Rob And Cheri

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: She thought he would really like it.

This story is like many others I have read on this site. It is unique only in that it happened to me. Looking back on it now I suppose I should have seen it coming, but I didn't. I can only blame it on being blinded by my love for Cheri. Well, the blinders are off now and I can't believe that I have been so stupid.

I had been married to Cheri a little over ten years. They were good years and as far as marriages go I would have put ours in the top ten percent, but as with a lot of marriages of that length the bloom had gone off the rose as far as sex was concerned. Cheri and I still had a sex life, but it was kind of ho-hum. Twice a week, usually Tuesday and Saturday, and almost always in the missionary position. I hadn't gotten a blow job in years and I guess sub-conscientiously I retaliated by stopping going down on Cheri.

One Sunday morning over breakfast Cheri said, "I didn't have an orgasm last night Rob. In fact, I don't believe that I've had one in months. What has happened to us? It used to be that we couldn't keep our hands off of each other and now it seems like all we are doing is performing a duty to each other."

"I don't know Cheri; I've had the same thought."

"Do you still love me? Am I still desirable as far as you are concerned?"

"Of course I do and yes you are still desirable."

"Well I still love you Rob and I want things back the way they were."

"I would like that too baby."

"I've an idea. I read in "Cosmo" that when sex in a marriage goes flat you can sometimes liven things up with role playing and I thought maybe it was something we could try."

"Role playing?"

"What it is is that we would pretend things; things that might stir our imagination. Do you have any fantasies Rob?"

"Sure I do, who doesn't?"

"Anything of a sexual nature?"

"The usual; making out with some Hollywood sex symbol, having someone like Catherine Zeta Jones trying to drag me off to a bedroom."

"Tell me who you fantasize about."

I mentioned a half dozen or so and I noticed her eyebrows lift when I mentioned Britney Spears. She didn't say anything though and I wondered if she was thinking I was a dirty old man, but what the hell, there just was something about Spears that turned me on and it didn't matter to me that she was twenty years younger than me.

"So what are we going to do?"

"I have a plan Rob; I'll let it be a surprise."

I watched her get up and head off to do her household chores and I wondered just what kind of surprise she had in mind. I finished my coffee and got up to do my chores. By the time I was half way through cutting the grass and pulling weeds out of the flower beds I'd completely forgotten the conversation at breakfast.

The next day when I got home from work I hollered out my usual, "Honey; I'm home" and Cheri hollered back "I'm in the family room" and as I headed that way I heard the intro music to the Britney Spears song "Baby One More Time." I walked into the family room and found Cheri made up to look like Britney; blond wig, white high heeled boots and a very short skirt. She was holding one of those remote microphones that comes with a kids play set and using it she lip-synced along with the song. When the song ended she tossed the microphone onto the couch next to where I was sitting, turned off the CD player and then turned to me.

"A little birdie tells me that you fantasize about me. I don't usually suck or fuck my fans, but you are a special fan and we are here alone with no witnesses so I am going to give my special fan a treat. I mean, who are you going to tell? If you do tell who would believe you?"

While she was talking she walked over to me and went to her knees in front of me and went for my zipper.

"A million guys would like me to do this for them" she said as she worked my dick out into the open, "but they will never get what you are going to get.

She took my cock in her mouth and started sucking. We never did have dinner that night. We made love three times and the entire time she was saying things like;

"I wish K-fed could see me now; see how a real man can take care of me" and "I'll bet Timberlake is missing this hot pussy." You like it special fan? Do you like my tight hot young pussy?"

I fell asleep exhausted.

The next morning over breakfast I asked her what her fantasies were. She was silent for a moment and then she said:

"They are only fantasies baby. It is important that you realize that they are just mental turn ons."

"I know that sweetie; what are they?"

"Other men. I fantasize getting it on with other men, The UPS guy when he delivers a package or the guy from the gas company when he comes to read the meter. Letting the guy who comes to fix the washing machine take me while I'm sitting on the edge of the dryer. No man in particular, just other men."

