Damned If You Do

by curious2c

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, Transformation, .

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Next door neighbor ensnares couple.

If I hadn't forgotten that damned folder of papers I would have never known. At times I wish I had never known, but in the end what did it matter? The disruption in all the lives that my one unexpected arrival caused could be one for the record books too.

The path I chose to follow after my discovery may have been the wrong one, but that path revealed more than just that one forgotten folder could ever have been worth.

We lived in a decent enough neighborhood. A large city has few enough of these as it is. My wife, Drew, worked for an advertising agency and I worked at a local utility. No, I'm not some up and coming hot shot manager type. I actually just fix and maintain the equipment in the plant.

Yep. I had come to work here only a few months before, having left another plant for... well, reasons I won't discuss here. Those reasons don't apply to my story. What I will say is that I left that job on very good terms (luckily) and now, looking at the way things have gone, I may have to try to get back on there, if I can.

It all started with my boss. He had been given a 'directive' to start a training program. He came to me and another guy in the department and asked us if we'd help him out. My boss, while a great guy, was not, nor ever had been, a mechanic. He had worked his way up from the operations side of things and one day found himself in charge of the maintenance department - like it or not.

My co-worker and I talked it over between us for a few days and finally decided to help him out. Had I known just how much work on the computer it was going to take I'd probably not have volunteered to be a part of this effort.

Not only were we writing a training program, we ended up having to come up with the testing and information necessary for a full fledged apprenticeship type training plan. Not what we had bargained for. Anyway, it boiled down to my having to work at home a couple of hours a night for a few months gathering the necessary information.

Then my car broke down. Always something happening it seems. I ended up having to use the wife's car that day, and figured on using it the next day as well, so I'd put my work clothes and the folder in the back seat.

That evening the garage called me and told me they'd have my car at home before I left for work the next morning. So without thinking about it when they delivered it, I jumped in and headed to work... forgetting the work clothes and the folder in Drew's car.

I arrived at work and after checking in I remembered what I'd done. I had to have that folder for certain, so I told my boss what had happened and then I headed right for my wife's place of work. I got there and found out that she'd called in sick.

That surprised me. Drew was hardly ever sick and she hadn't said a word to me about not feeling well. Matter of fact, we'd had some pretty good sex the night before. That good sex was one of the reasons I'd forgotten all about the clothes and folder. I drove home, expecting to see her car parked out front, but when I got there... no car. I called her cell phone and it went to voice mail. I tried again a few minutes later and Drew answered.

"Hey Drew, what's happening? I'm home looking for my folder in your car. Where are you?"

"Oh Matt, I'm so sick. I'm at the doctor's office right now."

"Oh honey, I'm sorry. What doctor are you at? I forgot that folder in your car last night..."

"Oh, I took that and your gym bag of work clothes out and they're in the living room on the coffee table."

"Do you want me to come over to the doctor's and drive you home honey?"

"No. I think I'll be all right. I mean, I can drive okay. It's just... well I have a slight fever and I'm achy all over. Probably just the twenty-four hour flu, but with that walking pneumonia going around I thought I'd better see the doctor just in case."

I was worried, Drew sounded like she needed me to be there for her. I knew the inflections in her voice and she sounded like she just didn't feel good at all, but she didn't want me missing time from my new job either.

I hung up after saying 'love you' and 'get betters', and then went inside to get the folder. I was thirsty so I walked straight through to the kitchen which is at the back of the house, and grabbed a soda.

This is where all those lives and my whole world started to change right before my eyes. Over the fence by my neighbors swimming pool there were three people. The woman was naked, lying on a lounger as the two men were stripping off their clothes.

I didn't charge right out there to ask them what the hell they were doing because I knew them. One man was a next door neighbor to the North, and the woman was the next door neighbor that owned the swimming pool. The third man was a sometimes golfing partner of mine, and we played every other weekend at a local club. He lived on the other side of the street.

The way the fence between our homes was, I could see into her yard clearly. There was even a gate there that we used often when sharing barbeques or having parties.

As I watched, the men finished getting their clothes off and moved in close to the woman. She laid back and spread her legs, teasing them.

"So, what are you guy's getting all naked for anyway? Oh, I see, you think that by my being here naked that I'm available huh? My, my, things are popping up all over here."

Their cocks were hard and sticking out like flag poles as they moved in on her. Her hands went out to stroke them and draw them ever closer.

"So, they aren't pickles in your pockets after all are they? That's good though. I'm horny as hell and in dire need of some hard cock. Two of them as a matter of fact."

"Oh yeah? Well, why doesn't your hubby take care of you then?"

It was my neighbor to the North, Hal. His graying hair was messed up as if he'd already had some 'quality time' this morning. That, or he'd not brushed it when he got up. This was not like him at all. I'd never seen him with a hair out of place. Of course, I'd never seen him naked, getting ready to fuck my other neighbor's wife either.

"Oh, all he's interested in is his work and making the almighty buck to have any time or energy for me."

"His loss is our gain. Stupid fuck though. I mean, having a hot little number like you at home and not playing with you... that's stupid."

This came from the golfing partner, Pete. He had a little paunch, and for the life of me I couldn't see what Gloria, our neighbor, saw in him at all. Now I was interested in seeing just what was developing.

As I watched they got into their little tryst and pretty soon Gloria had Pete's cock in her obviously wet pussy, while Hal was getting a superior blowjob. I mean that too... Gloria was sucking on Hal like he was the last man with a cock on earth. Like her life depended on giving him pleasure.

For just a tiny bit I was jealous. She is a very nice looking lady and I'd be lying if I said I'd never had a stray thought about her here and there. I soon got over that though when I remembered how Jim, Gloria's husband, was a great guy and not deserving of this.

I knew how I'd feel if I caught Drew fucking around on me, at least I thought I knew what I'd feel like, and it wasn't a good thought. I couldn't understand why Gloria would do this to Jim, and I certainly hadn't had any inkling at all that she was this way.

I'm not a voyeur type of person, and seeing people I knew fucking around on their spouses as these three were made me kind of sick inside. I quietly turned and went back through the house gathering up my folder and clothes and headed out the door.

I debated calling Drew to let her know about it, but then figured she'd be in with the doctor by now, so I decided to let it go until I got home. Hopefully the trio would be done before Drew got home and felt she had to deal with it.

This was probably my first mistake, although in the scheme of things it wasn't anything at all. Had I called Drew and warned her about the threesome going on in Gloria's backyard, she would have reacted to my news and things would have probably been totally different when I got home that night.

On my way back to work I debated what to do with this new found knowledge about my friends and neighbors. I finally decided that it was all their business and I didn't need to be involved. I was damned if I did and damned if I didn't, but I felt the damned if I didn't could be the lesser of two evils.

I could always feign ignorance about what I'd seen. Nobody knew I was there and saw them, not even Drew for all practical purposes. I'd never have thought that my friends would cheat, let alone with others in our circle.

At work I started to wonder about Drew and me suddenly. Did she know about Gloria? They were awfully close and shared lots of things with each other. Would Drew fuck around on me? I doubted it. I truly did. We had both been faithful, as far as I knew, to each other for the entirety of our marriage.

Drew wasn't built to cheat. It wasn't in her make up, I was certain of that. I had been tempted several times in the past, but always remembered that what I had at home was far better than any temporary gratification could ever be. So I'd never cheated on Drew either.

Later that morning, I called Drew, and when she answered I could hear the intercom in the background at the doctor's office announcing someone's name.

"Are you still at the doctors?"

"Yeah. They took some tests and they're keeping me here until the results come back from the lab."

"Oh honey, are you sure you don't want me to come stay with you?"

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