Palestinian Diary

by Katzmarek

Tags: Historical,

Desc: True Story: In response to suggestions from a number of readers, here is the story of my experiences in the Gaza Strip. It is how I remember and, as such, incomplete and probably inexact. It is rough and disjointed and maybe a work in progress?

Author's Note:This story is true at least so far as I remember. I've tried to unravel a bundle of compressed thoughts and impressions, but, it's a difficult exercise. Some things lack context and continuity and just appeared as I struggled to draw the stuff up from the recesses of my mind.

I'm not particularly heroic nor altruistic and I went to the Middle East more out of my own curiosity. The real heroes are the men, women and children who try to lead a normal life in their strong rooms while rockets whistle overhead. They're the ones who run to the village well for water while Apache gunships hover above. They are the medical and paramedics who risk their lives everyday to get pregnant women and their bleeding children to hospital.

I can hop on a plane and go home.

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