For a brief second I felt just a touch of anger, but I quickly shook it off. If I could lust after Jessica Simpson and imagine myself buried to the pubic bone in Catherine Zeta Jones how could I get pissed at her for thinking of making it with faceless men.

It took me two days to find what I wanted and it took sixty bucks to get the guy to give it up, but at five-thirty that night I was standing on my front porch ringing the doorbell. Cheri answered the door and stood there looking at me standing in front of her with a clipboard in my hand and wearing a shirt that had a patch over the left pocket that said, "Comcast" and a patch over the right that said, "Dave."

"You called for service?" I looked down at the clipboard and said, "It says here that your cable stopped working."

"Why yes, yes it did. Right in the middle of "Jerry Springer" it just stopped on me."

"You want to show me where the TV is?"

"Yeah, sure, come on in."

She led me into the living room and pointed at the set and then she sat down on the couch. I pulled the set away from the wall and pretended to be looking for a problem. Cheri said:

"It really pissed me off going out on me in the middle of "Jerry Springer." Today's topic was wives who cheat on their husbands during the day with repair men. One woman said she did the guy installing her phone right on her kitchen table and another one said she had done an appliance repairman, a door to door salesman and the mailman. I was listening to a girl telling how she seduced the cable guy when the TV quit on me. Anything like that ever happen to you?"

"Can't say as it has."

"What would you do if it did happen to you?"

As she said that she spread her legs and pulled her skirt up a bit and used her left hand to start rubbing her pussy.

"You kidding me? If I was lucky enough for something like that to happen to me I'd leap at it."

"Would you now. What if I told you that all you had to do to fuck me was to come over here and pull my panties off?"

"Jesus lady; are you serious?"

"Why don't you come over here and find out?"

I stood up from behind the TV and started pulling my zipper down as I walked toward her. "This will probably make me late for my next appointment, but no way I'm passing this up."

"If we don't waste time on foreplay we have just enough time to get it done twice before my husband is due home."

It was another night where I went to bed worn out.

The role playing itself didn't turn me on all that much. What turned me on was the way it turned Cheri on. She was different when she role played. She liked her pussy eaten, but she really wasn't into sucking cock and she really did not like me cumming in her mouth. She did give me head when I wanted it, but her heart wasn't in it. Except when we were role playing! When we role played she was like a Hoover vacuum cleaner. Before role play Cheri would let me cum in her mouth, but then she would spit it out into a rag. In role play she got so into the fantasy that she forgot that she didn't care for the taste of cum in her mouth and she swallowed!

Another thing about role play is that she got very, very vocal. During normal intercourse she moaned and gasped and grunted, but during role play it was, "Fuck me, oh yes, fuck me" and "Sweet Jesus, but your cock feels so good in my cunt." Before role play it was missionary and doggie, but when we started role playing she started getting on top and going cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Yes indeed, role playing really put the 'oomph' back in our sex life.

Over the next year I got to be, among other things, a mailman, a Fed-Ex driver, and a Terminex sales rep checking the house for termites, an appliance repairman and a building inspector checking to see if we had pulled a permit for the add-on we did to the garage. Cheri's favorite thing was pretending to be the lady of the manor while I was the hired help. At any given time I could be the gardener, the butler or the chauffer.

One example is that I would be working in the yard and Cheri would open the back door and call out:

"Robert, would you come up to the main house please?"

That was my cue to say, "Certainly Mrs. Waverly." I would go into the house and she would be sitting at the kitchen table waiting and I would stand in front of her like an employee called into the office at work.

"Robert, I am not happy with your work lately. The roses look pathetic and the flower beds along the drive look like weed patches. I am seriously thinking of looking for a new gardener. Can you give me one good reason why I shouldn't let you go?"

