The Road To Watching

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: Wanting to watch my wife with another man.

WARNING: If you have strong religious beliefs you might want to avoid reading this story. It is guaranteed to piss off almost every known religion.

What started me on the journey toward wanting to watch my wife with another man was an advertisement in a magazine. It was in "Argosy" a man's magazine that is no longer around. God, I don't even want to dwell on how long ago that was, but the memory of that ad still stands clear in my mind.

"Become an ordained minister. Start your own church and reap the spiritual benefits of bringing The Word to your congregation. You will also be eligible for the tax benefits that all religious organizations are entitled to.

For a limited time only the Chicago Archdiocese of The Church of The New Truth is accepting applications for the issuance of charters to establish our presence in areas were we currently have no ministries.

Send $10.00 to:

The Church of The New Truth

Office of Spiritual Enlightenment

Post Office Box 222

Chicago, Illinois

Act now while your area is still available."

Now it needs to be understood that I am a stone agnostic, but I got to thinking about what a kick it would be to be an ordained minister and have my own church. I knew it was a scam, but I thought that I could get a hundred dollars worth of fun out of my $10.00 application fee. And I did!

Six weeks after I mailed in my fee I received a packet in the mail. It contained a Certificate of Ordination; a wallet sized identification card that said I was a minister and a booklet telling me how to go about setting up my church; where to file the necessary papers with the local governments and most importantly - the things I could do to use my church to avoid paying taxes.

I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but as I read that booklet I saw that it was an open invitation to become a tax fraud case when the IRS got my return. It told me how to use my house as a church which would allow me to escape having to pay property taxes and how I could claim my personal vehicle and vehicle expenses as a deduction. The biggie was that I should give all my paycheck from my regular job to the church as tithing, claim it on Schedule A as cash contribution to the church and then turn around and have the church give it back to me as my wages for being the pastor of the church as those wages were taxed at a much lower rate. I could just see the IRS agent rubbing his hands with glee as he read that return. No, I would use my ordination for entertainment purposes only.

I started out by telling the guys I worked with that I had "found God" and was going to start my own church. I showed them my certificate of ordination and then asked them if they would like to join my church. They laughed, as I knew they would, and then one of them asked why, with so many established religions already out there, should they join my church.

"Because the established churches spread a false gospel" I said, "They all, every last one of them are steering you down the wrong path."

"How do you figure that?"

"They all preach against sin."

"Yeah, so?"

"It is all just so wrong! Let me ask you a couple of questions. Do you consider yourself a Christian?"


"Do you believe in Jesus?"

"I do."

"Do you accept that Christ died for your sins?"

"I suppose so."

"Then answer me this. If Christ died for your sins and you don't sin are you not saying that Christ died in vain?"

"What the hell are you saying?"

"The other churches are preaching against sin; my church preaches for it! The doctrine of my church is that we must -- MUST -- sin in order to validate the death of Christ!"

I got a loud "Amen brother: from Sam Taylor and Bennie Kotlarz took off his cap, put a quarter in it and passed it around as a collection plate and my ministry was off and running.

Four the next several months the guys would come to me every Monday morning for confession. Sam Taylor started it. The first Monday following my "sermon" Sam came up to me and asked me where the confessional was. He caught me off guard with that and I said, "What?"

"A booth where I can confess my sins."

Suddenly I caught on and said, "No confessional booths in the Church of the New Truth Sam. Sins are not to be hidden away like someone's dirty laundry. Sins belong out in the light of day for every one to see. Sins are to be celebrated as an affirmation that our Lord did not waste his life. Tell us Sam; tell us about your sin."

"I was at Rooney's Pub Saturday night and Mary Ellen McFee was there. I bought her some drinks and danced with her and talked her into going out into the parking lot with me. She gave me a hell of a blow job and then took me home with her and fucked me on her living room couch while her husband was asleep in the next room."

"Where's the sin in that?" asked Eddie Catron.

"I drank the last six bottles of beer he had in the fridge."

"Oh you slimy bastard!"

From then on it was like the old radio show "Can You Top This." Every Monday the guys would come to work and confess to some sin or other and then it was a case of the first liar not having a chance. Bennie would always end the session by passing his hat as a collection plate and I actually ended up getting a return on my $10.00 investment. In four months the Church of the New Truth collected $11.36 in Bennie's hat.

