Carol's Trip

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: He had been after his wife for years to give him his fantasy, but she always said "No."

I suppose the best way to start this is the way everyone else does, with the confession that I've always wanted to see my wife play with some one else's stiff cock. It has been my fantasy for almost twenty years now and it started on the day we were married. I overheard two guys talking at the wedding reception; one said to the other:

"Damn! Bill is one lucky sucker. I'd give anything just to be able to fuck Carol once."

The other guy had replied, "I would to, but I'd settle for just being able to watch her if I couldn't fuck her."

It hit me, as I heard him say that, that I would like to watch her too, and from that day forward the thought of Carol with another man's cock in her was never very far from my mind. Did I ever tell her? No, Carol wasn't that kind of girl. And then, one night on St. Thomas, on a second honeymoon as we celebrated our twenty-fifth anniversary, I told her. We had both been sipping wine all night and were sitting in a hot tub when Carol asked:

"Is there anything of a sexual nature that you really want that I've never given you?"

I had just enough wine in me to spill my fantasy. I told her of all the years that I'd thought about her screwing other men and I even named some of the guys that I had imagined her with. When I was done she cocked her head to one side and said:

"Really? I'd never suspected that about you. Why have you never mentioned it before?"

I told her that I knew she would never do it so I never brought it up. She looked at me in silence for a moment and then she said:

"Pity. If you had mentioned it ten or fifteen years ago I might have done it, but I'm too old for that kind of nonsense now."

The next day, when we were both a little more clear headed, Carol asked me, "Did you really mean what you said last night, I mean about me and other men?"

I nodded a yes. She said, "I love you so much that I'm willing to do just about anything for you, but I don't know about doing that. I just don't think I could go through with it. I'll think about it and maybe someday the circumstances will be right and I'll do it, but I really don't know."

We both knew she would never do it, at least I did.

Carol is a district manager for a company that has offices in several different cities spread out over a three-state region. Carols district covers the western half of the state we live in and in that district she has twenty-one offices. She spends most of her time at the home office, but she is required to visit each office in her district at least once every six weeks. Most of the offices are within a two hundred-mile radius and since Carol doesn't like to be away from home she usually drives home every night from these visits. I asked her once why she just didn't lump six or seven of the offices in a group and then just go from one to another spending a night in a motel along the route. I figured she could save herself at least three days of travel time a month if she did it that way. She said that she found it too hard to sleep in a strange bed so she would much rather drive home and sleep with me.

Following my confession to her Carol began to change. She began dressing sexier and she wore high heels more often, but the biggest change came in the way she behaved when she got home from a trip. She'd tell me about this really cute guy in this or that office and how she might consider him when she made my fantasy come true. Once she told me about an older man who had tried to pick her up at a truck stop where she had stopped for lunch and about how she had almost let him. And then there was the time she'd been invited out for drinks with some guys when their office closed for the night and how she had considered going with them and then taking a motel room for the night and fucking them both (this one shocked me - she had never used the f word in my presence before).

I knew that all of these stories were her way of turning me on, but I think they may have had some effect on her also. Our sex life changed drastically. We went from twice a week to four and sometimes five times a week. She started staying overnight in a motel on some of her trips and then she would come home and tell me that she had drinks in the motel lounge. She would tell me that she had danced with a few guys and let them feel her up, and that she was on her way to their room with them when she'd chickened out. I got a big kick out of her stories and began to think her imagination was almost as good as mine and then one day she said she had something to tell me and she made me promise not to be mad at her. Thinking she had probably backed the car into something I said:

"Okay, I promise."

Carol took a deep breath and then said, "I let another man fuck me!"

Oh, I thought to my self, another one of her little stories, but with a difference - this time she she's saying she did it. Carol could tell from the look on my face what I was thinking and she said:

"No, I really mean it! I let another man fuck me. In fact, he has been fucking me for almost five months now."

I could tell from the tone of her voice that this was not going to be one of her usual stories so I sat back and said, "Tell me about it."

She was in the middle of her office visit cycle and her next stop was the office in Vedall. She was not looking forward to it because there was a very real possibility that she was going to have to fire Fred, the office manager. It was a funny situation; Fred had the uncanny ability to piss off suppliers and customers, but his office was the most effective and well run in the state. Becky, the previous district manager, had given Fred many warnings but he had ignored her and Becky had never done anything about it. Now Fred had pissed off one of the company's biggest and most valuable customers and Carol's boss had issued a directive - one shot at straightening out Fred or get rid of him, and if she felt she was wasting her time talking to him, fire him now. She walked into the office at Vendall and as she was walking up to the door of Fred's office she heard voices "... but Carol will be here any minute now."

And she recognized Fred's voice as he said, "Fuck Carol! She can kiss my ass.''

Carol stepped into the room, "I don't think I want to do that Fred. Nancy, why don't you leave us. Close the door behind you dear."

When Nancy was gone Carol told Fred that she had come down to give him one last heart to heart talk to give him a chance to save his job:

"But I've changed my mind. I don't know if I want someone with your attitude working for me."

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