Goofy and My Wife

by Harddaysknight

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, .

Desc: Drama Sex Story: A husband switches costumes at a Halloween party and learns some disturbing truths.

My wife of 24 years looked great as she slid her costume over her full breasts and lovely round ass. She knew how to accentuate the positive! I knew that no one at the party would have any problem identifying her. The small mask she wore simply made her look a little mysterious, but her smile and figure gave her identity away.

I placed my hand on her breast and squeezed a little. She captivated me still. As so often happened lately, she rejected my advances. In fact, she may as well have thrown a pail of cold water on me!

"Ted, please keep your hands to yourself! I don't want my outfit all messed up. Just get ready, would you?" Becky demanded, more than asked.

I thought that when our two kids were grown and on their own, we would be sharing more time and passion. It was not working out that way. We both worked and Becky volunteered for several organizations. She seemed to have no time left for me, and even less interest. I had heard how middle-aged females' hormones, or lack of same, could diminish their sex drive. Becky seemed to be the extreme. I was thankful my right hand was always close by.

I donned my stupid wizard outfit and we left for the party without speaking another word. Becky seemed to prefer it that way.

Linda and Jack were having their annual Halloween party. It started 7 years ago and had grown more lavish each year. They had a huge house and decorated it for the holiday. When did Halloween become an actual holiday for adults, I wondered as we waited for the door to open.

Linda opened the door and gave Becky a hug. She was about Becky's height and carried a few more pounds, mostly in the right places. Linda was always laughing and was a lot of fun to be around. She turned and gave me a hug next.

"You two look great. Becky, the men will want you to serve them tonight! Your beautiful tits will drive these horny guys crazy!" laughed Linda. "French maids would find a lot of employment around here if they looked like you."

Becky laughed at Linda's remark, but I could tell that Becky loved the comment.

Then Goofy walked up to us and hugged Becky. It was difficult to understand what he was saying because his mask had no real place from which to speak.

Finally we realized it was Jack inside the outfit. There was no way of telling if it hadn't been for Linda chuckling at our confusion.

"Jack should be easy to recognize, really. I have said he was goofy for years now. Let me get you folks a drink and you can try to see who else you can recognize," added Linda.

Goofy just bowed and pointed the way. It looked like Jack was not going to be able to converse much this night. Linda and Jack had become our closest friends and we enjoyed them a great deal.

We joined the party and chatted with ogres and super heroes of all sizes and shapes. Eventually Becky and I were separated and I knew that would not concern her. I was having a few drinks and having a great time.

Around 8:00 I was helping Jack bring more wine and beer from the cellar when his cell phone rang. He quickly removed his Goofy head and answered it. The conversation didn't seem to be going his way so I busied myself carrying the beer up to the kitchen.

When I got back to the basement, Jack was scowling.

"The boss wants me to pick up a big client at the airport. If it wasn't such a good job, I'd tell the bastard to kiss my sweet ass!" fumed Jack. "As it is, I have to go do it. If the plane is on time, I can dump him off at the hotel and be back here by 10:30, or eleven."

"Linda will have my ass for this!" complained Jack. "She keeps telling me to stand up to the boss. Easy for her to say, but if I got fired she'd call me the dumbest fuck that ever lived."

"Women love telling men how to handle every situation," I agreed. "They should have to spend time in our shoes."

Jack looked at me and smiled.

"That's the answer! Ted, do me a big favor?" he asked. "Would you put on the Goofy suit now and then and walk around looking stupid? I've been doing it all night and it isn't hard at all. I'll take it off and go out through the cellar door right now. You can sneak down here, put it on and walk around for a few minutes. Then come back down here and put yours on again. No one will be the wiser!"

I really could not think of a good reason to refuse, except that I would be part of a deception. Well, I've done worse, and I had just enough to drink that some dark thoughts came into my head.

"Sure, Jack. No problem. When you get back, you put the outfit back on and return to your Goofy self," I joked.

He needed no more encouragement. He peeled the outfit off, stashed it in a cabinet of some sort, and headed out with a wave. I looked at Goofy's head and started chuckling to my self. In another minute I was enjoying the party as Jack aka, Goofy. It was as if I was Jack. I tried to act and walk like him. I was really getting into it.