"It isn't my fault Mrs. Waverly. The irrigation system is broken and I can't get water to them. I keep asking Mr. Waverly to get someone to repair the system and he says he will, but so far he hasn't done it."

"Mr. Waverly, yes, Mr. Waverly. Getting the irrigation system fixed isn't the only thing he hasn't taken care of lately. I may keep you on Robert, but if I do it will mean that you will have to take on additional duties to perform."

"Additional duties ma'am?"

"Yes Robert, additional duties."

"What sort of additional duties Mrs. Waverly?"

She stood up, undid a few buttons and let her dress fall to the floor. "In addition to the lawn and flower beds Robert, you will need to take care of me." She got up on the table, spread her legs and pointed to her pussy, "Cultivate this Robert."

"I don't think my wife would like that ma'am."

"Does your wife have a job Robert? Can she support the family if you are suddenly out of work?"

"No ma'am."

"Then start your additional duties Robert."

I would start eating her pussy and things would go from there and my yard work would have to wait until the next day.

And I knew what was going to happen when we went somewhere and Cheri would get in the back seat and say, "Take me to (fill in the blank) Robert and please hurry as I don't want to be late." I could almost count on being told to pull off and park some place before we got back home.

The one that bothered me just a smidgen, and I don't know why, was when she did the butler routine. She bought a bell, one of those with a little handle on it and when she rang it I was supposed to drop whatever I was doing, go to her and say, "You rang Mrs. Waverly?"

One thing that the butler, gardener and chauffer scenarios all had in common (besides the great sex that came out of them) was that Cheri got to order me around. I didn't think anything of it at the time, but it would come back to haunt me later.

We had been doing the role playing for about a year and a half before Cheri hit me with one that I flat refused to do. At least initially. I came home from work one night and my usual "Honey, I'm home" was met with "I'm in the bedroom; come on up."

I went up to the bedroom and found her laying out a maid's outfit on the bed. "What's all this" I asked.

"It's for this week ends role playing."

"You going to spend the weekend pretending to be a maid?"

"No sweetie, this is for you."

"You have to be kidding, right?"

"No I'm not. I'd like a little change from the butler scenario."

I laughed and said, "Not likely baby, besides a maid can't fuck you."

"But a maid could eat my pussy and you know how much I like that. Come on Rob, it won't hurt you and it will be fun."

"No Cheri, no, no, no! I start doing stuff like that and the next thing that you will want is to put me in a dress and have me go out for drinks with you. No!"

Cheri kept after me to do it at least once and I finally gave in. She put a padded bra on me, dressed me in the maid's outfit (complete with garter belts and nylons) and then took me into the bathroom. She put the blond wig on me that she wore when she did Britney and then applied make up. When she was done she had me look in the mirror and asked me what I thought. I laughed and said:

"I'll never have to worry about getting hit on by a guy. If it was two in the morning and the bar was closing and all the guys were drunk out of their minds I'd still be safe."

"It's the thought honey. Try and think of yourself as female and we can make the scenario work."

We went back into the bedroom and she handed me a box and said, "Here, put these on."

I opened the box and saw a pair of high-heeled pumps. I handed the box back to her and said, "No! No fucking way in hell!"

"But sweetie..."

"No Cheri, no! Take what you have or push it and I'll start taking all this shit off, but I am not putting those on."

"But they make the outfit sweetie; they complete the illusion."

I took the wig off and tossed it on the bed and started to unbutton the blouse and she said:

"Okay, okay, no heels."

She got the wig back on me and then handed me a small white apron and a feather duster.

Because of my belligerence over the heels it took a while to get into things, but I did eventually get into it and as usual the sex was exhausting.

We did the maid thing the next two weekends and Cheri had me cleaning the house, doing the laundry and all sorts of other things a maid would do, but there was a price she had to pay. I made sure that she understood that while I was being the maid and doing her work that she was going to have to do mine so I wouldn't fall too far behind. I can't even begin to describe the satisfaction I got one Saturday morning as I was running the vacuum cleaner in the living room and looking out the window at Cheri trying to start the lawn mower. She must have pulled the starter cord twenty-five times before she kicked it and came in to get me.