Like most jokes the Church of the New Truth became stale and my certificate of ordination got pushed to the back of one of my drawers and was forgotten.

Several years and two failed marriages later I was working for a job shop in a small town just outside of Detroit. My co-workers were a bunch of hard drinking party animals and most nights after work we would hit a bar just down the street from the shop. Things never got outrageous at the bar during the week because we all had to be at work the next day, but Friday nights were a different story.

There were a couple of manufacturing plants in the area and a lot of the office girls would stop at the bar after work. The place had a live band on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and a decent sized dance floor so the office girls were never left alone by the guys (but then really, wasn't that what they came in for?). It was basically the same group in there every Friday and after a while everybody knew everybody else. There were enough 'transients' to keep the group lively and interesting, but there was always the "core" group and it hardly ever changed.

One Friday night I was sitting at a table with three of the guys I worked with and four girls from the wheel plant and the subject of religion came up. I had had several beers and was in a good mood and I dumped the Church of the New Truth and its philosophy on the table and got a bunch of laughs. And then Stella, one of the girls, asked me, "Are you really an ordained minister?" Even after all those years I still had the wallet sized card that said I was an ordained minister in the Church of the New Truth in my billfold and I took it out and handed it to Stella. She looked at it and said:

"Does this mean that you can perform marriages?"

"Of course" I said, even though I knew that in order to do so I needed to be registered with the State which I wasn't. The card was passed around the table and when it got back to me I put it away and forgot it.

The following Friday was Vern's birthday and so we celebrated it at the bar and by midnight no one was feeling any pain. Vern came up to me with Gloria, a girl who worked across the street in the real estate office and said:

"Rev, we want to get married."

Vern and Gloria were both 'blotto' and I was just far enough along myself to go along with the program. I said, "You need a ring." Vern called Candy, the barmaid, over and asked her to get him the pull ring from a beer can. Then I told him we needed two witnesses so he asked Candy to stick around for a minute and he called Bill Miglio over. By then we had drawn a crowd so I turned it into a big production. I went through the wedding ceremony, or as much of it as I could remember in my drunken state, and when I got to the part about if there was anyone who knew why the two shouldn't be married Ray Hendrickson yelled out:

"She promised me a blow job so she can't be married until I get it."

I said, "Vern, would you mind if she cheats on you from time to time?" and he said "Fuck no."

"There you have it Ray. She'll get to you sooner or later."

Vern slipped the pull tab on Gloria's finger and I pronounced them man and wife and to the cheers of everyone there the two of them left the bar and headed down the street to the motel to begin their honeymoon.

Wednesday night at the bar Vern and Gloria came up to me and Gloria said, "Rev, we need to get divorced. I kind of forgot that I'm already married."

"No problem. The Church of the New Truth does not believe that the State has any right to meddle in the personal lives of private citizens so the Church has its own ceremony for ending the relationships we help establish. How about it Vern, you want this divorce?"

"Hell no. She's just too good in bed."

"That shouldn't be a problem. You said she could cheat on you with Ray so she can just cheat on her husband with you."

"Works for me."

"How about you Gloria?"

"I can do that."

"Okay, face each other and hold both hands. Gloria, I want you to say, "I don't want to be married to you anymore so I divorce you" and then let go of Vern's right hand. Vern, when she has dropped your right hand you say the same thing and drop her right hand."

They both did it and then I said, "In the name of the Church of the New Truth I pronounce you divorced."

Vern and Gloria were just the start. The Friday following their divorce two other couples wanted to get married and every Friday after that there were two or three and all followed by the divorce ritual sometime during the following week. I typed up a marriage certificate to use in my weddings, but it had a feature that the wedding licenses issued by the State never had -- an expiration date!! The last line on the certificate said:

"This marriage valid for thirty days from the date affixed. At the end of thirty days the marriage is dissolved unless renewed by both parties or both parties choose to end it sooner."

I changed the divorce ritual to include tearing up the wedding certificate, dropping it on the floor and having both parties trample it. The fee was the same for the wedding and the divorce -- they had to buy me a beer.

The surprising thing about it all was that seven of the fake weddings that I performed over the two years I was doing them turned into legitimate marriages. The other thing that came out of it was a nick-name that stayed with me for the next ten years. That first night when Vern said, "Rev, we want to get married" he hung the tag "Rev" on me and it stayed with me long after I left the job shop.

