Mary Plays And Mary Pays

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright┬ę 2007 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: He found out that she had been bad -- for a long, long time.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Slow   .


I stood there looking in the window at my life crashing down. I listened to my wife as she made a mockery of the seven years of our marriage and our eleven year relationship. Eleven years of me being a blind, stupid fool.

Mary and I met in the eighth grade, started going steady in the tenth and by the middle of our senior year in high school we were making plans for the rest of our lives. We would get college out of the way before we got married and then build our careers for ten years or so before sitting down to decide whether or not we wanted to have children.

Mary and I exchanged virginities the night of our senior prom and since I had a small inheritance from my grandmother we intended to rent a small apartment and live together while attending college. We graduated high school and then spent the summer making love whenever and wherever we could. That fall we went off to college, found an apartment and began classes.

Halfway through our first term I was leaving the Science Building when I felt a sharp pain that was so intense that it dropped me to my knees. To make a long story short I had a ruptured appendix, was rushed to the hospital, operated on and then spent the rest of the year home recovering from the surgery. I was back to school by the start of the spring term and by carrying a huge class load, 16 to 18 hours instead of the usual 12, I was able to graduate with my class. Two months later Mary and I were married.

We both found jobs in our chosen fields and the next seven years flowed by. I thought Mary and I were the perfect couple with the perfect marriage, but apparently I was wrong.

We had planned a barbecue for Saturday afternoon and we had a dozen people coming over. Mary and I had spent a busy morning setting up the backyard and getting things ready. The guests started arriving and it looked like it was going to be great afternoon.

And then the phone rang. The bad part of doing a good job in climbing the corporate ladder is that the higher you climb, the more that is expected of you. Managers at my level were expected to be on call when problems arose. Normally the six managers rotated being on call over the weekends and Andy Trent was supposed to be on call. My boss was on the phone telling me that there was a problem at the plant and that Andy had somehow managed to break his leg. I was the next one up in the rotation so the boss needed me to mount up and ride to the rescue. When you were in my pay-grade you didn't whine:

"But boss, I'm in the middle of a party at my house."

What you did was mount up and ride. I went and found Mary, told her what was up, gave her a kiss and told her I would get back as quick as I could. Past history had shown that being called in when you had the duty would usually take from six to eight hours so I was pleased when I was able to wrap things up in three. I hurried home so I could still enjoy some of the party.

I was walking down the side of the house to the gate that led into the backyard and as I moved along the path I heard Mary's voice say:

"Not here Phil. I've got a house full of guests."

It came from the window of my home office and I went to it and looked in. The blinds were closed, but there was a gap between the bottom piece and the window sill and looking through the gap I saw Mary standing there with Phil Evans and Marty Foster. They had the front of her dress pulled down and they each had a hand on one of her tits.

"Come on Mary, just a quickie. It has been over a month since I've had a taste."

"No Phil, not now; not while I have a houseful of company. Besides, Rob could come home at any moment."

"So what? We could fuck you in front of him and he wouldn't know what is going on."

"That isn't true and you know it. He isn't stupid Phil; it's just that I'm very careful not to do anything that will make him suspicious."

"Get real Mary. We fucked you all through college - in his apartment and on his bed - and we have been fucking you ever since and you are trying to tell me that he isn't blind and stupid?"

"He loves me and if I don't do something stupid, like fucking you here and now, he will never even think that I'm being unfaithful. Now come on; I need to get back to the party before I'm missed."

"When can we get together?"

As she tucked her tits back into her dress she said, "Rob is going to that conference in San Diego next week and he will be gone four days. Can you guys sneak away from your wives long enough to come over and play? Maybe even spend the night?"

"With a weeks advance notice I'm sure that I can come up with something" Phil said.

"I'll tell Joyce that I have a two day business trip" Marty said, "and I'll spend those two days with you. Should we tell the others?"

"Sure, why not. The more the merrier."