"You will have to bring it into the garage and shut the door. I'm not about to go outside looking like this."

She brought it in and when she looked away I hit the little button and it started right up. It had an electric starter and Cheri didn't know it.

Role playing almost ended for us on my third weekend as a maid. It was a Saturday and I was standing on tip toes and dusting the top of the bookshelf in the family room when I heard:

"If I wasn't seeing it with my own eyes I would never have believed it."

I turned and saw Robin, Cheri's best friend, standing there with Cheri. Robin took me in from the wig on my head to the pointy toed shoes (I'd given in a tad on the shoes and let Cheri talk me into a pair of low heeled flats). She had a smirk on her face and she turned to Cheri and said:

"Does she do windows?"

Cheri was standing there with a big smile on her face and she nodded a yes. I gave Cheri a murderous look and then I left the room. As I walked by her I handed her the feather duster and then went up to the bedroom. I took off the wig and all the maid shit and then got in the shower and washed all the make up off. I dressed in a pair of jeans and a polo shirt and then picked up all the maid shit and went down to the kitchen. The wig, the outfit and the shoes went into a garbage bag which I then took out into the garage and tossed into a trash can. I got into the car and drove down to Early's Sports Bar and stayed there for the next five hours.

When I got home Cheri was pissed. "Where did you go? Why didn't you tell me you were leaving? What the hell is wrong with you?"

And then I unloaded.

"What's wrong with me? You bring Robin into our house and let her see me the way I was and embarrass the hell out of me and then you have the fucking gall to ask what is wrong with me?"

"Oh come on Rob; you are making something out of nothing."

"Am I? Did you happen to notice the smirk on her face when she asked you if I did windows?"

"She was joking Rob."

"I don't care what she was doing. You had no right to let her see me like that. You had no goddamned business letting her in the house while I was wearing that stupid fucking outfit and we were playing our game."

"That's not fair Rob. I had no idea that she was coming over. What was I supposed to do, close the door in her face?"

"You could have gone out to the kitchen through the dinning room and then come and told me that she was here, but no. You had to walk her right by the doorway so she could see me and don't you fucking dare tell me you didn't do it on purpose. I saw the smile on your face as you let her see what you could get me to do. It will be all over town by tomorrow."

"No it won't. She promised me that she wouldn't tell."

"That's absolute bullshit and you know it. She will tell that worthless asshole that she is married to and he will be the one to spread the word. I'll probably end up in a half a dozen fights because guys will start calling me a sissy and sooner or later someone will say the wrong thing and the fight will be on. Just remember who caused it all to happen when you get the call to come down and bail me out of jail."

"Honestly Rob, you are getting upset over nothing. Nothing is going to happen."

"I'll tell you one thing that has already happened. The maid is gone and will never be back and you can take that to the bank. Goodnight!"

I went up to the bedroom, got undressed and got into bed. Cheri came in about twenty minutes later and when she got in bed and reached for my cock I pushed her hand away. There wasn't going to be any make up love making that night.

Things were a little frosty between us the next day and I don't believe we said ten words to each other. Monday night I stopped at Bud's Bar and Grill for a couple of beers before I went home. I was almost done with my second one when Hal Osborne, a guy I bowl with on Thursdays, sat down next to me and asked me if I had done anything to piss off Jerry Talbot (Robin's husband) and I said no and asked why he asked me the question.

"He's going around telling everyone that you run around in drag at home."

"When has he been saying that?"

"He's saying it right now. He is in the back shooting pool."

"How could you do that?" Cheri asked when she came down to the police station to pick me up. "How am I ever going to face Robin after what you did?"

