A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

by David Caspian

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, DomSub, MaleDom, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A woman has made a life of blackmailing rich and powerful men. Now she finally finds one that isn't such a push over. What will happen next?

Alice thought that she had things all under control. In her experience there was not a man alive that she couldn't seduce or play with in some form or another.

A hot little number she was of Asian descent, slim, beautiful and with a lovely set of breasts. Her brown eyes could hold you in her gaze until you gave her whatever she wanted.

In her wake she had left a string of broken marriages and false accusations that ended in blackmail. Like a spider she played with them when they found themselves caught in her and all of them paid up to avoid public embarrassment or prison.

Alex was just another mark: a rich man who was looking for some companionship, and Alice had her hooks into him.

Like so many times before she brought him to her place where she had a hidden camera in the bedroom. It automatically turned itself on once it sensed movement and began recording.

Alice wasn't that impressed with Alex's performance despite his nice large cock, as he seemed to know very little about how to please a woman, and was too gentle for her tastes: she liked things a little rough.

The following day she showed up in his office with a copy of the tape ready to get her money.

Putting it in the VCR that was connected to the T.V. setup in front of his desk, she let it play, expecting to see him embarrassed and sweating as she delivered her threat. What bothered her was the fact that Alex merely smiled.

"I was curious where the camera was. I see from the angle it was hidden on top of the cabinet facing the bed. Inside the old clock perhaps?" Alex said chuckling as he leaned on the front of his desk watching the tape.

"This isn't a joke I will turn you in!" Alice said annoyed that he was making this more difficult than it had to be.

Moving behind his bare desk, Alex opened the drawer on the left side, pulling out two identical tapes. Both of them had Alice's handwriting showing that they were the original, and another copy that she had hidden in her apartment.

"How did you... ?" Alice asked her voice trailing off as she stared at the tapes he was holding in his hand.

"Oh I believe you'll find you quite underestimated me. To think that you actually believed you could blackmail me. You should have done your research Alice. Ask anyone that truly knows me, and they would describe me as a wolf in sheep's clothing. Most of the time you don't see me coming. I've actually made a career off it.

I have known about you from the start, and have watched your little "career" with great interest. Up until now you held all the cards, but now it's my turn. You see, unlike the other men you have met, I have already been played this little game once before years ago. I learned a lot from that experience, including finding a venomous spider much like yourself. A girl I once knew set me up and it changed me forever." Alex said.

Looking into his eyes she saw a predatory look she had never seen in a man. This was not pure lust, but something deeper and darker. Part of her was afraid of this man, while another was drawn to him. Why exactly she didn't know.

"What are you going to do?" Alice asked, wearing her pretty little white sun dress with yellow flowers on it.

Playfully Alex seemed to consider his options saying aloud, "Well I suppose I could make an anonymous tip to the police about your little illegal activities. The evidence I have already gathered and placed under safeguards if anything were happen to me they will be released to the right people, or I could just hand them over today. I would imagine the collective greedy, and unhanded acts you have committed would be enough to put you away for a long time. Of course there is the other option..."

"Which is?" Alice asked desperate to get out the closing vice that was tightening around her, restricting her breathing.

"You will serve me as a very special slave. There are of course other women, but none like you. That makes you special in my mind, and for that I have something equally special for you." Alex answered waiting for her to respond.

Alice hesitated a little too long, and his hand started to move to the phone on his desk and she panicked.

"I'll do whatever you want." Alice said.

"Excellent, on your knees and lets see those pretty little tits of yours." Alex said.

Doing exactly as he said, she pulled down the top of her dress, revealing she was wearing no bra.

"No bra? Such a dirty little slut." Alex said undoing his pants, "Now take you fingers, and pinch those lovely nipples for me."

Alice started to pinch her nipples, trying not to pinch too hard, as she wanted to avoid really hurting herself.

"Harder." Alex said calmly.

Taking a breath Alice began to pinch them even harder, wincing in pain. The feeling of it strangely excited her, and she barely managed to hide it from showing on her face.

"From now on your life will almost always exist in one extreme or another. When you obey pleasure and other awards will be given to you. Of course when you disobey, or are bad the exact opposite will happen, because you will make me unhappy. Do you understand? My happiness is now paramount. While you might feel discomfort even when good, I assure you it can be far worse." Alex said

Alice nodded showing that she understood.

"Very good. I don't believe I ever mentioned how pretty I find you. Be assured I would do nothing to permanently scar that beautiful body of yours. Of course everything short of that is still an option. It is with that in mind that I believe your first punishment is in order. I don't like being lied to, and you did try to blackmail me." Alex said.

