Dan's Home Coming

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: He came home early. Need I say more?

As far as business trips go this one was a bust. The client I was to meet with had a burst appendix two hours into our first meeting and had to be carried off to the hospital. As a result I was home two days early. Beverly's car was in the driveway; good, I thought, I was horny as a goat and a round in the sack and a good dinner at Carl's Chop House would do me just fine.

I walked in the house and hollered, "Bev, I'm home." No answer. Maybe she was taking a nap. I carried my suitcase into the bedroom and stopped dead at the sight in front of me. What are you supposed to do when you walk into your bedroom after a two-day absence and find it looking like a whorehouse? A pair of high heels lying on the floor with a pair of black lace panties draped across the toe of one - panties with a thin white crust on the crotch band; an open box of condoms on the bedside table and three used condoms tied off and thrown into the waist basket by the bed. There was another used condom floating in the toilet bowl, and the room fairly reeked of sex. It was pretty obvious to me that my bride was using my absence to play around, and I wondered how long it had been going on.

I went downstairs to the kitchen and got myself a beer from the fridge. I noticed that the answering machine had several messages so I hit the play button. Two telephone solicitors and then a mans voice followed the time stamp for yesterday, "I'll be there at 5 Babe. Are we staying in or going out? Give me a call." Another solicitor and then a mans voice with today's time stamp, "Yo Bev. I got the beer and the condoms. I'll see you at 4. Bye." A woman's voice was next, "Beverly, you slut. Did you have to take both of them? God, I was hoping I'd get the cowboy. Call me."

I looked at my watch, it was 1:15 and 'beer and condom boy' was due at 4 so Bev should be coming home pretty soon to get ready for her date. I went to the home security panel and selected Outside Lights. I toggled the program button until it read Intruder Alert and I selected that function. Now, whenever someone triggered the motion detectors a chime would also sound. I went up the stairs to my den, which was directly across the hall from the bedroom. Since we never closed the bedroom door, I gambled that she wouldn't close it now, and that I should be able to see whatever went on through a crack in the den door. I worked on business papers for about an hour until I heard the Intruder Alert chime. I got up and closed the door just enough so that I could see and I waited.

Bev came through the front door and was running up the stairs. She hurried into the bedroom and started picking things up and putting them away; high heels into the closet, condoms into the bedside table drawer, and used condoms down the toilet. I wondered how many condoms had made the trip and I hoped that I would never find out the hard way - a clogged drain and a call to a plumber. Bev stripped of her clothes and headed for the shower and as soon as I heard the water running I went down stairs and reset the alarm system so the chime would not go off and went back to the den. The shower stopped and Bev came into view drying herself with a towel and I watched as she prepared herself for her company. Beige nylons, garter belt, black bustier and high heels. I got a raging hardon just watching that woman dress. She might be an unfaithful bitch, but she could always turn me on. She put on a black lace negligee and did a couple of turns in front of the mirror apparently satisfied with what she saw. The front door bell rang and Bev headed down the stairs.

It was almost half an hour before Bev and her 'friend' came up the stairs. Her negligee was gone, condom boy was naked and Bev was pulling him along by his cock like it was a leash. He was not a bad looking guy, a little shorter than I was, I'm 6'2", but he definitely had the edge on me in the cock department. Was that what this was all about? Cock size? He was a least two inches longer that me, but I was bigger around by one or two inches. They must have done all their foreplay downstairs because she rolled a condom on him and they got on the bed and went right at it - just straightforward fucking. Oddly enough, I was turned on watching him do the 'old in and out' with my wife. That was something about myself that I'd never known. Was I a voyeur, or did I just get turned on watching my wife? I'd need to think about that.

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