"Why would you want to? The bitch looked you right in the eye and lied to you. She promised you that she would never say a word and yet Jerry was telling everybody at Bud's that I run around the house wearing dresses on the weekend. How did he know? I'll tell you how; that lying fucking bitch friend of yours told him."

"I just hope I'm able to talk her into talking him out of pressing charges."

"No worry there. He was in the cell just down from me and I have at least six witnesses that will say that the fight started when he came at me with a pool cue. He swung it at me and then I took it away from him and stomped his ass."

And it was true. He saw me coming and he knew what was going to happen. All that the others saw was me walk into the room and walk toward Jerry. I never said one word or made a threatening gesture, but Jerry knew what was coming and he swung the pool cue at me.

"No Cheri, the question isn't how are you going to be able to face her, but how is she going to face you after lying to you."

The rest of the trip home was made in silence and when we got to the house I took a quick shower and went to work. When I got home that night Cheri was in the kitchen fixing dinner and all she was wearing was an apron and a pair of high heels. I was still pissed so when she said, "Hi baby" I gave her a non-committal grunt and got a beer out of the fridge.

"I talked to Robin about an hour ago. Jerry is still in jail because she wouldn't go get him and I guess no one else he called could or would put up his bail. She said to tell you she was sorry. Jerry promised her he would never tell a soul."

Another grunt from me. I was pissed, but I was also me and I could never resist a willing Cheri when she was naked and wearing heels so the ending of the evening was predictable and once we got past that evening things got better and Saturday morning when Cheri came to the back door and called out, "Robert, would you come up to the main house please" I shut off the lawn mower and went inside the house.

Another four or five months went by and then one night Cheri said. "I want to try something new honey."

"Like what?"

"I want you to watch me with another man."

She saw the look that came over my face and before I could say a word she said, "Whoa up baby, let me finish before you go boom. What I mean is that I want to do some heavy flirting with a stranger while you watch. He won't know you are my hubby."

I'm sure that you are all familiar with the scenario by now. I go into a bar where I take a seat from which I can see the whole place. She comes in ten minutes later and then I watch her flirt with and tease guys until a pre-determined signal from one or the other of us and then we leave and go home and fuck like bunnies.

I was leery about it, but as usual I let Cheri talk me into it. The first time out we hit a bar with a live band on the other side of town - a place we had never been to before - and I went in and found a good seat. Ten minutes later Cheri came in, took a table and ordered a drink and before it even got there a guy approached her and asked her to dance. She got up and went out onto the floor with him and when the tune was over he walked her back to her table, they talked for a minute and Cheri shook her head no and sat down and the guy walked away. I found out later that the guy had asked her if he could join her.

Ten minutes went by and then another guy asked her to dance and over the next half hour three more men took her out on the floor. She finally settled on one that I guessed she liked more than the others and she joined him in a booth. She told me later that she picked him because his booth was a direct line of sight from where I was sitting.

She danced several more times with the guy, Ted was his name, and he bought her a couple of drinks. Their dancing got a little closer and I saw his hand slide down to her ass and Cheri must not have said anything because it stayed there. Back in the booth he leaned toward her and said something and Cheri laughed and he kissed her. She didn't pull back and I saw her hand drop onto his leg. I was beginning to wonder how far she was going to let things go - or how far before I got up and did something.

They broke the kiss, talked for a bit (with Cheri's hand still on his leg) and then he got up to go to the men's room. As soon as he was out of sight Cheri grabbed her purse and headed for the door. She had her panties off and was fingering herself when I got to the car. As I climbed in she was saying:

"Hurry baby, hurry. Get us home. I need it baby, oh God I need it."

We weren't three blocks from the bar and she had my cock out and her head in my lap. When I pulled into the driveway she was out of the car and running for the house before the wheels even stopped rolling. She was already in the bedroom by the time I got in the house and a trail of discarded clothes marked her passage through the house. She was on the bed, legs spread wide and fingers busy working on her pussy when I walked into the room and she cried out:

"You still have your pants on. Hurry damn it, hurry."

