Bigger Is Better

by Dual Writer

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Humor, .

Desc: Humor Sex Story: More Fun with Chuck and Shirley. Shirley wants what her girl friends have. All she had to do was convince Chuck. Her girl friends even helped.

A Life with Chuck and Shirley Story

"I want to get my boobs enhanced," my lovely wife of a million years said one quiet evening while we were still sitting at the table finishing a supper I had prepared.

"Enhanced?" I asked.

"You know, a little bigger, firmer, take the sag away," she said this holding her hands under her breasts, cradling them, lifting them up and letting them fall into the grip of her bra.

"I like your breasts the way they are. They don't need to be bigger. They are nice and soft to touch and kiss and after having kids, breasts do tend to sag, especially at our age. How many Grandmas do you know that have had breast enhancement?" I said thinking it would appease her, make her question the sanity of this thing and get the silly notion out of her head.

"I really do want to do this. Get them fixed up, I mean" she said solemnly.

Shaking my head in lack of understanding, "So who gave you this idea?"

"No one, but just look at Mel and Nan, look what their tits. Look at Mel's since she had the work done," she defended her position.

"That was because of her breast cancer wasn't it?" I asked.

"Yes it was, but you know how saggy her breasts were before they removed them," Shirley said.

"How did they do that. Was the plastic surgeon there when they removed the cancerous tissue? And she didn't have to have the double mastectomy only the one side, right?" I asked.

"You're right. She only had to have one removed. But the plastic surgeon assisted the oncology surgeon and they were able to save the outer skin so the plastic surgeon just filled it up," she continued. "But look how much better Mel thinks she looks now. You even like to touch them when she shows them off. I want that."

"I'll touch you now. As a matter of fact I'll play with your beautiful breasts forever and you don't have to get cut up to get me to feel you up," I smiled.

"That's not what I mean," my lovely wife said. "I want bigger tits. I want firm boobs that won't need a bra. I want you to be able to play with some nice firm, young looking breasts that I'll be proud of."

Shirley continued her tirade, "I think I want big ones like Nancy has now. You know how much better she looks since she had the procedure. You love those huge things she teases you guys with," Shirley pouted.

There was period of silence. I was thinking of my wife of many years being cut on for no reason. But then it may make her feel better about herself. She did exercise regularly and she wasn't fat. Very nicely padded I thought. Her tits did sag but then what ladies didn't if they have had a bunch of kids and were over sixty. That damn Melody was always talking Shirley into stuff. It didn't that help her life long best friend, Nancy, had recently produced two very nice, very firm, very large breasts where her formerly large saggy tits used to be. This was just another adventure Shirley wanted to do with Nancy and Mel. Oh well, I guess I had better find out more about this.

"So when do you want to do this. Have you given it that much thought?" I asked.

We had cleared and washed the table and were hand washing the dishes as we usually did the dishes together instead of using the idle dishwasher. The act of doing the chore together always gave us some togetherness and an opportunity to talk.

"I had to take Mel to the plastic surgeon last week. While I was there Mel asked him to look at me for enhancement. He did and even gave me a computer picture of me after he would fix me," Shirley said. "Want to see them?"

"I see," I said thinking that she had already made up her mind. "Let me see the pictures."

Shirley went to the desk there in the kitchen and brought to the table a large brown envelope that had been leaning on papers next to the phone and kitchen. She showed me two different pictures of a frontal view, one with pretty big tits and one with really big tits. Both were obviously Shirley as she has a cherry birthmark on the inside of her of right breast. The cherry showed up clearly in each photo. Next were the side views of the two sizes of breasts from the right side then a set of photos of the view from the left side. Yummy looking.

Shirley was looking at me with a worry frown. Her eyebrows knitted together, "What do you think."

"The breasts in these pictures look like fun to play with," I said with a smile.

"You wouldn't be able to play with them for about two weeks I think. It does take time to heal," she said.

"So which of these do you want to have?" I asked separating the two frontal photos.

"I don't know," Shirley said. "The smaller ones would actually be about the size my breasts were when I was pregnant or just gave birth. I always thought I was really sexy then. But I was fat and had to lose a lot of weight. The weight came off and so did most of my tits."

I had gone back to drying and putting away the dishes that were in the dish rack.

"So you like the smaller ones best?" I asked trying to find out what she wanted.

"The big ones would be fun. I could do things with them I couldn't do even when I was as big as the other ones," ahe said.

"Like what?" I asked. "What could you do with the big ones you couldn't do with the largest you've been."

Shirley had finished washing all the dishes and had let the water out, dried her hands and was putting on some hand cream she kept in the kitchen.

"You could fuck me between my tits then," she said a little dreamily. "Remember how we tried that so many times. Between all the milk squirting all over the place and the size you are, I could never wrap myself completely around you. With those big ones I could do it."

"What else?" I asked adjusting my inflating dick thinking of the fun times we had when she was nursing.

"When I sit on you, they would be big enough to lean over and stuff them into your mouth," She said wiggling a little, glancing at my tightening zipper.

"There is that," I said thinking of the scene she was describing.

"And you know how I feel. I would be more forward at the parties if I looked nicer. Bigger tits would be attractive on me. They would give me confidence," she said almost bashfully.

"I see," Thinking of how so many guys sought her out already when we did play at the various group parties we attended with our friends.

"You, Nancy and Mel are already the most popular ladies at any of the parties we go to," I said warily. "The three of you monopolize all the guys, especially the younger ones. How much more popular do you want to be? Anymore and I will have to get you two one of those 'take a number' machines."

We were now sitting at the table looking at the pictures, "So when do you want to get these huge bozooms to tantalize me with," I asked.

She had a quick answer, "The doctor said if I was able to tell him tomorrow, he could do the procedure Monday morning."

"Geez! That's pretty quick isn't it? Don't you want to think about it a little while?" I pondered.

There was a knock on the kitchen door. No one used our front door as the back porch was closest to the area where cars parked when people visited. I went to the door and could see that it was the two ladies we had been talking about. I opened the door for them.

Mel and Nancy came in. Mel gave me a hug and quick kiss, smashing her new tits into my chest. She did look good considering the scare she had given us. Even her hair was grown out now. I could feel her nipples through my T-shirt and her dress that happened to be open a little far showing off some nice cleavage. Nancy, not to be outdone, wrapped her arms around me and gave me a toe-curling kiss pressing her giant breasts into me. She was almost laughing at me when she unwound from me as I was almost panting and was obviously excited from the kisses.

"Down boy," Nancy said reaching down to tweak my growth that was showing due to the attention.

"You're so bad Nancy," Shirley said.

"What did he say?" Asked Mel.

"We're not that far yet Mel," Shirley said. "Why are you guys here when you knew Chuck and I were going to be talking about the enhancement tonight."

"Support," said Nancy.

"Moral Support," said Mel as she was looking at the photos laid out on the table.

"Wish he would have given me those big ones when he fixed me," Mel said. "He said I may not have enough skin to put in the giant ones like that. Damn I would look good with those."

"You're too thin for any bigger Mel," I said.

"Nancy has big ones," Mel defended.

"Yeah but Nancy has always had big ones and she does have some meat on her bones. She's bigger than you," I said.

"Are you saying I'm fat Chuck?" Nancy pouted with her hands on her hips.

"No way Nancy. You look great. Your size is perfect for you," I said quickly hoping my foot wasn't to deeply embedded in my mouth.

"So what size should Shirley get Chuck?" Nancy asked.

"I think I want the big ones like you have Nancy," Shirley said.

"Just what I need. Another big titted over the hill slut to steal all the guys," Mel lamented.

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