by Maria Rendes

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A friendship that develops between a heroine and a young man.

Nadia walked into the cold, dimly lit dungeon like room. The dampness hung in the air like a heavy stench suffocating anyone in its path. Water leaked from the ceiling, dripping onto the stony floor making it colder than it should have been. She never would have known about this place if she hadn't overheard the girls in the locker room mumbling about a guy they had tied up for eight days. The knowledge made her gasp, but she was careful to make sure no-one heard her. How could they do such a disgusting thing to a human being?! She wasn't sure if she wanted to know the reason, but had to find out. Anything could happen to this guy and if he was guilty of a crime she was unaware of, then these girls were not authorised to take the punishment into their own hands.

She vaguely knew the place they had talked about; it had always made her uncomfortable, but now she had to overcome her fear and 'save' this person. Now she was looking for him. She could hear a faint moan from the distance and realised it was where he must be. Nadia walked towards the faint sound holding the torch as steady as her hand could hold it.

As she walked closer the sound died down causing her to hurry towards him. There against the cold pillar was the body of a young man tied securely. He lay slumped with his head down. Nadia knelt next to him and took hold of his chin to look closer at his face. Her eyes widened at his state. He was filthy, unshaved, cuts and faint bruises all over his hands and face; he must've given quite a struggle before being tied down like a dog.

"Water" was the only word he managed to mouth before hanging his head down again. Nadia with her fumbling hands quickly managed to give him the water that she always carried with her. He gulped it down thirstily before she began to cut the knots using the pocket knife she'd brought with her, and using all her strength somehow managed to stand him up using herself as a leaning support. With all her might she managed to drag his body over to the door before being forced to set him against the wall to get her breath back. Luckily her car was parked close by so just another three minutes and she could get him into the car.

She debated with herself whether to take him to the police, hospital or nurse him back herself. She finally decided that she could nurse him herself, at least until she found out why he had landed himself in such a state, somehow she found the strength in her to pull him to the side of her car and put him inside.

For a slim guy he sure was heavy to carry, but with no-one to help Nadia was left with little choice. Finally she managed to get him onto her spare bed. He looked awful in the dim light of her room and it seemed he was burning up with a fever. She quickly began to undress him in order to put a cold compress on his forehead and feet, she had to ignore the smell of unwashed flesh but that was understandable given the ordeal he had gone through. The least she could do was to wash him thoroughly, she thought, but that itself was going to be a difficult task as she had never had to do this to anyone other than herself. She walked into her bathroom to run hot water whilst gathering a cloth and soap. Being careful not to spill the bowl she walked back in a laid it on the table next to the bed.

The quicker she undressed him the quicker she could wash--that was her way of dealing with the situation. Using a pair of scissors, she cut away his shirt and pants; at least they weren't soiled, but of no use either. Next came his underwear. She didn't even think about it. Suddenly she realised that there in front of her was a naked man--a dream come true. Holding back a laugh she dipped the cloth into the bowl and rubbed the soap onto it before bringing it to his chest, and arms. She methodically worked her way down to his legs before gently turning him over and starting with his back washing away a weeks worth of dried shit and piss. Once that was done she had to deal with his penis. Turning him over again she started with lifting his flaccid member and washing the whole area as delicately as she could. To her surprise his dick began to stiffen slightly but luckily for her she was done before it rose to full mast. She was too tired to be fascinated with this naked man.

The smell was practically gone and as far as she was concerned it would have to do. Nadia went to back into the bathroom to empty the bowl and refill it with cold water. Rinsing the cloth thoroughly, she used it to wash his neck and face. He mumbled incomprehensible words but Nadia knew that was the fever, she then put a cold compress against his forehead and feet then using a thin sheet to cover him before going to take a quick shower herself.

Making sure he was as comfortable as could be given the state he was in, she put on new cold compresses again before slipping into bed next to him. Waiting was all she could do to see how he was in the morning. Two hours and still no change, sleep began to overtake her senses, barely being able to keep her eyelids open, she fell asleep.

Five days later Nadia was woken up by a soft moaning sound, it sounded like the fever had broke through. He was covered in sweat and shivering. Quickly she got up and began to wash him again with the warm damp cloth and pulled the sheet over his body. The worst was over--so far. He needed plenty of rest and good food if was ever to get his strength back.

Padding off to the kitchen Nadia began to make breakfast before she could start on making chicken soup. Warm sweet tea with bread and honey was just what he needed and she fancied. She hadn't eaten since yesterday evening and her stomach was grumbling as a reminder.

As she walked into her room, the guy was shaking his head as if attempting to escape from a bad dream. Running over to him, she woke him up, his eyes barely opened and there in front of him was an angel gazing down at him, all in white. "Shh, you're having a bad dream. Go back to sleep" as if on command he did just that. His body was too worn down.