Normally I spend some time on her tits and pussy before I enter her, but she was having none of that!

"In me baby, in me; I need you in me now."

She gave a loud combination moan/sigh as I slid into her and said, "Fuck me baby, fuck me hard."

As I pushed into her she was saying, "Did you see him baby? Did you see his hand on my ass? He wanted me baby; he wanted to fuck me. He played with my tits baby. I let him feel me up. He got me hot baby, fuck me, fuck me hard like he would have."

Cheri came three times before I did and then she immediately got into a sixty-nine with me and got me up again. We went twice more that night before I couldn't get it up again.

That pretty much set the pattern for the next six months or so. Two or three times a month we would go to a bar and Cheri would flirt and tease while I watched and then we would go home and fuck up a storm. Watching Cheri did nothing for me and in fact, several times it was all I could do to keep from storming over and decking some asshole as they felt Cheri up and took liberties that no sane man would allow to happen to his wife. What turned me on was the way Cheri was when we left the bar. The ride home was fantastic and the sex once we got home was hot hot hot!

The big problem was that the more we did it the more Cheri wanted to do it. One night when we had planned on going out something came up at work and I was going to have to work late. I called Cheri and told her the night was off, but she was keyed up to go and she talked me into meeting her when I got off work. I didn't really want to because of the hassle of having two cars there and the ride home was one of the high points for me and it wouldn't happen if she had to drive her own car home. Cheri said it wouldn't be a problem, that we could go out for breakfast or lunch the next day and pick up her car then. So I caved and told her okay and that I would meet her at the bar around eight.

I got there at five to eight and took a seat at the bar. I looked around for Cheri and didn't see her and I thought that she might be in the ladies room, but a good ten minutes went by without my seeing her and I began to wonder if we had gotten our wires crossed and she was waiting for me at some other bar.

I was just sliding back off of the bar stool to go look in the ladies room when I saw her walk in the door from the parking lot. She spotted me and took a table where I could keep her in view and then the night went like all the others. The only exception that night was that she didn't want to suck me off on the way home. She was way too hot for that. She had me pull to the back of the parking lot and park in a really dark spot and then had me fuck her right there in the car. She had three orgasms before I had mine and as I got off of her I said as I started to tuck my cock away:

"Well, that being out of the way I guess you can go ahead and drive your car home."

She laughed and said, "Don't you dare put that away lover; I'm just getting started."

She had me back up before we were a mile away from the bar and when we got home she was so hot that we did it in the car again as soon as the garage door closed. Once in the house and on the bed with Cheri on top and riding me cowgirl she said:

"Know where I was when you got there? I was out in the parking lot with a guy. I was waiting for you and dancing and he was feeling me up and poking his hard cock into my leg. He was insistent and I didn't know what time you would really get there and I couldn't leave until you got there so I let him talk me into going out to his car to talk."

As she was telling me this she was riding up and down and rocking back and forth on my cock so her delivery wasn't all that smooth. There were a lot of gasps and moans and I don't know how to put it down on paper. It went something like this:

"We talked for... oh god yes... talk for a little bit and th... oh, oh, oh... he grabbed me and kissed meeeeeeeeee... oh shit baby, I'm cumming, I'm CUMMINGGGG. Oh God yes. He kissed me and I didn't figure... oh damn it, oh fuck yes" and on and on like that. But the story that came through all of the gasps and moans and exclamations was:

"He kissed me and I saw no harm in it so I let him and then I kissed him back. He was playing with my boobs and I kind of got carried away with the kissing. Our tongues were working on each other and the next thing I knew he had a finger in my pussy. He wanted me baby; he wanted me bad. He kept trying to get my panties down and I kept pushing his hands away and looking at my watch and checking the time and watching out the window for you. He wanted me baby, he really, really wanted me and he kept after me until he wore me down. I saw you pull into the lot just as he pushed my head down and put his cock in my mouth. He finger fucked me while I sucked him off baby and when he came there was so much of it I almost choked. He tried to get me onto the back seat baby, but I wouldn't go. I didn't let him fuck me baby; I swear that I didn't let him fuck me. I got out of the car and ran into the bar. He had a big, fat cock baby and it was a mouthful."

