Rob's Choices

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Interracial, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: A challenge for the reader.


I am constantly receiving feedback from people who want to know why I ended a story a certain way and then telling me that I should have _________ (fill in the blank). Many asked me if I would mind if they wrote an ending to the story. This happened so many times that I decided to hold

The Just Plain Bob Annual Invitational

The idea was that I would write a story and then let those who so desired write and submit their own ending. They could take the story anywhere they wanted it to go.

Last year I wrote the first story for the Invitational, "What to Do About Edie" and the results were disappointing to say the least. Only two people took up the challenge - two out of the hundreds that always complained. I began to think that I didn't give them enough to work with so this year I loaded the story with things that can be played with.

I said in the intro to "Edie" that I planned on doing the Invitational annually every October and the month is now upon us so I am announcing

The Second Annual Just Plain Bob Invitational

Come on, step up and take the challenge. Give this story the ending that YOU think it should have. The only rule is that you have to identify the story and then put your name on it. Examples might be "Rob's Choices Invitational" by YYYY, or "JPB Invitational Challenge" by XXXXX.

And now --

Just Plain Bob's Start

I had just gone to the keg to refill my plastic cup when I saw her slip out the door to the back patio. Normally I wouldn't have thought anything about it since we were at a party and everybody was circulating and socializing and the patio is where you would normally go for a breath of fresh air. No, it wasn't her going out that caught my eye, it was the furtive way she looked when she did it. You know the look; like you are going to do something you shouldn't and you are hoping no one notices -- a sort of 'pre-guilty' look?

I topped off my cup, took a sip and headed for the front door. I walked around to the back and peeked around the corner. There was no one on the patio so I walked across it toward the garage and peeked around the corner and there she was. She was kissing Tim Malloy and Tim had one hand up under her blouse and on her left tit and she was pressed up against him with her left leg lifted and alongside his leg as she rubbed it with her cunt. I sipped my beer as I watched that kiss that seemed to go on and on and then I turned and went back to the house. I finished my beer, tossed the cup in the trash can next to the keg and then went on home to my apartment.

I was reviewing my Business Law III assignment when my cell phone chirped. I answered it and it was her.

"Where are you?


"You are at home? You just went off and left me here?"

"That pretty much sums it up."

"Everyone else is gone. How am I supposed to get home?"

"I see a couple of options open. You could walk or maybe even hitch-hike. You could call a cab if you have enough to pay the fare. You could ask Harry to run you home, but he usually gets so bombed at his parties that you probably wouldn't want to risk riding with him."

"You aren't going to come get me?"

"Nope. Don't think so. Goodnight Maggie."

I disconnected, turned the phone off and got back to my Business Law assignment.

When I woke up in the morning Maggie's side of the bed was empty which was no great surprise. She had the temper that was usually associated with redheads and not knowing that I'd seen her with Tim she was pissed at me and her attitude would be "Walk off and leave me? Well I'll show you!" and she would stay gone at least until supper time. She would show up expecting me to be contrite only she was going to be in for a surprise because I wasn't going to be there.

My first class wasn't until ten and by nine-fifteen I had everything I wanted out of the apartment loaded in my car. I drove to the campus, hit the bursar's office and checked on the possibility of a dorm being available. I lucked out and there was a room available so I took care of the formalities and then headed off to my first class.

After my last class I drove over to McKenna Hall and checked in. The dorm captain walked me to the room, knocked on the door, waited a moment and then used a key to let us in. My new roommate wasn't there so as I moved my stuff in the dorm captain explained the rules to me, told me where everything was and then left me to finish my unpacking.

I was just about done when a very talk black man walked into the room, took one look at me and said:

"What the fuck you doing in my room honky?"

"I'm your new roommate nigger."

"I don't like that word."

"I don't much care for honky."

