The Traditional Mechanic Story

by Flying-Circus

Copyright┬ę 2007 by Flying-Circus

Erotica Sex Story: A woman's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and there's only one mechanic in town. He'll fix her up.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .


The hammering of the car's engine became even louder. Jamie further pressed down the accelerator of her sports sedan in the waning hope that she could get home faster. The radio was turned up as loud as it could get, but she couldn't hear the music. Sadly she could no longer drown out the engine noise with the radio and blissfully ignore the problem.

Jamie was on a return trip from a weekend convention. It was the first time for the slender 25-year old brunette to work the exhibit booth for her company. This morning she checked out of her hotel room and started the drive home knowing she did a damn good job. In the car's trunk, she had a box full of orders. The boss would be very pleased.

She reluctantly slowed down for the winding 25 mph corner. She needed to keep her speed up if she was going to get home. She didn't want to get stuck out in the middle of these mountainous woods where her cell phone couldn't get a signal or she might be out here a long time until someone finally drove by. Most people took the highway but it added an extra thirty minutes to the drive. She wanted to get home faster. It was the first time for her cats to be alone for a weekend.

The engine started to sputter. Dammit! Not now! Not here! The fucking car was only six months old! This shouldn't be happening! She floored the gas pedal, but the car continued to slow. Please, oh, please, oh please!

She turned a corner and there was a gas station with a mechanic's garage. Relief overwhelmed Jamie. She exhaled loudly. Whew! The guy could check out her car and adjust or replace whatever he needed to do then she would be back on her way.

Eddie stepped outside. He was watching TV in the back section of the building which was his home when he heard the noise. The source of the racket appeared in the form of a sporty little car. It looked like he might have some business.

The car quit before Jamie could pull off the road, but there was a slight downhill grade so she coasted in. A man in torn blue jeans and a t-shirt aggressively waved for her to turn to the right. Fortunately the car still responded. He quickly ran over and pointed to the mechanic's bay. That made sense. She turned to the left and aimed for the opening. The car lost momentum right in front of the bay. She opened the door and started to get out.

"Hold on, missy," he called out. "I'll push the car in. Put it in neutral."

She got back in and did as he requested. He got behind the car and strained while forcefully pushing. The front wheels moved onto the concrete floor of the bay then he was able to easily get the rest of the car in.

Eddie noticed the young, attractive gal when she stepped out briefly. She was dressed up all fancy in professional businesswoman attire. The sight of the sweet thing made his cock instantly stir.

Jamie stepped out of the car. The mechanic looked exactly like the kind of hick she expected to see in this neck of woods.

"Sound like your car's having trouble," he said.

'No, duh!' was her first thought. She hoped he was a little sharper when he actually diagnosed the car. She responded instead with a simple, "Yes."

Eddie looked her up and down.

Jamie normally would have been irritated, but she reasoned he probably hadn't seen a woman in years. The only beaver he ever saw was the one that chewed down trees.

"Can you fix it?" she asked.

"I'll have to check it out first. It sounds like you need ball bustings."

"You mean ball bearings?

"Well, sure you got to bare the balls before they bust. Let's go into my office and I'll start the service ticket."

There was no one else here, she needed to get home, and he wanted to do it all official with a service ticket? Hell, she didn't even expect him to know how to write.

"This way, missy," he said.

Eddie walked behind her. His eyes delighted over the sway of her ass in her navy blue skirt. Her top was a white blouse with a coat that matched the skirt. She was a shapely thing. She probably kept herself all fit and physical at a gym.

As the mechanic went behind the counter, Jamie looked around the little office. A sign on the back wall said: You Supply All Body Parts. She was glad she didn't need any body work done in this forgotten land.

"It sounds real bad, but I can fix you up real good," he said. "Not a problem, missy."

"What do I need?" she asked.

"I'll rev up your engine with a good piston until I blow out your shaft with a rod. I might want to check out your exhaust pipe too."

"I see," she said. He could tell her anything. All that was important was that he understood what to do. It sounded like he knew a lot about cars. "Do you have everything you need right here?"

"Oh, sure. I have all the parts I need on me. Nothing special unless you want it."

"I just want to get home."

"You'll be praising my name when you leave here."

She looked at the name plate. "Thanks, Eddie."

"You can hang in the back," he said. "You can get comfortable and watch TV while I fix up your car."

Jamie followed him through the door. When she saw the couch and TV, she realized this was where he lived.

"Now you make yourself right at home, missy. If you get hungry or thirsty, the kitchen is right through there." He pointed at the doorway.

"Thanks," she said. It would be a comfortable enough waiting room.

"You're very welcome." He left and headed toward the bay.