And then Cheri had one of the largest orgasms I'd ever seen her have. From my perspective things were not going all that great. As she told her story while she rode me I was getting more and more pissed. By the time she had her huge orgasm I was getting ready to push her off me and she was still moaning and shaking when I dumped her onto the bed. She was sputtering, "Baby, what's the matter? Why did you do that" as I got off the bed and stormed out of the room.

I was in the kitchen making myself a stiff drink when she came into the room. "What happened? Why did you do that? Why did you push me away?"

"You suck another man's cock and you have to ask me what's wrong?"

I saw something cross her face and then she said, "Oh my God; you believed it. You believed me."

"What the fuck does that mean?"

"It was just a story Rob; something that I made up to add a little spice to things."

"Add spice? You think something like that is going to do anything for me? You with another man? You think that would be a turn on for me? You don't know me any fucking better than that?"

"I'm sorry baby. I was just trying something new."

"Yeah? Just where in the hell were you when I got there?"

"I decided that I didn't want to be there unless you were there so I was at home until seven-thirty. You said you would be there at eight so that is when I planned to get there, but I got caught by a train at the Fifth Street crossing and got to the bar ten minutes late. Come on baby; you didn't get off and I need to take care of that."

I finished my drink and said, "I'm not in the mood" and I went back into the bedroom and went to bed.

Saturday morning we stepped lightly around each other - me because she pissed me off with her story/she because I'd insulted her by believing that she could actually do something like that - but that afternoon when she called out, "Robert, would you come up to the main house please" I went. I was still a little pissed so it was weeks before we did the bar scenario again.

Then a good thing and a bad thing happened. The good thing was that I was promoted to regional manager. Lots more money and perks. The bad thing was that I was promoted to regional manager. Lots of travel and being away from home. In any given week I could spend from two to four days visiting the units in my region. The nights I was home Cheri made sure that we caught up for the nights I wasn't and I was always home by Friday afternoon so my weekends were a bit active also.

One Tuesday as I was getting ready to leave on an overnight trip to one of the offices in my region Cheri said:

"I'm going to start helping Robin with her Avon and Mary Kay parties. I need something to do while you are gone. Sitting her and watching TV is driving me bonkers."

I hadn't spoken to Robin since the 'maid' incident and I really didn't like her, but she was Cheri's best friend and I could understand Cheri needing something to do.

Another six months went by and I finally managed to set up a schedule where I only had to be gone two nights a week and when I was gone Cheri helped Robin with her sales parties. It was a Tuesday and I was at the airport getting ready to board a flight to Salt Lake City when my pager went off. It was my office and when I called in I was told that my boss, the VP of Sales, had just had a stroke and was on the way to the hospital and I needed to get back to the office ASAP. I had then call Salt Lake and let them know I wouldn't be coming and then I headed for the office. It was a busy day and when it was over I headed on home.

I walked in the front door and hollered out my usual, "Honey, I'm home" but I didn't get an answer and I went looking for her, but she wasn't in the house. "Odd" I thought, her car was in the garage when I pulled in and parked next to it. And then I realized that I had gotten so wrapped up in the emergency at work that I hadn't called Cheri to let her know my trip had been cancelled. That meant she was off somewhere helping Robin sell soap and perfume and her car was at home because Robin had picked her up.

I fixed myself some dinner and after cleaning up after myself I picked up a book I had been reading and settled in to read and wait for Cheri to get home. At ten she still wasn't home and as I had to get up at five-thirty I put the book down and went to bed. I don't know what it was that woke me, but something did and I looked at the bedside clock and saw that it was ten to three and that I was in bed alone. I didn't know much about Avon parties, but I was pretty sure that they didn't run much past eleven.

