Doug's Toys

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Gang Bang, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: His playthings were getting in the way and she was not happy about it.

She looked at herself in the mirror and shook her head. What a waste she thought. This much to offer a man and it is going to waste. But not for much longer.

Doug and Martha had gone steady during the last two years of high school, had become engaged the day after graduation and had married one year after that. The first five years had been very good and then, slowly, things had gotten ho-hum and common place, at least as far as Martha was concerned. He had a good job and made good money and Martha, since finding out that the two of them couldn't have kids, had gotten a job also. Between the two of them they made enough money to have the things they wanted. For Martha it was the house, good furniture, and a new car every three years. For Doug it was toys - lots of toys - and that was the problem.

Doug's sex drive seemed to be inversely proportional to the number of toys he acquired. The more toys he had, the more time he spent with them and the less time he spent with Martha. It might have been different if Martha was included when he played with his toys, but all too often she was excluded in favor of "the boys." It was another truism that the more toys Doug got the more buddies he found who wanted to spend time with him.

"I can't take you with me honey. You would be the only woman there and I know these guys. I'd turn my back on them for a minute and they would be hitting on you. I can't expose my wife to behavior like that."

I wouldn't mind Martha thought, at least some one would be paying me some attention.

One week it would be dirt bike racing and the next Doug and his buddies would take the boat out to the lake for a weekend of fishing. Hunting season meant four weekends of taking the ATV's and going out looking for deer. Then there was the week Doug took off to go elk hunting, and the weekends devoted to duck, quail, pheasant, and dove hunting. Besides hunting and fishing there were the two nights a week that Doug bowled, the Friday night card games and on the weekends when he was not off somewhere killing things he played golf on Saturday and Sunday. That left Tuesday and Wednesday for Doug to devote to Martha and half the time on those two nights he was just too tired. Well Martha was tired too - tired of being ignored.

Martha knew that it had nothing to do with her looks. She still turned heads and got hit on quite a lot and not just by Doug's buddies. She wondered how long they would stay buddies if Doug knew how many of them had tried to fuck her. No, there were plenty of other men who wanted her. There were a good half dozen or so where she worked who had let her know they were interested. Several times she had stopped after work to socialize with the people she worked with and she had danced with some of the men. A couple of times when she'd had a few to many she had engaged in some necking and she could even have gone farther if she had wanted too. Other girls she worked with had made trips out to the parking lot or to the motel next door and she could have done it if she had wanted. Even though her body craved a man's touch she had behaved because she loved Doug, but she was rapidly reaching the point where that wasn't going to be enough to keep her honest.

The final straw came one night after she had stopped with her coworkers for drinks after work. She had just enough to loosen her up and she had let herself get seriously felt up on the dance floor. She had even gone out to the parking lot with the man, necked with him for quite a while and had even let him get a finger in her pussy. It was only when the man had taken out his cock that she had panicked, pushed him away and hurried home. She was hot, she was horny and she needed Doug to make love to her. When she got home he was in the basement tying flies and getting ready for his next fishing trip with his buddies. She tried to get him to go upstairs and make love to her, but he ignored her and concentrated on his fly tying.

"Not now Martha, I need to get another dozen of these done."

She had gone upstairs in tears and as she threw herself down on the bed she vowed that there would be some major changes made and that they would be made real soon.

Doug came home from work to find Martha sitting at the kitchen table looking over some papers. He bent and kissed her on the forehead, "Hi babe, whatcha doing?"

"Just reviewing some financial stuff."

"Yeah? What kind of financial stuff."

"Just reviewing our net worth."


"Just curious."

"We in good shape?"

"Depends on how you look at it."

"What's that mean?"

"Sit down and I'll show you."

Doug sat down and Martha handed him a sheet of paper. "This is our net worth."

Doug scanned the sheet of paper, "Not bad babe, not bad at all. We're doing all right for ourselves."

Martha handed him another sheet of paper and Doug said, "What's this one?"

"That's what it looks like after the divorce."

"What?" What he hell are you talking about? What divorce?"

"The one that's just around the corner if you don't make some changes around here."

"What are you talking about, what changes?"

"I'm tired of playing second fiddle to dirt bikes, ATV's, fishing boats and fishing trips. I'm sick and tired of taking a back seat when it comes to bowling, golf, hunting, poker parties and anything else you and your buddies decide to do. In short - you had better make some room in your life for me or I am going to rearrange your life. This is a community property state and it is also a no-fault state. If I go for a divorce every thing we have gets sold and we split the proceeds fifty-fifty and your toys will be gone and so will I. You need to decide whether you want half the pot or to spend some time with me. I'm young, I'm healthy and I want a love life. I'm tired of lying on the bed and looking at the ceiling while you tie flies or some other bullshit thing like that. So, you either take care of your husbandly duties or I either get a divorce or start having affairs. I am not, repeat not, going to go without anymore. The next time I want to make love in the morning and you push me away and tell me "Sorry babe, but I'm playing golf this morning," the next time I walked naked into the basement and you tell me to go away and let you tie flies or the next time you chose your buddies or your toys over me I will break it off in your ass."

Doug sat there speechless and stared at Martha as she stood up and left the room.

There were a couple of days of frosty silence after Martha's little speech and then things began to get better. Doug paid a lot more attention to Martha and soon they were back to making love almost as often as when they first had gotten married. Doug still played with his toys and spent time with his buddies, but Martha did seem to have first call on his attentions. For six months things went along fine and Martha wondered why she hadn't put her foot down sooner. Then Doug went and got drunk and things changed.

It happened during a weekend fishing trip with some of his buddies. One of his buddies brought along a girl he had picked up in a bar. Every body got drunk and the girl had pulled a train for the guys. Every one nailed her at least three times and Doug woke up the next morning with a hell of a hangover and the knowledge that he had fucked up big time. He knew he had to find some way to not have sex with Martha until he was sure that the girl he had just helped gangbang hadn't given him a disease. For the next three weeks he made excuse after excuse to Martha as to why he couldn't make love to her. The excuse was plausible, he said he had hurt his back at work and he walked and acted as if he had, but that didn't keep Martha from being frustrated.

The Friday night poker game is when it all came unglued. Martha was in the basement folding laundry when two of Doug's buddies went into the downstairs bathroom. Because of the way the heating ducts ran Martha heard every word the two men said.

"Martha seems to be a little upset with Doug tonight."

"Think she found out that he fucked that skank that you picked up?"

"I don't know. I don't think so. If she knew about that gangbang I think she would be a lot more pissed than she seems."

"Speaking of gangbangs, I'd sure like to nail Martha sometime."

"We all would. We've tried to get Doug to bring her along on the fishing trips, but he won't do it."

"I think he knows what we would do if we got the chance."

"I think she'd go for it if we got enough booze in her."

"Wishful thinking guy, wishful thinking."

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