

True to her word, less than a half hour later he heard her car pulling back into their garage. He could hear her climbing the stairs. A moment later, all smiles, Julie came back through the door.

"Glad to see me... ?" Julie said, with a mischievous little smirk.

"Come over here, you sexy little bitch. Give me a kiss," he ordered, laughing at her smart aleck remark.

Julie came over—buried her delicate fingers in his thick head of hair—kissed him hard on his lips with her moist hungry little mouth.

Craig groaned in sexual agony. A moment later, his fingers were caressing their way up Julie's warm thighs. Reaching her longed for brown hairy Oasis, he received a shock!

"You're not wearing any panties... !" he laughed. "I knew there was a reason I loved you so much," he said, his husky voice betraying his excitement.

Julie couldn't resist bating an aroused Craig a bit further. "Be careful Mister... , you're starting something both of us are going to have a lot of fun finishing..."

Picking Julie up in his arms, he carried her through the house to their bedroom and deposited her on their big bed.

"Want to do me with my dress on?" she teased.

"Yes... ! He said.

"Why don't I do the woman astride? Would you like that?" she said, already knowing the answer.

"Yes... ! I can't wait." he said his breathing harsh and labored from his arousal.

Crawling up to her knees, Julie raised her dress up high enough to swing astride Craig. Craig immediately felt his engorged cock rubbing against her warm upper thighs.

With his swollen cock lodged hard against her thighs, he pushed up. He loved the sensation. The feel of his cock brushing against her warm sexy thighs ignited his arousal to a feverish pitch.

He had to have her.

"Why don't you lie back and let me give it to you real good—you won't have to do a thing?" Julie whispered leaning down to fervently kiss his dry lips parched from his arousal.

"Okay... ," he said, looking up into Julies little face so full of love. For him, the moment was exquisite—indescribable.

He felt Julie's warm delicate fingers encircle his swollen aching cock. The heat from her fingers caused a low moan of desire to escape his lips.

"Aaaaaa... !" he said, his exquisite agony was combined with the sexual expectation of knowing she was about to guide his huge cock up inside her. It gave him such a hungry feeling of love and longing.

Hovering just above him, Julie looked down at Craig's contorted face. In his eyes so full of desire—she could see his hunger for her.

"I'm going to take you inside me now, darling," Julie said, her soft intimate voice just a whisper.

"Once I do, Honey, don't worry about being gentle. I'm a big girl—I won't break, "she said, smiling down at him letting him know how much she wanted to make it good for him.

Craig gave a little moan of desire. He felt her guide his aching engorged cock down the center of her brown hairy slit. She placed it against her weeping Oasis. He couldn't resist a groan of sweet agony as Julie inserted it barely inside her.

Craig felt the first hot rush of desire. Forcing himself not to react—he waited for her next delicious unknown feminine move.

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