Jamie went outside an hour later to check on the progress. She found him with his back to her looking into the engine. His shirt was off and there was a long scar on his upper back. That was probably what you get for having a bear for a girlfriend.

Eddie straightened up to grab a socket wrench when he noticed her. "You need anything, missy?"

"No," she answered. "I was just checking on how it was going."

"It's coming along. I'll have you fixed up."

"Oh, good. It sounded pretty bad."

"Nothing I can't handle."

"So how much longer? Another hour?"

"Oh, this is going to take most of the day."

"Oh," she said disappointedly.

"Don't worry, missy. It'll be better than your first time. I'll cover it all. I'll check your head, your headlights, give your bushings a nice work over, ram your shaft with my piston rod, and everything from top to your bottom. You're a lucky girl."

If being stuck here was lucky, she didn't want to know what unlucky was.

"Grab yourself a nice cool one from the fridge and relax," he said. "Your place is my place."

She mentally noted he said it backwards. That's what a third grade education got him. A cold beer did sound good, but she decided to stick with a soda.

Jamie jerked straight up. She was startled when he came in. Somehow she dozed off.

Eddie displayed a small smile. "If you're tired, you can go on back and lie on my bed."

That was a repulsive thought. Ticks and fleas were not her thing. "Is it fixed?"

"Nah. It's gonna take all day like I told you. I'm just here for lunch." She had taken her business coat off. He eyed her white blouse especially where it was pushed out. His cock gave a twitch.

"Oh," she said disappointed.

"You want some lunch? I got plenty."

He walked through into the kitchen. Jamie twisted to follow him with her eyes. Now that he mentioned lunch, she realized that she was hungry. She heard the opening and closing of the fridge, the sound of the microwave running, and its culminating beep. She breathed in deeper to suck in the tantalizing smell.

Eddie was just sitting down at his little kitchenette table when she entered. "Plates are in the cabinet. Forks are in the drawer." He pointed with his thumb.

He had meat, potatoes, and bread. It looked pretty good. Jamie grabbed a plate and fork then sat down across from him.

Eddie took a bite of meat. He swallowed then said, "This is some of best possum I've ever had."

He watched her face drop. He laughed so hard that it started a coughing fit. What a stupid city girl! She was beautiful but dumb as a rock like all the city folks. He finally managed to say, "Nah, it's roast beef."

Jamie felt so embarrassed. The rube took her in. She instantly believed when he said it was possum.

He said, "I got a nice sausage if you want that now, but I was planning on giving it to you later."

"The roast beef is good," she said. She stabbed a piece with her fork and put it on her plate.

"So where were you headed?" he asked as they ate.

"I was heading home. My cats are probably wondering where I am."

"Yeah. I like pussy too. What about doggy? Is that your style?"

"I was thinking about getting a little doggy."

"A little doggy?"

"Yeah, the apartment doesn't allow bigger pets. I'm only in a one bedroom, so I don't have the room anyway. You have any pets?"

Eddie decided not to mention his trouser snake. It was by far his favorite pet. "No. I had Cooter, but he died a couple years back."

Cooter. It figured. The perfect hick name. "Was he your dog?"

"Yeah, a cocker. I'm gonna get doggy soon."

"That's good. What kind are you thinking of getting?"

"Cocker. Cockers are the best."

They found out a little more about each other during the meal. It didn't surprise Jamie that the hick was never married. It didn't surprise Eddie that the city girl was never married.

"Well, back to the car," he said standing up. He put his plate in the sink.

When he started to come back to the table she said, "I'll put it all away. You go work."

"Why thank you, missy."

The sooner her car was ready, the sooner she was home.

It was late in the afternoon. Eddie turned the ignition and the car fired right up. He slipped out of the driver's seat and peered into the engine. The motor was quiet and ran smoothly just like it was supposed to do. It was a big job, but he got it done. He closed the hood and got into the car. He slowly backed out the car. He pulled out onto the road and drove a mile down before turning around and returning to his garage. It was a nice car owned by a nice body. He stuck the key into his jeans pocket before walking back.

Eddie discovered the girl stretched out asleep on the couch with her shoes kicked off onto the floor. He dropped to the carpet on his knees and slowly lifted her skirt. He could only see a little bit of light pink panties because her legs were too close together. He scooted over to her head.

"Missy?" he said quietly. He gently shook her shoulder. "Missy?" He looked down to where her tits gentle rose and fell with her breaths. "Missy?"

"Mmmm?" she mumbled.

"Missy?" he said a little louder.

Her eyes sprung open. She pushed back hard against the couch in surprise to see a man that close to her. When she discovered she couldn't go anywhere, she sat up abruptly. What was he doing?

"Your car's done," he said. He stood up.

