Rob Remembers

by Ernest Bywater

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Teenagers, Coercion, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Rape, Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, School, Workplace, Revenge, Incest, DomSub, Light Bond, Harem, First, Oral Sex, Safe Sex, Voyeurism, Politics, Violent, .

Desc: Drama Sex Story: A young man is undergoing counselling, and writes his memories of the days around some fairly traumatic events in his life, events that resulted in the need for the counselling. These include the death of his parents, and how he becomes much closer with his sisters and some other friends, much closer.


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July 2016 Edition

Table of Contents

I use a Chapter Title, a Sub-chapter Title, and a section title.

Table of Contents
The Story Starts

Shell Game
Thursday - Getting Organised
Moving On
Night Games

In the City
Back Home


Moving In
Sunday Surprises
Start of Studies

Friday Replay
Paula’s Peril
Second Production
Second Interlude

More Trouble
Next Day
Follow On

I use a Chapter Title, a Sub-chapter Title, and a section title.

The Story Starts

Every story starts somewhere, so this is where I’m starting this one. I’m a student at an Australian university, and not saying which one. I’m involved in some heavy duty therapy, due to some heavier duty on campus events. My therapist asked, the reality is she ordered, me to write down everything about it, and some related key periods in my life. I’m writing this as a short story, in the first person, from just before the first major traumatic incident. Some things which I found out later are included as at the time they occurred.

About Me

My name’s Robert Phillips, I’m smarter than average (but not a genius), a speed reader, and a good problem solver. I’m very tall, with an athletic build - as I keep fit, fair complexion, blue / grey eyes, very light brown hair, and average looks. I left school just after I turned sixteen years of age, at the end of Year 10. I always got good marks, but studying was hard that year, due to a small group of bullies in a gang which used me as their main punching bag. I always defended myself, but the Deputy Principal thought I must be to blame, since I was part of more fights than anyone else; he never noticed it was always with the same dozen or so boys who belonged to the same gang. Anyway, the Principal was a much smarter man, he knew what the true situation was, and always intervened. However, he was retiring, and the Deputy was taking his place. I left while I could still do so with dignity, and not give the idiot Deputy the chance to throw me out, as he’d wanted to.

I immediately got a job. I worked hard in a production and service company. They promote on competency and skill. I advanced very fast; for someone with my education, age, and work experience it was very fast. Just before my eighteenth birthday I’m promoted to Group Leader, an important position in this company. Of the three hundred and fifty employees in this facility there are sixteen foremen, and only four are Group Leaders. When I first started working I lived at home, and walked nearly an hour to work. When I got a part-time evening job near my work I found it expensive eating dinner out every night. I work two jobs to save up so I can afford to go to university later. I’ll be a full fee paying student when I can afford it, and can go to university.

After doing some research, and sums, I moved out of home to live in a boarding house only a short walk from both jobs. I had time to go home, have dinner, get changed, and make the second job. Both bosses know about the other job, and there are no conflicts of interest, so they’re happy. This is cheaper than living at home while eating out, and gives me better meals. The board I’m paying Mrs Miller is the same as I’d been paying Mum and Dad. My leaving home allows my sisters to have a room each, because my parents’ home is only a three bedroom affair. Walking to work and back keeps me fit. About seventy percent of my take home pay is going into the bank. I’m paid a full adult wage at both jobs. I’m a supervisor at both, and the government award scales don’t include any minor’s rates for supervisor positions. I think the idea is: if you’re good enough to supervise you’re paid full wages, regardless of your age. Personally, I think it’s stupid to have different wage rates based on a person’s age, and not on their skill level or work done.

I’m earning a lot more than others my age. I don’t drink alcohol or use tobacco. Also, I eat healthy food, and have no car. My biggest costs are my board and nice clothes. I’m also studying the Higher School Certificate part-time, at technical college and home, in which I’m doing quite well. I expect to graduate as a private study student the year after next, just after my twentieth birthday.

My Family

I have two sisters, and we’re nearly two years apart. Mary has just turned sixteen years old while Nancy is just about to turn fourteen years old. They’re typical sisters, and we’re in a love / hate relationship, but usually get on well. Mum is thirty-eight, and Dad is forty years old. Mum looks after the house and kids while Dad works as a day shift supervisor at a factory. Our only other family is Mum’s sister, Vera with her husband and two children. They’re on the other side of the suburb.

Boarding House

Mrs Miller is a very fit woman in her thirties. She has two daughters Joan, a year older than me, and Emily, a year younger than me. Mrs Miller owns an old large house, more like an old mansion, with twenty bedrooms and five bathrooms for guests, a huge lounge room, and a giant dinner table. It sits on a very large block of land with a huge back yard. I don’t know what’s on the floor she and her family use, as guests aren’t allowed up on the top floor, which is their private quarters.

As a rule each bedroom has one permanent guest in residence. For a reasonable board we get accommodation, a large healthy breakfast, and a large healthy dinner. For both meals we have to be at the table on time, or have given Mrs Miller plenty of warning - then a meal’s put aside, and kept ready for when we arrive for it. Lunch is always our own concern. We’re allowed to have small fridges and minimal food preparation stuff in our rooms for snacks etc. We also have space for our own foods in the kitchen, under our own padlock. All in all, it’s a very good deal. It’s very much like living at home, but without the usual parental nagging that goes on. There are monthly inspections to ensure we’re keeping the room tidy. We also wash and dry our own clothes; either using the available machines or at a nearby laundrette.

The majority of guests are young men away from home, most for the first time, who are working in the local factories or businesses. There are some young women here, too; but very few young women work in this area, since it’s mostly factories. Most guests are nice, good, honest people. But there are a couple who you wouldn’t leave your change lying about near; well, not if you expect it to be there a minute later.

I get on well with the majority of the guests, very well with Mrs Miller and Emily, but not so well with Joan. All three Millers are very good looking. No one knows Mr Miller, as he’s not in evidence, and has never been seen by anyone in the suburb. The family moved into the area without him. The house is from Mrs Miller’s family, not his.

My Cupboard

About eight months back I salvaged a damaged wardrobe from the half-yearly council rubbish removal campaign. The back and bottom were broken, but the doors, sides, and interior were good. My best friend, Peter - he’s another guest, helped me carry it back to put it in the work shed; after I got permission from Mrs Miller to put it there.

Over a period of four weeks I pulled the cupboard apart, and built a steel frame to secure it to. The finished unit is a steel frame cupboard with light sheet steel sides. The wooden sides and doors are attached as the visible part of the cupboard. It looks like an old wooden wardrobe. The insides of the doors are lined with sheet steel. The hinges and locks are all attached to the steel. Three slide bolts for one side, and three keyed alike Yale dead bolts for the other side. All the bolts go vertically into the steel frame. I stained and lacquered a new wooden plinth to look like the doors and sides. It’s secured to the frame, so is the wooden back. The strong wooden shelves sit on the steel frame, well able to take some heavy weights. Very solid, and very difficult to break into.

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