He gave me a mean look and then went over to his desk, put down his books and started to strip. He got down to his shorts, put on a pair of flip-flops, got a towel and a shaving kit and headed for the door. I went back to my unpacking and he opened the door and then said:

"Hey, white boy; if you don't shower early they usually run out of hot water by nine."

"Thanks Sambo" I said without turning around and then he was gone. Ten minutes later he was back and I was sitting at my desk reviewing the Managerial Economics material I would need to know if Rayburn hit us the next day with one of his infamous pop quizzes. The guy looked at me and said, "Sambo?"

"What can I say? Honky gets you nigger, white boy gets you Sambo. Rob gets you whatever you would prefer to be called."

"I answer to Sam."

"Okay Sam; as I said, I'm Rob."

"You a transfer student?"

"Nope. Just split up with the wife and I'm letting her have the apartment. I was going to look for another smaller one, but then I thought I would see if I could get in a dorm instead. Frankly, I'm surprised I was able to get in."

"You can thank me for that. Every roommate they gave me was white and I'm not all that easy to get along with if you are white."

"Are we going to have trouble?"

"Don't much look like it. The others would cringe when I would walk into the room. And go after me the way you did? None of them had the stones."

"Just why were you so hard to get along with?"

"I guess at 6'5'' and 220 I intimidated them. They probably didn't have much experience with my kind and they were scared of me. It showed and that pissed me off so I treated them like wimps until they finally asked for a room change."

Just then my phone chirped and I looked at my watch. It was six-thirty, normally dinner time, so the call was probably from Maggie. I took the phone out and looked at the display and sure enough that is who it was. I hit the button and said:


"Where are you?"


"None of your things are here Rob. What is going on?"

"I've moved out Maggie. Like I just said, I'm gone."

"This isn't funny Rob; where are you?"

"I know it isn't funny Maggie, but I've moved out and I'm not telling you where I am. As for the question you haven't asked yet Maggie, the "why", just think on it Maggie. Think real hard and maybe you can figure it out. Goodbye Maggie."

I disconnected and it chirped again almost immediately. The display said it was Maggie again so I turned the phone off and spent the evening getting acquainted with my new roomie.

The next morning I turned my cell phone back on and saw that I had eleven voicemails. I knew that most of them would be Maggie so I deleted them all and headed off for my first class of the day. If I knew Maggie and her flaming redheaded temper -- and I did -- she would have worked herself into another, "Well I'll show him" mood by the time she had sent out all the voicemails and she would sit back and make no further effort to contact me. She would sit tight for a day or two and wait for me to come crawling back home. By the end of the second day with no word for me she would start calling again and sometime during the third day she would come looking for me. She knew my class schedule, what part of the library I favored when I went there to study and she knew what time I took my noon meal at the school cafeteria. I would not be all that hard to find and it didn't matter because I was going to have to talk to her sooner or later, it was just that later suited me better than sooner. The more time I put between seeing her with Malloy and talking to her the calmer I would be. Plus, it would give me time to send a message; a message that when it got to Maggie might make her think twice about exploding on me when we did get together to talk.

As I walked from my dorm to my first class of the day my mind was not on Rayburn's possible pop quiz, but on my marriage. I fell in love with Maggie the first time I laid eyes on her. I had come home from school one day to see a Mayflower moving van parked in front of the house across the street. The house had been up for sale for about six months and it seemed like some one had finally bought it or was renting it.

I was standing on the sidewalk watching when a girl came out of the house. She was about my age (eleven), had red hair worn up in a pony-tail and when she saw me she smiled and waved at me before picking up a box and carrying it into the house. Just that quick Margaret Elaine Callahan captured my heart.

Fate, being the cold hearted bitch that she was, saw to it that Maggie didn't feel the same. For the next three years I watched as Maggie went from boyfriend to boyfriend. Every time I would ask her out she would say:

"Sorry Rob, I like you as a friend, but you aren't my type."