Anyway, all of this has just been the lead in to the event that made me want to be a wife watcher. It was a Friday night and the bar was getting ready to close. There were eight or nine of us sitting at three tables we had pushed together and none of us were ready to quit partying. Dan, the owner of the real estate office across the street said:

"Let take the party to my house."

There was a loud chorus of "Yeah, lets go" and we all left the bar and followed Dan home and went inside. I was right behind Dan when we walked in the front door and I hadn't taken two steps into the house when I heard a woman cry out:

"Oh God yes! Like that lover, like that. Fuck me hard baby, fuck me hard."

I looked over at Dan and he said, "Oh; that's just my wife taking care of one of her lovers."

I looked at him in disbelief and said, "Say what?"

"That's just my wife and a lover. She always has been a noisy fuck."

The failed marriages that I mentioned earlier? They had both failed because both of my exes had taken on a lover or two and when I found out I had wanted to kill them all so to hear Dan calmly say that the noise was just his wife fucking one of his lovers blew me away. He saw the look on my face and he shrugged.

"What can I say? She needs more sex than I can give her so I let her play around. She isn't supposed to be here. The guy she hooked up with tonight was supposed to take her to a motel. If I'd have known they were here I wouldn't have invited everyone over. We were trying to keep our arrangement a secret."

His wife had made only that one outburst and it was over by the time the rest of the group came in so they didn't hear anything. Dan led us down into his basement which had been finished as a recreation room. It had a pool table, an air hockey table and a bar along one wall. Everyone else had brought the party mood with them and things had picked up right where they had left off when we left the bar. I was off to the side sipping a beer, but my mind wasn't in the room. It was busy reliving the night I had caught my second wife with one of her lovers. Dan came up to me and asked me what was wrong.

"You were as ready to keep partying as anybody when we left the bar. Now you look like you're down in the dumps. Why the quick change?"

I'd had enough to drink to be open and so I told him about the memories that his wife had just triggered. I and four friends were on a three day fishing trip. We had driven up to the lake on a Friday morning, pitched the tents and then had taken our poles and gone to catch dinner. One hell of a storm hit about four in the afternoon and howling winds had blown down the tents and a driving rain had soaked everything. We decided to call it quits and we packed and headed for home. By the time we had reached my place we had decided that there was no reason for the weekend to be a total waste and we decided to play poker.

There was a car that I didn't recognize in the driveway, but I didn't think anything about it because Judy had told me she would probably have a couple of girlfriends over while I was gone. I knew as soon as I walked in the door that the car didn't belong to a girl friend. Girlfriends don't have cocks and what I heard as soon as I was in the door was:

"I love your cock baby, it feels so hard and so good."

I ran to the bedroom and as I came through the door I saw Judy with her legs up on a guys shoulders as he rammed his cock into her miserable cunt. Anger and rage were in control as I rushed toward the bed. The two of them were so wrapped up in what they were doing that they never saw me coming. I grabbed the bastard, pulled him off of Judy and threw him into the wall. His head hit hard and he was dazed as he slid down the wall. I hit him several more times, kicked him in the crotch a couple of times and then I turned back to the bed. Judy had pulled the sheet up over herself and was crying:

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

Rage was still in charge as I went over to the bed and grabbed a handful of her hair and started to drag her off the bed. I don't know what I would have done to her had the other guys not pulled me away from her. Ernie told her she had better get some clothes on and get out of the house while the getting was good. I found out later that the guy was only one in a string of guys she played with when I wasn't around.

"Walking in your front door and hearing what I heard brought it all back."

"And because I didn't want to run into the bedroom and kill them you think that I'm some kind of weirdo. Is that it?"

I didn't say anything, but then I didn't have to because he knew.

"Our circumstances aren't the same. You caught yours cheating behind your back. I gave mine permission before she even took on her first lover."

"You gave her permission?"

"She was a virgin when we got married, but she took to sex like a new born baby duck takes to water. She went from virgin to nymphomaniac in the space of one night. We were having sex seven days a week, two and three times a night and she was turning me into a physical wreck. I could not keep up with her and she still wanted more. I finally had to tell her no. I told her once a night, three or four times a week and maybe twice on a Saturday or Sunday. A year went by and one night she told me that she was leaving me. She said she loved me too much to stab me in the back by cheating on me, but she needed more sex than I could give her. She was going to divorce me and try and find someone with the same sex drive she had. I loved her and I didn't want to lose her so I gave her permission to play around."

