A Knotty Situation

by Detroitmechworks

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, First, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: A young male virgin discovers that there's something special about him during his first time...

Every once in a while, nature figures out a way to get past our defenses. For every trick we come up with, nature and the random chances involved in evolution will find a way to beat it. It's a known fact that guys compare cocks. What's less well known, especially to women, is that guys don't normally compare hard cocks. Generally what they see is the flaccid member, and the rampant flagpoles of porno stars.

Which all explains why Mark never thought his cock was strange. He'd seen porn of course, what young male hadn't? But all he had seen was the tips of dicks as actors jacked them furiously, wasting that seed which splattered against the faces of their lovely costars.

Mark wasn't an ugly guy, since his sandy brown hair and round face gave him a slightly cherubic look. However, due to his interests, and a slight case of introversion, he had not enjoyed the pleasures of female flesh even once during his nineteen years on this planet. A virgin, in other words, fairly well built and toned due to his rock-climbing hobby, but still woefully inexperienced.

So there he was, killing a little time by climbing the side of one of the brick buildings at his college, when he saw her. Mark's eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets when he caught sight of the flash of red-gold hair and the incredible body it was attached to. His concentration focused on the sight, his fingers ended up slipping as he followed her movement, taking in her gentle curves. He quickly lost sight of her as the bushes at the base of the building swallowed up his entire field of vision.

Mark impacted heavily, cursing himself for staring. But she had been something; A gorgeous ass: Two teardrops encased in tight blue denim. Her hips, curved nicely into a pair of legs that prior to today he had only wished existed.

His thoughts trailed off as he realized that there was a sticker bush caught under his shirt. Mark thrashed a bit, removing the offending branches, and began the process of extracting himself from the shrubbery. He tried to shrug away the sight that gorgeous figure, but found his mind wandering right back to it, despite his best attempts.

Which of course is why he almost didn't realize that she was watching him until he was nearly face to face with her.

"Are you Ok?" Mark found himself staring into a gorgeous pair of sky blue eyes. He stood there, unable to speak. It was like every masturbation fantasy he had ever had, rolled into one magnificent woman.

"Hello?" The enchanting pale pink lips opened to speak, and Mark realized that he was staring, and rather embarrassingly at that.

"Uh, yeah..." he stammered, trying to slow the rush of blood to his crotch. He tried to think of some witty line, when all he could think of was how much he'd like to drag this woman into the bushes and use her as a relief to his virginal condition.

"You sure? That was a pretty bad fall." The pale eyes held an expression of concern, and Mark shook his head, trying to remember to look at her eyes, and not eighteen inches down.

"I'm fine," he smiled nervously "It was just a little fall." He gestured back towards the brick wall, and the bushes.

"Oh." The woman shrugged, then turned to walk away.

"Wait!" Mark blurted, and realized that he had nothing to say when she turned around with a questioning eye.

They regarded each other with blank stares for a moment, before the redhead broke the silence.

"It's Bridget." She smiled, "You were trying to figure out how to ask my name, right?"

"Yeah! Your name, right!" Mark stuttered out. He had been actually staring at Bridget's magnificent tits, encased as they were in the straining fabric of a tight white t-shirt.

"I don't bite. Take a deep breath, and maybe you could tell me your name." Bridget smirked, pushing back a strand of her red-gold hair, which lay about her shoulders.

Mark hadn't realized how nervous he had been as he coughed out his name. He wasn't used to talking to women, especially not ones right out of his nocturnal fantasies.

"Well, Mark, unless there's something else?" Bridget half-turned, waiting for Mark's response.

"DINNER!" He threw out the word so fast that it almost sounded like a cry for help. He winced, realizing that he was starting to sound like an absolute idiot.

Bridget raised an eyebrow at him, before a sly smile crossed her perfect features.

"That sounds nice." She removed a small pad from her purse and scribbled a brief note on it. "Just use the stairs at my dorm, OK?" She handed him the note with a flourish, and turned again to leave. "Seven?" She tossed over her shoulder as she walked off.

Before he knew it, Mark was at the entrance to Bridget's dorm, a cheap suit borrowed from his roommate his garb. Momentarily he regretted not bringing flowers, but the necessity of preparing himself for THE DATE had left him without the time.

He entered the building, taking the stairs, and found himself outside the dorm room where his titian goddess resided. Mark knocked quietly, a lump rising in his throat as he awaited her answer.

"Door's open!" came the call from inside.