The three of them left the room leaving me to stare at the wreckage of my marriage. My wife had been fucking two of my friends since college? And there were others? I turned and headed back to my car. I was in no mood to face any of the three right then.

I sat on the stool at Ernie's Icehouse and sipped my beer as I watched the barmaid wait on a customer. Wanda was a sexy little bitch in a slutty way and I had flirted off and on with her for a couple of years. She had made it know in subtle ways that she was more than willing to take it past flirting, but I was "Mr. Straight Arrow." I was the faithful husband and it didn't matter how often Wanda's deliciously round ass gave me a hard on I always took that hard on home. Well, soon Mr. Straight Arrow's arrow would be free to seek other targets.

Wanda brought me a fresh one, set it down on the bar in front of me and said:

"You seem lost in thought today Slick. Got problems?"

"Big ones Wanda. I don't know whether to take you to the beach with me, to Vegas, or to just find a handy motel room."

"Why not all three?"

"Good point. I guess I'll need to make a list of your days off so I can coordinate."

"They owe me time off Slick; all you need to do is tell me when" and then she moved off to the other end of the bar to take care of a customer. Was she just flirting, or did she mean it. I decided that once Mary was history I would find out. I finished my beer and headed home.

The party was still going on though the guests had thinned out some. I found Mary and kept myself under control as I kissed her cheek and let her know I was back and then I spent the next hour circulating and being sociable. The party started breaking up and Phil came up to me:

"Great party guy; too bad you had to miss most of it."

It was all I could do not to smash his face in. Instead I put a smile on my face and said:

"There is always the next one."

After the last guest was gone Mary said, "Leave the mess for tomorrow. Right now I need to drag you off to bed. You know how horny I get when I drink."

Yeah, I thought to myself, and you will probably be imaging it is Phil or Marty or one of 'the others' fucking you. But I wasn't ready for a confrontation. I had nothing to go on but part of an over-heard conversation. No, I needed proof. Solid proof I could show to everyone so they would know what a cheating whore Mary was. Proof that I could turn over to the wives of Phil, Marty and the others when I found out who they were. Until then I had to continue being the faithful and clueless husband.

I held out my hand to Mary and said, "Lead the way sex-pot."

In the bedroom we undressed and then she came over to me, put her arms around me and kissed me. I fondled her tits and as I did I wondered if she was remembering that only hours earlier Phil and Marty had been doing the same thing to her. I picked her up and set her down on the bed and moved between her legs. I lined my cock up with her unfaithful cunt and as I inserted myself I wondered whose cock she was wishing was sliding into her. Phil? Marty? One of the others? Could it possibly be mine? No matter, Mary was a marvelous piece of ass and I wouldn't be getting her pussy for very much longer so I took take advantage of the here and now.

I started driving my cock into her and she started moaning and wrapped her legs around me and pulled me to her. "That's it lover, that's it, fuck my pussy, fuck my cunt." A picture of Mary and Phil fucking entered my mind and for some perverse reason it drove me to fuck her harder as if my pounding her would punish her for her faithlessness. But the harder I fucked her the louder she moaned.

"God baby, yes, oh yes; like that lover, hard, fuck me hard. Make me cum baby, make me cum."

And then she screamed and her cunt muscles clamped my cock and her nails dug into my back as she had her orgasm and seconds later I had mine. I will miss this I thought as I looked down into her flushed face; oh yes, I will most definitely miss this.

The next morning Mary woke me with a blow job and then we had a slow, leisurely fuck - not making love, wouldn't be anymore of that in this house - and then we got up, had breakfast and started the clean-up. As I moved through the day I racked my brain for memories of anything that might have alerted me to the fact that Mary was stabbing me in the back, but I came up with nothing. Four years of college and seven years of marriage - eleven fucking years! - and I didn't have a fucking clue! That of course brought up the question:

Was I brain dead or just blinded by love?