"It is?" She felt supreme relief.

"Yep. All fixed up. Now you just got to fix me up."

"Sure, sure." She reached down to the floor and pulled up her purse. "How much?"

Jamie wasn't too shocked that it was that costly. He spent all day working on it and he probably didn't get too much business. She took out her wallet and pulled out her Visa.

"Here you go," she said.

"Don't take Visa."

"Oh," she said a little surprised. She handed him another card.

"Don't take Mastercard either. I don't take any credit cards"

"I don't use a checkbook and I certainly don't carry that much cash on hand."

"I can't release your car until I receive payment."

"I'll send you a money order as soon as I get home."

"How you gonna get home without a car?"

"Be reasonable," she insisted. "I'll pay you."

"It's very reasonable to expect payment after doing a job. I know you can satisfy me right now."

"What do you mean?"

He shrugged then said, "There are other ways to pay."

"Like how?"

Eddie realized that as city girls go this one was about as dense they come.

"Did you read the sign in the office?" he asked.

"Which one?"

"The one right behind the desk. You can't miss it."

"There's only the body parts sign. My car didn't need any bodywork."

"That sign has nothing to do with your car. It's about payment."

The light bulb went on in Jamie's understanding and she suddenly understood a lot of things he said earlier.

She said outraged, "If you think I'm going to fuck you to pay for your work then you got another thing coming!"

"What about your pussy?" he said.

"You're not getting into it. Ever!"

"Not your cunt, you stupid cunt! What about your poor starving pussy at home? Who will feed your pussy when you get killed by a bear trying to walk home? What happens to your pussy when you accept a ride from the Forest Strangler? He doesn't even want to fuck you. He just likes to see a pretty thing like you slowly dying on the end of a rope around her neck."

Jamie swallowed hard. That didn't sound good at all. She looked at the mechanic. He had all his teeth. He smelled like work and not like farm animals. He was physically fit. He probably hadn't been with a girl in like forever, so he'd get off fast. She could put up with a few minutes to get her car back. She decided to see if he would settle for less than full sex.

"How about a blowjob?" she asked.

"That would be mighty nice," he replied. "I'm gonna shower up because I know you women folk don't like the sweaty smells then you can blow my head gasket."

Jamie looked all over for her key while he showered but she came up empty. When the showered turned off, she quickly sat back on the bed trying to looking nonchalant.

Eddie came out naked. She looked a little frazzled. The girl probably searched everywhere for her car key. As if he was gonna leave it some place she could find! Stupid city girl. "You ready?"

Jamie gazed at his cock. He looked normal length, but it was a fatter slab of meat than normal. It would stretch out a pussy. "Uh... yeah."

"Like my shaft, do you? All the girls like my Big Ed."

"I'm sure they do. So where do you want to start?" She wanted to get it over with.

"Why don't you get on your knees down on the floor while I sit on the bed? I like to look at a girl enjoying Big Ed." She was showing some enthusiasm now. That was better.

Jamie stared at the cock that was in her face. It was going to fill her mouth. She hoped he wasn't one of those guys who liked to thrust, but she didn't count on it.

She reached for his cock but before she grabbed it, he said, "Turn on your headlights, missy."

"What?" she said confused.

"Your headlights," he repeated. Didn't she know what headlights were? "Take off your blouse and your bra and show me your headlights. I like to give a girl's tits attention while she's giving me good attention."

Jamie didn't hesitate to take them off. If she was going to suck this hick's thick cock, it wasn't any more to let him play with her tits too.

Eddie's eyes sparkled at the sight of her tits. They were littler than he expected at a small B, those damn deceiving push-up bras, but her tits were still a pleasure to behold and hold them was what he did.

She initially grimaced at his touch, but he wasn't rough like she expected so she focused on the task at hand. Make that the task in hand. His cock was weighty in the middle of her fist. She stroked it a couple of times then lowered her mouth. At least he didn't smell like piss which was more than she could say about some boyfriends she did this with. She opened up and let his length run over her tongue.

"That's real nice, missy," he immediately complimented. A woman's tongue was a wonderful thing. Too bad they spent so much time yapping with it.

Jamie began to move quickly on his fat thing. A part of her was curious about what it would feel like to have her pussy stretched wide by it, but not enough to delay getting this over with and going home.

"What's your hurry?" he said grabbing the sides of her face. "Slow it down. You're doing great. Don't rush, missy."

Jamie was annoyed by his action, but it wouldn't stop her. Instead she applied a slow firm pressure with a properly used tongue, so he wouldn't be able to do a thing to delay his cum. She took his cock in as deep as she could without gagging, clamped her lips tightly around the shaft, and pulled back.

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