Her type was the jock hero of the moment. The star of the basketball team one week, the star of the baseball team the next. The quarterback until the team went on a losing streak and then she was off to some one else. I was on those teams, but I was a journeyman type player and never a star so I hardly drew a glance from her.

Even though I was smitten by Maggie I wasn't so enamored that I didn't have anything to do with other girls. I ached for Maggie, but I wasn't blind to the fact that she wasn't going to give me the time of day date-wise. We had a lot of the same classes and on any given night of the week you could find Maggie at our kitchen table or me at hers where we would study together. Always good friends, but never anything more. So I went out with other girls. I lost my virginity to Carol Thomas (who had lost hers the year before), got my first blow job from Beverly Holbrook, was taught to eat pussy by Nancy Wilde, had my introduction to anal sex courtesy of Beverly Abbeg and was invited to a gangbang by Pauline French. But never even a kiss from the one I wanted most.

What finally got Maggie and me together was a bad accident. Her date for the senior prom was supposed to be Chuck Wilcox, the star forward on the basketball team, but the day before the prom on the way to school Chuck ran a stop sign and was t-boned by a beer truck. It fucked him up pretty bad and he was in the hospital with casts on every part of his body. Maggie was devastated. Not because of any great feelings for Chuck, but because suddenly she had no prom date and who could she possibly find to take her at that late a date.

She was whining to Bev Holbrook about it and Bev told Maggie that Bev knew for a fact that I was going to the prom stag. I was going stag, not because I couldn't find a date, but because Harlena Liss was going to be pulling a train at Billy Neubert's after prom party and Harlena had promised me first shot at her pussy or ass - my choice - and you don't take dates to those kinds of parties (unless of course your date was Harlena or Pauline French).

Maggie was at our front door at 7:15 in the morning on the day of the prom and she asked if I could give her a ride to school. On the way she asked if it was true that I was going to the prom without a date and when I said yes she asked me if I would take her. Now I'd always had this thing for Maggie, but I wasn't going to let it make me stupid. I had sure pussy waiting for me after the prom and I knew that the best I would get out of Maggie was a "thank you" and the next day she would be of on her hunt for the next 'Jock of the Month'. I told her that I was sorry, but I already had made plans for the evening. She begged and pleaded and even started crying. It wasn't very nice of me, but I tuned her out. I wanted Maggie with every fiber of my being, but I wasn't going to let myself be used by her and that is all that my taking her to the prom would be.

I know this might come as a surprise to some, but girls are different from boys. Whereas I could go stag to the prom and not think anything of it a girl 'just couldn't do that.' A girl had to have an escort. To be alone at a dance and especially at the prom would be an embarrassment not to be suffered. Not going to the prom because she didn't have a date would also be an embarrassment. So Maggie would use me for the evening to keep herself from being embarrassed and I knew it so I said I was sorry, but no.

I pulled into the lot at school and before I could get out of the car Maggie said, "I know what your plans are for the evening. Take me to the prom and I'll do everything that Harlena was going to do for you and you won't have to share me with twenty other guys."

That caught me by surprise; both the offer and the fact that she knew about Harlena. "You can't be serious" I said.

"Dead serious Rob. I have to go to the prom. I just can't be the only girl from our class not there."

That changed everything. The girl I wanted more than anything was offering herself to me on a platter. All thoughts of her using me for the night and then going on a jock hunt the next day evaporated. My ego was such that I knew once Maggie and I had made love she wouldn't want anyone else.

"You sure about this?"

"Positive. Take me to the prom and I'll see to it that you won't even remember Harlena's name."

It was an offer I couldn't refuse.

To my eyes Maggie was the best looking girl at the prom. She was a standout in a shimmering green dress that matched her green eyes and set off her flaming red hair. We danced, I held her close and I was in heaven.

Heaven turned into hell in the motel room after the dance.