"That's it? Just let her play around and you both live happily ever after?"

"No, it was a lot harder than that. The first year damned near killed me. I'd told her to go ahead, but I wasn't near ready for the mental anguish that occurred when she started taking lovers. I won't go into it, but believe me when I say that it wasn't pretty, but I eventually came to terms with it. Then something happened that changed everything."


"I saw her with one of her lovers. I found out that I get fired up watching her have sex. We went back to making love twice a night, four or five nights a week."

"You watch her?"

"Yes I do, and believe me when I say it is one hell of a turn on."

All I could do was stand there with disbelief written all over my face.

"You ever see two people having sex?"

"Just in porno movies."

"Hell man, that isn't real, that's just actors faking it. You need to see real people going at it for real. Come on, I'll show you what I mean."

I followed him upstairs and then down a hallway. I could hear moans and groans and a woman asking for it harder. Dan led me past the door to the room the noises were coming from it and into the room next to it. We went inside and he took a picture off the wall.

"It covers a see-thru mirror" he said as he took it down. I looked into the room and got another surprise.

"Gloria is your wife?"

"No one knows. They know that she is married, but they don't know it is to me. They think she just works in my office. I believe you know the guy with her. Or at least you have seen him before. You married the two of them earlier tonight."

I was looking through the glass at the two on the bed when Dan said, "Can you see the difference between porn movies and the real thing? No fake dialog that sounds phony when you hear it. No stupid sounding background music. Nothing fake in there! You don't see enthusiasm like that in porno movies either."

I stood next to him and watched as his wife did her best to destroy Harry and wondered why I had never taken a shot at Gloria. She had a lovely face and a super body and she had always let me know that she was available.

"One of the turn ons" Dan said, "Is seeing and learning things about her that you can't see when you are up close and making love. See how the toes of her right foot curl, but the toes on her left are straight? You would never see something like that while you were making love. Look how erotic her small hands look as she digs her nails into his ass. I know what the nails feel like, but I never had a clue that was she was doing could be such a turn on itself when you see it."

In the next room Gloria cried out, "No! Oh God please no, I'm almost there. Please, please don't stop" but apparently Harry was too close to hold it. "Damn it, no!" she cried and pushed him off of her. She quickly moved and sucked Harry's softening cock into her mouth while one of her hands went to her pussy and she worked on her clit while working on Harry's cock.

"I need to get back to my other guests. You want to stay here?"

I wanted to, but I would have been too embarrassed to let him know that yes, I did want to stay and watch his wife, Hell, what I wanted was to run into the room, pull her away from Harry and have her myself. I shook my head no in answer to his question and he hung the picture back up and we went back down to the basement rec room to join the others. Shortly after that I went home.

It was three days before I stopped at the bar again and I was sitting on a stool at the bar sipping on a Pabst Blue Ribbon when Gloria walked in, saw me and came over and sat down on the stool next to me.

"Hey sailor, buy a girl a drink?"

I waved Candy over and she built Gloria a Tom Collins and set down on the bar in front of Gloria. Gloria took a sip of her drink and then said:

"Dan told me that you watched part of the show the other night."

I nodded a yes and Gloria said, "Too bad I didn't know you were there. I would have come out and got you. The twit you married me to wasn't up to the task. Did you like what you saw?"

I was about to shrug my shoulders in a noncommittal way when she laughed and exclaimed, "You did! It is written all over your face. Did you wish it was you in there with me?"

Before I could answer she laughed again. "I hope you don't play much poker Rev; your face can't hide anything."

She knocked back her drink, got off her stool and said, "No time like the present" and she tugged on my arm and like an obedient puppy I followed her home.

In her bedroom I stood and watched as she stripped and when she was naked she looked at me standing there fully dressed and looking nervously from her to the mirror on the wall and then back to her. She knew what was going on in my mind and said:

"What's the matter baby, never been watched?"

I mumbled a no and she said, "Don't sweat it sweetie, Dan isn't there. He has meetings until nine tonight. But then again; if you are as good as I hope you will be we will still be at it by then."

I don't know if I was a good she hoped I would be, but it was ten to ten before she couldn't get me up again. I never did find out if Dan was home by nine and had maybe watched us. As I was dressing Gloria said, "I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Maybe we can do it again sometime.

"I'm free every night this week."

"That's sweet baby, that you want me again, but my deal with Dan is that I can't do the same guy more than once in any thirty day period. I promise you though, I will plan on seeing you again in thirty days."