Mark tried the knob, and pushed the door open to reveal a typical women's dorm room, made more interesting by a bed installed in the closed, four lamps which took the place of the fluorescent lighting, and his goddess, Bridget, sitting on a large overstuffed couch.

She was reading, her shoes off, revealing the pale white skin of her feet. She still wore the tight shirt and jeans, which amplified her pleasant curves. Despite his internal admonitions to the contrary, Mark felt his cock beginning to stiffen at the sight of her.

"Hey," Bridget looked up casually from her reclining position. "Pizza's on the desk, so help yourself."

Mark bobbled, his tie constricting his throat. Here she was, not ready to go out, food already prepared. He noted the pepperoni, mushrooms and black olives that adorned the glistening pizza. Dear god, this woman was perfect.

"Going somewhere?" Bridget asked with a smile, gesturing towards his "English Professor" suit.

"I thought we were going out." Mark stated, gesturing towards the door.

"What, go out to a restaurant?" Bridget asked, swinging her feet to the floor. "Make boring small talk about your major, my major, what high school we both went to blah blah blah... When all the time all you're really trying to figure out is if I fuck."

Noting Mark's dropped jaw, she smirked and stood up.

"If I fuck..." She grinned, walking past him and closing the door. The click of the lock was unmistakable in the silence of the room.

"Well, uh, do you?" Mark asked stupidly, his gaze running over her every bump and curve.

"I'm hungry. Maybe after we eat." She smirked, grabbing a slice of pizza from the box.

"But why would you even..." Mark was unable to finish the question, when Bridget broke in.

"Because I don't like to play games, Mark." The was that she pronounced his name brought another throb of blood in his already semi-erect cock. "I don't like to string guys along, for free meals like half the bitches in this dorm. You're cute, and I want to get to know you better."

She paused, taking a huge bite of her slice of pizza before continuing. Mark took the opportunity to grab a slice for himself, inhaling the fresh odor of melted cheese.

"You gonna sit down?" Bridget gestured to the couch. "Sodas are in the fridge by the way." She punctuated the last statement by grabbing herself a blue can from the small refrigerator next to the couch and flopping down on the seat, conspicuously leaving half vacant.

Mark shuffled a bit self-consciously, before fetching himself a drink and settling a bit awkwardly into the couch. Abruptly, Bridget swung her legs up, across the length of the couch, the back of her well-toned calves coming into contact with Mark's thighs. The proximity of her warmth to his dick caused it to nearly leap in his pants, his entire body beginning to feel slight tremors.

They sat there for a moment, not moving save for the soft sounds of their breathing, and the occasional sounds of chewing or swallowing. Marks entire body was trembling with the mix of desire and fear.

"You Ok?" Bridget asked, her face taking on the now familiar aspect of concern.

"I... I'm just a little... I don't know what you want me to do." Mark completed the thought with a long, ragged exhale.

A soft smile came across Bridget's face. Impishly, she raised one of her legs from it's position astride his lap.

"Well, for starters you could rub this foot for a while. I've been on my feet all day." Her pale toes wiggled briefly.

Taking a deep breath, Mark placed his half-full soda on the floor, before grasping her proffered foot. He rubbed it gingerly, slowly, massaging the balls of her feet with his still slightly shaking hands.

Bridget purred softly, extending her arms over her head in a move that cause her perfect breasts to move slightly under her shirt.

"A little harder," she requested, looking into his eyes with an expression he'd never seen on a woman's face before.

Mark slid his hands over the exposed skin of her foot, his hands, strong from his climbing, pressing into the flesh, soothing the muscles and tendons below. It was amazing to him how without saying a word, Bridget managed to guide him exactly where she wanted him via a combination of turning her foot, and odd but understandable and seductive sounds.

After a few minutes, Bridget pulled the foot loose from his grasp. To Mark's questioning gaze, she smiled and raised her other foot from his thigh.

"Other one, please," with the last word that she spoke, she extending her tongue slightly, before turning the corners of her mouth up into a exquisite radiance that can loosely be described as a smile.

What Mark HADN'T expected was for her to drop her just massaged foot into his lap.

He swallowed, his cock now fully erect, as the contact of her warm foot rubbed into the straining material of his pants. The fabric was thinner than his usual pants, and it took him even more by surprise when she began to slowly rub her foot up and down his shaft as he massaged her free foot.

Mark looked over at Bridget's face, which was now split wide in a mischievous grin. She had laced her fingers behind her head, and seemed totally confident.

"Mmm..." She purred again, accenting the sound with a rub of her foot. "Looks like you're enjoying this as much as I am."

