by Virgil Black

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, Petting, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: A college sophomore enjoys her harmless fetish, which is pretending that her boyfriend is a pony.

My girlfriend is strange.

I don't mean nerdy strange. I mean sexually strange — uh, kinky. Case in point: She likes to pretend I'm her pony.

Let me back up a little, and I'll set up the story.

My girlfriend's name is Lisa Chang. She's a sexy, petite Chinese girl ("Chinese-American!" she corrects me every time). She has the best ass and these sweet little tits with nipples that, like, are pokey all the time. We're both sophomores at UCLA. Her parent's are bigtime wealthy, so she is too. She has her own sweet apartment near campus (which is great, because we get to do it whenever and where ever we want! More on that in a minute), a Lexus coupe, designer clothes. The whole rich girl thing. She's cool, though. She's not stuck up at all, and makes friends with everybody. So she's great, right?

And she is great, and it's cool being her boyfriend, except the pony thing is a little weird.

It's not like she thought up the whole thing at once. Hell, it started out one night when we were watching TV and she thought I needed a bath because I hadn't cleaned up after playing basketball. Next thing, we're naked and she's sponging me down in the shower, getting us both all worked up. Anyway, she's added to the scene a piece at a time, so it gets more and more complex, and she gets hotter and hotter.

It's not every time we have sex, either, which is cool. But when she's in the right mood or something, she calls me up and when I get over to her place and let myself in, she's wearing her English riding outfit. You know what I mean. White tights, field boots, black blazer, helmet. Even a riding crop! She looks totally cute (the pants make her ass look amazing) but it creeps me out a little. I know what she wants, so I start to strip off my clothes. She waits 'til I am totally naked (no socks, even) and then walks over to me, pulling a couple of sugar cubes from her pocket.

"How's Dusty today?" She asks. Yes, Dusty is my pony name. "How's my big boy?" I don't say anything, because I am, like, a pony, and they don't talk. I take the sugar from her palm with my lips, and I nibble her there a little. She likes that, and gives a small shudder.

"You wanna go for a ride with me Dusty?" I usually whiny at this point, and stamp my foot. "Good boy!" she tells me and she fits a bridle she bought online or had specially made over my head. We used to use a shoelace she had laying around, but we've upgraded. She tightens the buckles (it doesn't hurt or anything) and grabbing the reins, she circles around to my left and jumps up on me, piggy-back style. I grab under her butt so she is sort of sitting on my locked hands, she tightens her legs around my sides, and she says "Ho!" and I started trotting around her apartment. It's great that she lives alone, right? She leads me around with the reins, and when she wants to go faster she raises the crop and I start "galloping" around. This goes on for ten minutes or so, I'm getting tired of carrying her, and at this point I start to wonder what the people who live downstairs must be thinking. But then I feel her pussy, which is rubbing against my back the whole time, start to get hot, and I know we are almost done with this part.

She leads me back to the stable (the bathroom), dismounts, and leads me inside this giant shower with glass walls she has. She ties my reins to a towel hook on the wall. There's a bucket full of soapy water with a sponge inside. She starts soaping me down, asking if I like being clean (again, I don't say anything because I am a pony) and acting really sweet to me. She starts on my back and works down my sides, then does my arms and my legs. The whole time I'm bent over with my hands on my knees. This can strain your back, believe me!

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