I strolled into the kitchen and saw Linda preparing some snacks.

"Jack, take these into the dining room, would you?" asked Linda. She was dressed as a witch with a short skirt and a low top. I never thought witches looked like that!

I sauntered over to her and squeezed her ass. It felt great. It was a little rounder than Becky's but very shapely. Linda looked to see if anyone was looking and then put my hand on her tits! I was stunned!

"I am casting a spell on you, Goofy," grinned Linda. "You keep your eyes off Becky's big tits and these babies will be yours tonight. You like mine better, don't you?"

I just stood there feeling Linda's tits and getting hard. I nodded my agreement. Linda reached down and patted my newly formed erection.

"I see you do like them! Now get these snacks in there, pervert," insisted Linda as she removed my hand.

I found I could run a straw through a hole in my Goofy head and manage to drink mixed drinks. Usually beer was my poison, but I heard someplace that drinking beer with a straw is not good. Besides, Jack was a mixed drink guy.

I was feeling no pain as I headed for the bathroom. It was occupied, naturally. I knew where the master bedroom and bath were on the second floor, so I headed up the stairs. It was my house, after all. As I went into the master bedroom, I ran into Becky coming out.

"Hello, Goofy," she cooed. "You are such a sexy character. I have one question I always wanted answered."

As she spoke she reached down and grabbed my cock. How did she know it was me? I felt my cock start to respond as she moved her hand up and down. I reached down to her chest and popped her tits out of the tight top.

"You are feeling frisky, again, Goofy," Becky smiled. "I like that. Now for my question, Goofy."

She slipped over to the bedroom door and locked it. Her tits were still exposed. She turned to me. While she did this, I was thinking, did she say 'again'?

"I want to know if Goofy is a dog, on not. I've decided on a way to find out for sure," confided Becky.

She stepped out of her thong and kneeled on the bed. Then she went to all fours and reached back and flipped her short skirt up. Her pussy was wet and it seemed to call to me. I unzipped my pants as I quickly stepped behind her.

"If you fuck me like a bitch, I will know," stated Becky. "Do you want to fuck me like a bitch, Goofy?"

I needed no second invitation and slid into my wife for the first time in months. I didn't understand her change in attitude, and didn't care. My balls were already churning as I placed my cock at her entrance. I never remember Becky being so wet and so ready. I drove in to the hilt. She pushed back against me, eager for my cock. I grabbed her hips and pounded her pussy fast and hard. I didn't want to miss the opportunity to blast a load into my wife's little honey pot. She came almost immediately and I followed right after.

"You're so horny!" exclaimed Becky. "Will that hold you or do you want to try for three later on?" she asked as she pulled her underwear back on. "I'm going to walk around with your cum inside me and trickling down my legs."

I was still trying to digest what she was telling me. Try for three? Did she really ask if I felt frisky again? Why was she so wet? How did she know I wasn't Jack?

It suddenly hit me, like a hammer between the eyes. Becky had fucked Jack earlier that night and she thought she had just fucked Jack again!

"Ted doesn't get any of this pussy, so he'll never know. I'm saving it just for you, Goofy," she smirked. "I love how your cum feels in me. Well, we should get back before someone suspects something. See you Friday," Becky added as she left the room.

I was ill. The revelation had sobered me up completely. It was no longer fun to wear Jack's disguise. I worked my way back to the basement and switched outfits again. It was 10:30 and Jack would be back soon. I went back upstairs, but I had no interest in anything anyone said.

"There you are, Ted," called Becky from across the room. "I've been looking for you. I want to introduce you to Martha and Bill."

I walked over and shook hands and smiled. I didn't know how to feel or what I to do. I had learned over the course of my life that when I am confused or angry, the best course of action is to do nothing. Think it over first. So I started thinking.

I looked at Becky in a whole new light. She had refused me sex for quite some time, and I believed she simply had lost interest. It turns out she had only lost interest in me. She looked fantastic in her outfit and I admired her beauty. I always had. I was going to have to decide what I was going to do about her affair, if anything.

