Wishbone: Promotion

by The Sympathetic Devil

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mind Control, Magic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Humor, MaleDom, Interracial, White Female, Oriental Male, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Transformation, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Namjin's annual performance review turns into a review and revision of his boss Shirley thanks to the magical wishbone.

Namjin smiled. He had been dreading this meeting for a week, but now he knew that it would go well. Very, very well. He peeked into his shopping bag and smiled at the presents he had obtained for his boss. Then he clutched the wishbone that the little demon had given him. Yes, he would be promoted today. Of this he was quite certain.

Shirley Johnson sat behind her desk and did not look up as Namjin entered her office. She had never showed him any sort of respect in all the years she had been his boss. That would change soon.

"Mrs. Johnson?" he said.

"Sit," she said bruskly, continuing to peruse the file on her desk.

Namjin sat. Finally his boss sighed and looked up.

"All right, this is your yearly performance review," she said. "Let's make this quick. We both have work to do."

"I'm ready when you are, boss," said Namjin, silently wishing.

"Yes, then," said Mrs. Johnson, standing up. "Just let me put on my performance review hat."

She nonchalantly pulled off her slacks and pulled down her panties. She stepped out of them and sat back at her desk. With an air of formality, she sniffed her panties and placed then on her head. Namjin was surprised to see that they were a sexy little thing made of black lace. His boss didn't seem the type. She was only 45, but every year of it had been worn deeply into her bitter face. Namjin made an effort not to laugh at the contrast of her serious scowl topped off with a pair of black lace panties fitted over her dull lifeless hair. Oblivious to the inappropriateness of her headwear and lack of pants, she sat back at her desk and sighed.

"All right then, '' she said. "You've been with us six years in the same position."

"I was hoping we might talk about that actually, '' he said. "I really think I'm ready for a new challenge."

Mrs. Johnson raised a skeptical eyebrow.

"Well first, let's evaluate how you're doing with your current challenges, mmkay?"

"Of course, Mrs. Johnson," said Namjin, wishing.

Mrs. Johnson frowned. She patted at her blazer pockets. She checked her desk drawers. She sighed and turned to Namjin.

"You wouldn't happen to have a dildo, would you?" she asked hopefully.

"A dildo?" he asked.

"Yes. I seem to have left all of mine at home," she said.

"All of them?" he asked, wishing an answer and a justification into her head. "How many do you have?"

"Dozens!" she confessed, it having just become one of her favorite topics of conversation. "I started using them when I stopped smoking, since they're so much more socially acceptable than cigarettes or gum. But in all honesty, I'm more addicted to them than I ever was to tobacco."

"Well, I just might be able to help you out, boss," he said, trying not to smirk as he rummaged through his bag. "Is anal okay?"

''Anal is my favorite!" she exclaimed.

"I was just thinking that it must be," Namjin confessed, pulling out a slender blue rocket on a long cord.

He pulled the cord and it started buzzing. Mrs. Johnson brightened.

"Oh, yes! It vibrates!" she exclaimed.

"Lube?" he offered.

"Oh yes, please!" she said, taking the rocket and a tub of lubricant with trembling, exhilarated hands. "I actually have a rather tight asshole."

"You know, I've heard that about you," Namjin said, wishing for her not to be offended.

She stood up, dipped the blue rocket into the pale pink unction, then slipped the thing into her ass. She sat down with a relieved sigh.

"Oh, that's much better!" she exclaimed.

"Glad I could help!" he said.

"Now, what were we doing?" she asked, confused but unconcerned. She looked down at her desk. "Oh, that's right, your performance review. Well, you've to be here on time most days. I suppose that's got to count for something. Your record doesn't really scream out 'fast track' though, now, does it."

"Well, I guess not, but I do have potential," he said, wishing.

Suddenly, Mrs. Johnson looked uncomfortable again.

"Could you excuse me a moment?" she asked. "I need to go tinkle."

