by ghandi

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Light Bond, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Fan Fiction Sex Story: Readers of Elizabeth Haydon's "Rhapsody" (and sequels) will get the most out of this, but it should be enjoyable for all. A beautiful, pure girl is corrupted by an evil demon in man form.

Rhapsody is a woman. Being half-Lirin, an elf-life race, she is shorter and slimmer than the average girl. Rhapsody is unique, however, having traveled through the fires at the center of the earth, absorbing some of the fire's power and having her body recreated on the other side. This experience left stunningly beautiful, flawless, with golden hair that almost glows of its own accord. Even before her trip through the earth, she was endowed with a voice musical and pure.

After emerging from the earth with her two companions, they found themselves in land different than the one they left on the opposite of the earth, but still infected with evil and deceptive creatures known as the F'dor. Having no bodies of their own, they take over hosts bodies, using them until they grow old or unwanted then switching to a new stronger host. The F'dor can live forever, gaining power through their evil works and deceptions. Fortunate for the side of good, reproduction is extremely difficult, requiring a purely good, yet willing host, as well as a tremendous amount of their own power.

After emerging, Rhapsody and her companions made it their life's work to rid this new land of the evil F'dor of which the land's other inhabitants have no knowledge or defense. Despite her extraordinary power, she has been captured by a most evil F'dor, who inhabits the body of an older man. He is overweight and has a small 4" penis. Having captured her and entombed her in a dark tomb-like room, she now serves as his sexual toy. He has taken her singing voice and her clothes, leaving her naked except for a black-banded cloth collar around her neck. The collar is an invisible leash, binding her to the room, sapping her power, making her weak and docile. In the center of the dank room is a large, bare, stone alter; the place he takes her often and frequently. At first she resists him spiritually, even if she is unable to do so physically.

But time progresses, and every day he takes her many times. Every time she is on the alter, either bent over it, he taking her vaginally or anally, or laying on it on her back, her legs spread wide in the F'dor's hands, or over the his shoulders. He never comes in her, though. He always pulls out and sprays her face, hair, breasts, and stomach, or occasionally shoots into her mouth, forcing her to swallow. Despite her disgust, Rhapsody is forbidden to wipe it off, it stay and eventually dries. As a result she is covered in layers of sweat and cum from hundreds, even thousands of his evil orgasms. Despite the F'dor's small cock, his balls are large and always bloated with sperm, and when he comes it is always a large amount of thick white jizz which sticks where it lands. He enjoys the way she looks most after he blows it into her mouth and some of the white goo escapes, making a thick rope down her chin.

As time progresses, a week, she is changed by his corrupting influence. At first she fought with every ounce of her enfeebled strength, but now she feels horny and aroused almost constantly. When he enters the room she becomes wet despite herself. And as times goes it becomes worse, Rhapsody spreads her legs willingly for him, and pumps back at him, swallowing his cum eagerly.

One day he enters, but does not take her, explaining to her he would not take her anymore until she wanted his baby. She stares at him aghast. Helping a F'dor procreate is the most vile and corrupt thing she could think of in her old life. Despite the amount she has become corrupt since her capture she closes her legs and tells him to fuck off.

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