Alex reached out his right hand, his fingers stroking her chin softly. It was an act of tenderness that Alice found confusing and was meant to put her off balance.

Bending down he pressed his lips to hers and Alice immediately responded trying to deepen the kiss. A sudden bite to her low lip with just enough pressure so as not to draw blood quickly stopped her. Alice sucked in a pain filled breath, closing her eyes. When Alex broke contact her lip still stung sharply even as he kissed her again. This time however she did not try to escalate the kiss. Opening her eyes she found him inches from her face.

"Better. You are learning quickly. That's good. Now I want you to get my cock good and wet so I can fuck you, or this is really going to hurt. Use only your mouth. Touch me with your hands and I will make you pay for it." Alex said taking off his pants.

Alice went to work licking and sucking his cock, but not as much as she could have, eager to be fucked by him. She didn't really see the reason as her pussy was already quite wet so it didn't really need any lube. When she was done Alice slid her mouth of it, waiting for the command to rise.

Alex raised an eyebrow, and seemed about to say something but instead said, "Very well. Now lay face down across my desk so it supports some of your weight."

Alice did so, waiting in anticipation for his large cock to slide into her pussy. She was quite surprised when it pressed against her asshole instead, and all became clear: He wanted her to lube his cock more so he could fuck her ass, not her pussy. With out realizing it, Alice had just set herself up for a more painful experience, then if she had followed directions. Bracing herself she felt it push past her asshole itself slowly sliding in. Alice gritted her teeth as it began to burn as he pushed his full length inside of her.

Alex after the initial plunge he seemed to not be interested in being gentle, and began fucking her ass slow and hard. Another woman would have simply whimpered and probably cried, but Alice was actually turned on by the pain. In a matter of minutes she was cumming loudly before Alex himself came in her ass, filling her with his hot cum. Laying against the desk Alice was exhausted as the pain had worn her out. Grasping a handful of hair Alex stood her up, before pushing to her knees before him on the floor.

Taking his cock he forced it into her open mouth saying, "Now clean it."

Obeying Alice licked and sucked all of manly cream off, before he let go of her hair letting her fall, as he had been holding her up. Pulling up the chair right behind him Alex sat down and watched her slowly recover. Removing his watch Alex put it in his pocket while he undid his tie after already zipping up his pants.

"Stand up and lay down face up across the length of the desk. You will notice perhaps that I have already made sure nothing will be in your way. You should thank me for that." Alex said.

"Thank you sir." Alice said as Alice did so feeling the cool surface of the brown mahogany desk.

Alex said, "Good now spread your legs a little. You should have enough room to do so comfortably."

Alice noticed that indeed she did. She was beginning to understand the degree of planning Alex had put into all of this. Now she saw he had actually been able to estimate exactly how much space she would need to perform this action. Looking over at him as he removed his shirt revealing his tan skin and slim muscular build, Alice couldn't help but admire his attention to detail. Getting up, Alex moved to left side, looking down on her a bemused smile.

Reaching between her legs, his fingers found her pussy beginning to rub it softly. One by one he gently forced each of his fingers inside her, spreading Alice's pussy until all of them were in her. He kept stroking her making sure she was getting good and wet for what he had planned. Alice moaned in appreciation. The pressure actually added something for her.

He however didn't just stop there, instead turning his hand so his thumb was facing up, he applied further pressure until slowly inch by inch his entire hand forced its way in up to his wrist. Alice cried out in pain as he formed a fist and began fucking her. She had whimpered a little as he began thrusting slowly into her, back and forth.

"It hurts!" Alice cried.

"Ssssh!" Alex said scolding her to be quiet.

This was another first for Alice, and while it did hurt a little, she did love the way it made her feel. Alex's fist delivered feeling of pleasure, and filled her more than she had ever been filled before. While uncomfortable and painful at first, now she began to relax and moan, just taking it.

Her pussy now wet and well lubed allowed Alex to fuck her without too much friction or resistance. Smiling Alex picked up the pace, watching her reaction. Each push into her pussy moved her body a little on the desk, and Alex had to grab her shoulder to keep her from being pushed off the desk as she squirmed under him.

"That's right you little slut, squirm all you want. You can't get away. Admit it. You love what I'm doing to you. Feeling your pussy stretched, every moment of me violating you. Say it!" Alex said.

"Yes." Alice whispered, not wanting to admit it out loud as she looked away.

"Look at me and say it louder." Alex said.

Part of her wanted to resist: not give up control.

Opening her mouth she expected to refuse, she found herself looking at him saying, "Yes."

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