Three hours had lapsed when Nadia attempted to waken the stranger. With some persuasion she succeeded. He opened his eyes slowly trying to adjust to the bedroom light-though not bright, he had been confined to darkness for two weeks so anything stronger than the dark burnt his eyes slightly. His head felt too heavy to sit up, and then that's when he noticed a figure in the room; the angel.

Nadia approached him and sat down. "I'm Nadia, how are you feeling?"

"Where am I?" he asked bewildered.

"In my room. I rescued you. Do you remember anything?" she asked rinsing the damp cloth once again to wipe his face and neck.

"Not much, but how did you find me? I had lost all hope after those crazy women left me tied up. Are you with them?" he asked suspiciously, watching her every move as she drew closer to clean him.

"No. I just was lucky enough to overhear their conversation and went to investigate for myself. I couldn't believe my eyes, but that doesn't matter right now, you need food and rest and... a good wash. Do you have strength to get something into your stomach? I've brought you tea with bread and honey, and I have also make soup as you are best off eating liquids at the moment. By the way you still haven't told me who you are".

"Nathan. My name is Nathan", pulling himself into a sitting position so that he could eat something. The smell of the tea and honey made his mouth water. He practically snatched the food off the plate and gulped everything including the hot tea in one go. Under the circumstances it was understandable but it looked weird too.

"Well Nathan, do you think you can leave the bed for a shower?" she asked holding some towels in her hand. "Is it that bad?" he asked timidly. She blushed at his question and nodded. "I'll leave the towels here and clothes that I had in the cupboard. They belong to my brother and he's about your size" with that she left the room.

Nathan slowly began to undress, his arms ached so much from being tied. His clothes were ruined completely worth throwing away. Taking the towels he headed for the shower. Nadia popped in as soon as she heard the water begin to run. Quickly she changed the bed sheets and left before he came out.

"Nadia right?" she nearly dropped the cup she was drying. The last thing she expected was for Nathan to be in the kitchen.

"Yeah, how are you feeling?" She was now looking at him. He looked cute in her brother's jeans and t-shirt. She hadn't really studied him, but now that he was clean and shaven, he looked very appealing to the eye. His mousy brown hair which had been matted was now shiny and hanging loosely around his head. He was slim but masculine looking from what she remembered of last night.

"Weak. I feel I have to sit down all the time", pulling out the chair he sat himself and began to fiddle with the sugar jar.

"That's understandable. I'm making pasta for lunch, hope that's ok. However what happened? I mean don't you want to speak with the police, I know who those girls are so it's not like it'd be difficult to find them" she asked.

"I don't feel like talking about it" he snapped and quickly regretting it. "I'm sorry but right now I don't. Do you mind if I go back to bed till lunch is ready?" he asked getting up. "I'll call you when it's done" she smiled; she didn't take it to heart. Who knows she may have reacted the same way. The way she saw it was if he wanted to talk about, he would.

Reaching the door Nathan turned around. "Who helped you?" He asked.

"What do you mean?" sounding confused.

"I mean who helped you that night and since?" his eyes narrowed at her. "No-one. I've been looking after you myself. My only problem was getting you into my place, other than that I've been bathing you, feeding you, looking after you, changing..." She never got to finish. His eyes widened at what he was hearing. This woman was amazing.

"Thank you"! With that he left.

Nadia remained silent, just watching him leave. This guy obviously seemed appreciative and that made her feel proud of herself and would've have done it again if she had too.

Nathan opened his eyes as the smell of food hit his nose; beautiful and inviting. He'd been asleep for two hours, grateful for the shower and clothes. He got up and headed off to the kitchen, he was in desperate need of proper food after five days of liquids. He got up and followed the smell. There in the kitchen a table had been laid with salad and at the stove stood Nadia busily stirring away the food and making the final touches. She turned around when she heard him still down and smile before turning back to the food.

"Sleep well? I hope you like what I've cooked. Spaghetti with sun-dried tomatoes, it's plain but I don't think you can stomach meat at the moment" taking the saucepan off the stove and bringing it to the table. "Honestly it smells delicious and I'm starved" he said before helping himself.

"This is good, really good" he said with a mouthful. Never had food tasted so good and it really was; perfectly cooked and with just the right amount of seasoning. He finished the first plate fast before helping himself again. Nadia smiled, she was glad he liked it. As he began with his second helping he slowed down a little and looked across at Nadia. He began to study his saviour more closely. She was very sweet looking and had the possibility to be quite stunning maybe even sexy. Her dark hair was in many layers hanging just below her shoulders. She didn't look fragile or shy but more confident-different to what he was used to. One thing which was very noticeable was her bust. For a medium built woman it was quite generous, her top was already stretching because of it and he felt a familiar stirring in his dick.