"No prob, boss!" he said.

She got up, the cord from the vibrator dangling out of her ass like a short tail, and left her office wearing panties on her head and nothing below the waist. Namjin got up after her, wishing for her not to notice him, and stood in her doorway, watching as Mrs. Johnson entered the lobby, wishing for Kelly, her secretary, and the others that were there not to say anything to her or call anyone, but letting them respond normally otherwise to their boss who had panties on her head, was naked from the waist down and had a blue string emerging from between her trembling ass cheeks. Kelly blushed furiously and looked at a total loss as to how she should respond. Namjin wished for strength and dexterity in Mrs. Johnson's ass so that she wouldn't loose her anal dildo. Then he directed her to the large potted palm by the window.

She put her back to the plant, reached behind to grab the trunk with both hands, pushed her ass back and squatted, then let a gush of urine flow down into the planter, quite confident that this was perfectly normal behavior. Kelly stared at the ceiling and seemed to be counting. The three other people in the lobby stared in slack-jawed astonishment at Mrs. Johnson.

Having finished her piss, Mrs. Johnson returned to an upright position and stared questioningly at the people who were staring at her. They immediately shifted their gazes to their own shoes. Walking back to her office, she muttered to Kelly: "You'd think they'd never seen a woman pee before."

"Yes ma'am," Kelly squeaked, trembling and refusing to make eye contact.

"Is everyone crazy today?" she asked.

But then she went back to her office without waiting for an answer. Namjin chuckled and returned to his seat, wishing again that his boss could see him.

"I tell you, we've got some odd people in this company," she told him. "You're looking better and better by the moment."

"Well thank you, Mrs. Johnson." he said. "I try to make myself useful. Speaking of which, I found another dildo! For your pussy!"

"My what!?!" she exclaimed as her previous friendliness fled from her face. "I'm grateful for the dildos, Namjin, but that doesn't mean you can start using such vulgar terms for my vagina! It's offensive and unprofessional."

Namjin was surprised. With all he had wished for her to accept as normal behavior, he didn't think he needed to specifically wish for her not to be offended by language.

Not that it wasn't easily remedied.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Johnson," he said. "I promise not to call your cunt a pussy anymore."

"Good, good," she said. "At least not at the office. If we met socially, it would be fine of course, but here at work, cunt, twat or cooch are more appropriate. Now, if you're still willing to loan me that dildo, we'll put your little faux pas behind us."

"That's very generous of you," he said, handing her a big, mottled red dildo. "Please, consider this a gift. The one in your ass as well."

"Why thank you!" she exclaimed. "Always glad to add to the collection! They really are very good for you, you know."

"I've heard that," Namjin said. "With some women they can make them feel and look twenty years younger!"

And wishing, he made it so. As his boss touched the dildo to her pussy lips, she melted from a worn 45 to a vibrant 25, her hair under her panty hat becoming a luscious, gleaming blonde, her skin becoming smooth and peachy, her muscles becoming strong and supple, her blue eyes becoming brighter and as the wet 'shlup' of the red dildo attested, her cunt had become much, much moister.

"Oh yeah, '' she exclaimed, eyes going wide and slightly unfocused. "That's what I needed. That's what Shirley likes."

"And Shirley knows that it's perfectly okay for her to cum as loudly as she likes, no matter who hears her," Namjin said, wishing.

"Oh yeah! Oh yeah! That's right! That's right!" said Shirley, working the dildo harder and hard in her snatch. "Here she goes! Here she goes! Here she... YES! YES! OH FUCK YES! EEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

Namjin chuckled as his young and sexy boss melted into her chair, shivering in a post-orgasmic fog.

"Oh wow," she said at last. "That was really gooood! Mmmm. Hasn't been that good in, well, forever! <giggle> What were we talkin' about?"

"My performance evaluation," Namjin reminded.

"Oh yeah," said Mrs. Johnson. "Right. You want a promotion, right?"