Well I was blind no more and I began to formulate a plan. Monday at work I talked to my boss. Dave was twice divorced, both times from cheating sluts, so I knew he would work with me. I told him that I needed to beg off going to the San Diego conference so that I would be home to catch Mary in the act. He made a few suggestions and gave me the telephone number of the private detective that he used to nail his second wife. He told me that I could have off however much time I needed, but that I could expect to be working some long hours to play catch up when I got back to work.

I went to my office and called the detective and made an appointment to meet him the next morning. I met with Brian Locardo and told him my story and he asked me what I wanted.

"They are planning a meeting at my house while I'm supposed to be away on a business trip. I'd like the house wired for audio and video. I want what they do to be on tape."

"You know that this is a no fault state and it is highly unlikely that you will ever be allowed to use any of the recordings in court don't you?"

"Maybe the courts won't see it, but plenty of other people will."

He quoted me a price range and it almost made me gasp for breath, but then I figured that it would be cheap if I got out of it what I wanted - revenge and payback!

The next day I met Brian at my house and after checking it out he said from the layout that anything that happened would most like take place in the living room, family room and the bedroom. I asked him how long he would need to do what he had to do and he said three hours. I gave him a key and told him that I would keep Mary occupied from ten till two the next day so she wouldn't come home and walk in on him.

That night I told Mary that I would be seeing a client two blocks from her office and that I would swing by and take her to lunch. I told her to expect me around eleven, but that it might be a little before or a little after. The next day I called her at ten forty-five and told her I was on my way. She was ready to go when I got there and I took her to the restaurant at the Hilton.

"Why here" she asked as we were led to a table.

"Never know sweetie, you might decide you want us to take a room for dessert."

"Oh you dog you. You want to do me on company time."

"When you put it that way I guess it isn't such a hot idea."

"I think it is a great idea. Can we skip lunch and go straight to dessert?"

"Are you serious?"

"Bet your ass I am. I can spend the rest of the afternoon walking around the office full of your cum while all the guys who make passes at me eat their hearts out. I can look at them and wonder what their faces would look like if I let them have sloppy seconds."

I looked at her and wondered what she was thinking as she looked up into my face after giving me her lover's leftovers. No matter; what was done was done. I stood up, offered her my hand and said:

"Let's go."

I had my hand inside her dress even as the elevator door was closing. I bent to kiss her and she shoved her tongue in my mouth as I fondled her tits and she ran a hand over the bulge in my pants. Once in the room I started stripping and said:

"Since this is on company time there isn't any time for romance. Get out of those clothes and get on the bed."

"Oh?" Mary said as her dress fell to the floor, "You are just going to fuck me, is that it?"

"That's it you sexy slut. Get your ass on that bed."

"Don't you even want to pull the covers down?"

"Hell no, they aren't ours and I'm in a hurry."

"So now I'm a slut am I?"

"Isn't that what you would call a woman who does quickies in a hotel room?"

"Okay stud, I'll be your slut for now. Get over here and fuck me."

I probed for her opening and as my cock slid between her pussy lips I reached under her, grabbed her ass cheeks with my hands and pulled her to me as I shoved myself deep into her. As my cock drove in I again wondered why she was and had been cheating on me. If it was because I wasn't getting the job done in the bedroom you would never know it from the way she acted. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and pushed her cunt up at me as she moaned:

"So good, so good baby; I love the way you fuck me."

"That's good you little slut. Take this... and this... and this" I grunted as I pounded hard into her.

I dropped her off at work at ten after two and gave Brian a call and he told me he was done. All that was left was to get through the rest of the week and the weekend. It would all be over Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

The balance of the week was normal for us. We had sex on Friday night and on Saturday she woke me with a blow job and then fixed breakfast while I showered. After breakfast I went off to play golf and when I got home she had left a note telling me that she had gone over to her sisters and would be home by six. Was she really at her sisters? Who knows, but the big thing was that I no longer cared enough to find out.