She broke his concentration when she asked "Would you like something to drink? Juice or water, you choose". "I'll have pineapple juice, thanks".

After lunch Nathan managed to dry the dishes, he wanted to be of some use, after all he'd been looked after and it was the least he could do. However his mind just wasn't focused, every time he remembered that horrible place. The whole thing was supposed to be a joke but it had turned into a nightmare. Those girls were women he had met in a club one night over a month ago and great one-night-stands, but he never thought they'd be capable of doing something so stupid as to leaving him there for ten days. At first it had been a game to tie him up and take turn fucking him. They regularly checked up and he was untied most of the time, but after the fifth day he'd been left alone. On the third day he'd given up hope until this incredible woman came along--and only by chance. How was he supposed to explain this to her? However, he plucked up the courage to explain; that was the least he could afford to do.

"Nadia, we have to talk. We can't get the police involved 'cos there's something you should know," he started off. She was settling down on the couch in front of the television, but something in his voice made her stop reaching for the remote. As he began to tell her, she looked calm. When he finished she burst out laughing. "I'm sorry; it's just that it's incredible. I mean it's ironic yet disturbing. But on a more serious note, you're an idiot. What on earth possessed you to agree to such an elaborate plan? You could've died!" Her voice was very serious now. He could sense her concern and was grateful for it.

"So what are you going to do now? Where do you live?"

"I'm kind of new in town and that's how I met those bitches on my first night here. So practically nowhere, really" he answered meekly.

"Well since you're in no fit condition to move let alone leave this flat till you're stronger, you can stay with me. Until then, I'll do my best to look after you and help you get your life together, because I trust you--don't ask how or why, I just do".

"Thank you Nadia--I really mean it. I promise to be looking for a place by the end of the week. By the way you mentioned a brother. What about him and your parents?"

"My brother and I were sharing this place until three months ago when he moved in with his fiancée, but my parents are living in the Far East for the time being, and hope to return by the end of the year. We're a close family. What about you?"

"I have a sister whose five years younger than myself, also engaged, and a brother whose two years my senior with a wife and a seven month old baby. I came here to continue my studies in Finance and Marketing, but they don't start till two months time".

Three months had gone by and Nathan was still living with Nadia. They had come to an arrangement, he helped her out with the bills and was a companion for her plus they got on really well. She too was a student, but was in a gap year and wanting to teach before she completed her degree. They both had a lot in common with only five years apart in age.

One night Nathan was in his room masturbating rigorously when he heard the front door open. Thank God his door had a lock, but his concentration was broken by the one woman who he fantasised. He heard her go to her room. Looking down at his dick it was half-mast only, mustering up the energy he was able to pull himself off his bed and reorganise his attire before he went to greet her. Suddenly Nadia felt a pillow hit the back of her head; she retaliated by throwing it back. Before they knew what was happening they were having a pillow-fight followed my Nathan's tackling her onto her back on the bed, and tickling her intensely. She had always been ticklish as a child and she couldn't stop laughing whilst avoiding his fingers. She wasn't aware at first that he's stopped, too intent on protecting herself, but when she opened her eyes she saw him looming down at her in a strange way. "What is it" she asked still giggling. Nathan reached forward and tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear and bent down placing a kiss on her forehead before getting off the bed. She could've sworn that she felt his hand on her breast. However she thought her imagination was running away with her and got up heading for a warm shower.

Her breast felt so soft in his hand, her whole body did. His dick hardened at the memory and he decided to see where this could get to. He undressed himself and silently opened the bathroom door before closing it again.

Nathan could see her silhouette as she showered, however he wasn't here to admire her feminine assets. The shower stopped running, he just stood there waiting for her to draw the curtains and as she did, Nathan used this as means to step into the shower. Nadia nearly screamed had it not been for the hand that clamped tightly against her mouth. She was shocked to see him and in such strange circumstances, but somehow she managed to quiet down long enough for him to remove his hand.

"What are doing here?" making no attempt to cover up-after all he was intruding on her privacy.

"I wanted to see you. Now I can" he answered with a cheeky grin.

"Nathan, please, couldn't you have waited?" she tried to push past him, but he gently pushed her back against the tiled wall, closing in on her. He stared at her intensely, she was truly beautiful and her good nature emphasised that even more.

Nadia stared back; she could feel a blush coming on at being studied especially whilst naked. Her eyes widened as Nathan began stripping. "What are you doing, besides the obvious"? Nadia turned away from him feeling embarrassed.

Nathan chuckled at her question. "I was thinking we'd shower together".

"But I just finished...".

"I'm just starting" he replied before he reached forward and started the shower again.

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