Twice more in the coming month Dan had everyone over to his house when the bar closed and both times I snuck away from the party in the basement and went upstairs to take down the picture so I could watch Gloria, but she wasn't there either time. Before I could connect with Gloria again I was laid off and when I found another job it was on the other side of Detroit. I found an apartment close to the job and moved.

Almost a year went by and then one night I stopped at a bar close to where I lived and as I sat down at the bar a Pabst Blue Ribbon was placed on the bar in front of me. I looked up and saw that the barmaid was Candy.

"How you doing Rev? Long time, no see. I haven't seen you in here before."

"Never been in here before. How long have you been here?"

"About six months now."

"What happened to your job at the Strip?"

"Place wasn't fun any more after you left."

"Oh come on Candy, I know you didn't leave because I stopped coming in."

"That's where you are wrong Rev. I couldn't stand the place any more after you left. Every time I went in to work the place would remind me of you and I finally reached the point where I couldn't take it any more."

I sat there looking at her trying to make sense out of what she was saying and she saw the look on my face and said:

"That's right Rev, I spent all my time behind the bar hoping that you would notice me and ask me out. I even had a ring that I bought at the dime store for when you did the wedding ceremony for us."

"I thought you had a boyfriend. That guy Sam who was always hanging around."

"Just a guy I liked enough to date a lot, but he was never anything special."

"Seeing anyone now?"

"Nope. You?"

"No, no one for a while now."

"I get off at eleven."

And that started my relationship with Candy. I started stopping in at the bar every night on my way home from work and she always called me Rev and the other bar regulars picked up on it and started using it. No one ever asked me about it and so no 'Rev' games got played. Candy and I dated for almost a year before deciding to move in and live together and then we lived together for about three years.

I was offered a job in Colorado and I accepted. I told Candy I'd try it for three months and if it worked out I'd be back to get her and move her and her two kids to Denver. I got the three months in and the job looked stable so I called Candy and told her to give her notice and start packing and that I'd be back to get her around Christmas time.

I got back on the 23rd, proposed on the 24th and we got the blood tests done, got the license and were married just after the first of the year. I rented a U-Haul, loaded everything into it, handed Candy the airline tickets for her and the kids and then I got in the truck and hauled ass for Denver. I got to Denver and started unloading the U-Haul into a house I had rented with option to by. The next day I was at the airport when Candy and the kids got off of the United 727 and I drove them to the house and when we got there I gave Candy the bad news. I was working the afternoon shift and it was the day I had to report back to work so she was going to have to do the unpacking alone.

When I got home at one in the morning I was whipped. The drive from Michigan in the U-Haul, unloading it into the house and then having to go right into work had my ass dragging. Candy led me into the bedroom that she had decided would be ours and I hit the bed and was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

When I woke up the next morning and sat up I was immediately disoriented. I thought I was back in Michigan. Specifically, I thought I was back in Gloria's bedroom. The bed, the dresser and the night stand were sitting in the same positions as the furniture in Gloria's bedroom and on the wall in exact same place that Gloria's see-thru mirror had been Candy had hung a mirror. It took me a couple of seconds to come fully awake and remember where I was.

That night I made love to my new wife for the very first time in our new home and damned if I didn't keep glancing over at that mirror. It made no sense. I knew the mirror wasn't see-thru and I knew that there wasn't a hole in the wall behind it. I knew there was no one watching, but I kept glancing over at that mirror anyway. Luckily Candy had her eyes closed and her head was rolling from side to side so she didn't catch me at it. If she had she would have wanted to know why and I would have been hard put to explain it.

What did happen that night was that as I was glancing over at the mirror I remembered watching Gloria with Dan and I remembered him pointing out things to me as we watched through the mirror. Over the next weeks and months I found myself wondering if Candy's toes curled when we made love. She had long legs and she was able to hook her ankles together behind my back and I wondered what that looked like. When she rode me reverse cowgirl was her facial expression different from when she rode me straight cowgirl. What was her facial expression when I did her doggie? When I had her doggie did her tits sway forward and back or did they just hang and jiggle? In short, I thought about and wondered about all the things I couldn't see and then I wondered how I could go about seeing them.

