A New Moon... Turns to Gold

by Dag123

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Slow, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: The Romance continues...Julie and Craig plan a day to be alone'"just the two of them. They revel in exploring their budding relationship and each other in the most delightful intimate ways. Their quiet Romance deepens'"continues to blossom'"becoming torrid and sensual, as their mutual desire for each other engulfs them.

Late Sunday afternoon...

After Julie and her girls spend a wonderful Sunday with Craig, he is reluctantly driving them back to their tiny apartment.

"So, tell me more about why your landlord, Mr. Canfield is raising your rent," Craig said, to Julie sitting next to him.

"Well..." Julie said. "He somehow got caught in one of those adjustable rate mortgages. They have now raised his interest rate, so he's having problems meeting his payment on his apartment house loan."

"Craig, He's such a good man," Julie said.

"He's held off raising my rent for several months now knowing the children and I are having a hard time"

Pulling up to Julie's Apartment entrance, a somewhat dreary building, they noticed a man out watering his flowers.

"Oh... , there's Mr. Canfield now," Julie said.

"I'd like to meet him. Why don't you introduce us?" Craig said, as they got out of the car and walked over in his direction.

"Mr. Canfield. This is my friend, Craig Lane," Julie said.

Smiling at each other, the two men shook hands.

"Mr. Canfield, I'm happy to make your acquaintance. Julie has told me how kind you have been to her and the girls. I just wanted to thank you." Craig said.

"You know... , I really hated having to raise everyone's rent; but, I had no choice."

"I know. Julie told me how they recently raised your mortgage rate." Craig said sympathetically.

"Mr. Canfield, could I ask you, what Bank holds the mortgage on your property?"

"Banker's Loan and Trust," the older man replied.

"Would you be offended if I talked to them? I know some of their people—I may be able to help." Craig said.

"No, quite the contrary—I'd be most grateful," he replied.

"Okay... , I'll reach out and see what can be done."

Monday morning driving to work...

"Craig, when are you planning to contact the Banker's Loan and Trust company about Mr. Canfield's loan?" Julie asked.

"As soon as they're open for business this morning," Craig said, quietly.

"You know Julie, it was so great yesterday spending time with you and the girls. I could really get used to that," he said, grinning over at the slender pretty petite female sitting in the seat next to him.

"So could we," Julie laughed. "You know, I don't think my girls are ever going to be happy with our little TV after watching that big one of yours yesterday. By the way, you made quite an impression on them, you know.

"Sounds like you're about to have some serious competition," Craig teased. "They definitely made an impression on me as well," Craig said.

"I guess I might as well admit it. You three have become very special to me," Craig said, giving her a warm smile."

Monday evening when Julie arrived home from work, Mr. Canfield hurried out to intercept her. She could see he was excited.

"Julie, I don't know what your Mr. Lane said to the people at the bank—but at 10:00 this morning I got a call from them asking me to come down.

"When I went down there they told me my previous mortgage rate had been reinstated—and that I could apply to make it a fixed rate if I wanted."

"Did they say anything else, Mr. Canfield," Julie asked, quite curious to learn what had actually transpired.

"Yes. The guy handling my loan did make the remark that—I must have some powerful friends. He seemed very much in awe. I also suspect Someone may have had a little talk with him. He was especially nice to me."

"Mr. Canfield," Julie said, kissing him on the cheek, "I'm so happy everything has worked out for you."

"It worked out for both of us, Julie. Your rent stays the same as before," he said. "Oh, and would you thank Mr. Lane for me."

Smiling back at him, Julie gave him an affectionate pat on the back.

"I certainly will, Mr. Canfield. I know he's going to be very happy for you as well."

Tuesday morning...

Tuesday Julie stepped out the door of her apartment to find Craig waiting in his car. Reaching across—he opened her door. She got in.

"Craig, before I forget—Mr. Canfield wanted me to thank you for interceding with the Loan Company."

"You tell him he's welcome. After I explained things to them, they decided to do the right thing."

