Bonnie and Her Mother In Law - Revisited

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: What she did with her mother in law had consequences.

The hard cock was pounding into Bonnie's pussy and she felt like she had died and gone to heaven, and in a way, she had. In the past three weeks she had gone from a happy housewife, enjoying sex with her husband three or four nights a week, to a cock happy slut who was getting fucked sometimes two or three times a day.

It had started one night when she had gone over to her mother-in-law's house to ask for some help. Dave, her husband, and his father were out of town on a hunting trip and she had no one else to turn to. She found her mother-in-law being gang-banged and before she knew what was happening she and Mary Beth were side by side on the bed having their asses fucked off by five guys. Bonnie had come away from that night with a love for multiple cocks, a love that Mary Beth was only too happy to help her satisfy. She had found out that night that her father-in-law liked to watch Mary Beth with other men - the more the merrier - and as a result Mary Beth had a long list of lovers she could call on for assistance.

After that first night Bonnie had spent every evening that Dave was gone with Mary Beth, and every evening Mary Beth had at least five guys over to visit. She had been fucked by Mexicans, Blacks, Asians, white guys, and Mary Beth had even asked her if she would like to try a dog. Bonnie did not think she was quite ready for that yet although she had to admit that the idea had some interest.

The sex had not slacked off with David's return from his hunting trip, if anything it intensified. Neither she or Mary Beth worked, so during the day while Dave was at work Bonnie was at her mother-in-law's working at getting cocks to fill her full of her favorite cream. Which brought her back to the present. The hard cock doing such a nice job of fucking her was spewing hot liquid into her cavity and she felt positively aglow following her multiple orgasms. Her partner lifted himself from her and Bonnie made an attempt to grab his cock - perhaps she could get it up one more time, but her lover told her:

"No. I have to get back to work. Maybe tomorrow, sweetie. I'll see if I can get loose around lunch time."

Bonnie got up and walked him to the door and gave him a deep passionate kiss goodbye. She waved at her father-in-law as he backed down the drive.

It had been two weeks since Dave and his dad had returned from their hunting trip and Bonnie remembered that night with a great deal of pleasure. Dave and his dad had stopped by the house to drop off the camping gear and Dave had taken the two Elk they had bagged to the meat locker while, Tom, his dad, stayed to clean the gear prior to packing it away. Dave had no sooner cleared the driveway than Tom had pulled out his cock and approached her.

"Mary Beth tells me you love it."

Bonnie had smiled and gone to her knees. Tom had fucked her twice before Dave had gotten home and Bonnie was trying to get him hard a third time when they heard Dave pull into the garage. Bonnie had dashed for the bathroom and was taking a shower when Dave had come into the room. Dave had stripped, joined her in the shower, and then they had made love for most of the night. That, Bonnie thought, sums it up nicely - I make love with Dave - I just fuck everybody else.

The next day, after Dave had gone to work, Mary Beth had come by, trailed by three of her studs, and they had spent all morning in bed. At lunchtime Tom had shown up and Bonnie had fucked him for an hour until he had to go back to work. The next two days were almost the same - Mary Beth and her studs in the morning and Tom for lunch. On Friday it had changed. Mary Beth had not come over or called to have Bonnie come over to her place. Bonnie was actually suffering withdrawal when Tom had showed up at lunchtime. He was not alone, he brought a man named Bert with him and the two men had taken her to lunch and then they had checked into a downtown hotel. Bonnie spent the entire afternoon trying to fuck their brains out and when it was finally time to call it quits, Bert had thanked her for a very enjoyable afternoon and then he told Tom:

"You were right. She would be perfect."

Bonnie asked Tom about the comment, "He wants to use you to keep some of his clients happy."

Bonnie looked at him incredulously, "You want me to be a hooker?"

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