A New Moon... Over My Shoulder...

by Dag123

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Slow, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Sunday Cartoons! Sweet Romance! Love is in the Air! Julie an attractive single parent finds her impossible dream coming true when she meets Craig, a successful Businessman. Their Romance is the stuff of which dreams are made. If you are a Romantic'"you'll love the characters Julie and Craig.

Julie still remembered so vividly... the day her luck changed. She had been making her way along Woodlawn Avenue, taking in deep breaths of the fresh spring air. She loved the two-mile walk to the little boutique café and flower shop where she was employed. It always lifted her spirits.

She had always enjoyed meandering along Woodlawn Avenue. For a brief time surrounded by that beautiful wooded area, she could forget the difficulties she was having making ends meet—the exhaustion and tiredness she so often felt.

An overworked single parent with two little daughters to support—for that few precious minutes—the walk was always a welcome reprieve. She could almost forget that she was barely getting by on her modest salary.

The fact was, she had no choice but to walk to work—if she was to meet her landlord's recent rent increase. Just when she thought she had it all worked out, her oldest daughter, little seven year old Aimee, had needed dental work. It never rains, but it pours, she said to herself.

At 17, she had foolishly moved in with a carefree guy named Rick who had promised her the world. He had, instead—given her the two most precious gifts of her life: her daughters Aimee and Lacy.

When he moved on to greener pastures a few years later—hooking up with a woman he had met that had money—Julie had been left to fend for her and the two girls.

Six months later came the news that he had been killed in a motorcycle accident. It was then; she fully realized she and her little ones were well and truly alone.

However, Julie was no crybaby—she was a determined little female. She didn't run around trying to eliciting sympathy or crying on anyone's shoulder—she just stoically made best of her very difficult situation. She refused to admit, even to herself, that she and her little girls were living on the edge of poverty.

As far as her feelings for men went, she was a healthy 27 year old woman with all the same healthy urges of any female her age.

She discovered, soon after Rick had abandoned them—that even though she was slender and attractive, a petite 110 pounds, 5'2 tall, a rather pretty petite female—men were not all that interested in dating a woman who had children.

This discovery made her isolation even more painful. She longed to find someone who could care for her, someone who would accept Aimee and Lacy as well. It had now been two years since Rick. At this point, she had pretty much abandoned her dreams of ever meeting such a man.

On the day her luck changed—Julie, was walking to work along Woodlawn Avenue, when she heard a car slowing down.

"Why... Hello, there," a familiar masculine voice called out. "Don't you work at the little Boutique Shop at the Shopping Center?"

Turning around Julie recognized Mr. Lane, a pleasant refined older man who often came through her checkout line at the shop.

"Yes. Yes I do," she replied, giving him a warm friendly smile.

"I'm going by that way. Could I give you a lift?" he asked.

"If you're sure it's not out of your way, I would love a ride," Julie answered.

Reaching across the seat, he opened the door on her side. "Get in. I'll drop you off right there," he said, smiling at her.

"By the way, my name is Craig Lane. I already know your name," he said, smiling at her. It's Julie... right?"

"Yes, my name is Julie. Julie Detwiller."

"I'm happy to meet you," he said. "You know... , you're even prettier away from work. When I come through your checkout line, that beautiful smile of yours always seems to make my day, "Craig said, with a grin.

"Well, thank you kind Sir," Julie said, somewhat disarmed by his friendly open manner.

"So do you walk to work everyday?" he asked. "Forgive me for being so forward."

"Yes, pretty much everyday, I'm afraid," Julie admitted. "It's really nice of you to stop and offer me a ride."

"Well, you know... , I come this way about this time most days on my way over to a little Southside coffee shop across town. If you wouldn't think I was being to forward, or trying to pick you up, I would love to stop and give you a lift."

Then with a warm laugh, he teased her. "What am I saying, of course I'm trying to pick you up - to take you to work.

"Not that I wouldn't jump at the chance to pick you up - in the man/woman way," he said, with a disarming grin.

"You don't even know me," Julie said, with a little laugh. "I'm a poor working mother with two little girls."

"I'll bet they're just as attractive as their mother," Craig said, smiling back at her.

"For the record, Julie, the fact that you have children doesn't discourage me... not even a little bit."

The Seeds of Affection grow...