Maggie was nervous as I undressed her. When I had her nude and touched her she seemed to tighten up. She didn't seem to get much out of the foreplay and it wasn't until I moved between her legs and she looked up at me and said, "Please be gentle Rob; don't hurt me too much" that it hit me. Maggie was a virgin. She couldn't be I thought to myself. I knew all the jocks she dated and to a man they were all cock-hounds. No way Maggie could have dated all of them and remained a virgin. But still, there she was under me looking up fearfully and trembling. I couldn't do it. I just could not bring myself to take Maggie's cherry.

I got off the bed and started to get dressed and Maggie asked me what I was doing. I told her, perhaps a little more gruffly than I should have:

"I don't do virgins Maggie."

She looked bewildered when I handed her her clothes and she said, "But I want this Rob."

"No you don't Maggie; you are just trying to pay a debt. I'll wait in the car."

Why didn't I take Maggie's virginity? Because even though I had been sexually active for three years I was still a teenager with a teenager's usual head full of nonsense and unsubstantiated misinformation. One of the things I had heard was that if you took girls cherry she wouldn't have anymore to do with you. Even if she took to sex like a baby duck takes to water she would always remember that it was you who caused her the initial pain and you would soon be history. Stupid and I know it now, but as a teenager I took it as gospel. I loved Maggie and if I took her virginity she would eventually put me behind her. Hey, teenagers are stupid - it is an inherent trait.

Maggie came out of the room, got in the car and the ride home was silent. When I pulled up in front of our houses and parked it was my intension to walk Maggie to her door, thank her for a good time, kiss her and then drive like a bat out of hell to Billy Neubert's party to have a go at Harlena. It didn't turn out that way. As soon as I put the shift lever in "park" Maggie was out the door and running up the walk to her porch and then into her house. I don't know how long I sat there and stared at that front door before I came to my senses and went into my own house.

I didn't see Maggie over the weekend and I didn't doubt that she was avoiding me so I was surprised when on Monday during lunch period she sat down at my table in the student cafeteria.

"I'm having trouble with Trig. Can we study together tonight?"

I told her yeas and she said she would be over at seven. We studied for over an hour and then she asked:

"Why did you do what you did the night of the prom?"

I shrugged and kept working the problem I was on.

"No Rob, I want to know."

So I told her about how I felt about her and that I knew that if I took her cherry she wouldn't want anything more to do with me when it was over.

"Boys really think that?"

I shrugged again and she said, "That's funny. Girls think just the opposite. Girls think that their first is the one they are meant to spend their life with."

That didn't sound right to me. Guys and girls couldn't be that far apart in their thinking, could they?

"I wanted it Rob. I wanted to do it. You can't imagine how hurt I was when you got up and left me lying on that bed. I had been fighting guys off for years. Every guy I dated tried to get in my pants and I fought them all off and then the guy I decided to let have me didn't want me and walked away from me. It hurt Rob. I stayed in my room and cried all weekend."

I didn't know what to say to her so I just sat there and looked at her until she picked up her books and went home.

I didn't see Maggie for two days and then, all of a sudden, things did a 180 degree turn. Where before I couldn't get Maggie to go out with me to save my life now she was all over me. I couldn't turn around without Maggie being behind me. SHE was asking ME for dates. Did I say no? Not hardly. For the rest of the school term we were a couple. Nothing was ever said about the night of the prom and I kept my hands to myself. We did some hot and heavy necking, but I didn't take it any farther because I was afraid I would scare Maggie away.

And then, just before graduation, Maggie said, "Rob, I want to do it. I want to make love and I want it to be you." When I didn't say anything she said, "I want it to be you, but if it isn't you it is going to be somebody."

I just sat there like a lump. I didn't know what was wrong with me. I'd screwed a dozen girls, had oral and anal sex with them and I'd even peed on Arlene Collins when she'd asked me to so why was I having such a hard time doing it with the girl I had wanted since the first time I saw her?

Maggie said, "Pauline and Darlene are going to be doing their thing at Harry Short's graduation party. If my first time has to be on a mattress next to them so be it, but if that is what I have to do I will."