After about a year of wondering I decided that I needed to find out the answers to the questions I had. I set up a video camera to tape us making love. Candy didn't like the idea and it took me a while to talk her into letting me do it. It didn't work out well. Candy was nervous and kept looking over at the camera and because she was nervous she didn't do any of the things that she normally did. She pretty much just laid there and looked at the camera.

Then I decided to get cute. A couple of weeks later I hid the camera where it could tape us and didn't tell Candy. Things started out well, but then they went to hell in a hurry. Have I mentioned that I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer? I didn't cover the little red light that indicated that the recorder was on and Candy spotted it. She pushed me off her and then she went off on me. The gist of her rant was:

"What the hell is with you and that stupid video camera?"

I was busted so I thought; "What the Hell?" and I told Candy why I wanted to tape us. She heard me out and then said:

"At least you didn't ask me to do another guy so you could watch."

Remember Gloria telling me that with my face I shouldn't play poker because my face couldn't hide anything? Well, when Candy mentioned her and another guy I did have a fleeting thought about it and Candy was looking at my face when I had that thought and she read it on my face.

"Oh no! No god-damned way in hell. If you value your balls don't you even dare ask."

But the seed was planted.

Over the next year or so I began to think of ways to make it happen. I never said a word to Candy about it because I DID value my balls. I began buying magazines that had wife watching stories in them and visiting erotic story sites on the Internet hoping to read something that might give me an idea on how to make Candy want to do it. If it was her idea she couldn't hold it against me, right?

I was smart enough not to leave the magazines out where Candy could see them. I'd read them when she wasn't around and the stash them in the bottom drawer of my roll-a-way tool box in the garage. Every once in a while I would find a story that would give me an idea that I might be able to make work and I would dog-ear the page so I could come back to it and re-read it. I was never able to put any of the ideas into play because the right situations never came up.

Another year went by and then one Saturday Candy and I were sitting at a table in the food court at the mall when Candy said:

"How about him?"

I looked up from the flyer I was reading and asked, "What?"

"That guy over there by the escalator. He has a nice looking butt and he looks fit. Think you could watch him fuck me?"

I was stunned by what she's just said and before I could recover and say anything she said:

"Too late; he's gone. I want to hit the shoe store before we leave so let's get going. We still have to pick the kids up in an hour."

She tried on several pairs of shoes before she decided to buy the first pair she had tried on. As we were walking out to the car she said:

"Too bad I wasn't wearing a skirt. I could have flashed my pussy at him while he was on his knees helping me try on the shoes. Maybe he would have followed us home. He was cute, but maybe he was a little on the young side. I might feel like I was robbing the cradle. What do you think? Would watching me fuck a guy half my age be a turn on for you?"

Before I could say anything she exclaimed, "Oh shit! We forgot to get the sweat suit that Ginny needs for her PE class" and then she was off on a rant about the schools and how they didn't do 'this' or do 'that' and I just sat there and listened. I decided that I wasn't going to say anything and just let Candy be. I'd never mentioned watching her and all she had to go on was that fleeting facial expression way back when. Obviously she had my watching her on her mind or she wouldn't have said the things she did. I decided to just keep my mouth shut and let her talk herself into it.

That night in bed Candy went after my cock like a starving woman. I was undressing for bed when she came over to me, pulled my briefs down and went to her knees in front of me. She took my cock in her mouth and when she had it rock hard she stood up, led me over to the bed and pushed me down on it.

"Close your eyes" she said as she moved over me, took my cock and guided it into her pussy. "Keep your eyes closed baby. In your mind who do you see fucking me baby? Which one of your good buddies do you imagine me sliding up and down on? Kip looks like he has a big cock. Would you like that baby? Would you like to see a big cock sliding into me? I might like a big cock baby; I've never had a really big one. Keep your eyes closed baby. George would fuck me. So would Tom, Ralph and Tony. They have all hit on me at one time or another. Does that turn you on baby? Does knowing that your good friends want to fuck your wife turn you on?"

As she was talking she was pounding down on me and I was getting close. I was arching up into her when she said:

"Maybe the next time they are over to play cards I'll send you to the store for something and while you are gone I'll have them line up and drop their trousers so I can check out their cocks. And then maybe I'll fuck the one with the biggest cock. Would you like that baby? Would you like coming home and finding me with a big cock in me?"

I blew my load into her hot pussy and she giggled and said, "I guess you would."

She pulled off of me and moved into a sixty-nine. "You didn't get me off baby, so I guess we will have to do it again" and she wrapped her lips around my dick.