Linda joined us and I felt tremendous guilt. It wasn't for me. It was guilt for Becky and Jack. Linda was a wonderful person and this would hurt her much more than it hurt me. She was loving and sensitive and her kids were young. The older one in high school and her son was a few years behind her. Jack and Becky were willing to jeopardize the kids' future, but I realized I wasn't.

One of my first reactions was to tell Linda, just so Jack's ass would be in a sling. I realized as I stood there, revenge could not be controlled. I didn't have to react like a wounded bear, swiping anything within reach out of pain and anger. Linda deserved to be happy. Perhaps Jack and Becky would send their affair and Linda would never get hurt. The one thing I was certain of was that I would not be the one to hurt her.

It occurred to me that I cared for her more than her husband and Becky, who was her 'best friend'. Sleeping with a woman's husband would test the friendship. Just then, Goofy came strolling into the room.

I wanted to knock him on his ass, but that would only lead to a situation I could not control. He put his arms around Linda and Becky and nodded his stupid head. Linda was beaming and Becky looked quite happy. Was she thinking how she had put one over on Linda and me? Was she a monster I did not know?

It was approaching 11 and I was emotionally drained. I needed to sit down and think.

"Becky, let's call it a night," I suggested. "It is getting a little late and I'm tired,"

Becky flared up immediately and gave me her most intimidating look as she said, "Are you kidding, Ted? It's only 11 and the night is still young! We can stay another hour or two, at least."

Two hours ago, that would have ended the discussion. Two hours ago I was still after that carrot on the string, we call pussy. Since I knew how Becky really felt about me, I had no reason to be overly concerned about her wishes. I suddenly realized I felt free! I could start acting like a man!

"You can stay all night if you like, and I'm quite certain that in that outfit, you'll find more than a few men that will give you a lift home. Jack, Linda, thanks for the great time. I'll see you guys soon."

They stood with their mouths open as I finished speaking, turned, and started for the door. I heard Linda call a good bye as I closed the door. By the time I found our car and started it up, Becky was yanking the door open and yelling at the top of her lungs as she jumped into the passenger's side.

"You selfish prick! How can you do that to me? You should be ashamed of yourself! I think you should go back in there and apologize right now," she screamed.

She hadn't bothered to even close the door in her anger. I simply reached over and shoved her back outside. She went ass over tin cup with her thong facing me as she landed on the pavement. I didn't want to drive over her, so I waited for her to get clear of the door and close it. To my surprise, she climbed back in and closed the door.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" she demanded.

Before she could say any more I reached past her and opened the door.

"You can ride home with me, or get out now. But if you want to ride with me you'll shut the fuck up! And don't yell at me, ever," I spoke quietly, giving my words emphasis.

Becky looked at me for a minute and closed the door again. The ride home was silent. I knew she was trying to figure out my attitude and was drawing blanks. I also knew she was trying to pierce me with her eyes and her silence. There was a time when her silence hurt me more than her words.

Tonight she had hurt me more than ever before. As I considered it, I realized I had just taken her best shot. Nothing she could do. or say, from that point on would really bother me. She gave up control of me when she gave her cunt to Jack! I just had to decide how I was going to proceed.

When we got home, Becky rushed to the bedroom and locked the door. I walked up to it and kicked it in. She screamed as the jamb flew past her and landed on the bed. I gathered up most of the clothes I would need and carried them to the spare bedroom. I then got my toothbrush and razor, and various small items and put them in the spare bedroom. Becky watched me, but said nothing. Finally, I lay down in the guest bed and slept like a baby.

I rose early and went for a long walk. As I walked, I considered my options. I decided to proceed cautiously. I did not want to do anything I could not undo. I had to have a purpose, a goal for myself. I couldn't wallow in self-pity.

When I got back home, Becky was doing her usual Saturday cleaning thing. I went to home depot and picked up the lumber I needed to repair the bedroom door. I spent the rest of the morning repairing it. Becky wasn't speaking with me and I preferred it that way.

