A Joke (the Conclusion)

by Agena

Tags: Ma/Fa, Heterosexual,

Desc: Drama Story: We find an ending to the story.

I really didn't want to write an ending to this story. I was hoping someone else would volunteer to do it, but I've received so many requests, pleas and demands to finish it that I will attempt an ending and hopefully get closure on this story. Many writers provided their own suggestions for an ending and some were quite original in their thinking and maybe my ending will include some part of their input. However it turns out, I know some will be unhappy and others content that right or love has prevailed. So here goes:

I had heard from Alice, the wife of the man who may have cuckolded me, my wife's sister and my daughter regarding how to resolve the issue with my wife, Flo. I knew if I went to our pastor he would expect me to forgive her. I finally decided I would wait for the results of the lie detector tests before making a decision. I figure I couldn't trust the testing of one of the jokesters to verify their story but I didn't think there was any way for both to fool the machine.

A couple of days after Flo's sister, Mary, visited me I received a phone call from her telling me that Flo had agreed to my conditions for a lie detector test and she'd gotten Roger to go along with it too. Roger had agreed to pay for his own test to show his remorse for his part in the joke. Mary also provided me with the name and phone number of the test administrator.

My anger at Flo for participating in the joke had cooled somewhat, but I felt so depressed that if she loved me and didn't have sex with Roger, how could she have participated in such a demeaning joke on me. I was slowly coming to the conclusion that maybe her love for me was gone despite her protestations about wanting to get back together with me. It may come down to a simple decision whether I wanted a loveless marriage if the tests proved there was no sex...

Flo had tried to call me a few times but I just hung up when I heard her voice and she soon got the message. After that, all her communication with me was through her sister and I received daily calls from her. Mostly about how sorry Flo was and wanted to come home but I kept telling them I wouldn't make a decision until after the lie detector tests.

About this time our son, Eric, began calling me to beg me to forgive his mother and allow her to come home. I tried to explain what had happened and why I was having such a hard time with his mother's actions but he couldn't relate to my pain and kept insisting I let her come home. I realized that I might end end up in an estranged relationship with my son if it turned out that we divorced. It was some comfort to know that our daughter, Patty, better understood what I was going through and was more supportive.

After getting the information from Mary on the name of the administrator of the test, I called some friends in legal and police matters and found out that the guy was used frequently by the police and was assured he would conduct an impartial test. Calling, I made an appointment to see him the next day. I found out he'd already been contacted by Flo and Roger and was scheduled to give the test to each of them in two days. They had both provided my name as an interested party with authority to control the questions to be asked.

The following day I explained to my boss that I needed to take some personal time and went down to the test administrators office. His name was Jack Harlan and I explained to him what the problem was and I needed closure via his testing to determine if Flo and Roger had sex or not. We discussed the questions he would ask and he told me that he would ask the same questions of both Flo and Roger and compare the responses he received from both of them and issue me a final written report. He agreed that having both of the jokesters take the test and comparing the results would provide assurance that there was no sex if test results for both were in agreement. If they weren't then the the tests were invalid and I could probably never be trust her again and divorce was imminent. If the tests showed they were both lying I could start divorce proceedings immediately. It was a no brainer as far as I was concerned.

I went back to work feeling more assured I would get to the bottom of this soon as to whether there was sex involved. However, I knew in my heart that hard decisions were coming.

The next three days I went to work as usual and stayed late to avoid going home to an empty house. I ate my meals at a nearby diner and when I got home, I had a drink of scotch and then went to my empty bed. Sleep was hard to come by. I really missed Flo and the warmth and love she had brought to our marriage before the jokes started...

On Friday I received a call from Jack Harlan that he was putting the results of the the testing in the mail that morning and I should probably have it the next day. He didn't tell me the results, just that I should be pleased.

The next day I received the envelope containing the reports and sat down at the kitchen table to open it with mixed feelings. The envelope contained a summary report of the tests on both Flo and Roger. The report indicated that the results from both tests were in agreement regarding the episode with the handcuffs in that no sex had occurred. Additionally, a question I had the test administrator insert regarding whether any sex had ever occurred between them had negative results.

I breathed a sigh of relief but then thought, 'What do I do now? Can I still live with her and her obvious lack of love and respect for me?' I guess it was time to sit down and talk with her to see where we were going.

That evening I called Mary's place and asked to speak to Flo.

"Well, its about time." Mary responded.

"I got my copy of the test results today and Flo and I need to talk."

"Were they OK?"

"Yes, they were fine. I guess it was just a joke."

"Well, can't Flo go home now?"

"We need to talk first. The lack of respect she showed me by pulling that joke was too much. We need to talk about our future together."

"Oh god, I hoped that once you were convinced they weren't lying, it would be over and she could go home."

"I wish it were that simple Mary, but I have a real problem with that so-called joke that goes beyond the big laugh they got out of it, so can we use your house to meet tomorrow?"

"Yeah, sure. No problem. I'll leave at whatever time you set up and you can have the house to yourselves."

"Thanks Mary. Can you put her on now?"

"Sure, just a minute."

I heard some murmurings in the background and then Flo came on the phone.

"Jim? Honey, is it you?"

"Yeah, its me Flo. We need to talk."

"Mary says the test results were OK. Can I come home so we can talk?"

"No, you can't come home yet Flo. I want to meet with you tomorrow afternoon at Mary's place. Is two PM OK?"

I heard a sob and then a faint response.

"That's fine honey. I love you."

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