by Maria Rendes

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Rough, Humiliation, Torture, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: How a young woman can be affected after rape.

The intensity of the heat was starting to wear her down as she walked through her uncle's vineyard. Heat was one thing she could not withstand and unfortunately for her there was plenty of it. The nights were cool though, so she was told and at least that was something to look forward to. Coming here was her father's idea, she needed a long vacation after the traumatic year she'd encountered and getting away was an immediate remedy which even she had not objected to. Her father's brother and family lived out in the countryside and owned a vast vineyard with a small grazing farm. One thing that Keira could not disagree with was the vast beauty and calmness of the countryside, so peaceful in comparison to the busy city streets she had grown up with.

"Keira, sweetheart, lunch is ready" brought her out of her trance.

"I'll be there in a minute aunt" she shouted back. Hurrying towards the large house to clean up, she was famished and her aunt was renowned for being a good cook along with her own mother.

"Sorry I'm late. My God it's hot, how do you survive?" panting whilst taking a seat between her cousins Kitty and Leon. "You're just in time." Kitty winked.

"Mmmm my favourite" Keira said as they all began to eat.

"How long are you here for?" Leon asked before biting a mouthful of bread. He along with Kitty was looking forward to having their youngest cousin come over for the whole summer, and maybe a bit longer.

"Well the whole summer at least. What do you have in mind?" replied Keira whilst pouring the home-made lemonade into her cup. She loved her family, especially as she had always been so welcomed. Her cousins were great fun, they were close in age and now all grown-up, they got along even better.

"Keira, that reminds me. You need to avoid going out into the sun during the day as the sun's heat is very strong over here and you're not used to it. The last thing we need is for you to get sunstroke and end up staying indoors all the time" her uncle advised.

"I'll look after her papa" Kitty said smilingly.

After lunch Kitty and Keira went upstairs to have a shower and get changed for the evening. Keira busily unpacked and tidied up her room before deciding what to wear. Though the evenings were cooler, they were still warm, so a nice pair of 3/4 jeans with a top would be a good idea. They had all decided to walk into the town to show her the night life they had and were proud of.

Keira had to admit though it wasn't what she was used to, she did like the style. She stuck out like a sore thumb, as everyone passing by looked at her-quite obvious that she wasn't from around here. Her cousins greeted and introduced her to many of the town folk. Most were pleasant people. A loud noise could be heard from around the corner which caught Keira's attention. Following it, she came face to face with a crowd of young people about her age clapping and cheering loudly to what seemed a competition. As she passed through the crowd and came closer to the front she could see a man on a horse like a rodeo.

He was doing his best to control the animal from what she could see, but it seemed the animal was controlling him. Suddenly he was thrown off the horse and the crowd went into hysterics, laughing and whistling. Getting up and attempting to act cool Keira got to see him for the first time. He was to die for.

"Don't run off like that. You could've gotten yourself lost" Kitty's voice broke through her thoughts. "I'm sorry; I guess the crowd attracted me. Who is that hunk of a man?" she couldn't keep her eyes off him.

"Cole Nash, just the biggest asshole alive. His father Greg Nash owns and breeds horses. He's really nice but the son is an arrogant prick. Come on lets go" yanking Keira away.

He was handsome though. Tall, well-built, hair hanging all rugged; not to mention being incredibly handsome. It was a pity she was too far away to get a better look. Joining her family once again they spent most of the night making sure Keira was having fun.

The next morning Keira was up and about quite early along with Kitty. Though the farm had few livestock which were kept as company, they required looking after. Both cousins decided to share the tasks of feeding and cleaning of the animals. Keira's uncle was surprised that she had volunteered in the first place since she was a city girl, but he had welcomed her enthusiasm.

Feeding the animals was the easier task, cleaning up after them and restocking on the bedding was hard and smelly, that's why Keira welcomed the idea of a shower before lunch. Today her uncle and Leon had gone into town to discuss business over the vineyard. Kitty was meeting up with friends but Keira had declined on the invitation and had offered to help her aunt bake bread and cakes for the coming up week.

"Keira you sure have taken after you're mama in your baking skills. Men will love having you cook for them" her aunt said whilst kneading the dough for the bread.

"Aunt you know I'm too young to settle down, but I will when the right man comes along" she laughed as she washed the bowls.

"You're only 23 not much younger than Kitty and she's going to be engaged soon. But if there is one thing I do encourage that is marrying for love, my dear" was her reply.

There would be at least two hours before everyone came back for dinner. Keira excused herself, she wanted to go a little further out and see what was beyond the farm and vineyard. Promising to be careful and back in time for dinner, she walked off. She was wearing a simple summer dress and sandals.

She kept on walking until she reached another field; it was plain with few horses. However what caught her eye were the dandelions--she loved them. As she bent down to pick one she didn't hear someone creep up behind her and yank her away. Before she could react she found herself thrown onto the ground with her dress riding dangerously high.

"Who the hell are you and what are you doing on our land?" the man's voice demanded. The moan was the only response she gave having grazed her knee. Coarse fingers grabbed her chin lifting it upwards. "I asked you a question, bitch!!" the voice was menacing.

"Please, I didn't mean any harm, I live on the Kasabian Farm with my family and I was exploring". Keira suddenly recognised the face, it was Cole Nash. His features were still handsome but his eyes looked hard and cold sending a chill down to her spine.

"I see" he replied. The girl was stunning, he had to admit, and he had already gotten an ample view of her thighs. Her lips were full and her eyelashes thick. He moved away from her without helping her up.

"Do you always throw women onto the ground or was I an exception" Keira asked getting up angrily. No-one had ever treated her this way, he cousin was right he was an asshole, an arrogant, self-righteous asshole.