That afternoon I went to a local gym and joined. I had added 20 pounds over the years and it wasn't muscle. One of my decisions was to take better care of myself, and to treat myself with more respect. I would also demand it from others. I had only so many years left and I wasn't going to waste them on regret or fear. On the way home, I bought some clothes to wear to the gym. I never owned workout stuff before. Now I did.

I passed a salon near the gym that advertised it was for men and women. I stopped and went in. I came out 45 minutes later looking and feeling much better. My hair was cut fairly close, but the girl put some wax in it and combed it back. It stood up and I realized I looked younger already. I gave her a good tip.

When I got home I put my purchases into the drawers in the spare room. Becky was trying to watch me without being obvious. It was about dinnertime, but there was no sign of a meal of any sort. I changed into something more presentable and went out for a nice quiet dinner. I had time to think and I was enjoying it. Becky wasn't telling me what I should do, what I should order, and how I should eat. After dinner I sat at the bar and had a couple drinks. I chatted with a few people about politics and sports. Then I went home.

Becky was watching TV when I walked in. There was an aroma of some sort of food, but I noticed there was no sign of any. I grabbed a beer and went to my room. I watched the news as I sipped my beer and then went to sleep.

Sunday morning, I jumped up early and put on one of my new gym outfits and went for a jog. At least I tried. I didn't get a full block before I was totally winded. So I walked. When I felt better, I trotted. It took a couple hours but I went two miles out and two miles back. By the time I went back inside the house, sweat was pouring down my face and chest. My shirt was glued to my back.

Becky was just getting up. She watched me stagger through the kitchen and head for my bathroom. I had never felt a shower so relaxing and soothing. When I finished, I put some wax on my hair and combed it the way the girl had done. I was feeling a lot better than I had for a very long time.

"We have to talk, if you can keep your temper," Becky told me as I emerged from my new bedroom.

"Sure, Becky, what seems to be the problem?" I asked.

"I think you know very well! I had to call Linda and apologize to her for your behavior," confessed Becky. "She and Jack saw you push me out of the car. I felt like an idiot when she told me that. I will not tolerate any physical abuse from you, Ted."

"That's good to hear, Becky. Don't try yelling at me again and you'll not have to worry about it. No verbal abuse by you, and no physical abuse by me, sounds like a deal," I replied.

"Why are you acting like this, Ted?" Becky asked. "I'm your wife and I deserve an explanation."

"And I'm your husband and I deserve a piece of ass when I want it," I replied. "I'm very touched that you regard Linda so highly that you apologized about my behavior. You'd never do anything to hurt her in any way, I know."

Becky was stunned. I had never done more than gripe about the lack of sex. My comment about Linda may have stirred some guilt feelings. It had been meant to do just that, and if Becky had any humanity in her, it would.

"This is all about sex?" laughed Becky. "You know I've been tired and working hard, lately. Do you only think about yourself?"

"I guess I do now," I replied. "You keep a wonderful house and hold down a full time job. That makes you a pretty good wife. I can appreciate that. Until recently, I did harbor some rather foolish expectations in regards to romance. I realize that now and I've come to terms with it. I'll simply try to enjoy what you are able and willing to do, and not complain about what you cannot, or will not."

"I'm not sure I understand what you're saying, Ted. Could you explain it for me?" asked Becky.

"It's quite simple, Becky. We'll just continue on as we have been for months. I do the chores around the house. You cook and clean. We both work at our jobs. I'll just sleep in the other room so I don't get frustrated seeing you dressing and undressing. Then you won't have to be bothered with me trying to sneak a feel or anything. I'll not bother you any more. Do you even know the last time we had sex?" I suddenly asked.

"Not the exact date, but it wasn't all that long ago," replied Becky.

"You are absolutely correct," I agreed.

I didn't tell her it was at the party. But it did confirm to me that Becky never knew I was the Goofy bastard that fucked her, the second time that night.

"Doesn't that all seem a little childish, Ted? We've been sleeping together for way over 20 years. I miss you, and I think you miss me," she added.

"I don't think you do, Becky. I do think you have the sweetest ass I have ever seen. However, I will no longer be tormented by it, or by you. This will ease my stress, as well as yours. Lots of people sleep in different bedrooms when they get older," I observed. "I know this really doesn't bother you. My presence in bed was a pain in your ass. Now we can do all the same things we've been doing lately, and be happier for it."

