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Sex Story: She found herself being forced to pay her husband's debt.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   Gang Bang   Interracial   Slow   .

I don't even remember what it was that triggered my suspicions, but one day I was a happily content husband and the next I was I was watching everything that Belinda did. I was sure that she was having an affair. I was checking her email on the house computer, looking in her purse when she wasn't around, checking out the glove box and the trunk of her car and even that cliché of cliché's — checking out her clothes in the laundry hamper. I found nothing.

But even after finding absolutely no evidence that she was betraying me there was something in the back of my mind that told me that Belinda was being untrue. There was an upside to my suspicions; I made love to Belinda more often just to see if I could find her unaccountably wet or loose. The more I made love to her the more she wanted to make love and our sex life did a 180 degree turn and went from twice a week to four and five times a week. As enjoyable as the increased amount of sex was it did not change the fact that I just knew that Belinda was cheating on me and I wanted proof before I accused her of it.

After two months of trying to find some trace of evidence and not finding any I was forced to admit that I might just be wrong. I decided to take one last shot at finding out and if nothing happened I would accept the fact that I was a paranoid asshole. I decided to set up an opportunity for her and then be where I could observe.

The simplest way to do it was to set up a phony three day business trip. That would leave Belinda with plenty of free time on her hands and I would make sure that I was in a position to see what she did with it. The first step was to give her plenty of advance notice so she could make her plans. The day of the trip came and Belinda drove me to the airport, kissed me goodbye and told me to hurry home and she would keep the bed warm for me. As soon as she was out of sight I caught the courtesy bus to a rental car agency and rented a small compact car. Our neighborhood was full of small compacts and one more parked on the street would go unnoticed. From the car rental I drove to a motel and checked myself in for three days and then I headed for home. I hoped to be in place to follow Belinda, but when I got back to the house the car was gone. I parked just up the street and walked back to the house and let myself in and then I went through the house to see if I could find anything that might tell me where she had gone.

In our bedroom I found that she had laid out several of her sexiest outfits on the bed and I surmised that she had picked out one and was even then wearing it. The question was for whom and where? I was prowling through the hall closet looking in coat pockets for notes or scraps of paper with phone numbers on them, anything that might give me clue when I heard the automatic garage door opener start to operate. I hurried up the stairs and positioned myself where hopefully I wouldn't be noticed and looked down into kitchen/dining room area. I saw Belinda come in with an armful of shopping bags and set them down on the kitchen table and then she went over and picked up the phone and punched in a number.

"Hello darling, I'm home."

"Yes, he got off all right. I dropped him at the airport three hours ago and just before I left to go shopping I called the airline to make sure that his flight got off on time."

"You do huh? What's in it for me?"

"Promise? All right, but you had better follow through."

"Love you too baby, hurry, I'm already wet just thinking about you."

That was it. I had what I needed. Confirmation from her own mouth and all I needed to do was go downstairs and get it over with. I had taken two steps forward on the way when all of a sudden I stopped. I knew she was an unfaithful whore, but I didn't know who with. Not that it mattered, but I was curious so I decided to hang tight and see who showed up. I heard the 'clack, clack, clack' of high heels on the hardwood floor heading for the stairs and I hurried back down the hall toward the bedroom meaning to hide in the closet. At the last second I remembered the clothes on the bed. Belinda would be putting them away before rolling around on the bed with her lover so the closet was the last place I needed to be. I slipped into the spare bedroom and left the door opened just a crack. I could see into the master bedroom from there and I settled down to wait and see who Belinda's guest would be.

I watched as Belinda went into the room with a shopping bag. She was wearing her highest heels; her shortest skirt and a blouse that was damned near see-through. I watched as she put away her clothes and then turned down the bed covers. She went into the bathroom and came back with the trash can and set it down next to the bed and then she emptied the shopping bag onto the bedside stand. I had to strain to make out the items, but they turned out to be a carton of rubbers, and a large bottle of KY Lotion. I had more than enough evidence now, but I still wanted to see who the asshole was who was cuckolding me. I would wait until the rubber had just been rolled onto his hard cock and then I would walk out just so I could watch his dick shrivel up. Satisfied with her preparations Belinda headed back down to the kitchen. When I heard the 'clack, clack' of her high heels on the kitchen floor I moved quickly across the hall to the bedroom and got the small Olympus D-370 digital camera that was on the shelf in the closet and then hurried back to the spare bedroom.

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