The thought of Maggie naked on a mattress taking on all comers sickened me and I took her by her hand and pulled her to her feet.

"Where are we going?"

"To find a bed."

It was the same motel and the same room as the night of the prom. We undressed and she lay down on the bed and looked up at me. The expression on her face was a "deer caught in the headlights" look and I wondered if she was having second thoughts. No matter, I wasn't. I got on the bed with her, took her in my arms and kissed her. She was hesitant at first, but then her tongue flicked at my lips and I sent mine into her mouth to tongue wrestle with hers. I broke the kiss and kissed my way down to her breasts. I tweaked the nipple of her right breast with my thumb and fingers while I kissed and licked the left one. Then I switched over and my mouth gave her left breast equal time. She moaned and writhed under me and I started kissing my way down her body. When I reached her belly button I tongued it while my right hand rubbed her pussy. She moaned and I worked a finger into her and she moaned again.

I had two fingers working in her when my mouth got there to take over. She gasped as my tongue entered her and her hands went to the back of my head. I found her clit and went to work on it. "Oh Jesus yes" she moaned as I sucked on her little button as my fingers back to working in and out. I kept working on her until she had an orgasm and then before she was recovered from it I moved up and pushed my cock into her. I shoved hard and her eyes shot wide open and she gave a little scream of pain and her hands went to my chest as if to push me away, but I put my hands under her ass and pulled her up towards me as I began fucking her.

It took a minute or two of hard driving in, pulling back and then driving in again before I felt the tension start to leave her body and then another minute or so before I felt her pushing up to meet me. I came before I could get her to an orgasm so I quickly pulled out and moved down and went to work on her clit again. I brought her to orgasm and then snuggled up next to her and held her.

After a minute or so she said, "I want to do you now" and her hand moved down and started fondling me. I started to respond and she moved down and took me in her mouth. It turned into a sixty-nine and then we made love a second time and were able to climax together. I took her in my arms and held her to me and after a minute or so she said:

"I should hate you."


"If you had done this the night of the prom we could have been doing it steady since. Instead, you make me wait and miss out on all the fun we could have had and I should hate you for depriving me."

"Is that your way of saying that you want more?"

"Yes, but not tonight baby; you've worn me out. Maybe tomorrow?"

Tomorrow it was and the next day and the day after that and the day after that and on and on. Maggie and I spent the entire summer looking for places to get horizontal. As fall approached Maggie started getting teary. I was going to be attending State and it meant that we would be separated since Maggie wasn't interested in going to college. The closer fall got the more upset Maggie got and then about two weeks before I was going to be leaving Maggie said:

"Let's get married. We can get an off campus apartment, I can get a job and we can be together.

That caught me by surprise. I figured that I'd finish college, get a job and then get married and here was Maggie trying to move marriage to the head of the line. She was looking at me expectantly and I didn't know what the hell to say. Hell, I was only eighteen going on nineteen. Was I ready for marriage? I knew kids who had gotten married at eighteen, but for most of them it was because they got the girl pregnant and had to get married. I guess Maggie had expected me to jump up and say, "Yes! What a great idea" and when I didn't she turned on the water works and a tear ran down her cheek as she said:

"I thought you loved me, but I guess all I am to you is easy pussy."

"You are nowhere near being ready for marriage" her mother said.

"I absolutely forbid it" her father said.

"You need to finish college first" my mother said.

"Don't let your little head do the thinking instead of the big head" my father said.

"I now pronounce you man and wife" the Justice of the Peace said.

College was not going to be a financial problem for me as my maternal grandparents had set up an educational trust fund for me. When they set it up they had allowed for things like inflation and the fact that I might prefer off campus living instead of a dorm. Maggie and I drove up to State the week before classes started and found a one bedroom apartment.