Stunned at her question, then angry to be spoken to that way by a woman, made him walk past knocking against her shoulder hard. She watched him walk off into the field. Seeing the sun set Keira realised it was getting close to dinner and ran down the hill. She decided to keep their 'meeting' away from her family just in case her uncle did business with Nash Sr.

"Keira did something happen today, you were awfully quiet over dinner" Kitty asked as they got into bed. "Where did you get that graze on your knee from? She asked pointing.

"I missed my step and fell down over the hill" she replied quickly, technically that was true.

"You went over to Nash Farm?" Kitty asked astonished.

"Yeah, I was exploring after helping your mama all day", Keira replied.

"My only advice is keep away from Cole Nash. He's creepy, women fall over themselves for him, but he can be very rough-if you know what I mean" Kitty said before turning off the lamp.

Keira didn't have to be told twice, she could see the twisted hatred in his eyes and the way he looked at her as she lay on the ground. She hoped she wouldn't have to see him again.

The next few weeks followed the same routine for Keira, with the exception that she was going out more and more. She had familiarised herself with the town so could run errands when required to.

One morning she was picking wild flowers when a noise made her stop dead in her tracks. Someone was there. Luckily for her Leon was around. She continued but kept looking behind her.

"Nice ass" followed by a whistle. She knew that voice-Cole Nash.

"Oh my God you frightened me. What are you doing here anyway?" she asked trying to make his presence not seem uneasy. He was in jeans and a shirt looking handsome as ever.

"Well I thought I'd come down here and get better acquainted" he said with a wink. His gaze lingered on her breasts for a moment making her shiver in disgust.

"So Keira, tell me what is a city girl like you doing out her in the country?" he asked casually.

"The city is a stressful place and I wanted to be away from all of that Cole" she answered sweetly. She was one spitfire. She turned to leave heading over to where the animal food was kept-just behind the house. He followed her. Ever since they had met he was craving for her. Something about her being unobtainable made the challenge all the worthwhile.

As she entered it, she felt his presence behind her. Turning around to leave he used it as an opportunity to brush against her and leaving her with no choice but to accept the contact—the wall was behind her.

His hands settled on her hips. Through her thick jeans she could feel him-strong and dangerous. His body pressed her into the wall and him. She could feel his arousal — his cock pressing into her arrogantly. He wanted her in every way. He moved his head to stare at her.

"Please stop." She breathed out. She was trying to remain in control.

"No. I want you." His mouth took hers in a forceful and brutal manner leaving her lips bruised.

She attempted to push him off her but it was futile. Grabbing her chin and holding it steady he leaned in to whisper "Are you a virgin Keira?"

Before she could answer they both heard her aunt calling for her. Distracted by the interruption Keira managed to free herself from his grasp and run off. His eyes narrowed as he wondered how she'd be in bed, but this was neither the time nor the place. He needed somewhere more private, more away from people and interruptions if he was to taste this girl's charms.

Now that summer was coming to an end, the town had a tradition of having a huge summer fete. The whole thing ran overnight into the early hours of dawn. Keira had been looking forward to this. Keira had chosen to wear a white top that was cut low in the front pushing her breasts up. Her skirt was black and full with a thick burgundy sash emphasizing her hips and their sway. She looked like a gypsy, very eye-catching yet traditional.

Her aunt and uncle had gone ahead, whilst Leon, Kitty and Keira would follow later. On arrival the whole place was full and buzzing with excitement. The food was plentiful and varied as was the music and the endless stalls. There was a bonfire with music and most of the younger people were gathered there to dance. On arrival Keira greeted many of the friends she had made over the summer.

However someone else caught her attention too. Cole. He stood there with his arm around a young woman who she presumed must've been a date. He gave her a haunted look that penetrated into her very soul. She looked sensual in her gypsy outfit, his mouth watered as all her feminine features were enhanced with her smoky eyes and full red lips. Keira did her best to ignore him. His actions in the hut had frightened her, but here she felt safe.

Whilst talking with her friends she overheard that more firewood would be needed. Without telling anyone she slipped away in hope of bringing some herself as a surprise. Only one pair of eyes saw her. The same pair that had followed her every move since she'd arrived.

She wandered into the stables to collect some wood for the fire. As she turned to leave, she heard the latch close.

"You look almost good enough to eat." The voice behind her spoke. Whirling around, standing there before her in the darkened corner of the stall store stood Cole. He advanced upon her. "Many nights I have lain awake thinking of you."

"What... what do you want?" she asked her voice quivering from fear. He didn't reply at first, just circled around her like a predator with its prey before the kill. She didn't like the menacing look in his eyes, as she turned to flee he lunged towards. Keira shrieked at being caught, she was too far away from the party.

He grabbed her by her shoulders and pushed her down onto the hay. Moving quickly, he forced her on her back and climbed on top, pinning her smaller frame beneath him. She squirmed against him and pushed at his chest, trying to push him away. She tried to remain calm but his actions were really frightening her.

"Got off me Cole or I'll scream." She began to punch him wherever she could. She was like a wildcat clawing and biting. "No! Don't touch me!" she screamed at him as she beat at his shoulders feebly. He managed to grab both her wrists and push them above her head, squeezing them tightly till she stopped struggling from the pain.

"Get off me, you bastard!!" she tried to push herself up, but he began to get really rough. He pushed the hem of her skirts up her thighs, and grabbed the front of her top and tore it in half, marring her smooth skin in the process. Seeing how firm and supple her youthful body was ignited his anger towards her. In his rage he grabbed her bra and snapped it off to expose all of the full curves of her breasts to his lewd gaze. His tongue snaked out and licked along his lips.

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