Held Down, And Knocked Up

by Detroitmechworks

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Light Bond, Group Sex, Polygamy/Polyamory, Oriental Female, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A bitch of a boss decides that she's going to catch the office adulterer Red-handed. Unknown to her, there's more than meets the eye at work.

"I want you to file a sexual harassment charge against him." Katherine spoke sharply, addressing the slight oriental woman in the small cubicle.

"I really don't think it's any of your business, Ms. Reiter." Came the reply from Tammy.

Katherine looked over the smaller woman with an air of distaste. Tamiko had been her secretary for almost eight months, and Katherine was rapidly growing weary of her insubordinate attitude.

"Tamiko, he's..." Katherine began again, raising herself to her full height. Although they weren't strictly necessary, the two-inch chock heels that she wore often gave her an edge in negotiations, considering that most people seldom talked back to someone who had a good seven to eight inches on them.

"My name is Tammy. The only person who calls me Tamiko is my grandmother, and she still thinks I need to move to Nagasaki for the social scene." Tammy interrupted Katherine with an impudent smirk.

Katherine was momentarily taken aback by the rebuke, but quickly found her voice again.

"Regardless, he's a married man." She stated with her "boss voice". "Even leaving out the fact that it's immoral, it's illegal."

"And once again, Ms. Reiter, it's none of your business." Tammy smiled broadly, a cheerful expression crossing her soft features.

For a moment, the two women stared at each other; a study in contrasts. Tammy was small, but well toned. Her Asian heritage was obvious in the slight folds around her hazel eyes, but she had more pronounced curves in the rest of her body that hinted at something else in her background. Her long black hair was kept in a neat ponytail, gathered low at the base of her neck, clasped with a small butterfly barrette.

In sharp opposition, Katherine was an imposing figure. Added to her impressive height, she had a nearly "valkyrie-like" stature. Her blonde hair was tied back into a severe bun, and she oozed professionalism with every move she made. Her face was angular, her sharp blue eyes accented by the small amount of makeup that she wore.

"As long as you both are my employees, it IS my business, Miss Tanaka." Katherine spoke angrily, and expression of annoyance on her sharp features. "Keep in mind that I strongly disapprove of your behavior, and will take it into account on your next performance review."

"Oh NO!, Prease not to be giving me bad review!" Tammy clasped her hands under chin in a mocking display of supplication. She smirked as she spoke in the stereotypical sing-song of Hollywood Japanese. "My famiree will be forevah dishona..."

Tammy suddenly stopped her act, and looked at Katherine with a raised eyebrow. "You know what I bet? I'll bet that it's been at least two years since you've been laid."

Katherine's mouth opened in shock as Tammy's words soaked in. Recovering her composure, she turned and strode to her office, loudly slamming it shut.

She inhaled deeply, her back against the door, before walking to her desk and sitting down. Despite herself, she felt a deep blush welling up all over her face as she thought about what Tammy had said to her. How dare she make such an accusation about her personal life...

Katherine spent the rest of the day in her office, reluctant to come out until she was certain that the rest of the employees had gone home. She had spent too many of her twenty-eight years building up her reputation as a hard as nails, ball-busting, grade a bitch, and she was not going to have her employees seeing her blushing like a schoolgirl.

At five-forty five, she cautiously opened the door, and seeing no one, hurried down the narrow hallway between cubicles. Unfortunately, she found herself dwelling on Tammy's accusation. It kept reverberating in her mind through her drive home, and she found herself thinking about Gav, the man that she was certain Tammy was sleeping with.

He was an artist in the graphics department; not directly under her authority, but still in a subordinate position to her. She reflected on his face, and his body. Katherine could see what Tammy found attractive in him. She had to admit that his long golden-brown hair and sky blue eyes made him seem almost like a character out of a romance novel. She loved the thought of running her fingers through that hair as she...

Katherine shook herself, cutting off that line of thought. Gorgeous, but a pain in the ass. He was never on time to mandatory meetings, and when he deigned to show up, never contributed anything other than, "Just give me the job and I'll do it." He was also married, and the picture that he kept of his wife on his desk should have served as a deterrent to the ladies of the office. Katherine had glanced at the photo several times, and it still amazed her that the woman in the Army uniform was married to him.