Contrary to what our parents expected things were fine for the first three years. Maggie found a job and the two of us were very happy in our little one bedroom home. Right up till the night of Harry's party when I saw her wrapped around Tim Malloy. Of course once I saw that I started wondering how long Maggie had been doing that kind of shit. Was Malloy the first or just the latest or had it had been him for some time?

I didn't know what I was going to do with Maggie, other than kick her to the curb, but I did know what I was going to do to Malloy. I began with a whole bunch of half-baked plans and elaborate scenarios for revenge. I talked them all over with Sam and he laughed.

"All he is is a pussy hound like most guys. A bitch gives him an opening, hints that she'll go and he gives her a sniff. Just kick his ass to teach him to stay away from some other dude's woman and be done with it."

"You're right" I said as I stood up and grabbed my car keys.

"Where you going?"

"To get the job done. I know where to find him."

"Hold on hoss, I'm going with you."

"Better not. If things go wrong I mighty find myself sitting in the back of a police cruiser."

"Wouldn't miss it. Never seen a white boy get pissed and get down."

"You're kidding."

"Nope. Didn't have too many of you folks in my neighborhood and the ones that were there spent most of their time looking over their shoulders and being scared. Besides, you need someone to watch your back."

"You just met me Sam. Why the hell do you want to get involved?"

"Entertainment white boy, entertainment."

"Okay Sambo, let's go."

Tim was right where I thought he would be. He was drinking beer and shooting pool at Roddy's Roadhouse. Sam and I took a seat at the bar and watched until Tim said he had to be leaving and then we got up and went outside. Tim came out and headed for his car and I called to him. He turned, smiled and said:

"Hey Rob. Should have gotten here earlier and we could have played some eight-ball."

"Actually Tim, it is your playing that I want to talk about."

"My playing? What's wrong with the way I play?"

"Its not the way you play Tim, it's who you play with."

"You aren't making any sense here Rob."

"That's only because you don't know that I saw you and Maggie out behind Harry's garage the night he had the party."

I saw him stiffen and I said, "That's right Tim, I'm here for some payback. So what it is Tim, is that since you went after a piece of my wife's ass I'm here to tear off a piece of yours. Only I'm not sneaking around behind your back like you and Maggie snuck around behind mine."

Tim threw up his hands and said, "Whoa up Rob. If you are going to fight everyone who tries to get some off Maggie you'll be fighting once a night for the next six months."

"The only ones I'm going after Tim are the ones I know about and right now that is you. Are you familiar with the phrase "Christ died for your sins?" That is what is happening here Tim; you are paying the price for everyone else" and I hit him. He rocked back and I moved in and hit him again. He went to his knees and I hit him a third time and then I put the boot to him. I gave him a half dozen shots to his ribs and three to his package and I was about to give him a fourth when I heard a commotion behind me. I turned to see Sam standing there with a foot on the neck of a man lying on the ground and his hands around the neck of a guy who was struggling to stand on his tip toes.

"They were a little upset with what you were doing. I figured that you didn't want to be bothered so I sort of detained them."

"The one you are standing on is his brother. I have no idea of who your new dangle-toy is."

"No matter. You done with the one on the ground so I'll let them go and if they want a piece of you I'll see to it that it stays one on one."

He took his foot off of Bruce and dropped the one he was holding and then we waited to see what would happen. The one dropped took off running and Bruce sat up gasping for air. When he got his breathing under control he crawled over to Tim who was in the fetal position and cupping his balls and moaning. Bruce looked up at me and asked:

"Why? Why did you do this to him? You were supposed to be his friend."

"I was, right up to the point where he fucked my wife. When he recovers tell him that the next husband might not be as forgiving. The next guy might come looking for him with a gun."

I turned to Sam and said, "Lets head on over to Angie's and I'll buy you a beer."

"Or three."

"Or three.

I figured that I wouldn't get a visit from Maggie until the third day after I moved out, but she had apparently heard about my little talk with Tim and I found her waiting outside the classroom of my last class before lunch. I saw her when I came out the door, but I ignored her and headed for the school cafeteria.

