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Sex Story: Threesome fun

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It took a lot of convincing (and a bottle and a half of her favorite wine), but my wife finally consented to a threesome with another guy. Hell, if she'd have suggested bringing a woman to our bed I'd have jumped at the chance. But women are different -0- in more ways than the obvious — than men.

Anyway, the night we invited Jay over for a barbecue he didn't have an idea of what was in store for him. He was one of my oldest friends and we spent lots of weekends fishing and drinking beer. He'd been to the house a lot of times for dinner. He'd helped me remodel the upstairs bathroom too. I'd seen him look at Carrie a few times with an unmistakable air of lust, but he'd never have done anything that way. As I said, he was my friend.

I thought I knew what would happen, but as it turned out, I didn't have the foggiest notion. We ate and watched a sexy video. It wasn't porn, but there was a strong sexual theme. Half way through it, Carrie went and changed into a little pair of boxers and a tank top — clothes she wore to bed when she didn't slide into bed naked. I saw Jay's surprise and he glanced at his watch. He looked at me and said, "Wow. I didn't realize it was so late. I should go."

"Nah," I said. "The movie isn't over. Besides, you had more than enough beer to get a DUI. Stay here tonight." Carrie brought us more beer and looked at me as she sat between Jay and me on the couch. I hugged her and gave her a hot kiss. Her other hand landed on Jay's thigh as if by accident.

He pretended not to notice but I knew there was no way. On the screen the female lead was dropping her clothes as she crossed the bedroom to her lover's side. My hand dropped to Carrie's right tit and massaged it. Jay glanced down but looked away in embarrassment. I put my lips to Carrie's ear.

"Let's get going, Honey," I whispered. Her hand slid up Jay's thigh and found his dick. I heard him gasp.

"Why don't we all hit the sack?" I suggested. Jay jumped to his feet as if he'd sat on a hot coal.

"Good idea. I think I've seen this before anyway." I could see the lump under Jay's jeans. I was pretty sure he wanted to go and fuck his fist, thinking about Carrie in her little boxers.

"Yeah, we can always watch this tomorrow. Help Jay get settled in, Honey," I said to Carrie. We'd planned this out ahead of time. I saw she was as excited as we were. Her nips were sticking out in the thin material of her top.

I went off to the bedroom as if nothing was unusual and Carrie led Jay up the stairs to the guest bedroom. I knew his eyes were on her generous butt cheeks as she climbed above him.

As we'd planned, Carrie didn't come to our room soon. It was her job to begin the seduction and I would join them after a few minutes. She told me later how it went.

At first, Jay was reluctant to succumb to her charms. But when she helped him out of his pants he couldn't resist any longer. When she assured him I was okay with it, he at first didn't believe her. But when she pulled his dick free of his underwear and latched her warm lips around it, he fell back on the bed and let her do what she wanted.

That was how I found them when I entered the room. Jay's eyes bugged out, but when he saw me smiling he relaxed. I shed my underwear and pushed Carrie's hips over and she knelt over my friend. I dropped to my elbows behind her and licked her. She was already dripping with the excitement of sucking a cock other than mine for the first time in over seven years.

She was delicious. I slipped my tongue up to her puckered ass and played there a while. She let out that little growl she does when I get nasty in bed. She loves her ass licked. Then she rose up and glanced over her shoulder at me. She crawled over Jay's legs and centered his dick in her cunt. He was a bright red color and I watched in fascination as she sank onto him. I was watching my wife being fucked by another man! She started to bounce up and down.

I relaxed next to them. Jay glanced at me. "This is... incredible, man! I didn't know you guys were into this!"

"We're not 'into it'," I said. "This is a one-time thing. You were just the lucky guy to be chosen."

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