Bonnie and Her Mother-in-law

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Cheating, Gang Bang, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: She needed some money to keep the lights turned on.

Bonnie dreaded what was probably going to happen. She did not get along all that well with her mother-in-law and having to ask Mary Beth for help was a bitter pill to swallow. But then, the worst that could happen was that Mary Beth could say no and look down her nose at Bonnie. Damn Dave anyway. She would never understand his need to go out and kill animals every fall. He and his father had been gone two days now on a seven-day hunting trip. It wasn't fair that she should be left to handle problems that Dave should have taken care of before he left. Public Service had just notified her that she had forty-eight hours to take care of a past due bill of $235 or they were going to shut off her utilities and all she had was $83 in checking and $74 in cash. It galled her to have to ask Mary Beth for a loan until Dave got home. It probably would have been easier to ask over the phone, but the phones in the neighborhood were out - a construction crew had cut the lines and phone service probably wouldn't be hooked back up for another day or so.

Bonnie hated every step of the three-block walk to Mary Beth's house. "Shit! She thought as she approached the house, "bad enough I've got to beg for help, but I'm going to have to do it in a house full of company." There were several cars in the driveway and a few more parked in front of the house. Then again, that might be a good thing - maybe Mary Beth would be a little nicer with other people around. Bonnie let herself in the side door and walked into the kitchen expecting to find people there, but it was empty. She heard voices coming from the back of the house and she headed that way, but stopped, confused by what she thought she was hearing - God I love your cock? Put it in my ass? A male voice, "God you are such a slut" - Mary Beth's voice, "Yeah, and we both love it, don't we?"

The voices were coming from the back bedroom and Bonnie, curiosity-overcoming caution, began to edge that way. When she finally reached a place where she could see into the bedroom, she was shocked to see Mary Beth in the middle of the bed being fucked doggie style by a big black man. Mary Beth was sucking the cock of a young Mexican, who was kneeling in front of her, while two white guys stood by the bed working on their cocks while watching. All of the men were young enough to be her sons. Bonnie stood dead still and watched the erotic tableau-taking place in front of her. The Mexican apparently came in Mary Beth's mouth, at least that is what Bonnie thought the white stuff leaking out of her mother-in-laws mouth must be, and he got up to let one of the white guys take his place. Bonnie found the sight exciting and she felt a tingle in her pussy. Just her damn luck - she was going to go home horny as hell and it would be at least five days before Dave got home. For the first time she was sorry that she hadn't bought a dildo when she'd had a chance.

She gave a sudden start - without her even being aware of it her right hand had gone under her skirt and into her panties and she had started to finger herself. Guiltily she pulled her hand away from her pussy and started to back away - she needed to get out of the house before she got caught. She had only moved back four steps before she backed into something solid. A pair of black hands came around and cupped her breasts and she felt something poking her ass that she knew had to be a cock.

"Trying to sneak away? Going to let the lady in the bedroom do all the work? That's not very nice of you."

Bonnie tried to break free, but her captor had too good a hold on her. "We have a situation here. I'm supposed to be number four on Mary Beth and by then she is going to be very loose and sloppy. I would much rather be first into a nice tight hole. You have a choice here. You can go quietly with me into the living room where you will only have me to contend with, or I pick you up and take you into the bedroom where you will get to take on all five of us. Nod your head yes for one, no for five."

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