Mark's breath caught in his throat as he tried to think. Every cell in his body seemed to have its attention totally focused on his yearning member, which seemed ready to explode. It actually was hurting him to be this hard, and he was afraid of any more stimulation, since he knew from masturbation experience what would come next.

"I've never..." He began, before checking the confession, "I mean, you're the hottest, I mean most beautiful gir... WOMAN I've eve..."

"Mark, you're not fooling me." Bridget smiled, sliding her feet to the floor and scooting next to him. Mark was momentarily saddened, convinced that he had just fucked up the session, when he felt her lithe arm encircle his shoulders, and her hand slide to his tie.

"Now, will you just stop thinking, and kiss me?" She growled, yanking his tie and pressing her soft pink lips to his. The warm touch of her pale was electrifying, and Mark was glad of fact that she was no longer touching his cock. He groaned in his throat as she gently moved her lips against his. He reveled in the sensations, gently kissing her back, his hand coming up to press at her cheek.

Bridget's tongue lightly caressed his lips, and when he opened his mouth, slid inside with a rapacious passion. The kiss continued to intensify as he kissed her back, their mutual breaths coming quickly and shallowly between harder and faster lip locks.

"Oh, yeah..." Bridget moaned as they finally broke apart.

"Wow..." was the only work that Mark could manage.

"Ok, I'm really fucking horny now." Bridget nearly snarled the words, as her hands moved to the tie at Mark's neck. "Get naked."

"What do..." Mark's mind barely registered what she was saying, still reeling from the aftermath of the kiss. It was only when he realized that his tie was undone, and half his dress shirt unbuttoned, that he realized Bridget's aim. The tremors of anticipation came back, this time stronger, and in waves that caused his hand to shake.

"Oh FUCK! One second," Bridget jumped away from him, and headed for a cabinet on the other side of the room. "Keep going!"

Mark continued to undress, removing the suit jacket and dress shirt, which joined his tie in a small puddle of cola on the floor.

"FUCK!" Mark looked over at Bridget, who was holding a small note and cursing. "Fuckfuckfuck. I HATE my roommate. I hate her, HATE HATE HATE!"

"What? What happened?" Mark asked, certain that it was only seconds before he was kicked out.

"Stacy, she's my moron of a roommate." Bridget gestured to another bed that was tucked out of the way. "The bitch borrowed my emergency condoms and left me a NOTE. Couldn't be bothered to TELL me..."

"Oh..." Mark said, and began to gather up his upper garments.

"Did you bring one?" Bridget asked, hope welling in her blue eyes.

"Uh... Well, I didn't think..." Mark explained, before Bridget cut him off.

"Mark look, I really, REALLY want to. OK?" She smiled and ran an appraising eye over his bare chest. "I mean, you're really cute, and sweet in a total virgin sort of way."

Mark was relieved that his awkwardness wasn't a total deal-breaker.

"But there's a major problem." Bridget's face took on a serious cast. "I'm not on the pill. And when I get THIS horny, well, it usually means that it's been two weeks since my period."

"So we can't..." Mark looked at her with a disappointed look.

"Well, we can do other things." Bridget grinned, and suddenly grasped the lower hem of her t-shirt. She jerked it up over her head, revealing the pale Celtic skin of her upper body. She was enchanting, with a slight curve to her belly, and two beautiful handfuls of breast capped with pale pink nipples that were currently erect.

"We just have to keep our pants on." She swayed towards him, and took his hand with hers. She leaned in for a kiss, while guiding Mark's hand to rest against the fullness of her bosom. Obligingly, Mark rubbed her gently, squeezing the taut flesh of her body, softly stroking the nipple with his thumb.

Bridget sank into Mark's lap, and they continued to kiss and touch each other. The tremors in Mark's body ceased, but they seemed to pass into Bridget, who shuddered and moaned harder with each passing moment. Finally she broke off the kisses, and took one of his hands again.

"Touch me here." She whimpered, sliding his hand down so that it lay at the juncture of her legs. Immediately Mark rubbed at the fabric of her jeans, feeling the giving softness beneath. His erection pressed against the back of Bridget's thigh, but he tried not to think of the uncomfortable pressure, just concentrating on giving her pleasure.

"My pussy..." Bridget gasped, the trembling in her body increasing, "Touch my pussy."

For an instant, Mark simply continued to rub at the material of her jeans, before she made her request clear by pushing his hand to the waistband of her pants.

"Under." She whispered, before kissing him again, this time nearly animalistically.

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