From that morning on, Julie would walk along until she heard the sound of Craig Lane's car slowing down. She would feel her heart give a pleasant little lift as he opened the door for her. Days passed. She found it very easy to accept his kindness.

But, she would always tell herself, Julie, don't get your hopes up. He's being nice to you because he's a nice guy.

Yet, it was so lovely to have even that brief contact with someone. The few minutes it took for them to drive to the Boutique became the high point of her day.

She came to realize that he was genuinely interested in getting to know her. So Julie gradually begin to relax. She told him a bit about her and her girls situation.

Craig proved to be a good listener. He never criticized or tried to come across as a know-it-all. Instead, he just listened quietly, attentive and sympathetically.

The morning, she finally, reluctantly confided that she was encountering financial difficulties he had said to her.

"Julie... , promise me something?"

Julie without hesitation immediately assured him. "Sure. If I'm able, I will."

Giving her that now familiar quiet smile, Craig said.

"If you ever find yourself in trouble of any kind, I want you to please remember I'm your friend. Without getting into the details, —I'm not without means and influence. It would be my pleasure to help you in any way you think would be helpful."

Julie, so long alone, felt a sudden rush of warm emotions. Here was a wonderful man who not only enjoyed her company—he was trying to be a real friend to her. She felt her beautiful gentle brown eyes tearing up.

"Thank you, Craig—It's so good of you to be concern."

The days wore on. Several weeks went by. Julie still could not quite believe what was happening. Will I wake up some morning to find this thing with Craig was all just a lovely dream, she often wondered to herself.

At night, as she drifted off to sleep, she would wonder to herself. What does someone like Craig see in me? He's obviously well off and could probably have any woman he wants. Is he attracted to me sexually? She wondered.

I'm not going to get my hopes up, she thought; I'm just going to enjoy this for as long as it lasts.

A month went by. She realized not only was he still attracted to her—the two of them enjoyed sharing many affectionate lighthearted moments together with each other.

Julie with her woman's intuition felt sure he wanted to kiss her. What's he waiting for? She wondered.

She was thrilled and surprised when he abruptly one morning, right after picking her up, had asked her.

"So... When do I get to meet your two little girls, Aimee and Lacy?"

Julie's heart seem to catch in her throat. A flood of happiness engulfs her. Trying to remain calm, she replied, with a little smile in his direction.

"Well, I'm off this Sunday. Would you like to come over? You could meet them then if you would like."

"Sure," he said, obviously delighted. "Hey! Why don't I pick you three girls up Sunday morning. We can all go out to breakfast together."

"That would be wonderful, Craig," Julie assured him." I'm sure Aimee and Lacy would love that."

Sunday's breakfast turned into a festive event for Craig, Julie, and the girls. The restaurant Craig took them to was the Grove Restaurant that was very upscale. Julie felt funny walking in knowing she and the girls weren't dressed for such a fancy place.

However, from the moment they entered, the staff took control of them—making them feel welcome. She felt such a warm affection when she saw the way Craig was so at ease with her two girls.

He was so attentive and gentle toward them. He seemed to delight in playfully teasing them. Julie found herself laughing as she watched how Craig, seemed completely engrossed in listening to their bright little innocent patter.

Well, she thought, if I don't win his heart, my girls surely will.

I shouldn't fall in love with this guy, she thought, but how can I not! Then on the spot, she made a decision. I'm not going to fight it.

Once they were seated, she was genuinely puzzled by all the attention the Grove Restaurant Staff seem to lavish on Craig. It was obvious; he was a frequent customer by the way they deferred to his every wish.

Not only that—but the Staff's attentions also included her, and Aimee, and Lacy. It's like we're a real family, having Sunday breakfast out, Julie thought to herself. This is so wonderful... it's like a dream!

Craig's place...

Leaving the Grove Restaurant, Craig had another little surprise for Julie and her two little daughters.

"How would you girls like to come over and visit me at my place, before I drop you off at home?" he asked with a smile.

"Will that be alright with Mommie," he asked, glancing over at Julie sitting beside him.

Julie felt a warm rush of affection for him. Nodding yes, she smiled her silent consent.

"Girls. Would you like to go visit Craig at his home?" she asked.

"Can we watch Cartoons?" seven-year-old Aimee asked.