"Rob, wait up Rob" she called after me, but I kept on walking. I heard her coming up quickly behind me. "Rob, wait; damn it Rob wait up, we need to talk."

I kept on walking until I got to the cafeteria where I grabbed a tray and got in line. Maggie stood off to the side and waited until I reached the cashier, paid and headed for a table. As soon as I sat down she took the seat opposite me.

"I heard about what you did to Tim. Why did you do something stupid like that?"

"It is what I do to guys who fuck my wife."

"Is that why you moved out? You think I screwed Tim?"

"No 'think' to it Maggie."

"Where the hell did you get that ridiculous idea?"

"Well let's see now. You are behind Harry's garage, your leg is lifted and you are rubbing your cunt on Tim's leg. You have your tongue as far down Tim's throat as it will go and he has his hands up under your blouse playing with your tits. With me so far?"

I saw her face go pale when I said that and I went on.

"I didn't stick around to see you go to your knees and suck his cock or wait for you to turn around and lean on the garage so he could fuck you from behind, but I don't doubt for a minute that those things -- and more -- happened in the three hours between when I left the party and you called me. And it would not surprise me one iota that you spent the hours between when you called me and when you finally came home the next day in his bed or someone's bed. Oh yeah, one more thing. Before I smacked Tim he told me that if I was going to fight everyone you had been with I'd be fighting every day for the next six months. I think that about sums it up so would you mind leaving so I can eat my lunch in peace?"

"Oh come on Rob, you can't possibly believe that I would screw other guys. We are married for Christ's sake."

"I never would have believed that you could do what you did Maggie, but I saw it with my own eyes. I stood there for almost two minutes and watched Maggie. You two were so wrapped up in each other that you didn't even notice me standing there. I don't believe in or practice denial Maggie. I saw what I saw and that is all there is to it."

"I swear to God Rob that I have never slept with another man since the first time you and I made love. I've teased and I've flirted and I've led a few assholes on when they took shots at me even when they knew I was married, but I swear that I have never - never Rob - been unfaithful to you."

"Sorry Maggie, but after what I saw I just can't believe you."

"You have to believe me Rob, you have to! I wouldn't lie to you baby, I love you and you know I do."

"No I don't Maggie. No way you could love me and do with another man what I saw you doing with Tim."

Her shoulders slumped and she looked down at the table. "What are you going to do?"

"Short term I've already done it. I've moved out. My trust fund doesn't cover attorney's fees for divorces so I'm stuck being married to you until after I graduate, find a job and save up enough to pay for a divorce. As far as you are concerned the rent on the apartment is paid up till the end of the term so you have that long to come up with the money to keep it or find something else. Check with one of your lovers; maybe one of them will take you in."

"Damn it Rob! I do not have any lovers. I have not had sex with any one but you in my life. Okay, I've done a few stupid things like what I did with Tim, but I only did that to bust his balls. He knows I'm married and he is supposed to be your friend, but he has been hitting on me for months. I just decided that it was time to crank him up and send him home with a big case of blue balls. I did not fuck Tim and I have not fucked anyone else."

"The problem Maggie is that I only have your word for that and I don't trust you any more. Now will you please leave so I can eat?"

"No Rob, I'm not leaving. We have to work this out."

"Okay Maggie, stay. I wasn't all that hungry any way."

I stood up, threw my napkin down in the middle of my tray and then walked away leaving her at the table.

That evening I got a call from my mother. "Rob honey, I just got off the phone with Maggie. The poor girl is crying her eyes out. She says you left her over a silly argument over some flirting. She says you won't even talk to her."

"That's not quite true mom. We didn't argue about flirting. We didn't argue at all. I caught her doing something physical with another guy; something that no married woman had any business doing so I left her."

"Still Rob, you need to sit down and talk it out with her. That's what marriage is about honey; working through your problems."