Sunday she woke me with another blow job and when I was hard enough she climbed on me and rode me to a climax and then we had breakfast and got busy on household chores. Around eleven in the morning Mary started getting frisky. It was something that she usually did before I went on a trip; said she needed enough to hold her until I got home. She pulled me into the bedroom for a quickie and then she got on with cleaning the house while I cut the grass and weeded the flower beds.

At five she pulled me down on the couch in the living room for another quickie and I wondered if it was just the way she got herself worked up for her lovers or was it the knowing that they would soon be fucking her that got her wound up? That night in bed she fucked me hard and moaned that she hoped that it was enough to hold me until I got home.

The next morning I kissed her goodbye and left on my trip. I checked into a motel and then drove over to Brian's office to check in with him. At five-thirty the surveillance van we were in (it said Pro-Line Plumbing on the side) was parked in front of the house next door to mine and the four of us (Brian, two men to operate the equipment and me) settled back and talked sports while we waited.

At six-ten Mary came home and we watched on the five screens as she came into the house, dashed upstairs to the bedroom and stripped off her work clothes. She put on a rose colored bustier that I had never seen before, thigh high nylons and a pair of high heels. She did her makeup and then she went downstairs and made herself a drink.

She was sipping her drink and jumping channels on the TV when a car pulled into the drive and Phil and Marty got out of it. As they were walking up to the porch another car pulled into the drive and another "good" friend of mine got out. I watched Harry hurry up the walk to catch up with Phil and Marty. Marty rang the doorbell and on the screen we saw Mary get up, adjust the bustier and then head for the door. As the door opened and the three men went inside just as another car pulled up in front of the house. It was a car I knew well. I watched my brother Jack get out and head for the front door.

As the door closed behind Jack Mary said, "Here or in the bedroom?"

"Why would we even think of doing it here when there is a bedroom available" Phil asked.

"Last time you seemed to enjoy doing me bent over the back of the couch."

"True, but if you will remember we did it that way because hubby was due home soon and we needed to make it quick."

"Enough with the history lesson" Harry said, "We're here to fuck, not talk."

The five of them moved to the bedroom where the time Mary had spent putting on the bustier was wasted as Marty pulled it off of her. Marty was kissing her as he slid a finger into her pussy.

"She's sopping wet. I think she has been looking forward to this."

Then the four of them passed her around as they took turns shoving their tongues down her throat and feeling her up. Mary moaned and Marty laughed and said:

"Oh yeah, she's loving this. Come on baby, give us a hand here" as he started unbuttoning his shirt. Mary turned to him and started to help him undress as the other three started taking off their clothes.

There was a gasp in the van as Phil and Marty's cocks came into view. I wasn't surprised because I had seen their equipment in the showers at school and in the gym where we worked out. Both were larger than average - way larger - I had once heard Phil say that he had eleven inches. Marty was maybe an inch or so shorter, but he was bigger around. Mary stood between them with a hand on each cock and she stroked them as they took turns fucking her mouth with their tongues. Mary went to her knees is front of the two men. She took Phil in her mouth first and then after thirty seconds or so she moved to Marty and then she alternated between the two.

After a couple of minutes she stood up and said, "I need a cock in me" and she moved to the bed and got on it. Marty got on the bed and lay on his back and Mary got on her hands and knees and lowered her head and swallowed the head of his cock while Phil got on the bed and moved in behind her. Mary's knees were spread wide and as Phil began to push his cock into her she whimpered, but she pushed her ass back at him to help him. It took him a bit to get all of his cock into her and then he grabbed her hips and started fucking her.

For five minutes Phil fucked Mary as her head bobbed up and down on Mart's cock. And then Phil grunted:

"Here it comes you fucking slut" and seconds later he pulled out of her and said, "Who gets her next?"

"My turn" Harry said as he moved behind Mary. I had never seen Harry's cock before, but he was just as big as Marty and Phil. Is that what it was all about - cock size? Mary was a slut for large cocks? All three had at least three inches on me in length and maybe an inch on me in girth. But no, it couldn't be cock size; my brother was smaller than me.

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