Katherine pulled into her driveway, and hurried up the small staircase, which led to her apartment. Normally on a Thursday night, she would simply eat a small dinner and go to bed, but tonight she was distraught. Free of the heavy discipline that she imposed on herself during the day, she felt small tears gathering at the corner of her eyes. She needed cheering up in the worst way. Time for her Friday night ritual.

One extremely hot and soothing bubble bath later, she wrapped her floral print bathrobe about herself and opened her hall closet. She pulled on the thin chain, which illuminated her secret passion: Trashy romance novels.

The shelves within the closed were lined with the bright blood red colored books. She briefly ran her gaze over them, considering picking up one of her all time favorites, before deciding that tonight was a "box" night.

Every month, in a nice thick brown box, a selection of novels would arrive in her mail, their covers festooned with beautiful confident women, and handsome men. Men who looked like Gav Stirling, dammit. Putting the thought out of her mind, she reached into the box and pulled out a paperback, the cover of which featured a couple tangled in sheets, with flower petals surrounding them.

Ten minutes later, she was immersed in the romantic world where men always said the right things, at exactly the right time. She sat in her overstuffed wingback chair, a small tumbler filled with cream soda on the nearby end table, which she sipped at as she read. At the final culmination of the book she smiled with empathy, as the hero and heroine collapsed into bed, their union complete.

It was only another brief moment before she herself snuggled into bed, and turned off the light.

Katherine had a plan the next morning as she strode into the office. It was clear to her that confronting Tammy would do no good at stopping Gav, and she would need to deal with him herself. The first thing that she did upon her arrival at her desk was to check her schedule. Noting an opening before lunch, she penciled Mr. Stirling's name into her date book.

Quickly E-mailing a meeting request, she then sat down to get to the real work of the day.

She was making good headway on her accounts, when she heard Tammy's laugh from outside her door. Katherine glanced at the clock and noted that it was about three minutes prior to her meeting with Gav.

"Let the bastard wait," she thought angrily, concentrating on the paperwork.

Outside her door, the light laughter stopped. She barely heard the murmur of voices but could make no sense of the words being spoken outside. Finally unable to concentrate any more, she walked to her office door and opened it.

Katherine was greeted by the sight of Tammy, leaning over her desk with her head turned towards Gav, who stood on the opposite side, whispering in her ear. From the red glow on Tammy's cheeks, it was apparently something intimate being whispered.

"Mr. Stirling! In my office! NOW!" The words came out harsh and rapid, almost a reflex on Katherine's part. In response, Gav looked up leisurely, his blue eyes staring directly into Katherine's. He quite unabashedly planted a soft kiss on Tammy's cheek, before walking past Katherine, into her office.

Katherine shut the door angrily, and marched to her desk, standing behind it and placing her hands on top.

"Mr. Stirling, I am completely disgusted by you." She began aggressively, and when he made no response, she continued. "I don't know if it's crossed your mind recently, but you are a married man. It might mean nothing to you, but I am certain that it means something to your wife." She paused, staring at Gav with a triumphant expression. When he again failed to respond, merely looking at her with a blank expression, she sat heavily in her desk chair.

Coolly, Katherine regarded the man, his long hair pulled back into a ponytail, and a damned confident expression on his handsome face. Her gaze slowly roamed over him, taking in the open necked blue shirt, down to his slacks. For a moment, her eyes were drawn to his crotch, taking in the large bulge in his pants. She licked her lips, a slight flush coming over her features, before she drew her gaze right back to his eyes, and their now amused expression. Damn, he had seen her looking.

A slight tremor ran through her body at the realization, settling low in her stomach, before she spoke again, a bit more viciously.

"What would your wife say, I wonder?" She noted a slight discomfort come over his features.

"Respectfully, Ms. Reiter, it's none of your business." Gav spoke calmly, his strong baritone and expression both unreadable.

Katherine felt a thrill go through her. She had found something that mattered to him! Her face took on a slight sneer, as she continued.

"It is my business, Mr. Stirling. Unless you want me to make it your wife's business as well, I'd suggest that you stop fucking my secretary."

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