"This isn't any little problem to be worked through mom. I caught her doing something sexual with another guy. In my eyes what marriage is all about is fidelity. She failed the fidelity test mom and we are through."

"Are you sure about that Rob? Are you certain there is no mistake? That maybe what you thought you saw could have been wrong? Could maybe have been something else?"

"No mistake mom; it was as clear as daylight."

"Rob, I think..."

"Enough mom! I caught her red handed and we are through. Now leave it alone!"

The advantage of being 6'1'' when you are up against 5'2'' is long legs. When I came out of my first class the next day I found Maggie waiting for me in the hall. I turned and headed away from her walking as fast as I could without breaking into a run. Her shorter legs couldn't keep up and her, "Wait Rob, please wait" grew fainter and fainter with each step I took.

I passed on eating lunch at the school cafeteria so she couldn't catch me there and when I saw her outside my last class I outpaced her again. The next morning she was again outside in the hall when my first class ended. I decided not to walk away from her and instead I walked up to her and went on the offensive.

"Stop bothering me Maggie. I am not going to talk to you because I will not believe one word you say. What I saw you doing with Tim killed it for us. What I saw was a married woman being a slut with another man and I don't care what the reason was. For as long as I watched you were his slut and I have no use for a slut as a wife. You can paint whatever you did any color you like, tell it anyway you like, but I will not believe a word you say. You can talk till you are blue in the face, but I do not trust you anymore so I am not going to believe a word of it. To me your word is worthless. Accept it Maggie; accept it and leave me alone."

I turned and walked away from her and she did follow me or call after me.

My little speech must have taken because the phone calls stopped and I didn't see her again. Maggie's job wasn't anywhere near campus and there wasn't anywhere that I frequented in the neighborhood where our old apartment was so we never even accidentally ran into each other. As far as I was concerned all that remained of my relationship with Maggie was the need to take care of the legalities of ending the marriage and it would be a while before I would be financially able to do that.

I was used to an active sex life, both before Maggie and with Maggie, and with Maggie out of the picture I began to look around. I had never been unfaithful to Maggie even though I'd have a lot of chances. I went looking for some of those chances and found that several were still there. Legally I suppose that it met the definition of "infidelity" but I didn't see it that way. My marriage to Maggie was over except for the paperwork so I did not consider what I was doing as being unfaithful. I had nothing to be faithful to, right?

I didn't hook up with anyone as a steady although I could have, but I was still legally married and I couldn't offer anything but a good time. Luckily that seemed to be enough for most of the women I dated.

Sam and I had bonded and I started going out drinking with him a couple of times a week. One night we were sitting at a table at O'Rielly's when Sam looked up and said:

"Here comes trouble."

I looked over my shoulder and saw Tim, his brother Bruce and two other guys heading for us. I stood up and got ready to meet whatever was coming and not liking the situation one bit. Even if Sam joined in (and I knew he would) and took two of them that still left two for me and while I knew I could hold my own against one I had serious doubts that I could take on two at once. As Tim walked up he said:

"Hey man, I didn't come here to fight. I ain't happy with what you did to me, but what the fuck, I was trying to hustle your wife so I can't blame you for being pissed. But I need to tell you man, that I never fucked Maggie. I tried like hell but she would never go for it. I thought I had her that night behind Harry's garage, but it never happened. We got to the point where I had my dick out and then she said she had to go. I pointed at my hard on and told her she couldn't leave me like that, but she laughed at me and told me it was what I deserved for trying to get in the pants of another man's woman. I never fucked your wife and even though I told you you would be fighting forever if you went after every guy who went after her I never heard of anyone who actually scored."

"That's it? You came looking for me to tell me that?"

"I didn't come looking for you. We came in here to shoot some pool and drink some beer. I saw you sitting her and I don't want no more trouble so I come over. God's honest truth man, I never did your wife."

Then he and the other three headed for the back of the bar where the pool tables were. We watched them go and Sam said:

"It looks like she was telling you the truth."

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