I was just getting out of bed to go to the bathroom when headlights swept the bedroom as a car pulled into the drive. I went to the window and looked out. I noticed two things right away. One, the car wasn't Robin's and two; the two people in the front seat were locked in a pretty long kiss. Then the couple broke, the passenger door opened and the dome light came on and I saw Cheri get out of the car. She waved as the car backed down the drive and then she came into the house.

It was five minutes before the bedroom door opened and Cheri turned on the light and saw me sitting on the bed. She went pale, said, "Oh fuck!" and then went running to the bathroom and I heard her tossing her cookies into the toilet. In the brief look I got between the light going on and Cheri dashing to the bathroom I saw she was dressed in a short skirt, low-cut blouse and "Fuck me" pumps. Her hair was a mess, her make up was smeared, her blouse was miss-buttoned and she had what looked like egg white on her skirt and blouse. It was obvious to me of course that the stains were not egg whites, but sperm.

I got up and went into the bathroom and stood there until she finished and stood up and then I said:

"Rough night selling Mary Kay?"

She wouldn't face me. I grabbed her arm and pulled her into the bedroom and pushed her down on the bed. I pulled her panties off of her and looked at them and didn't see any cum stains. I shoved a finger in her cunt, wiggled it around and looked at it and didn't see any evidence, but that didn't mean that there hadn't been some there earlier. I pulled her off the bed, pushed her over to the bedroom door and shoved her out into the hall and said:

"This isn't your bedroom anymore. You can sleep in one of the other bedrooms (it was a three bedroom house) or you can call the asshole who dropped you off to come back and get you. I don't care which, but this bedroom is off limits to you from now on" and I slammed the door in her face. I heard her crying as I walked away from the door, but so fucking what!

The next morning I was up and out of the house without seeing Cheri. It was a bad day at work because I couldn't concentrate on what I was doing. The picture I had in my mind of Cheri when she turned on the light just would not go away and I did not know what I was going to do, but I know that the odds were that it wasn't going to be good.

Some things were cut and dried. We were in a no fault state so the divorce was going to be a fifty/fifty split as far as the assets were concerned and there wasn't any way around that. I'd seen enough friends and acquaintances go through it to know that much. There wouldn't be any fight over who got what out of the house because I wasn't going to want anything that would remind me of Cheri.

There was no "Honey I'm home" when I walked into the house that night. I found Cheri sitting at the kitchen table with a drink in front of her. She looked up when I walked into the room and headed for the fridge to get a beer. Her eyes were red from crying and in a voice that quavered she said:

"Can we talk? Talk about us?"

"About us? There is no "us" Cheri; not after what I saw last night."

She winced when I said that and said, "Please don't say that Rob, please, don't."

"What am I supposed to say Cheri? You walk in at three in the morning dressed like a 12th Street whore, looking like you've just been gang fucked and with cum stains on your skirt and blouse. Was I supposed to say, "Hi honey, have a good time?"

"I know how it looked Rob, but it wasn't what you think."

"Wasn't what I think? Your car was in the garage Cheri. That means someone picked you up here at the house. That means you made a date. A guy brings you home at three in the morning and you make out in the driveway. You walk in here with cum stains all over your skirt and blouse and it isn't what I think? It couldn't be anything else but what I think! How long have you been seeing this guy?"

"Last night was only the second time. He didn't fuck me Rob. I never let any of them fuck me."

I saw her face as she suddenly realized what she'd just said."

"Them? Them Cheri?"

I stood up and Cheri asked where I was going and I told her, "I need to put some space between us Cheri before I do something bad."

"Please Rob; we have to talk. We love each other Rob; we can work it out if we can just talk. I love you Rob and I know you love me and I know we can work it out."

"I don't see how Cheri; every time you open your mouth it gets worse. The one guy I saw last night was bad enough, but 'them' on top of him?"

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