"Sure!" Craig laughed, "I have a television. Who do you like to watch, Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny?"

"We like watch... , Spiderwoman," little four year old Lacy piped up.

"Spiderwoman?" Craig teased. "Is she that big bunny rabbit that eats people?"

"No... ! Silly! She's a real person—she's not a rabbit." Aimee laughed.

"Okay, if you girls are so smart... , maybe you can tell me why Six hates Seven," Craig teased.

"We don't know... , Aimee and Lacy chorused.

"Because seven - eight - nine." Craig laughed.

"Well... , What Aimee, Lacy and I want to know," Julie teased, entering the lighthearted conversation.

"Did seven put mustard and catsup on nine before he ate him?

"That's it... !" Craig said, pretending to be offended, but unable to keep from laughing. "You three girls are just to smart for me. I don't want to play anymore."

"We're sorry, aren't we girls?" Julie laughed.

"Uh huh... ," the little daughters said.

Julie's surprise...

As they drove into the area where Craig's home was located, Julie could not help marveling at the beautiful quiet setting.

Craig's home turned out to be an all brick rancher located in a stunning setting of trees and well-kept shrubs. What a beautiful place, Julie thought.

The inside of the house turned out to be even better appointed with its luxurious furnishings. Julie had a sinking feeling she was in over her head.

However, Craig seeming to sense her uncertainty, quickly put her at ease.

"Welcome to my home. Julie, I can't tell you how much I've been looking forward to inviting you and the girls over."

"Craig, your home is so beautiful," Julie said, as she continued to look around.

"Well... With you and the girls here—now it is," Craig said, smiling into her eyes.

"Can we watch Cartoons now?" a plaintive little voice at their elbow asked.

"Sure, Lacy," Craig laughed. "You girls come with me. There's a nice big television right in here," he said ushering them into a large darkened room.

"Here Aimee... , I'll give you the remote," he laughed. "Is it alright if I go back and talk to your Mommie... now?" he asked.

"Okay... , Aimee said, almost absent mindedly.

The two girls were soon so engrossed in watching their cartoons, they hardly notice when Craig slipped out of the TV Room to return to the kitchen where Julie waited.

Passion's Moon rising...

"Do you realize, Julie, this is the very first time we've ever been alone together, except in my car in the mornings driving to work?"

Julie looked up, smiled with affection into his warm eyes. She could see the happiness so evident on his face. He's going to kiss me, Julie predicted.

She was not surprised when a moment later she felt his warm hands on her shoulders turning her gently around to face him. She sensed her prediction was about to come true.

"I've wanted to do this for such a long long time," he whispered quietly as he leaned down toward her upturned delicate little face.

"I know," Julie whispered softly as she willingly yielded to her own passionate desire.

Then his warm mouth was softly kissing her upturned neck. "Oh, yes, Craig... , you feel so good, "she softly encouraged.

A moment later Julie felt his firm warm lips brush hers. She opened her moist hungry mouth in that age old invitation—the way a woman always does—when she wants to welcome the man she loves.

"Julie," he murmured softly, "You know... , you've become very special to me over the last few weeks."

"Darling, why did you wait so long to kiss me?" Julie whispered, pretending to scold him. "I would have let you kiss me the second morning you drove me to work," she said, with a gentle smile.

"Would you have thought I was a little slut if I had let you?" she asked, giggling.

"Never... !" Craig said. "I didn't kiss you before because I was afraid you'd think I was trying to take advantage of you or something."

"I would never think that," Julie breathed.

"Julie, I think you must know how fond I am of you. As far as why I never tried to kiss you before. The truth is; I've wanted you from that first morning."

If you will allow me—I want to do a lot more than that. Would you be okay with that?" he asked hopefully.

"You're allowed, Craig," Julie said simply, feeling her emotions surging to the surface.

"There is no man I'd rather have make love to me than you. I've wanted to make love to you also," she admitted, kissing his warm cheek.

"How long does those cartoons last?" Craig asked, inquired hopefully.

"I think just long enough," Julie replied with a sexy little come-hither smile.

"Let me go talk to the girls for a moment." she said, her fingers brushing his face softly. "I'll be right back."

"Girls," Julie said, walking into the TV room where the afternoon Cartoons were now in full swing.

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