We made love twice more that night and Candy kept up a running dialog on what she might do and would it turn me on through both of those times, but I kept my mouth shut. I would let her talk herself into doing it and it was looking like she was on her way to doing just that.

Sunday was a quiet day and Candy went to bed early with a headache so there was no sex that night. Monday was parent/teacher night at the kid's school and Candy and I went right from work to school and we were both whipped when we got home so we didn't make love that night either, but Tuesday as I climbed into bed Candy spread her legs wide and asked:

"Do I have a good looking pussy?"

"It looks good enough to eat."

"Good; do it."

As I settled in to feast on her cum muffin she said:

"One of the guys from work hit on me today. Kind of handsome in a rugged sort of way. Oooh, that's it baby, oh yeah, work my clit. You going to do this when I fuck somebody baby? You going to eat me when he is done with me?"

Candy's thighs clamped my head, but my ears still heard that "when." But they also heard the part about eating her when the guy was finished. That wasn't and had never been on the program and no, I had no intension of doing it. Luckily she had her hands in my hair and was pulling me into her box so I wasn't able to say "No way!" I say luckily because if I had said "No way" to her it might have caused her to change her mind. I had her heading in the right direction and I wasn't about to put up any detour signs.

I gave Candy an orgasm with my mouth and she pushed my head away and told me to move up and fuck her.

"Not make love baby, but fuck! Do me hard like Marv will if I let him. He wants me baby; I could see the tent in his trousers when he came over to my desk. It was a pretty nice bulge baby. Come on, fuck me hard. Pretend you are Marv hanging horns on my husband. Oh yeah Marv, fuck me, fuck me hard with your big cock."

It went on like that both times we made love and I felt I was getting closer and closer to what I wanted.

The next morning just before I left for work Candy came into the kitchen and asked, "How do I look?" She was wearing a short skirt, high heels and a blouse that even though it wasn't low-cut still showed a bit of cleavage.

"You look sexy as hell. You going to work like that?"

"You want to catch something you need to put out attractive bait."


"Yeah baby, bait. This is Wednesday remember? The day I stop after work for drinks with the crew? Your night to feed the kids? I may be late because Marv might stop with us. Think he'll like?" she asked as she did a pirouette.

"Any man would be crazy if he didn't."

She came over to me, kissed my cheek and said; "Wish me luck" as she headed out the door to her car. I watched her back out of the drive and I was saying to myself, "What the fuck!" I wasn't interested in her going out and getting laid. It was all about being able to watch and she hadn't said one word about bringing this Marv guy home with her.

Half a dozen times during the day I caught myself reaching for the phone to call Candy and ask her what she planned on doing and each time I stopped myself thinking, "You are so close. Don't do anything to derail things."

The evening was hell for me. I fed the kids, helped them with their homework and then we watched a Harry Potter DVD. They were in bed by nine-thirty and I took a book and headed for my bedroom. I propped myself up with a couple of pillows and tried to read, but I was having a hard time trying to concentrate. I kept looking over at the clock and the hands didn't seem to move at all. I'd read a page and glance at the clock, read a page and glance at the clock and finally I couldn't stand it and I dropped the book on the floor next to the bed and went to the family room and plopped down in front of the TV. I jumped channels trying to find something that would take my mind off of Candy and what she might be doing. In my mind I saw her in a motel room with that Marv fuck and I clenched my teeth so hard my jaw started to hurt. I was supposed to see it damn it, not sit on my couch and imagine it.

At eleven-thirty I went to bed. I tossed and turned for another hour or so and was almost asleep when I heard the garage door opener start to run. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was almost one. I was pissed! So pissed that I knew better than to say anything to Candy until I'd had time to cool down so I rolled over on my side and pretended to be asleep.

When she came into the room she called out, "Baby? Are you awake baby?"

I didn't answer and I heard her undressing. She climbed into bed and put a hand on my shoulder and gently shook me.

"Baby? Wake up baby, I need you. I'm horny as hell baby, wake up and help me out."

She shook me again and I just lay there and pretended to be asleep. She took her hand off my shoulder and I heard her sigh as she settled in to go to sleep and several minutes later I heard the steady breathing that told me she had fallen asleep.

The next morning I was up and out of the house before Candy woke up. I did not want to start the day out with a bad scene and then have to carry it around with me all day. I'd be carrying enough just thinking about Candy and that asshole Marv.

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