I could see her wheels turning. It was what she wanted, except the part about not tormenting me. It might make it easier for her to see Jack as well.

"Well, Ted, you're right. I can live with that arrangement. When you get tired of it and want to be tormented by my sweet ass again, you come begging," Becky quipped.

"OK! We have a deal. I think this will work great!" I responded.

My happiness annoyed her, but deep down she knew I would cave in and crawl back.

Monday was the first day of the rest of my life. I started getting up early and going to the gym. It was open 24 hours, so I could go in by five and get two hours of exercise in before I had to get ready for work. Becky was usually just getting up when I returned to the house to shower and shave.

She made dinner for us every night. We'd watch TV or read in the evening. Friday morning she reminded me it was Friday and that she volunteered at the library that night. She gave me a strange look when I laughed at that.

"Sure, I know your love for books. I'll be fine. Stay as late as you want," I added.

"At the library? You know they close at 11 on Friday," Becky replied.

"Whatever. You might have to work on the Dewey Decimal System or something," I chuckled.

Becky was trying to figure out what I meant as she left that morning. I remembered how she had told me, thinking I was Jack, that she would see me Friday. I remembered that he volunteered at the library, too. He would fuck Becky silly tonight.

That same day a guy in the office asked if I could bowl. I hadn't bowled in years, but I had always enjoyed it. He needed a replacement for a fellow on his league team. The guy had been in a car accident and had smashed his leg pretty badly. I went bowling that night and had a great time.

I got home a little after 11 and Becky was waiting up for me. She was dressed for bed and looked really sexy.

"Where were you tonight, Ted?" she asked. "I came home a little early and you weren't here."

"I joined a bowling league for Fridays. That way you won't feel bad about leaving me home while you go to the library," I answered.

"I was thinking about stopping the library thing," Becky replied. "I realize I've been spending a lot of time with it."

Now what was going on? Did she and Jack have a spat or something? I could find out pretty easy.

"No, Becky, you enjoy it too much and they depend on you. I'm fine with it. I really enjoyed the guys I bowled with tonight and I'll be doing that on Fridays from now on," I told her. "Tell you what, we can invite Linda and Jack over tomorrow for dinner and I'll apologize for my boorish behavior. How does that sound?" I asked.

Becky seemed to hesitate, but slowly agreed to it. I didn't have my answer after all! If she and Jack had quarreled, she would think up a reason to not invite them.

"That would be nice, Ted. I'll call Linda in the morning," agreed Becky.

"Good, we're doing great!" I enthused. "Good night, Becky."

I started for my room as I spoke. Becky seemed to want to say more, but she didn't have time.

I got up early and ran again. From going to the gym and using the treadmills, I was able to go farther before I had to walk. As I ran, I wondered if Jack had fucked Becky last night. Then I realized it didn't much matter. I was feeling great!

I made a point of being very friendly and personable to Linda and Jack at dinner. I told jokes, laughed, complimented Linda on her appearance and was an all around good host. I even took the time to apologize for my abrupt departure from their party.

"I couldn't believe you left so fast and told Becky she could catch a ride," laughed Linda. "Most men would have never dared leave a wife dressed the way Becky was dressed at a party. She wouldn't have been safe riding home with any man," added Linda. "She was beautiful."

Linda had a few wines by this time and was not going to let it end there. It bothered me not at all.

"Then when you shoved poor Becky out of the car, I didn't know what to think. I bet it took a while for you to make it up, didn't it?" asked Linda.

"I'll never make up for what I did that night," I replied. "I'll just have to live the rest of my life as a monk would."

Linda howled at that.

"I think you're a bit young to give it up entirely," she chuckled. "Certainly Becky is way too young and healthy to give up sex! Look at her!"

Becky did look fantastic. Her dress was simple and not too low. The skirt was fairly short and it showed her great legs. I still ached a little when I thought about what I had lost.

"I didn't say Becky would have to go without," I corrected Linda. "I just said I wouldn't be drinking from that well."

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