"I was thinking it was about time," he said.

"Well, you know I think you're a great guy," she said. "But you can't just give the boss a couple sex toys and expect a promotion out of it! I mean, morale in this department is lousy all ready. If the idea gets out that I'm playing favorites, I won't get a lick of work out of anybody. Any promotion has to be based on the official record in your file!"

"Of course it does," said Namjin, wishing.

Mrs. Johnson flipped through the file and frowned prettily.

"That's odd," she said.

"Something wrong?" Namjin asked.

"It's just your file... there doesn't seem to be any record of how big your dick is!" she exclaimed.

"Really?" he asked. "How very strange! I'm sure human resources measured me before I was hired!"

Mrs. Johnson let out a derisive sigh.

"Those incompetent sluts!" she said. "I have to do everything in this company myself! Oh well, I have a ruler right here in my desk. You don't mind, do you? I really can't make any sort of decision on promotion or even retention without knowing how big your dick is!"

"No, of course not, Mrs. Johnson!" said Namjin. "You do what you need to do!"

She sighed, stood up, checked the red dildo in her cunt to make sure it wasn't going to slip out, and took off her blazer. She carefully walked around to where Namjin sat, ruler in hand, dildo in cunt, vibrator in ass, panties on head, and knelt before him. He stood and she went to work with utilitarian efficiency undoing his fly.

"Are you hard already?" she asked, having noticed the lump in his trousers.

"A little bit," he said.

"Well, that will save us some time," she said. "Though you know, those stupid sluts in HR didn't even write down how big you are flaccid? Not that it's so important. What matters is how big you can get when fully aroused. That's what will tell me how much of a job you can handle!"

"You're the expert, Mrs. Johnson," said Namjin, wishing some expertise into her head.

"Oh my!" she said once she had his pants and boxers around his knees. "You DO have advancement potential, don't you? But I'm sure we can get you harder than that! Those sluts in HR have nothing on me! Here, just let me free up my titties and we'll get to work."

She unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall behind her. She reached back to undo her bra and set it on the floor next to the ruler. The bra was a B-cup, but once it was off, Namjin wished for larger and firmer titties. Shirley wouldn't need to put the bra back on. She wouldn't even notice that she had gotten bigger. She was focused on her job.

Taking her tits in hand, she pressed Namjin's swelling member between them and began rubbing them against his cock as she cooed to it encouragingly. Releasing her tits' hold on his member, she grabbed it around the base, gave it an appraising look, then licked it's underside from balls to tip. Namjin wished for her lips to become puffy and soft and her throat to become strong and skilled as deepthroated his member and then slowly drew her head back, lips caressing, tongue swathing, throat embracing. Namjin sighed contentedly. If he hadn't already fucked three different women that day, he just might have gone off before she got a chance to measure him.

Five more deepthroats and Namjin was definitely bigger. Quite possibly as big as he had ever gotten. Mrs. Johnson was a professional, however, and kept trying. She went back to tittiefucking him and was much happier with the results now that he was all slick from his time down her throat.

"Oh, yes, Namjin! You're doing very well!" she praised as she rubbed. "I just love to see a well motivated employee!"

She picked up the ruler and measured him from base to tip. Then she whistled.

"I guess we -do- need to talk about promotion!" she exclaimed.

"Actually, Shirley," he smirked down at the kneeling woman. "I already talked about a promotion with Mr. Doors this morning."

"Mr. Doors?" she said. "The owner? You went over my head? Namjin! I'm hurt! I thought we were developing a good working relationship here!"

"I'm sorry, Shirl!" he said, patting her blonde, pantied head. "It just kind of happened! I was up in his office and he up and gave me all his stock in the company! And so, I find myself owning a majority share! Being as it's now my company, you can see that it would be silly for me to keep my old position."

Mrs. Johnson was clearly very confused and bordering on distraught. She screwed up her pretty face.

"Why would he just -give- you controlling shares in his company?" she asked.

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