Mandy's Revenge

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Cream Pie, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: She didn't get mad; she got even.

Revenge can be so sweet. It is even better when the other party doesn't even know that they are being fucked over and you can make it go on and on. It is almost enough that just the thought can make you climax.

It started because I had an extremely lucky day. The day before, a Wednesday, I had been crossing the Safeway parking lot when I happened to notice a shopping cart sitting next to an empty parking space with a purse in it. I took the purse into the store and was just handing it to the clerk behind the customer service desk when a young woman carrying a child came running in. She saw the purse and cried, "Oh thank God. I thought that I had lost it - that it would be gone by now."

The clerk opened the purse and found the woman's driver's license and checked the picture to make sure it was her and then he handed her the purse. She took it, looked inside and pulled out a twenty-dollar bill and handed it to me while saying, "Thank you, thank you, thank you. You saved my life."

Then she turned and rushed out before I could refuse the twenty. I looked at the clerk and said, "Oh well, they say that found money is lucky money."

I handed him the bill and told him to give me five Cash Five quick picks, five Colorado Lottery quick picks and five PowerBall without the power play. While he was pushing buttons on the machine I looked down through the glass countertop at the scratch tickets. When the clerk handed me the lottery tickets I pointed to a scratch card that said "7/11/21."

"Those are supposed to be lucky numbers so give me five of them."

I put the stuff in my purse, did my shopping and went home. I had just enough time to unload my groceries and get them in the house before I had to rush off and pick up my two daughters and get them to their dance lessons. Then it was race over to the middle school and pick up my son and get him to soccer practice. The rest of the afternoon and evening were spent running around and doing things like dropping clothes off at the cleaners, going back and picking the kids up from their activities, fixing dinner and doing all the things that a housewife and mother has to get done. Then there was a healthy romp in the sack with my husband Mike after which I fell asleep exhausted.

The next morning, after I got Mike off to work and the kids off to school, I sat down at the kitchen table to balance my checkbook. As I pulled the checkbook out of my purse I saw the lottery tickets. I had completely forgotten that I had them. I got a quarter out of my change purse and began on the scratch tickets. The very first one was a forty-dollar winner. The next two were losers, but the fourth was a ten-dollar winner and the last one was another forty-dollar winner. Ninety bucks for a twenty, not bad, not bad at all. Then I remembered that the lottery drawings had been held the night before so I went to the front porch and got the paper and then brought it back to the kitchen table to compare the winning numbers against the numbers on my quick picks. The Colorado Lottery and PowerBall were both losers, but the very last number on my Cash Five quick picks matched the five numbers picked at the drawing. Five of five! A twenty thousand dollar winner! I screamed when I saw it and got to excited that I almost came in my panties. Was my hubby going to be surprised. I decided to meet him for lunch and give him the good news. I pulled up in front of his office just as he and Cathy, his secretary, were driving out of the employee parking lot. I pulled out to follow them to where they were going to have lunch and then I would join them. Except they didn't go to lunch. They drove to a motel. It was a lucky day for me all right, but not such a lucky one for Mike.

My father had a basic philosophy that he instilled in us kids as we were growing up. "Never get mad" he would say, "But always, always get even. And then if you can, get ahead."

As angry as I was at finding out that my so-called 'loving husband' was a cheat I was not so mad as to forget my father's credo and I was already planning my revenge. Even being over thirty and having had three kids I didn't look all that bad. I still got an occasional wolf whistle and I had never been to a party that I didn't get hit on. I could get myself laid, but I didn't want it to be just anybody. It had to be someone special and I knew just who it was going to be. I couldn't make it happen for another two weeks, but for that two weeks Mike would come home to a wife who would do her very best to fuck his eyes out. In two weeks Mike's company would be hosting a cocktail party and this time the words cock and tail would have a special meaning, at least for me.

Once I knew what I was going to do I began to prepare. I mailed myself an invitation to a "girls only" adult novelty party to be held on the day after the cocktail party. None of the dresses in my closet had the look I wanted so I went out shopping. I found an absolutely stunning little black cocktail dress, cut low in the front, almost backless and short enough to show plenty of leg. While I was at it I bought a pair of CFM's to go with it. The night of the party Mike took one look at me and said, "You do know that you may get fucked in the car on the way to the party and almost certainly will on the way home, to say nothing of what will happen when we get home."

"That is the effect I was working for."

Mike was able, only barely, to keep his hands off of me on the drive to the party and I was grateful because I didn't want a hair out of place when I went after my quarry. We arrived 'fashionably late' and entered a room full of people socializing. I spotted my target as soon as I walked in the door and he noticed me at the same time. I saw the appreciative look and smiled to myself. Little did he know that tonight was going to be his lucky night. For the first hour Mike and I moved through the room socializing and then Mike got caught up in a conversation about micro managing or some such thing and I wandered off the hunt my prey. I spotted him and, irony of ironies, he was talking with Mike's secretary Cathy who, catty as it might make me sound, looked rather drab.

Roger Thompson was the one man in the company that Mike despised, maybe even hated. Roger and Mike vied for every promotion, and each fought the other to gain even the slightest edge in the fight to come out on top. Roger knew of Mike's animosity and being the type of man that he was he never passed up a chance to hit on me. To Roger, bedding me would be the ultimate in one-upsmanship. He turned from Cathy to greet me with a smile and then the three of us made nice, Cathy no doubt smirking inside with the knowledge that she was fucking my husband supposedly behind my back. I was equally smirking over the fact that Roger had not even looked her way once I arrived. Cathy, sensing that she was being ignored, moved away and left me alone with Roger. He immediately turned on the charm and after a little bit of small talk he said, "I must say Mandy, that you look simply ravishing tonight."

Knowing that that was probably as good an opening as I was likely to get I smiled at him and said, "Then why don't you?"

I saw him hurriedly glance around as if looking for some place where we could do it and I gave him a dazzling smile and said, "No, not tonight sweetie, but give me a number where I can reach you around noon tomorrow. I'll even pay for the motel room."

He was smooth, didn't even bat an eye as he took out a business card and wrote a number on the back of it. I slipped it into my clutch purse, smile, and said, "Until tomorrow sweetie" and then I headed off to look for my husband. Mike was a little cool toward me on the ride home.

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