"He told me he plans to leave my rent the same as before; so, I'm very relieved," Julie said. "How can I thank you?"

Grinning over at her, Craig said, "Well... , I think a good morning kiss would pretty much cover your obligation," he teased.

"Okay... , come over here, Mister," she said, as she scooted closer.

A moment later they were sharing their first kiss of the new week. Holding each other tight, passion made it's welcome presence known immediately. The two of them reveled in the mutual attraction they felt for each other.

"Is the magic still there?" Craig teased.

"Oh... , yes... !" Julie happily sighed.

A best laid plan... works...

"Hey." Craig said. "Please tell me you and the girls are going to come spend next Sunday with me again?"

"Oh, Craig, we'd love to, but I have to work next Sunday," Julie said, with a tinge of regret in her voice.

"My day off this week is tomorrow, Wednesday. I'm hoping to get the washing caught up for the girls and me," she said, wistfully.

"Hey! I have an idea. Why don't I pick you up after you get the girls off to school. We can bring your washing over to my place. I have a Washer and Dryer down in my basement," Craig said.

"If you do them over at my place—this way, while they're washing—we can spend some time together," he said, with a hopeful smile.

Julie felt her stomach do a little nervous flutter. I feel like a schoolgirl going on her very first grownup date, she thought.

"Well... , with Lacy in preschool and Aimee in 1st grade—except for doing the washing, I will have most of the rest of the day free."

"We could make a wonderful day of it—just the two of us." Craig said.

Both sensed the other's subdued excitement. Secretly thrilled and excited each knew this was another opportunity for them to get together—This time without the girls.

Wednesday morning...

"Welcome home... ," Craig said, as he opened the door. Picking up one of the laundry bags he said.

"Why don't we take these down to the basement. We can put them right into the washer."

Arriving in the basement a few moments later, Julie got busy loading the washer.

"Here, let me help you," Craig offered.

With that he began pulling Julie's dirty clothes out of her laundry bags. Julie

felt painfully embarrassed and a little uncomfortable when a lot of the soiled clothes he was pulling out and putting in the Washer turned out to be her intimate apparel—her bras and panties.

"Craig, you're a sweet man," she said. "You're the first man that's ever offered to help me do my laundry before," she said, with a little intimate giggle.

Just then, a pair of her soiled pink panties with stains on the crotch fell to the basement floor.

Julie turned red with embarrassment.

"Julie... ," Craig, seeing her plight, said gently.

"It's alright. Don't be embarrassed. Sweetheart... , I want to get to know everything about you—We're both adults," he said.

"Can I assume by looking at your panties, you have been having the same erotic thoughts about me; that I've also been having about you?" he said gently, a sweet smile playing on his face.

Julie felt such a loving surge of intimacy envelope her. He knows what caused the stains on the crotch of my panties, she thought.

"Yes... , darling," she whispered. "But, I'm a little embarrassed to admit it," she said, with a little lilt in her laugh.

Craig, smiled into her shy brown eyes. Taking her gently by her shoulders—he turned her to face him.

You should see some of my briefs," he said, attempting to relieve her embarrassment. "They've been a mess every since our little sexual interlude, last Sunday." he laughed.

"Besides, you should know by now—I'll do anything to get inside your panties," Craig said, teasing her lightheartedly.

Julie somewhat recovered from her embarrassment laughed. "I wonder how our intimate apparel will ever survive after our little interlude today," she teased.

"Why don't we go upstairs and find out," he suggested with a mischievous little grin.

Alone at last...

Entering Craig's big bedroom, Julie was a bit surprised at how at home she felt. I feel at home because I'm here with Craig, she said to herself. She felt such a surge of affection for the man beside her.

Smiling into each other's hungry eyes—Julie and Craig watched each other undress. Julie stood before him—this time minus her first time embarrassment.

She noticed his unruly member was already thickening, and was starting to involuntarily move up and down. He's already getting aroused, she thought.

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